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Cool camcorder, but poor reliability
By -

April 8 2010 Re: puredigital Flip ultra 2nd generation U1120B. I reviewed this camera at the B&H camera site soon after purchase from them 9/09 and I was really pumped to have it and to enjoy using it. All was fine for almost six months of casual and careful use, then a week ago I wanted to video an important event and it wouldn't power on. Doing some checking on the Web I learned that this was a VERY common failure. After working with Flip technical support and trying everything suggested, I was told that there was nothing else they could do for me because its beyond the 90 day warranty. I now own a $125 brick!

It's clear there is a design or manufacturing problem, with so many buyers having the same trouble. This (power-on) issue should go beyond the miserly warranty and cause them to accept returns and offer replacements for this problem. I politely suggested this to Flip customer service during a later call and was turned down. Small, simple to use camcorders are a great concept, but Flip may have reliability and accountability problems. I cannot recommend it. After-all, don't you want a camcorder that will work more than six months? I'm still waiting for a reply from B&H camera too. My phone call was brushed-off and it's been 48 hours since I e-mailed.

4/10/10 Received polite e-mail from B&H telling me there is nothing they can do for me. I expected more of them since they sell a lot of these and should have some clout with the manufacturer... and want to keep a customer happy. I'd really like to know just how-many of these Flips are failing like this. There are many YouTube videos concerning this problem. I ordered a new camcorder of a different brand last night from Tiger Direct. Although it's another inexpensive one, it does carry a 12 month warranty.

Digital Pocket Video Camera Review
By -

I got a Flip Mino HD for Christmas this year. Neat little digital video recorder. Thought I would share my take on it:
It weighs ounces and is smaller than my cellphone. It can slip easily into your pocket. It has a built-in USB connector to easily plug in to any computer without using cables. It has a built-in software suite that lets you instantly upload your video(s) to YouTube, AolVideo, Myspace, etc. You can also send your video via e-mail or create and send an e-card all from the device itself! It connects to the Flip website to handle any communication services like email, etc.

It stores up to 60 minutes of HD video (widescreen). They make a non-HD version as well. Controls are very easy to use. Just point and push a button to start recording. There is basically no complicated configuration options with this, it has one basic function, to record digital videos and share them easily. You can also easily edit your videos before sharing them. I had a clip of my daughter that I chopped down to just a minute of her talking. The software was very simple to use.

Best part about this little device is the software that comes on it. Shooting videos and sharing them is very easy, and you won't even have to read an instruction manual. Just plug your camera into your computer/laptop and the software will auto-install and you will be presented with very easy to understand option (ie - send an e-card, email your video, edit video, upload to youtube, etc). If you are in the market for a portable video camera and you are the type that wants to share them online a lot, definitely recommend the Flip Mino. The regular non-HD model can be found for around $150 I think. The HD model is closer to $200.

Won't turn on at all

So about a year ago I bought a Flip Video camera for 150$. They are good for shooting videos and loading them online to post on youtube etc. I don't use it much. But recently the batteries went dead on mine so I went and bought a new batch. Put them in and the camera would not turn on at all. Plugged it in to my computer, thought my computer might recognize it - nothing. So I called Flip video support. Support told me I might need to reset the camera.

Support told me to take the batteries out for 72 hours, OK I did that, put the batteries back in 72 hours later. Still nada - won't turn on at all. Called support again told them it's still not working. They told me since my warranty was up they can't fix it or send a replacement. They could not even give me a reason why it was not working only that resetting it should have worked. I will not be buying anymore of Flip videos useless cameras.

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