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Horrible company!
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I ordered two Blood Pythons from this Florida herps company and not only did I get two snakes with mites, but they also had respiratory infections. When I contacted them, by their own admission they didn't properly check the snakes before shipping. They just got the snakes in. So instead of taking the proper precautions to make sure the snakes were eating, and cleared of any health issues before shipping, they quickly shipped the snakes as is. Save yourself a lot of grief and don't order from these people.
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Alain on 07/04/2011:
Give a call to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's general number at (888)488-4676. While they may not handle this type of complaint, they could probably tell you who does.
jennybell123448 on 10/26/2011:
This kid has already been proven a liar. This is Sam of Backwater Reptiles lying about Florida Herps. http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271220 There is the proof. Sam, owner of Backwater Reptiles has been caught on several websites posting fake reviews about other REAL reptile companies.

And to Alain: Fish & Wildlife would only want to file charges against the kid that started this for importing a snake that he is not legally allowed to own. That should have told you this was a kid that knows nothing. This is all BACKWATER REPTILES!
old fart on 10/26/2011:
Snake Mites? Who knew? snake respiratory problems?
How can you tell? do they cough a lot.?
jennybell123448 on 10/26/2011:
LOL - exactly! www.ReptileWebsiteReviews.com is another website that explains all about Backwater Reptiles. Pretty pathedic when you read about all the things this kid has done and said. He likes to go around the net posting bad reviews about his competition. I'm not so sure that business model is going to out work for him.
Turtleman on 10/17/2012:
Florida Herps

Ordered two painted turtles over the weekend for less than $40. Paid $40 more to get guaranteed delivery on a specific day. Wife took off work to receive shipment when promised. On the day of promised delivery, the FedEx tracking report said address was incorrect. When contacted, Florida Herps told her that it was "impossible for us to make a typo on the shipping label" and that it must have been a FedEx mistake (wife was told to call FedEx and that any guarantees were no longer valid). After several hours and several phone calls to FedEx one turtle arrived (4 hours later than guaranteed). Shipping box had a label with an additional number in our address on the shipping label, and the box contained a packing slip with our correct label (but only indicating one turtle, despite email confirmation of two). Crazy how FedEx messed up only one of the two????

After more than a dozen emails and phone calls to Florida Herps to try to figure out where our next turtle is, they still have not returned a call or email. They must really be hurting if they can't hire someone that can figure out how to answer a phone call or respond to an email when it is clear that it is their fault.

I just hung up with our credit card company disputing the charge and claiming fraud. I would highly suggest that you take this route with this company. Maybe that will teach them some customer service.

As a side, the one turtle that showed up, only had a damp papertowel and nothing else. Lucky her survived at all.
**n/a** on 06/21/2013:
Well, I've ordered my tortoise from Florida herps, I am supposed to receive it tomorrow. I hope I made the right decision before ordering. If anyone has something good to say about them, please post it, it would make me feel way better about my purchase.
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