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The flowers never came...
Posted by Ajm84589 on 12/23/2011
The flowers I ordered my mother never got there. After a week of phone calls and several promises to send them, they still never arrived. They refused to refund my money, and now I an disputing the charge with my credit card company. This has been the worst experience sending flowers I have ever had! Do not order form them!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-12-23:
That's crazy talk. I don't understand why they refuse to refund your money.

Your credit card company will help you, and you'll get your refund.

Thanks for warning others. What a SCAM.
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Do Not Order The Florist Best Value It Sucks
Posted by Buttarsa1 on 09/03/2011
Do NOT order the "Best Value Bouquet" the one that the flourist is supposed to design with the freshest in season flowers it was terrible I was so embarrassed, I had it sent for a funeral and when I went and saw it I wanted to take my name off.

It was ugly, small, and looked half dead I even did the upgrade to the Deluxe size and ended up paying $52.67 in total. I got ripped off badly :(
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Posted by valerie on 2012-01-25:
the EXACT same thing happened to me! i ordered a "deluxe" and it was so small and pathetic i wanted to hide them. when i contacted the company they wanted a description and a stem count. yeah right, like i'm going to be counting flowers at my grandmother's funeral! i counldnt describe it becasue i didnt recognize any of the flowers in the arrangement. after a bunch of emails back and forth they offered $15 off my next order. when i said no they offered a 10% refund. what happened to that 100% satisfaction guarantee on their website?!!
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Do Not Use This Company
Posted by PhoenixToday on 08/13/2011
I ordered flowers for a funeral, paid the same day delivery fee. Two days later the flowers had not been delivered. The company contacted me after the time of the funeral and asked for alternate delivery address. I had no alternate delivery address and asked for a refund and compensation for my embarrasssment and inconvenience. I was offered a $25 gift certificate that must requires activation. I am waiting for refund and gift certificate! I will never use this company again. At best this company is guilty of misleading advertising.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-08-13:
I'm sorry they didn't deliver the flowers to the funeral on time.

You should use the gift certificate, and send yourself some flowers for the inconvenience.
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Full of excuses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee they do not care about!
Posted by Subboy on 08/08/2011
DALLAS, TEXAS -- To summarize this review: DO NOT use this company!

I had organized a night out for my fiance and her best friend, which included a night in a hotel along with a concert seeing her favorite band.

To make it even more special I decided to get flowers delivered to her hotel.

Even though not the cheapest option, I went with FloristsExpress after seeing they showed on their main page "100% on time delivery" and also had a guarantee towards satisfaction or money back (or redelivery)

That along with the fact that they delivered to business address' by 5pm (which was a must for my delivery)

I also requested if possible to have them delivered around 4pm (would have been perfect but would not matter an hour later).

4pm came, no delivery, so I assumed they could not do it, happily waiting for the 5pm delivery.

I was on Skype with my fiance at 5pm, still no delivery, I called the hotel reception to have it confirmed that no flowers were delivered.

I sent an email to the company requesting a status update, to which 13 minutes later I received an email stating they had been delivered.
Once again I called the hotel to have it confirmed that they were not.

I called the company to advise them of this, and was told that sometimes (even though they should not) florists update it to delivered when the flowers are loading the the vehicle, and was told he would investigate and call me back.

Of course no call back and as it approached 6pm my fiance was saying goodbye as they needed to head out to the concert.
at 6pm just as she was leaving reception had called to state that there was a delivery man there.
So my fiance went down and picked them up on the way out.

I contacted the company via email and told them the events that occurred, I received an apology and was told that they would investigate and contact me with the findings.

a week later I received an email saying that they had been delivered at 5pm.

another week later I emailed them explaining the WHOLE situation again, in aim to help them investigate and allow such a headache be avoided in the future with other customers.

They replied saying it was again delivered at 5pm and the hotel reception must have called them and hour later (even though I told them this was not the case and called the reception 3 times over 2 hours to have it confirmed).
back and forth emails, full of excuses and justifications.. they are now telling me that a hotel is not a business, but residential and that I ordered the flowers after 3pm and that 6pm is the delivery time although they can deliver up to 7pm with a request for 3pm.

I contacted them advising them that I never ordered for after 3pm, and that if they want to class a business as residential they should specify that on their website so others do not get confused.

at the end of the day, they messed up, and rather than accepting responsibility they would rather debate it over and over via email, and show no care for their promises or guarantee let alone their customers.

I will never use this company again, and would strongly recommend you do not either, as they are all about money and not customer service and make promises that they have no intention standing by.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-08-08:
I agree that there should/could have been better communication, probably on both parts. Fortunately your finance got the flowers. If she wouldn't have, I'd say you'd be entitled to a refund.
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Don't Touch Them
Posted by Chorley on 07/26/2011
Scam... Its NOT 100% guarantee. Poor service, took my money and never delivered and never even notified me that they couldn't deliver. Don't give them your buisness....
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Keep Your Money In Your Pocket
Posted by 1_Pissed_buyer on 07/01/2011
Customer service is horrible. They give you the run around. They lie and bs you. Now, I have to wait 3 whole days to get MY money back. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! You'll be sure to regret it.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-02:
What problem caused this complaint?
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Wrong Order and Rude Customer Service/Guarantee is false
Posted by Maryfhand3 on 06/15/2011
I ordered a flower arrangement and the order was completly incorrect. I specified colored flowers and an all white arrangement was sent. Definitely disappointed. When I contacted Florist Express I got the runaround about 20% off, $10 certificate for future orders (are you kidding, I would never order from them again). Then 50% off when their guarantee clearly states - 100% Guarantee money back. I should have read the complaints against them before I order. Expensive lesson learned.
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Posted by Slimster on 2011-06-15:
If it's not too late to call your credit card company, I sure would. Sounds like FRAUD to me. In fact, call both the flower company and your CC company and make a FRAUD complaint.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-15:
Yep, you hit the nail on the head - a discount off a future order is completely worthless to you.

I have never tried to use one of these services. I do things the "old school" way, and call a florist local to where I want to send flowers. I give them a CC number over the phone, and it has always worked well.

Helpful review for others to see.
Posted by Slimster on 2011-06-15:
As I stated in an earlier post here, seems fraudulent - call your credit card company and refuse payment.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Douglasmrogers on 06/10/2011
On June 9, 2011, I purchased a dozen roses to be delivered later that afternoon. I googled discount roses free shipping and was directed to Proflowers.com. As I navigated my way through the site I saw a message at the top of the site that said all orders over $39 are 20% off at checkout. As well as free shipping. I selected my item and proceeded to checkout. At checkout I noticed the flowers had been discounted $9.00. And I noticed there was not a discount on the shipping. I assumed after making my purchase it would be removed as stated on the homepage. After receiving the email confirmation I saw that my card was overcharged for the shipping. So I called customer service. I contacted customer service at 888-444-1922 and explained this issue to the representative The representative was not helpful at all! The only response from the representative was, "The discount you saw was for Pro Flowers and this order was placed through Pro Flowers Floral Express". She stated that these two companies are different and that she was willing to cancel my order so that I could place it with Proflowers to receive the discount. I explained that is quite confusing!

When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told no one was available and that a supervisor would tell me the same information. I could wait to receive a call back later. What would happen to my order while o waited? Would it be still process? I argued with representative for 40 minutes before a supervisor miraculously became available. I spoke with the supervisor and was told by her that she could not apply more than 1 discount per transaction. But she was willing to wave the shipping but not the 20%. All I wanted was to be credited for shipping as well as the 20% discount that attracted me to visit your website.

I have ordered through Proflowers a few years ago and I'm sure I didn't pay shipping and received a discount. I am disappointed with the amount of time I had to spend on the phone with a customer service manager. Almost an hour! This supervisor had the ability to match the offer and keep my business. Instead she would rather cancel my order and not care in anyway that her website was misleading. I did not know the difference between Pro Flowers and Floral Express!

Especially when the invoice logo is "Floral Express a partner with Pro Flowers". Aside from this horrible experience the flowers were delivered and they are beautiful. I feel as though I lost 2yrs off my life placing that order yesterday. This issue was not complicated and looking back on it, I should have simply cancelled my order. Sadly, I do not think I will be using Pro Flowers or Floral Express in the future.


Charles Rogers
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Florist Express - Minus the "Express" and actual delivery
Posted by Selizbeth120608 on 05/16/2011
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I ordered online and paid $7.99 for same day delivery and $4.99 for expedited delivery; the order total was $66.21. Approximately one hour later (11:00 AM) a customer service representative called to inform me that the beautiful plant I had ordered was not available and could be replaced with a rose plant. Well, frankly, I could purchase a rose plant down the street and walk it home to my husband, so I declined the offer. The CSR then put me on hold and returned nearly five minutes later to tell me that another florist in our area could deliver the original order. I then verified that it would receive "expedited" delivery, but the CSR essentially said it would not happen and that the $4.99 would be refunded. So, I wait all day for my husband to contact me about the surprise delivery, but no call. At 4:50 PM, Florist Express (ha) calls to tell me that the plant could not be delivered today, but that it would be delivered tomorrow. Generally, okay, but my husband is boarding an international flight tomorrow and will not be there!

This was my first and LAST experience with Florist Express. I have never had this experience with any other flower service and it will hopefully be my last. And the best part - I now get to wait 1-3 days for my money to be refunded.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-18:
It would have been easier for all concerned if it had just been left at, "We can't do it."
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This Is The Worst Florist Company Out There!
Posted by Mickey2205 on 05/13/2011
I ordered Mother's Day flowers for my mom on the Tuesday before Mother's Day, well, I found out on the Wednesday after Mother's Day that the flowers were never delivered. Florist Express took no responsibility they just blamed the local florist that they contracted and basically said "oh well". The wouldn't refund any $, but, promised to deliver them on the Thursday AFTER Mother's Day WITH an apology. They did deliver the flowers, but, no apology at all. Once again I called and they said sorry, but, they couldn't do anything about it. I asked to have a refund of some sort and was told that they could do that if they went back to my mom's house and took the flowers back. This company is the WORST of the WORST!!

I am telling everyone to stay away from these people. From now on I'll stick to calling up local florist's.

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