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Buyer Beware!
Posted by Ashantiljw on 05/22/2007
My daughter is away at boarding school in Switzerland and working very hard on revision for her final exams, so I ordered a small bouquet of tulips, a vase, a small box of chocolates, and a small teddy bear (from Floraqueen) to cheer her up.

This order cost 78EUR in all (39 for the tulips, 10 for the vase, 15 for the bear, 10 for the chocolate, and 4 for "handling and quality control").

Problem is that my daughter received just a small bouquet of yellow flowers (some daisies and a few roses) . . . no vase . . . no bear . . . no chocolates.

I lodged a complaint with the company (via email because they do not have a customer service telephone number) asking for either a 35EUR refund (for the missing vase, chocolate, and bear) or for them to forward these items to my daughter directly.

They advised that no refund was in order because these extra items were not available (although I thought for sure there would be plenty of vases, bears, and especially chocolates available in Switzerland) and so they claim to have delivered a substitute product of equal value.

In all I sent 4 emails pointing out that the flowers received were definitely not worth 78EUR and asking for remedy. They sent 4 emails back saying that I was a valued customer and offering 10% off my next order (as if I will ever make the mistake of ordering from Floraqueen again!)

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company. Floraqueen will jump thru hoops to work with you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
I agree with superbowl!
Posted by Klatu on 2007-06-20:
I was a former Floraqueen employee...Before considering dealing, making business or working with Floraqueen please consider that this company abuse of their employees making them to work Saturdays and extra hours but without extra payment when the contract only says from Monday to Friday. They also lie to customers and florists around the world sharing sensible information with their competitors and lying to the final flower recipient delivering flowers for a lower price and quality than the price paid for the original customer. This company based in Barcelona Spain only hires foreign young people with no knowledge of local labour laws taking advantage of the city current low-jobs-offer for foreigners without Spanish skills. They repeatedly lie to their employees in every aspects of the contract treating them as slaves and making them live in terrible pressure and stressed conditions at the offices and without coffee or drink water; there are no coffee breaks and no distractions with a Nazi "government" established by the owner and his wife where dialogue is impossible.
Please pass this information to everyone you know so together we can help this company to broke and stop the abuse and slavery.
Posted by outcast471 on 2007-06-20:
sounds like decendent of mosalini
Posted by bonnie banchory on 2007-07-16:
I ordered birthday flowers for my Mum in Law in the UK, paying just over $100 for a ‘deluxe’ bouquet. She sent me a photo and I was so disappointed. There were hardly any flowers, mostly fillers, none of the more expensive flowers that were detailed as included in the bouquet on the website, not even any roses. I emailed the company and had a standardised response about reading the clause they have about substitutions, that some flowers may not be available in all countries – give me a break, Scotland is hardly lacking Roses or Lilies!! I have emailed Floraqueen twice since then and nothing in response….so now have contacted my card company to start a dispute, as is suggested below.
Posted by RIckmeisterD on 2007-08-09:
I had the same problem. I ordered red roses for my girlf-friend's birthday. I was out all day and they "sent me an email" saying they didn't have red roses so they sent another colour. Suffice it to say, the red had a special meaning and the other colour a total waste of time.

So I complained - the result? "Sorry, no refunds and no hope of getting red roses". - That's 43 Euros down the drain.

Definitely the LAST time I use them for any deliveries! What HORRIBLE service!
Posted by RaucousD on 2008-02-04:
I agree. I ordered flowers and chocolates for my Aunt & Uncle in America. the bouquet was the second to largest - "exclusive" - but what they received was very small and the chocolates were entirely marzipan which my uncle is allergic to. They confirmed that with £35 in dollars they could have bought at least 2 large bouquets in place of 1 small. As yet all I have received from Floraqueen in response to my numerous complaints is an automated email giving me 10% off my next purchase. Who are they kidding? I'm never buying from them again!
Posted by pothe on 2008-04-24:
I just left my comment on another post on floraQueen.

I have been a loyal FloraQueen customer for 2 years now. Always had great service and awesome flowers. I have used them about 20 times. Sorry to hear you had bad luck, but that is life sometimes. Try to get in touch with them again, I am sure they will solve any problems you had.
Posted by Mixalis on 2008-11-20:
floraqueen is florabegger for real.i worked with them for a year and i totally agree with the other person that also worked for them. hes right in all the things he said. they are terrible liers and thieves.the worst online floral network. on the other hand,flora2000 is so much better. i was in the flours business and had contacts so i can tell trust flora2000. not floraqueen. we heard complains all day..terrrible.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-11-20:
You were in the "Flour" business for years? What does Pillsbury have to do with this????
Posted by Mixalis on 2008-11-21:
DoctorBasher leave my spelling out of the business and concetrate to what i am telling you all. Another thing is Floraqueen(bliah..) keeps a large comission!! for example, orders we had for Austria,Sweden,and other countries. i searched well and found out local shops there,and contacted them, and found out that floraqueen holds to 30 euros!!imagine that...the competitors of Floraqueen dont hold that much
Posted by jackie bryant on 2012-12-11:
I too was initially dismayed at the service. however,they have come up trumps and I would use the service again.
Posted by Angel on 2013-08-26:
They delivered flowers whenever they want and bad quality and the refund can delay for more than 15 days if you do not push them every day.
Never recommend this company
a bunch of irresponsables.
Posted by Dani on 2013-09-23:
Flora Queen screwed my order as well, i paid 128 euro for a special delivery and they sent a wrong order to Vienna for a value of 75.They are not reliable and not professional at all dealing with complaints.They just washing the hands giving bullshit feedback.
Posted by Renata on 2014-02-12:
Again, very bad experience with this company. I ordered flowers for my mother in Germany for her birthday, no delivery was made. I contacted them via email, standard reply saying 2 attempts were made and a card left, which is not true. My mum is in her 80s and rarely goes out, so she would have been in or a neighbour would have taken the flowers. Very difficult to contact this company, very strange there is no phone number. I will be taking this further with trading standards, and I think everyone else who has had these kind of experiences should as well. If anyone has a phone number for them, I would be grateful, I do not appreciate being ripped off.
Posted by Gwenllian Davies on 2014-03-11:
Ordered flowers for my sisters birthday on 28th Feb to be delivered to her home in Portugal on the morning of 3rd March, FloraQueen sent me a message on the 3rd March to say they were preparing flowers when they should have been delivered! Thereafter excuses galore - incorrect address and tel no. supplied by me, couldn't get no reply from the recipient, I gave them the landline no. which they contacted and said the mobile no. was incorrect - but this is the number I call my sister on usually. They delivered the flowers on 10th March, flowers were upside down in the box and wilting with the heads broken off. No apology or refund. This company should not be in business. They have no idea about customer care and don't care about the client once they've got the money! So, order your flowers from FloraQueen AT YOUR PERIL! I will never deal with these Cowboys ever again!
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FloraQueen Sucks!
Posted by Thatvoodoothatido7 on 06/29/2011
I ordered a large bouquet of flowers, large choclates and teddy bear for a friend in Paris for her birthday. Long story short, my bouquet and gifts arrived a day late, the bouquet looked NOTHING like what FloraQueen advertised, it looked like a kid had thrown it together, it was a medium bouquet and not a large, even though I was charged for a large and the large choclates I ordered were positively miniscule!

FloraQueen boasts a 100% money back guarantee. BS! The best I am offered is an apology bouquet or only 50% of my money back. My $170.00 gift was absolute trash. I even sent FloraQueen a side by side photo of what they promised and what they delivered and
still no complete refund. Sadly, I fell for their, "yes, we're more expensive but we're worth it!" Don't you fall for it.
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Posted by BEJ on 2011-06-29:
Paris as in Paris France? Having that international destination might have accounted for the discrepancy in what you ordered and what they got as well as the delay.

If within the Us, it has been my experience that companies such as these sub-contract out the job and the local florist sometimes does not have available what was promised to you.
Posted by olie on 2011-06-29:
Usually, in a situation like this, I suggest going online to find a local florist I can contact directly.

So, just for fun, I googled "paris france florist". The first three listings were entirely in French. Um, I can navigate a menu in French, but not a website.

The fourth, however, had a button for English. (As well as a real street address in Paris.) The offerings look nice and include chocolates. I didn't bother to convert to euros, though, so I'm not sure how the prices might measure up.

I hope FloraQueen responds to your comment here.
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Don't Waste Your Money and Time
Posted by Leem_1 on 02/17/2014
Don't let Floraqueen spoil your surprise

Ordered 'precious purity a beautiful white bouquet from Floraqueen.com site to be delivered before 13:00:

Floraqueen Flowers arrived at 1900 -was willing to overlook this but ......
Horrible orange bunch of flowers not resembling the bouquet from the site
Had paid extra for the deluxe version -it's the smallest bunch (not a bouquet) of flowers I've ever had delivered for nearly £60
The total on my order was £57 but a mysterious £1.02 was added to my bill have asked for clarification but no response received although they did respond to say they haven't received my previous mails -bank is now looking into this . Check your statements after ordering from Floraqueen
Flowers sent not from a traditional florist but one specials end in funerals -and you could tell thanks Floraqueen!!!

There is no number to call Floraqueen only a messaging system that is frustrating and sometimes fails to work- Floraqueen are slow to respond and have said they have not receive any of the photos I have sent them of the disgraceful bunch of flowers that arrived

I am so frustrated by this company that I have sent all details and my efforts of correspondence to my bank to recall the money. I have now been in correspondence with Floraqueen for four days and am no nearer to an explanation or resolution
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Order Never Delivered, No Refund
Posted by Pbronsted on 07/15/2013
Ordered flowers and champagne to be delivered to my wife on her birthday while vacationing in Florence with our kids (I had to work), but the order was never delivered. FloraQueen says local vendor claims address was wrong. I verified address was correct and someone was there all day but they refuse to refund.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-07-16:
I would suggest that you dispute the credit card charge as you never received the product you paid for.
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Great Customer Service!
Posted by Jmm3840 on 06/20/2013
I omitted some important fields on my on-line order from sending from the U. S. to Sweden, and they personally called me for the information so they could process immediately. They were so helpful and knowledgeable!
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Superb Service and Competitive Pricing
Posted by Consumer92817 on 06/14/2013
I was looking to give some flowers to my girlfriend that lives in Taiwan and found this website with some great flower sets and competitive prices. I was hesitant shopping with them after reading some reviews, but I decided to give the a shot. After ordering I followed up with an email and received a prompt reply. My girlfriend received notification about the delivery a day before, to confirm someone will be home. The flowers were delivered on time and as advertised.

I wasn't sure why others were complaining about their service, so I decided to write my own review. I've used FloraQueen twice already and will continue to use them for my international flower delivery service.
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Floraqueen- An Honest, Reliable And Prompt In Delivering Flowers
Posted by Melissaalapaap on 06/12/2013
NICE, FRANCE -- I was a first time- customer and very nervous to use my credit card to arrange something like a delivery of flowers on line - whom I don't know how credible or trustworthy this FLORAQUEEN is - but the need for me to send a flower to my beloved sister whom I never seen for 13 years is badly important - So I decided to take a big step of - finding an online flower shop company that can deliver a flower to my sis who lives in Nice, France. I found FLORAQUEEN on line - It was my sister birthday on June 5 (2013) I order online - a flowering pot - named Stylish delight - anthurium - making sure it will be delivered on the exact day of her birthday. Boy, I was wrong of my negative feeling - my sister phoned me the very day on her birthday - she received the flower @ 1500 hrs. NICE, FRANCE time - when the doorbell rings its the delivery man on her door step - handling a very nice pot of flower - it didn't only give a smile on her face but tears flowed on her cheeks- tears of joy - to remind her she been love all the time- across the miles away from where we are. I SALUTE YOU FLORAQUEEN_ THANK A YOU A MIILION!

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Posted by onlooker on 2013-06-12:
It is nice to read a positive comment, I hope you continue to have good reasons to use that florist.
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Royal rip Off = FloraQueen
Posted by Murtyn on 10/27/2012
Had I wanted dried flower I wouldn't have been happier!

But I paid for fresh and received died!

Crap company, service and no after sale support, SPREAD THE WORD!

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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-10-27:
did you contact florqueen and see what they say?
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Disappointed but satisfied
Posted by Amiga1 on 02/05/2010
I have read varying reports of Floraqueen being a rip-off & scamming company.

I recently had dealings with this company, sadly the flowers were not delivered, I then asked for a refund of my money & it was returned to my bank account the very same day.

Although it was disappointing that the flowers were not delivered, it was satisfying that the company refunded my money without any hassle or questions being asked.

It has to be realized that Floraqueen use various florists from all over the world & they rely on those florists to do their part of the job, if those florists fail to do the job then it isn't Floraqueen's fault, but they have to take the brunt of the complaints & accusations because they took the order.

Floraqueen phoned me on the day of delivery to ensure all the details I had given were correct. Their communication via E-Mail was First Class.

That's my 5penneth worth.
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Posted by momsey on 2010-02-05:
Good review. However, this is why you should use your local, trusted florist! They can arrange flower deliveries all over through their network! I'm not a florist, but I just like supporting local businesses and avoiding big companies.
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Poor service, avoid this company
Posted by Casewest on 01/11/2010
Overall the service seemed to be OK with the ordering process itself, but the worst part I cannot get over is that they delivered different type of flower than I originally wanted. On top of that, I placed this order more than 2 weeks ago from the delivery date... I would think they would know if they will have stock of a specific flower ahead of time... if I had known they wouldn't have my flower I would have gone to a different company, but of course they know this, so they just delivered ANY old flower and just complete the transaction without letting me know until AFTER the delivery is complete. No refund and compensation whatsoever for the poor service... never shop here again
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
It depends on what flower you ordered I am thinking. If you order something that may not be in season, or that they are short on, they can and probably do substitute a similar or familiar item in it's place.

There should be something in their TOS about it. If not, then you have a complaint.

Aha! Found it: Also, OP, you do know services like this do not actually have flowers? They contract other floral shops for you to deliver.


Substitution policy

Roses will never be substituted with other flowers or floral products without requesting your confirmation first. Flower arrangements are unique and handmade, so no two are ever identical. Every effort is made to fulfil your order as closely as possible to the product photos and descriptions. In some cases, local florists may not have some items in stock and careful substitutions of equal or greater value will automatically be made. We will always maintain the value and concept of the chosen product.

If an added product is not in stock with the local florist we will add the money paid for the item to the value of the flowers and create a bigger bouquet.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-01-12:
Casewest, normally we hear these complaints especially around Mother's Day and Valentine's Day simply because they are so busy so any excuse works. If you placed your order two weeks before the requested delivery date ANY florist can make certain your order is as requested. They have ample time to place their order with the wholesaler. Many want to use whatever is in stock in their particular shop.

Try and find the name of a local florist in the area you want delivery. That's what I do and speak with the florist directly. I've not been disappointed yet, but of course I know their name and placed the charge on my credit card so I have some recourse.
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