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Hardwood Switch
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I purchased hardwood flooring that they had incorrectly labeled as another floor. On 8-23-2010 I purchased approximately 1100 square feet of Kempas rustic hardwood flooring from Floor and Decor. They had mixed up their displays showing the floor I chose under the wrong name-a floor I specifically said I did not want due to the "patchwork quilt" effect from all the different colors (otherwise known at Floor and Decor as "rustic"). The sample floor I selected had the name "rustic" on the display but it was NOT the Kempas rustic floor that I was after-Floor and Décor's mistake. I didn't realize the mistake until the installers arrived to start. At this point the wood had been in my house for 5 days so it could acclimate. All my furniture was outside in 100+ degree heat. I went back to Floor and Decor and finally convinced the wood "manager" that I had not changed my mind but in fact it was the wrong wood. The managers and individual associate involved knew I was objecting to the multi-color effect. When they realized their error they offered me another floor (Brazilian Walnut-rustic) which they had originally said they did not offer any longer-anywhere. The second floor was in San Antonio and after a lot of complaining I got the installer (a different company) to make the 3+hour round trip to pick it up and deliver it to me that same evening so we could begin the acclimation process. The second floor, while a different wood, also had the "rustic" name on the box but the sample that was shown to me at the store did not have that "patchwork" effect and the store display for this 2nd floor measured roughly 6'x6'-not a small display. (If in fact the display is the same wood, I imagine they've cherry picked the wood to make this display seem more homogenous). After the 2nd floor was delivered I opened up several boxes and was satisfied it was pretty much the same color of wood. 2 days later when the installers again arrived and started installing the 2nd floor I realized it was the same thing-patchwork. Back to Floor and Décor to complain at which point everyone got very defensive. After looking through their selection I decided I would cherry pick through what had been delivered and cull out the most offensive boards. Floor and Décor would then sell me more boards after another 3-4 days to ship it from San Antonio and another minimum of 2 days to acclimate. I wasn't able to cull out enough boards to even cover one room. With all my furniture outside in the weather and a 4.5" rainstorm that came through Austin I could not delay any longer and was installed a floor I specifically did not want. This was my mistake. My belongings were taking a beating. I feel they've engaged in deceptive trade practices including bait and switch. In my 3 visits to Floor and Décor to try to iron this thing out they had yet to rectify the display until yesterday (9-7-2010)and that was only after I commented for the 3rd time how surprised I was that they still had the "mistake" displayed with all the wrong information
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Venice09 on 09/09/2010:
It's amazing how one little mistake can cause so much trouble, for you and for them. I'm surprised they didn't change the display immediately. It seems like they had no intention of changing it all if you didn't keep bringing it to their attention.

I'm not sure I understand why you had to put all of your furniture and belongings outside. That doesn't sound like a good plan. Assuming you were having multi rooms done, couldn't they have worked on one room at a time? I realize that it would be more time consuming to move the furniture around, but that makes more sense than leaving it outside.

I know you're disappointed with the floor and I can't say that I blame you. You didn't want a certain pattern but that's what you ended up with. I'm sure this was an expensive project and you shouldn't have to look at it every day and not be happy. Are you at least satisfied with the quality of the flooring and the installation? That may help you feel better about this whole thing.
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Tiles Paid For, Not Received
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POMPANO, FLORIDA -- I had been a frequent cash and carry customer, but this time I placed a big order for them to store until renovations were finished on my home. I was hesitant but the staff assured me that storage even over a year would be no problem, so I plunked down cash for my order, and was able to get half the order over several months. Well, renovations are finished after a year and when I go to retrieve my partial order, the last six times I try they can't find it. Last week a manager informs me "you picked this order up a long time ago." ( I think I would know if I had an extra 200 floor tiles hanging around my bungalow.)

Finally reach the general manager today who informs me that I basically entrusted them with this order, and that storage is their favor to me, and after a year it is not his problem. For future reference there are plenty of reputable discount floor stores around. No need to go to Floor and Decor.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 01/17/2008:
Did you get anything in writing?
bargod on 01/17/2008:
Why couldn't you purchase them closer to the date you needed them? Asking a business to store something for a year is a pretty big favour.
jktshff1 on 01/17/2008:
Chalk it up as experience and thank your lucky stars that they didn't charge a storage fee.
Nohandle on 01/17/2008:
Ask anyone who has built a home or gone through extensive remodeling and they will assure you purchasing a year in advance is not unheard of. I have friends who just completed a new home and theirs was 6 months behind schedule. Upr, I'm afraid your tiles were in their warehouse and sold to another customer. Ask them for your signed receipt when your tiles were delivered or picked up.
peachdog on 11/23/2008:
I had shopped at Floor and Decor for years. A couple weeks ago, I made my first tool purchase - a $399 tile wet saw. I specifically asked the employee what the return policy was. She said if I didn't like the saw, I could bring it back within 30 days - no problem. Well, got the saw home and unboxed. It appeared that the saw had been used before. Some pieces were missing, but I made do with screws I had at home. Instead of running it back to the store then, I decided I would keep it if it worked. Got it all together and the water pump didn't work. At that point, put it up and went to Lowes and bought another tile saw. I had a contractor helping me with the job so I was paying him for his time too.

Finished the tile job this weekend and took the Floor and Decor saw back to return it. They told me they did not take "tools" back. They could only replace the product with the same. I told the manager that the employee specifically said I could bring it back if I didn't like it. She then said they don't take anything back that has been opened. I asked her how I would know if I liked it if I didn't open it! I also told her the saw appeared to have been used, parts were missing, and the water pump didn't work. She said they didn't sell "used" products and that all she could do is trade it out for another one. She acted as if I had used the saw and was returning it. They wouldn't even give me a store credit. I'm getting ready to do our master bath and would have spent all the money there.

Instead, I have a new saw I don't want and I will NEVER shop at Floor and Decor again. The employee misstated their return policy and it cost me $399 on top of the $299 saw I bought at Lowes - which I'm keeping. Next time, I will pay the extra cost for tiles at Lowes - where I know I'll get good customer service.
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