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Rating: 1/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- There is a reason why the Better Business Bureau's Jacksonville chapter lists an F rating for First Place Management. You will NOT get your security deposit back if you rent one of their properties, no matter the condition upon move out. They are small town scam artists. I honestly left the town home I rented in better condition than the day I moved in. Spent over $500 to make the place look immaculate upon move out; professional carpet cleaning, matching and painting walls, preventative pest treatment,etc. They still found a way to cheat me out of half of my security deposit. Charged me for things like "cleaning behind appliances" and "dirty light bulbs". On top of that, there was a severe mold problem inside of the AC unit and they did NOTHING about it. I had chronic sinus issues until the day I moved out and I'm concerned about the long-term health ramifications.

I have disgusting pictures of this mold infestation. And then they had the audacity to charge me for AC maintenance bills accrued during my stay - it's absolutely surreal. My experience with First Place Management should be on the local news. Do yourself a favor and deal with a well-known realty service, not these small town crooks. You have been warned.
Rental Property
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Anyone in the Jacksonville area thinking of renting from First Place Management should think twice. The warning signs of this companies inefficiency to work with their clients were blaring from the beginning, but, needing a place to live, my roommate and I signed a lease without thinking it through. It took this company 3 weeks to call us back just to see the apartment!

After being there for a year and paying rent on time every month, we decided to renew our lease for one more year. My checkbook and credit cards got stolen at this time and my bank put a freeze on my account. I notified the company of said freeze and they processed a rent payment regardless. They then proceeded to charge me a late fee, a "delivery" fee for a notice (which was never delivered), and told my roommate and I that we had to pay in money order form for the rest of our newly resigned year lease. This, after I told them I needed to cancel the check and pay in a different manner. Being two professional women who work all over town, you can imagine how time consuming it was to track each other down, cash checks, withdraw money and then get a cashier's check from one of our banks. I asked the company if there were a better way to handle it-they said no. I found out 6 months later there was indeed an easier method for us, but the company claims they "forgot" to tell us.

When I confronted the company with this I was treated as if I were an idiot and the disrespect from the OWNER of the company was appalling, telling me I deserved hardship for "writing a bad check," and I "must be irresponsible," and that's why he couldn't take my hard earned money from me. He repeatedly called me "young lady" as if I were his daughter and I'm 26 years old. I'm shocked. I've lived in a lot of rental units in the past 8 years and have never been treated like this.

It should also be noted that on one of my monthly visits to the office, I overheard an employee yelling at the owner telling him she did not appreciate his disrespect and lack of gratitude for her. If a company's own employees say this about them, why would anyone want to do business with them?
What Management?
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I own a home in Jacksonville which I am using as a rental property until my job transfers me back. I contracted with First Place to manage the property i.e., screen tenants, collect rent and ensure the property is maintained. In the past three years I've had three changes in tenants. With each change the "truth" comes out - the tenant wasn't financially responsible(Thought you guys screened these folks?!) and in the course of the move out, damages exceeding the security deposit are always noted and repaired by First Place's own crack "jack of all trades".

Oddly enough, their "invoice" charges always equal the security deposit and include such necessaries as changing 5 light bulb for $50 and new toilet seats(every new tenant gets a new toilet seat - Whoo Hooo!). The rent is never deposited on time and trying to get an answer or a returned phone or email - forget it.

I guess when the next tenant moves out, I'll be moving First Place out too!
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