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Disappointed but satisfied
Posted by on
I have read varying reports of Floraqueen being a rip-off & scamming company.

I recently had dealings with this company, sadly the flowers were not delivered, I then asked for a refund of my money & it was returned to my bank account the very same day.

Although it was disappointing that the flowers were not delivered, it was satisfying that the company refunded my money without any hassle or questions being asked.

It has to be realized that Floraqueen use various florists from all over the world & they rely on those florists to do their part of the job, if those florists fail to do the job then it isn't Floraqueen's fault, but they have to take the brunt of the complaints & accusations because they took the order.

Floraqueen phoned me on the day of delivery to ensure all the details I had given were correct. Their communication via E-Mail was First Class.

That's my 5penneth worth.
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momsey on 2010-02-05:
Good review. However, this is why you should use your local, trusted florist! They can arrange flower deliveries all over through their network! I'm not a florist, but I just like supporting local businesses and avoiding big companies.
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Poor service, avoid this company
Posted by on
Overall the service seemed to be OK with the ordering process itself, but the worst part I cannot get over is that they delivered different type of flower than I originally wanted. On top of that, I placed this order more than 2 weeks ago from the delivery date... I would think they would know if they will have stock of a specific flower ahead of time... if I had known they wouldn't have my flower I would have gone to a different company, but of course they know this, so they just delivered ANY old flower and just complete the transaction without letting me know until AFTER the delivery is complete. No refund and compensation whatsoever for the poor service... never shop here again
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Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
It depends on what flower you ordered I am thinking. If you order something that may not be in season, or that they are short on, they can and probably do substitute a similar or familiar item in its place.

There should be something in their TOS about it. If not, then you have a complaint.

Aha! Found it: Also, OP, you do know services like this do not actually have flowers? They contract other floral shops for you to deliver.


Substitution policy

Roses will never be substituted with other flowers or floral products without requesting your confirmation first. Flower arrangements are unique and handmade, so no two are ever identical. Every effort is made to fulfil your order as closely as possible to the product photos and descriptions. In some cases, local florists may not have some items in stock and careful substitutions of equal or greater value will automatically be made. We will always maintain the value and concept of the chosen product.

If an added product is not in stock with the local florist we will add the money paid for the item to the value of the flowers and create a bigger bouquet.
Nohandle on 2010-01-12:
Casewest, normally we hear these complaints especially around Mother's Day and Valentine's Day simply because they are so busy so any excuse works. If you placed your order two weeks before the requested delivery date ANY florist can make certain your order is as requested. They have ample time to place their order with the wholesaler. Many want to use whatever is in stock in their particular shop.

Try and find the name of a local florist in the area you want delivery. That's what I do and speak with the florist directly. I've not been disappointed yet, but of course I know their name and placed the charge on my credit card so I have some recourse.
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Medium 'Gerbera Delight' Only Half The Size, And Delivered 6 Days Late
Posted by on
SPAIN -- I ordered a medium 'Gerbera Delight' for my father's 70th birthday, which according to FloraQueen website photo consist of 40-60 gerberas.

The bouquet my father received, contained however only 13-15 gerberas (he sent me a photo of the bouquet by email).

The flowers were also six days late, and were not delivered to my parents address in Spain (they were spending winter months there) - but instead they were delivered to the premises of a holiday club they go to (I gave FloraQueen the club's telephone number, because they requested a local number on their order form).

I paid altogether 100 euros for the delivery, including a larger vase to accommodate a large number of flowers. I was therefore quite disappointed, even though my father seemed to like the flowers (of course he did not know that there should have been a bouquet twice the size.)

I faxed a letter of complaint to FloraQueen, with the photo my father had sent me (there's no email address on the FloraQueen website), and politely requested 50 euros back on my credit card.

FloraQueen did send me the 50 euros, which I am happy about. However I would not use the company again, as I did not get the kind of service I expected.
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"Delivery of flowers and gifts" Yeah right! Floraqueen Sucks!!!
Posted by on
My sister just delivered her baby girl and being time to celebrate mothers day and adding to that the fact that my mother is by her side in Panama City (Republic of Panama), my husband and I "sent them" a bouquet of flowers and a "basket" of chocolates. I just spoke to my mother and they received some flowers all right and the US$34 "basket of sweets" turned into a pissy little box of Ferrara chocolates that I can buy for $5 anywhere in a grocery store either in Panama or the States!!!

If you are in the market to shop for flowers to send internationally, don't, please DON'T be robbed like we were by Floraqueen!

Better luck for you!

A very Angry new aunt.
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madconsumer on 2008-05-08:
there were also wire charges on this order. did you state the price you wanted PLUS wire/service fees? if not, then the amount you paid was reduced by the charges. most floral services charge 10 dollars per order to wire them to another florist.
Ponie on 2008-05-08:
Next time perhaps you should hop a plane to Panama and hand-deliver the flowers.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
Once again, the Internet floral order-gatherers sucker in another unhappy customer. Most of these outfits confiscate over 1/3 of the total price as their 'cut'. In many cases, the filling florist has to take out the $10 in delivery charges (which seldom covers expenses. In this case, the poster was left with about $10 worth of product (a few flowers and a box of cheap candy). The poster would have been better advised to find a real florist in Panama City. BTW an internet ad does not mean a 'bricks and mortar' shop..."City Name" Florist is usually another order gatherer.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
I have had good luck with Pro Flowers. They ship their own, they don't use local florist to fill orders.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
If you type in "Rome" after clicking the microphone on the website(Pro Flowers) you will get a free vase,and some sort of discount...ends Friday.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
Superbowl...Pro Flowers engages in deceptive advertising. They advertise that they 'cut the flowers' when they are ordered...they do not. The flowers are kept in coolers until purchased. Then, when they are purchased, they ship them via FedEx in standard, unrefrigerated trucks. I am also curious, what's wrong with using the local florist?
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
Doc, who said anything was wrong with a local florist?

1. I have had good luck with them.
2. They don't use local florist.

To each his or her own, I'm just saying I have had decent luck with them. I don't know anything about deceptive advertising or cut flowers. I go on line, place an order, get a pretty decent price and the next day someone always gets a couple dozen really nice flowers.

If that ever changes I will re-think my position. For now they have always done right by me.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
super...not using a local florist implies that there is something wrong with using one. I get plenty peeved with people who sing "Support your local business community" but then go online to buy things. NO internet business contributes ANYTHING to your community. They don't pay local taxes, they don't support community causes, and there is little consumer recourse (as the poster found) when things go wrong. Respectfully, what is your line of business, superbowl? If someone could get the goods or services you provide, online, on the simple basis of "it's cheaper" how would you feel about it. And, think of this, that 'special' bunch of flowers (the recipient has to assemble!) took little more effort by a sender than clicking on a picture and punching in a CC#. Hardly seems 'special' in terms of effort by the sender. All best.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
*wiping eyes* -- That was absolutely beautiful DocJ.
Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
Geeezz Doc, I'm just sending someone a couple dozen flowers that lives in a somewhat remote area. Pro Flowers works out very well for me in this case. I will continue to use them until they give me a reason not to.
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