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Beware of Five Corners RV!!!
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- This was probably the worst vacation we had in years due to malfunctioning RV toilet, something we did not expect to happen. Beware of Five Corners RV!! The original deal was for a 26’ RV which we have ordered back in May 8-07 for a July vacation. Our problems with Five Corners RV started as soon as we got to the airport. Five Corners RV promised to pick us up 5 minutes from the moment we called. 5 minutes turned into 15 and then into 30 minutes. Five Corners RV was very much aware of our tight schedule, as we explained to them that we had to be at the Anacortes ferry dock by 14:00.

When we finally arrived at the RV yard, we were told that the RV that was designated for us has a broken step, and that they will have to replace the RV with another one, “exactly the same”. Again, beware of Five Corners RV!!

Close to an hour later, we had our replacement RV, which had the following
included as found out later:

1. Dirty, over used towels.
2. Short sleeping package, we ordered 3, and got 2.
3. Short utensils pack.
4. Unusable toaster. The cord was so short, that the only way you could use it is right on the edge of the sink, over a wet (pictures available).
5. A pair of “working” gloves soaked in urine.
6. Old wiper blades that were supposed to be replaced a while ago. Washington state and Vancouver are well known to be a rainy area, as they proved to be.
7. Tires that were right where you are supposed to replace them due to wear and tear (low trim).
8. The worst came later, the toilet in the RV were not functional as we later found out.

We did not have:

1. Wood wedges to level the RV when parked, this is a must have!
2. No toilet paper, not even one role to start the trip with. May be it was their way of warning us not to use the toilet.
3. No chemicals in the toilet or a ready to use pack to start the trip.

When we arrived at Beachcomber RV Park on the evening of 7/12 and made the first attempt to use the toilets, we realized that they were not working properly. We called the RV rental office and left a message, however no one bothered to return our call. They later claimed that they never received the message. I have the proper phone records to prove that a 93 seconds call was placed to their office, that evening, as I have a record for all the calls I made to them during our trip. The next day we called again, and were told that Steve Wilson, the owner and operator was not available, he will call us shortly. He called us only the next morning, 7/14, while we were on our way to Tofino.

Since things got worst, we chose to stay at WEIGH WEST MARINE RESORT, it was
the only one that had rooms left for the night .We were also forced to dine out since the smell in the RV was unbearable. Did I say beware of Five Corners RV!!
From this point on, we had to change the plans in way that forced us to avoid cooking in the RV, spend more money on dining and completely break the budget allocated for this long awaited vacation. We had to cancel our trip to the highlight of our vacation, Telegraph Cove, in the northern part of the island, forfeit our deposit in the RV Park and lose the ORCA exploration trip we planned.

We had to stop using the RV for cooking and eating and had to leave the island and check into the Burnaby RV park which has all the facilities that will basically allow you to avoid using the RV as much as possible. Upon our return, the RV was taken into the on-site repair shop by Mr. Wilson, and despite waiting for him for 45 minutes we were told that he was busy looking at the
problem. We could not stay beyond this, since we had a flight to catch.
They are now holding our security deposit in order to make sure that we do not file a claim, or as they say “until the refund issue is resolved”. We have a signed document that states that the RV was returned as we took it, and a deposit is due.

For the following days, Five Corners RV completely ignored my e-mails. When they
finally returned my phone calls, I was told that Steve fixed the toilet in “2 seconds” and that it was plugged because “you people did not flush after using it”. This is the worst insult I have heard for a while and I am holding myself calling it racial or discriminative. This is the 4th time I rent an RV, and my customer record is nothing short then excellent.

P.S We are still waiting for a security deposit refund.

Best Regards
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User Replies:
GothicSmurf on 08/13/2007:
It sounds like it was a disaster, but one thing I don't get... how is someone saying you didn't flush the toilet racist or discriminitory?

Sounds like the guys at the repair shop and the rental place were rude, none the less.
Anonymous on 08/13/2007:
If the RV was in the condition as you describe, including a pair of gloves soaked in urine (??), why did you even take it off the lot?? I would have demanded a replacement that I could inspect and approve of first or a full refund. As you stated, your vacation was ruined anyway, so at least this way you might have been able to enjoy some of it.
Justusryan on 08/14/2007:
Great, until I realized that not flushing the toilet is a racial slur. Because of that, I am voting "not helpful"
RV Lover on 08/14/2007:
When someone says "You people used the toilet without flushing it" as a Foreginer I take it as an insult. If you read carefully, we were in a rush. We took the RV and rushed to make the Ferry, since after being 45 minutes late for Airport pickup and and hour on the lot, they pretty much "killed" the slack we had to mak eit to the Ferry without rushing. It was onlu at night when we finally got to check the rest. As I said, this is the 6th year I rent RV, and never had any issues. You start by trusting the other side...
RV Lover on 08/14/2007:
And one more thing: For the entire vacation, during every single one of the 14 calls we had with them, they tried to portray us as idiots that might have never seen a car or do not know how use a toilet. Not that it matters, I have been here for 21 years, graduated college here, my English may not be at best, but "You people"??
DebtorBasher on 08/14/2007:
"You People" can mean You renters, You travellers, You customers...
DebtorBasher on 08/14/2007:
You're still a "Foreginer" after living here for 21 years?
RV Lover on 08/14/2007:
Unfortunately for some people I am, not for myself. With a kid in a the Navy special ops I have passed my own test long time ago, but this is off the subject. The fact is that as of todat, almost a month after we returned the RV, and security deposit refund hit my Credit Card yet.
DebtorBasher on 08/14/2007:
I can understand how all of this can really ruin a vacation that someone planned and saved up for...and my respects and prayers for your kid (son? Daughter?)in the Navy. God Bless our Service people!
jktshff1 on 08/14/2007:
Sounds like you had a nightmare and did some things (accepting a bad rv) that you shouldn't have.
that being said the "you people" should not have been used in the context it apparently was.
Prayers and gratitude for your kid in the service.
Akash on 07/28/2011:
I had a very bad experience with them and would strongly advise not do your business with them.
I rented two RVs and I was charged for cleaning initially and was told that it includes both external as well as internal.
But when I retured the RV, after 2 weeks these people send me a statement with $230 charges for cleaning. When I went and talked to them they weren't ready to talk and just denied that the cleaning included internal cleaning too.
Also they put insurance deductible on me saying that I broke their rear bumper when I never did so.
If they want to make money why don't they increase their rent intead of cheating people.
I have filed a dispute currently on them.
L Kautz on 02/15/2012:
This has certainly not been my experience with 5 Corners RV. When I have done things the way they were agreed to, they have gone out of their way to make things right. My experience is that when someone treats rental equipment like it is trash, they usually complain the loudest that everything is terribly wrong - hoping that some of the mud they are slinging will stick to the wall. Understand what the expectations are, and live up to your part of them.
sisterkathy on 05/31/2012:
I just rented an RV from them this last Memorial Weekend 5/24/2012 and on the first day we had it the water pump blew out and flooded the RV family room. Needless to say we had no water for the toilet, shower, or in the kitchen and the smell from the mildewy nasty carpet was awful. We called them approx 10x and only got a call back on Tuesday. That manager/owner Steve was very rude and said he needed a full week to go through the entire RV to find the problem even though he admitted the Pump went out. I feel like I too will be getting the run around. He even hung up on me when pressed for a deadline on the refund. I just had shoulder surgery x3weeks prior and thought an RV was the way to go to see my son off to college, boy was I wrong.
Has any one else ever gotten there money back from there experiences with them?
Is there any advise as to whom to call to report them? This needs to stop that so many have filed complaints on them and they are still in business.
Alain on 05/31/2012:
This is the link to the Washington Attorney Generals office, Consumer protection division:
sisterkathy on 06/01/2012:
Thanks I already filed a complaint with them and the BBB.
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