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Florist Express Delivers Disappointment
Posted by on
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- Florist Express would have to improve to be called awful.
I ordered the flowers two weeks in advance and they were delivered a day late.
The website guarantees 100% satisfaction. If not satisfied, the customer has the option of replacement or refund. Days later and after a trail of e-mails where they call me by the wrong name, they have yet to offer either. I'm so disgusted with them, I'm beyond furious.
Avoid Florist Express at all costs.
Update: After additional e-mails with the wrong name and canned responses, I called customer service. The rep had plenty of attitude and didn't seem to know what their website promises. Multiple times I asked to speak to the supervisor, but never had the chance. He kept upping the amount of a partial refund but I persisted with my requests for a full refund. Finally, he angrily told me all the money would be refunded and hung up.
(This morning, PayPal informed me the refund went through.)
The attitude of the Florist Express representatives and the manner in which they handled this demonstrates that they really do NOT care about customer satisfaction - use another florist!
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Alain on 2011-05-12:
Contact the Connecticut Consumer Protection Department at
or call 860-713-6100 and see if they can encourage Florist Express to give you you a refund or replacement.
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Florist Express - Stay Away!
Posted by on
I ordered valentines day flowers for my wife from Florist Express. I placed the order online, the day before Valentines day. I received a confirmation back that the order was placed, and my credit card was billed.

They failed to deliver the flowers. At about 4:30pm on Valentines Day I called Florist Express to find out if there was a problem. Actually, I hit redial about 20 times before I got through. Then I spent about 15 minutes on hold.

When I finally talked to someone, they admitted that they had never placed my order with a local florist. Although they knew that they would not be delivering any flowers they didn't call or email me. If they had admitted their mistake I could have contacted a different florist.

This is a totally incompetent company. They only exist for one reason. They take flower orders online, and they get local florist to deliver the flowers. They failed to do what they promised and they failed to provide even a basic level of customer service. STAY AWAY!

When I demanded a refund, they did give it to me. However they didn't take the opportunity to try to make me happy. They could have offered to deliver some flowers for free the following day. They did not.

I don't know how these guys expect to stay in business.
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User Replies:

unhappy999 on 2011-02-20:
They stay in business the same as the third party travel sites because people keep using them. Unless someone is sending flowers long distance, its always better to use a local florist.
trmn8r on 2011-02-20:
Even when it is long distance, I try to locate a local florist, call them directly and pay using my CC.
momsey on 2011-02-20:
Or ask your local florist if they have a network of trusted florists. They usually are in a network and you can arrange everything with your florist.
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A company to forget... hope I will get my money back !!
Posted by on
I bought flowers for Valentine's day and I paid an extra fee so that the flowers would be delivered a day before because there would be someone at home that day, but they were not delivered then. They attempted a delivery on Monday, but the deliverer did not know how to get to the address !! was in Manhattan! not Alaska !!

I attempted to have the extra fee returned and to change the delivery address so that it could be delievered to the recipient at work instead of at home, and it was a very tiresome and tedious process, but by that time Valentine's day was over!
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No delivery
Posted by on
I ordered a floral arrangement Thursday, early afternoon, to be sent to my sister on Friday. Waited all day for her to let me know she received them, and she never called or emailed. When I got home, I called Florist Express, who had to check with the local florist who apparently told her that they tried to deliver them, but the recipient didn't answer her cell phone and they were waiting for her to call them back. Then why didn't they contact me and tell me that they couldn't deliver the flowers? So the representative asked me for an alternative address and I gave her one, only for her to come back on the phone and tell me that they will be delivered tomorrow. Well tomorrow is too late, but I guess that's what I'll have to settle for. After reading some of the other reviews, I hope they at least are delivered and look decent.
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olie on 2011-02-04:
You could have skipped the middleman and contacted the local florist directly to place your order. You'd have likely received superior service that way.
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Terrible Experience Multiple Times
Posted by on
I had a terrible experience every time I have used this company. The customer service reps always came up with an excuse as to why the company did not fulfill their promises, which is why I gave Florist Express more than enough chances. In the past, the company has delivered the wrong product in the wrong color to a funeral without a card and they delivered the wrong flower on mother's day. The company guaranteed same day delivery on another order that I ended up canceling because they were unable to keep their promise of same day delivery. Also, the company was unable to confirm a delivery to a funeral until days later and misspelled the family name on the card. However, the most recently, the company again guaranteed delivery to a funeral home, Florist Express never called to notify me that the delivery would not be made. Rather, I called to follow up on the order. When I notified the supervisor that they guaranteed delivery, she said she had spoken with the representative I had order with and he had notified me that there were no guarantees. This was never mentioned. In fact, later in the conversation the supervisor said that they only guarantee times when it is a funeral - which is exactly the occasion for this delivery.
The service is terrible, they are nice on the phone when you place the order, but make false promises and fail to deliver every time - at least for me, they have failed 100% of the time. The company avoids conflict with their customers by not calling to notify them that the orders will not be on time and seem shocked when you are upset that they have not fulfilled their promises.
If you are seeking to place a flower delivery for an important occasion, this is NOT the company to use.
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User Replies:

leet60 on 2010-12-26:
When you rely on a third party to guarantee delivery from a local business you are taking a gamble. While you may receive a "discounted" price, as they are not the actual retailer they have no true way to ensure delivery times as situations may vary such as employees out sick or on vacation, weather etc. It is always best to find the phone number for the local florist and call them directly.
Skye on 2010-12-26:
I agree, using a third party for anything is too risky, in my book. I always just use a local florist, this way it establishes a relationship and if something does go wrong, I don't have to deal with tons of people from the third party, who have no idea or even care to help me. I can just deal with the florist directly. Using these third party services, you never know who is dealing with your order, since they farm them out.

You gave them more than enough chances, more than I would have. Thanks for warning others.
msnanny on 2010-12-27:
Next time you might try calling the funeral home who can recommend a local florist. That's always worked for me.
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FloralExpress' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - NOT!!
Posted by on
1. Place order on 2/13/2010 for delivery to funeral home on 2/15.
2. Received order confirmation.
3. Attended visitation at funeral home on 2/15 - no flowers - wife and I are upset.
4. Called FloralExpress around 8:30 pm - helpful, but no info available. Tell us to call back at 8:00am.
5. Called FloralExpress around 8:00 am. Person could not find the order - accused us of calling the wrong florist. After some persistence, order was located, but they still didn't know what happened but they were "on the phone" with the florist. We had to hang up the land line and call back on a cell phone since we had to leave for the funeral.
6. Called back and found out that the florist never retrieved the order [?did not read their email?]. Supposedly they would deliver flowers [NOT what we ordered - they did not have that] to the funeral home before 10:00am. It was not possible to verify since we did not have a clue what they looked like and we were not in a position to perform a 'complete floral inspection'.
The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
7. Placed a call to FloralExpress after the funeral. After a discussion with their representative [who said that they could only 'ask their supervisor questions' - could/would not connect me to anyone else] we agreed on the following:
a. They failed to deliver when they promised to deliver.
b. They failed to deliver what they promised to deliver.
c. They would not deliver 100% satisfaction [They did offer to refund the $17.99 'standard delivery fee' and give me a $20 coupon that would afford them the opportunity to screw up another order if I should decide to collect]. All of these "wonderful things" were their answer to make up for them totally messing up my $100+ order, causing immense grief and frustration during a difficult time, having to make 3 phone calls, being tortured with numerous sales pitches while being on hold several times to discuss their problem, and dealing with their unwillingness to take total responsibility for the problems that occurred.

The conclusion:
There is no doubt in my mind that the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" is 100% false advertising.
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User Replies:

bunnyhead on 2010-02-16:
If you paid via your credit card, you can dispute the charges. If you didn't get what you paid for, then you shouldn't have to pay.
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The Absolute Worst Place To Get Flowers
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I'm typically not a person who complains and am extremely patient... But this company caused me all sorts of anxiety problems!

For starters, I made an order with them a WEEK before Mother's Day, paying an extra $13 to have it DELIVERED by Mother's Day. These people were so quick taking my money out of my bank account, unfortunately that's their top priority, not customer satisfaction.

Mother's Day passed, and my grandma didn't receive her orchid arrangement from these people. So I called customer service, and they hung up on me twice. FINALLY I was able to get in contact with a human being. On the bright side, the lady was very nice, but she didn't sound real sure on what was going on. She told me that she tried getting in contact with the florist in my area and couldn't, but left a message. And she told me if the flowers aren't delivered by tonight, it would be delivered by the next MORNING.

To make a long story short, I practically had to stalk these people to figure out that the florist in my area totally ignored my order.

So to compensate for the delay, they would "upgrade" my order and include an apology along with the Mother's Day card.

When I saw the flowers that my grandma finally received, they were pretty average and far from an upgrade... The flowers were "kind of" pretty, but not $70 worth. And the card was an absolute disaster. I was expecting it to be this neatly typed up message. Instead I got a card that read something like this: "To the best grandma in the Happy Mother's Day Love, (my grandmother's nickname-- not my name)" written on a post-it like note in horrible chicken scratch!

I will NOT do business again with these people and I suggest you don't either, unless you're happy with mediocre flowers and a butchered post-it "card".
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User Replies:

BokiBean on 2009-05-12:
Post it note?? Not acceptable!!
Anonymous on 2009-05-12:
Oh crap! Did I miss Mother's Day again?!!
Anonymous on 2009-05-12:
Of the $70 you paid for the flowers, the filling florist had $40-50 (less labor) to work with and they probably didn't get any of the delivery charges. With some flowers costing the florist $3-12 PER STEM and the cost of is understandable that the OP didn't get her money's worth. Given the 'chicken scratch'...the worker that likely assembled the order was probably an illegal. A LOT of big shops hire them because they'll work 'cheap'.
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Horrible Experience. Do Not Use Florist Express In California
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SUN CITY, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Horrible experience, tried to deliver the flowers at the end of the day and since no one was there to receive them they left and sent me an email confirming delivery. When I called the next day and spoke to two different reps they promised to re-send and call me to confirm. That didn't happen. I am on the third day trying to find out if the flowers were ever delivered for a funeral 3 days ago. I will not recommend this company, horrible experience.
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The flowers never came...
Posted by on
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- The flowers I ordered my mother never got there. After a week of phone calls and several promises to send them, they still never arrived. They refused to refund my money, and now I an disputing the charge with my credit card company. This has been the worst experience sending flowers I have ever had! Do not order form them!
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User Replies:

Skye on 2011-12-23:
That's crazy talk. I don't understand why they refuse to refund your money.

Your credit card company will help you, and you'll get your refund.

Thanks for warning others. What a SCAM.
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Do Not Order The Florist Best Value It Sucks
Posted by on
Do NOT order the "Best Value Bouquet" the one that the florist is supposed to design with the freshest in season flowers it was terrible I was so embarrassed, I had it sent for a funeral and when I went and saw it I wanted to take my name off.

It was ugly, small, and looked half dead I even did the upgrade to the Deluxe size and ended up paying $52.67 in total. I got ripped off badly :(
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User Replies:

valerie on 2012-01-25:
the EXACT same thing happened to me! I ordered a "deluxe" and it was so small and pathetic I wanted to hide them. when I contacted the company they wanted a description and a stem count. yeah right, like I'm going to be counting flowers at my grandmother's funeral! I counldnt describe it because I didn't recognize any of the flowers in the arrangement. after a bunch of emails back and forth they offered $15 off my next order. when I said no they offered a 10% refund. what happened to that 100% satisfaction guarantee on their website?!!
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