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Florist Express / ProFlowers
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OLD SADYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I placed an order on 5/1/07 for flowers and candy to be delivered to my Mom for Mother's Day. I requested a Saturday delivery of 5/15/07 (day before Mother's Day). I called my Mom on Mother's Day and when she didn't thank me for her favorite Yellow Tulips I asked if she received flowers. She did not.

I called the "Customer No-Service" department and was told that they did not deliver the flowers because the florist refused the order because my mom was outside of their delivery zone. When asked why I was never notified I was told that they do not notify everyone of every issue during this busy time of year. The "Customer No-Service" rep, named **, acted as though I was asking for an outrageous request to be notified.

The story does not end there. My debit card was charged $61.98 on 5/1/07 - the very same day I placed the order. It was also charged $11.99 on 5/2/07. I had been trying to get the 2nd payment taken off of my card a week before Mother's Day. No one informed me that the flowers would not be delivered and as of today, 5/13/07, I have been unable to get the duplicate payment removed. The reason: Florist Express claims they have no record of duplicate charging me, even though I was able to provide the reference number for both debits. As for the original $61.98 they owe me for not delivering the flowers, I will see that removed in 7 business days.

I have always used FTD and should have continued to. They work very well with local florists and have delivered flowers to my mother (and other rural family members) numerous times with no problems ever. Florist Express / Pro Flowers continuously refuses to transfer me to a supervisor, has never apologized, and has been completely rude to deal with. Every call lasts a minimum of an hour with no resolution. On top of having no flowers for Mother's Day, I am fighting to get my money back. I think they are a scam and a rip-off company.

Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

My 17 year old daughter in Connecticut wanted to surprise me on Sunday (the actual day) with a beautiful, expensive bouquet of flowers that they charged her extra for the Sunday delivery. Here is what actually happened. I received a call Friday night from a man with In Your Dreams Florist and Gifts in Spring, Texas, saying he was trying to deliver a plant to me. He could not find my address (my street is three blocks long). I stood out in the street for one hour looking for him. I finally called him back and he said he gave up.

The next day a plant was left for me. My daughter said it should have been flowers and I should have gotten them on Mother's Day. She was so upset. She called the flower place on Saturday and they said orders got confused and my flowers would be delivered on Sunday. They never came. So, I called the florist in Spring, Texas, and they said that the delivery was done and to leave them alone and that the plant was a "European Bouquet." They were very mean and lied.

I contacted (888-444-1922) and they apologized and said they would never use that florist again and that my flowers would be re-delivered the following Saturday. Today, the florist in Spring, Texas, called and said they were going to deliver on Friday and I needed to be there to give the plant back.

I called and they told me that they would find another florist to deliver the flowers and apologized again. Then an hour later called back and said if I wanted my flowers I had to use that florist and give the plant back on Saturday. Then they said that the plant had better be in perfect condition or they would charge the original credit card for it too. The plant arrived with black on a lot of the leaves so I think they are going to charge for it too.

Both the florist and the internet company have lied repeatedly and at this point I think I am a victim of a great big scam. I received the wrong item, on the wrong day (even though my daughter paid a premium for the Sunday delivery) and was charged for something much more expensive than what I received and now they want to charge me for the plant. They refuse to refund any money. Please help! I was in tears on Mother's Day because they were so rude. Please do not let these companies continue to ruin a person's special day!

Poor Customer Service
By -

On June 9, 2011, I purchased a dozen roses to be delivered later that afternoon. I googled discount roses free shipping and was directed to As I navigated my way through the site I saw a message at the top of the site that said all orders over $39 are 20% off at checkout. As well as free shipping. I selected my item and proceeded to checkout. At checkout I noticed the flowers had been discounted $9.00. And I noticed there was not a discount on the shipping. I assumed after making my purchase it would be removed as stated on the homepage.

After receiving the email confirmation I saw that my card was overcharged for the shipping. So I called customer service. I contacted customer service at 888-444-1922 and explained this issue to the representative. The representative was not helpful at all! The only response from the representative was, "The discount you saw was for Pro Flowers and this order was placed through Pro Flowers Floral Express". She stated that these two companies are different and that she was willing to cancel my order so that I could place it with Pro Flowers to receive the discount. I explained that is quite confusing!

When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told no one was available and that a supervisor would tell me the same information. I could wait to receive a call back later. What would happen to my order while I waited? Would it be still process? I argued with representative for 40 minutes before a supervisor miraculously became available. I spoke with the supervisor and was told by her that she could not apply more than 1 discount per transaction. But she was willing to waive the shipping but not the 20%. All I wanted was to be credited for shipping as well as the 20% discount that attracted me to visit your website.

I have ordered through ProFlowers a few years ago and I'm sure I didn't pay shipping and received a discount. I am disappointed with the amount of time I had to spend on the phone with a customer service manager. Almost an hour! This supervisor had the ability to match the offer and keep my business. Instead she would rather cancel my order and not care in anyway that her website was misleading. I did not know the difference between ProFlowers and Floral Express!

Especially when the invoice logo is "Floral Express a partner with ProFlowers". Aside from this horrible experience the flowers were delivered and they are beautiful. I feel as though I lost 2 yrs off my life placing that order yesterday. This issue was not complicated and looking back on it, I should have simply cancelled my order. Sadly, I do not think I will be using ProFlowers or Floral Express in the future.

Ripped Off by Florist Express
By -

OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- On a Monday I ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter and grandchildren for the loss of her father/their grandfather. I usually go through but since I wanted same day delivery I was routed to Florist Express. After confirming the arrangement I wanted, late that afternoon I received a call back stating that the florist did not have those flowers available but would have them by the next day so I said that would be OK.

Then on Tuesday I received another call telling me that they still could not provide the arrangement I requested so was asked to provide an alternate selection which I did. In fact I was very specific about the new selection/item number so that the florist would be able to see first hand what the arrangement should look like. I then received a call that stated that they would not be able to deliver that selection until Wednesday. Again I went along with the change and was told that for the inconvenience that I would receive a $20 credit. I instead requested they just upgrade the bouquet and provide a better vase than the standard glass one.

However, the flowers my family received were not only nothing like what they should have been, but also had wilting snapdragons in the arrangement. All this for a charge of $132.96. I had my daughter send me a picture of the flowers so I could forward to Florist Express but was told their system does not accept photos or emails. I was also told that even if I did send a photo there is no way that they could be sure that we had not altered the arrangement.

When I asked for at least a 50% discount I was told that they would only do 20% which was unacceptable. I then called my credit card company but unless my daughter took the flowers to another florist and had them write a letter, they would do nothing.

Here is the thing, when ordering flowers we are truly at the mercy and integrity of the florist. Their out is the fine print which reads that the florist has the option of substituting flowers at their discretion. As such of spend a great deal of money for flowers that should have been no more than $30 - $40. My next call will be to call the local florist directly. Where or where has customer service gone? I will not ever use Florist Express again and suggest you do the same.

Never Again
By -

OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I will never order from ProFlowers or Florist Express again. My 88 year old Dad recently fell and fractured his neck and is being treated for throat cancer. He asked me to order flowers for his wife for Valentine's Day, as he cannot do it himself. I ordered flowers on Saturday, February 12th. I even called to confirm that there would be no issue with the order at this late date. I was not only assured that they could accommodate my delivery in Lee's Summit, MO, but told me it would be delivered Sunday! Sunday, I received a confirmation of delivery via e-mail.

Monday night (Valentine's Day), my Dad called to ask about the flower delivery. I called Florist Express and was told their records indicated it was delivered. I assured them that it was not, having had my step-mother check all entrances and snow drifts for any sign that someone had been there. Of course, the florist was not reachable. I called again Tuesday when the business would be open. At first I was assured that the florist had delivered the arrangement. When I pushed back, they "checked" again and I was told that no one was home and they left a card and that no one had called them to arrange for delivery. No card. The path to the doorway was clear.

I extracted a promise that they would upgrade the arrangement, credit back the holiday delivery surcharge, and we made arrangements for delivery Saturday, February 19th. The florist was to call their home before making the delivery.

Yesterday arrived and something made me call to confirm that the delivery would take place. I was assured that it would. I called my step-mother to let her know and asked that she call when the flowers arrived. At 4 p.m., still no flowers. I called Florist Express again. I was at first assured the flowers would be there. When I nailed them down, I was told that the florist was not going to be able to accommodate my order. That was it... no "may we ask you to select something else", no options, no flowers!

The best part is that I did receive an e-mail asking me to take a survey about my "delivery". I will never again do business with this company. They left me feeling terribly embarrassed that I could not do what my Dad had asked of me. I was devastated for him. He is not accustomed to being unable to do things for himself. My Dad spent most of his adult life in retail and he simply stated that if he ran his business that way, it would not have services multiple generations!

Horrible Lying Cheating Company......
By -

CONNECTICUT -- I ordered flowers for Valentines/B-Day combo for my mother. I paid $20 in delivery for guarantee Valentine's delivery. The flowers never arrived. I called on Tuesday (2/15) and spoke to a representative I was told the florist was overbooked and couldn't accommodate my order. I told them why didn't anyone tell me and why were they going to keep my money. They then said the florist would delivery today (2/15 at noon with an upgrade.) I called my mom at 6 pm, still no delivery of flowers.

I again called Florist Express and emailed. They called the florist and the florist said the delivery was on the truck and would arrive in ten minutes, they were in her neighborhood. (I was put on hold for 10 min while I waited for the representative to call the florist.) I was also told my delivery fee of $20 was reversed back to my Visa. I called my mom at 7 pm (2/15-Tues), the flowers did not arrive. I again called Florist Express at 7:15 pm. They said the florist delivery truck is running late and yes, they still on the truck for delivery....will be there in 5 minutes. I chatted with my mom on the phone for 30 min. and the flowers never arrived.

Wednesday morning came and at 10:00 am, I called Flowers Express again and emailed. I was told (by another representative who again called the florist that the flowers are on the truck for morning delivery.) The flowers should arrive by noon and he upgraded to the supreme bouquet. It is now 1:30 pm and the flowers never arrived. I called Florist Express again to speak to a manager and held on the line for 44 min. When they finally answered, the manager refused to speak and the representative said she was instructed to just have me email my problem. I am pissed!

I called my Visa company and the delivery fee was never reversed as was told to me Monday night. I asked my Visa company to stop payment on this and send in a dispute as the flowers were never delivered nor were going to be. Don't be misled by this Express Florist company. It's more like "Forget Florist" company. They lie, cheat and submit false advertising for business. Everyone should join together and file a "class action". They deserve to be punished and it's a shame companies get away with this type of fraudulent practice!

Do Not Use If It Is Important To Have Them Delivered On Time
By -

I am very disappointed in this company and will NEVER order from them again. I paid over $30 more for a product that several other companies offered but none could guarantee delivery on the date I wanted except Florist Express. Not only did I pay more but there was also a $17 handling charge that was not included at other companies. However, these flowers were going to a dear friend who has terminal cancer so the additional fees were worth it in my mind...EXCEPT THE FLOWERS WERE NEVER DELIVERED!!!

I contacted the company and they said they would be delivered tomorrow. That is completely unacceptable to me seeing as how I paid so much more to have them delivered on that date. They stated they tried to contact me at 5:00 pm however, I was home all evening and received no call, and even if I did 5:00 pm is too late to do anything about it. Had I received the call earlier I could have placed the order with another company and had them delivered same day. They did not seem to have any real concern over their service failure. Their initial offer was to upgrade the bouquet (I bought the premium anyway) and include an apology note.

After speaking to a service manager the agreed to refund my handling charge and make a personal apology call to the recipient of the flowers. Still, I was heartbroken. When this is the last birthday someone will have you want them to feel special and remembered.. it is not like I can make this up to her next year. THAT special feeling for my dear friend is what I paid ALMOST DOUBLE for but sadly did not receive, and was left in a position to do nothing about it except take their word it will be delivered tomorrow. If I am not satisfied with the quality of the bouquet I will be posting a second complaint tomorrow.

FTD and 1-800 Flowers is a much better choice and have never failed me. I would suggest them as an online florist. The only reason I did not choose them this time is that they could not guarantee the flowers on the date needed. I guess the difference is they were honest enough to say so upfront. I will NEVER order from Florist Express again. If I had to sum it up I would say OVERPRICED and UNDER-DELIVERED.

Terrible Experience Multiple Times
By -

I had a terrible experience every time I have used this company. The customer service reps always came up with an excuse as to why the company did not fulfill their promises, which is why I gave Florist Express more than enough chances. In the past, the company has delivered the wrong product in the wrong color to a funeral without a card and they delivered the wrong flower on mother's day. The company guaranteed same day delivery on another order that I ended up canceling because they were unable to keep their promise of same day delivery. Also, the company was unable to confirm a delivery to a funeral until days later and misspelled the family name on the card.

However, the most recently, the company again guaranteed delivery to a funeral home, Florist Express never called to notify me that the delivery would not be made. Rather, I called to follow up on the order. When I notified the supervisor that they guaranteed delivery, she said she had spoken with the representative I had order with and he had notified me that there were no guarantees. This was never mentioned. In fact, later in the conversation the supervisor said that they only guarantee times when it is a funeral - which is exactly the occasion for this delivery.

The service is terrible, they are nice on the phone when you place the order, but make false promises and fail to deliver every time - at least for me, they have failed 100% of the time. The company avoids conflict with their customers by not calling to notify them that the orders will not be on time and seem shocked when you are upset that they have not fulfilled their promises. If you are seeking to place a flower delivery for an important occasion, this is NOT the company to use.

FloralExpress' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - NOT!!
By -

OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- The Facts: Place order on 2/13/2010 for delivery to funeral home on 2/15. Received order confirmation. Attended visitation at funeral home on 2/15 - no flowers - wife and I are upset. Called FloralExpress around 8:30 pm - helpful, but no info available. Tell us to call back at 8:00 am. Called FloralExpress around 8:00 am. Person could not find the order - accused us of calling the wrong florist. After some persistence, order was located, but they still didn't know what happened but they were "on the phone" with the florist. We had to hang up the land line and call back on a cell phone since we had to leave for the funeral.

Called back and found out that the florist never retrieved the order. [Did not read their email?] Supposedly they would deliver flowers [NOT what we ordered - they did not have that] to the funeral home before 10:00 am. It was not possible to verify since we did not have a clue what they looked like and we were not in a position to perform a 'complete floral inspection'. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Placed a call to FloralExpress after the funeral. After a discussion with their representative [who said that they could only 'ask their supervisor questions' - could/would not connect me to anyone else] we agreed on the following:
a. They failed to deliver when they promised to deliver. b. They failed to deliver what they promised to deliver.
c. They would not deliver 100% satisfaction [They did offer to refund the $17.99 'standard delivery fee' and give me a $20 coupon that would afford them the opportunity to screw up another order if I should decide to collect].

All of these "wonderful things" were their answer to make up for them totally messing up my $100+ order, causing immense grief and frustration during a difficult time, having to make 3 phone calls, being tortured with numerous sales pitches while being on hold several times to discuss their problem, and dealing with their unwillingness to take total responsibility for the problems that occurred. The conclusion: There is no doubt in my mind that the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" is 100% false advertising.

The Absolute Worst Place To Get Flowers
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I'm typically not a person who complains and am extremely patient... But this company caused me all sorts of anxiety problems! For starters, I made an order with them a WEEK before Mother's Day, paying an extra $13 to have it DELIVERED by Mother's Day. These people were so quick taking my money out of my bank account, unfortunately that's their top priority, not customer satisfaction.

Mother's Day passed, and my grandma didn't receive her orchid arrangement from these people. So I called customer service, and they hung up on me twice. FINALLY I was able to get in contact with a human being. On the bright side, the lady was very nice, but she didn't sound real sure on what was going on. She told me that she tried getting in contact with the florist in my area and couldn't, but left a message. And she told me if the flowers aren't delivered by tonight, it would be delivered by the next MORNING.

To make a long story short, I practically had to stalk these people to figure out that the florist in my area totally ignored my order. So to compensate for the delay, they would "upgrade" my order and include an apology along with the Mother's Day card.

When I saw the flowers that my grandma finally received, they were pretty average and far from an upgrade... The flowers were "kind of" pretty, but not $70 worth. And the card was an absolute disaster. I was expecting it to be this neatly typed up message. Instead I got a card that read something like this: "To the best grandma in the Happy Mother's Day Love, (my grandmother's nickname-- not my name)" written on a post-it like note in horrible chicken scratch!

I will NOT do business again with these people and I suggest you don't either, unless you're happy with mediocre flowers and a butchered post-it "card".

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