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This Is The Worst Florist Company Out There!
Posted by Mickey2205 on 05/13/2011
I ordered Mother's Day flowers for my mom on the Tuesday before Mother's Day, well, I found out on the Wednesday after Mother's Day that the flowers were never delivered. Florist Express took no responsibility they just blamed the local florist that they contracted and basically said "oh well". The wouldn't refund any $, but, promised to deliver them on the Thursday AFTER Mother's Day WITH an apology. They did deliver the flowers, but, no apology at all. Once again I called and they said sorry, but, they couldn't do anything about it. I asked to have a refund of some sort and was told that they could do that if they went back to my mom's house and took the flowers back. This company is the WORST of the WORST!!

I am telling everyone to stay away from these people. From now on I'll stick to calling up local florist's.


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Florist Express Delivers Disappointment
Posted by Sdk2007 on 05/10/2011
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- Florist Express would have to improve to be called awful.
I ordered the flowers two weeks in advance and they were delivered a day late.
The website guarantees 100% satisfaction. If not satisfied, the customer has the option of replacement or refund. Days later and after a trail of e-mails where they call me by the wrong name, they have yet to offer either. I'm so disgusted with them, I'm beyond furious.
Avoid Florist Express at all costs.
Update: After additional e-mails with the wrong name and canned responses, I called customer service. The rep had plenty of attitude and didn't seem to know what their website promises. Multiple times I asked to speak to the supervisor, but never had the chance. He kept upping the amount of a partial refund but I persisted with my requests for a full refund. Finally, he angrily told me all the money would be refunded and hung up.
(This morning, PayPal informed me the refund went through.)
The attitude of the Florist Express representatives and the manner in which they handled this demonstrates that they really do NOT care about customer satisfaction - use another florist!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-12:
Contact the Connecticut Consumer Protection Department at http://www.ct.gov/dcp/site/default.asp
or call 860-713-6100 and see if they can encourage Florist Express to give you you a refund or replacement.
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Ripped Off by Florist Express
Posted by Gambate on 03/10/2011
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- On a Monday I ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter and grandchildren for the loss of her father/their grandfather. I usually go through Proflowers.com but since I wanted same day delivery I was routed to Florist Express. After confirming the arrangement I wanted, late that afternoon I received a call back stating that the florist did not have those flowers available but would have them by the next day so I said that would be ok. Then on Tuesday I received another call telling me that they still could not provide the arrangement I requested so was asked to provide an alternate selection which I did. In fact I was very specific about the new selection/item number so that the florist would be able to see first hand what the arrangement should look like. I then received a call that stated that they would not be able to deliver that selection until Wednesday. Again I went along with the change and was told that for the inconvenience that I would receive a $20 credit. I instead requested they just upgrade the bouquet and provide a better vase than the standard glass one.

However, the flowers my family received were not only nothing like what they should have been, but also had wilting snapdragons in the arrangement. All this for a charge of $132.96. I had my daughter send me a picture of the flowers so I could forward to Florist Express but was told their system does not accept photos or emails. I was also told that even if I did send a photo there is no way that they could be sure that we had not altered the arrangement. When I asked for at least a 50% discount I was told that they would only do 20% which was unacceptable. I then called my credit card company but unless my daughter took the flowers to another florist and had them write a letter, they would do nothing.

Here is the thing, when ordering flowers we are truly at the mercy and integrity of the florist. Their out is the fine print which reads that the florist has the option of substituting flowers at their discretion. As such of spend a great deal of money for flowers that should have been no more than $30 - $40. My next call will be to call the local florist directly. Where or where has customer service gone? I will not ever use Florist Express again and suggest you do the same.
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Posted by momsey on 2011-03-10:
Good review. It's always best to use a local florist.
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Florist Express - Stay Away!
Posted by Jim_d_robbins on 02/20/2011
I ordered valentines day flowers for my wife from Florist Express. I placed the order online, the day before Valentines day. I received a confirmation back that the order was placed, and my credit card was billed.

They failed to deliver the flowers. At about 4:30pm on Valentines Day I called Florist Express to find out if there was a problem. Actually, I hit redial about 20 times before I got through. Then I spent about 15 minutes on hold.

When I finally talked to someone, they admitted that they had never placed my order with a local florist. Although they knew that they would not be delivering any flowers they didn't call or email me. If they had admitted their mistake I could have contacted a different florist.

This is a totally incompetent company. They only exist for one reason. They take flower orders online, and they get local florist to deliver the flowers. They failed to do what they promised and they failed to provide even a basic level of customer service. STAY AWAY!

When I demanded a refund, they did give it to me. However they didn't take the opportunity to try to make me happy. They could have offered to deliver some flowers for free the following day. They did not.

I don't know how these guys expect to stay in business.

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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-02-20:
They stay in business the same as the third party travel sites because people keep using them. Unless someone is sending flowers long distance, its always better to use a local florist.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-20:
Even when it is long distance, I try to locate a local florist, call them directly and pay using my CC.
Posted by momsey on 2011-02-20:
Or ask your local florist if they have a network of trusted florists. They usually are in a network and you can arrange everything with your florist.
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Never Again
Posted by NHPatP on 02/20/2011
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I will never order from ProFlowers or Florist Express again. My 88 year old Dad recently fell and fractured his neck and is being treated for throat cancer. He asked me to order flowers for his wife for Valentine's Day, as he cannot do it himself. I ordered flowers on Saturday, February 12th. I even called to confirm that there would be no issue with the order at this late date. I was not only assured that they could accommodate my delivery in Lee's Summit, MO, but told me it would be delivered Sunday! Sunday, I received a confirmation of delivery via e-mail. Monday night (Valentine's Day), my Dad called to ask about the flower delivery. I called Florist Express and was told their records indicated it was delivered. I assured them that it was not, having had my step-mother check all entrances and snow drifts for any sign that someone had been there. Of course, the florist was not reachable. I called again Tuesday when the business would be open. At first I was assured that the florist had delivered the arrangement. When I pushed back, they "checked" again and I was told that no one was home and they left a card and that no one had called them to arrange for delivery. No card. The path to the doorway was clear. I extracted a promise that they would upgrade the arrangement, credit back the holiday delivery surcharge, and we made arrangements for delivery Saturday, February 19th. The florist was to call their home before making the delivery.

Yesterday arrived and something made me call to confirm that the delivery would take place. I was assured that it would. I called my step-mother to let her know and asked that she call when the flowers arrived. At 4 p. m., still no flowers. I called Florist Express again. I was at first assured the flowers would be there. When I nailed them down, I was told that the florist was not going to be able to accommodate my order. That was it... no "may we ask you to select something else", no options, no flowers!

The best part is that I did receive an e-mail asking me to take a survey about my "delivery".

I will never again do business with this company. They left me feeling terribly embarrasssed that I could not do what my Dad had asked of me. I was devastated for him. He is not accustomed to being unable to do things for himself. My Dad spent most of his adult life in retail and he simply stated that if he ran his business that way, it would not have services multiple generations!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-20:
I hope you filled out their "survey".
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2011-02-20:
I wouldn't care what they "said", I would never expect a Valentine's Day delivery if I ordered something on Feb. 12th. The assurance they gave you was to get your money, there was nothing in writing.
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Horrible Lying Cheating Company......
Posted by Ihateflowersexpress on 02/16/2011
CONNECTICUT -- I ordered flowers for Valentines/B-Day combo for my mother. I paid $20 in delivery for guarantee Valentine's delivery. The flowers never arrived. I called on Tuesday (2/15) and spoke to a representative I was told the florist was overbooked and couldn't accommodate my order. I told them why didn't anyone tell me and why were they going to keep my money. They then said the florist would delivery today (2/15 at noon with an upgrade.) I called my mom at 6pm, still no delivery of flowers. I again called Florist Express and emailed. They called the florist and the florist said the delivery was on the truck and would arrive in ten minutes, they were in her neighborhood. (I was put on hold for 10min while I waited for the representative to call the florist.). I was also told my delivery fee of $20 was reversed back to my Visa. I called my mom at 7pm (2/15-Tues), the flowers did not arrive. I again called Florist Express at 7:15pm. They said the florist delivery truck is running late and yes, they still on the truck for delivery....will be there in 5 minutes. I chatted with my mom on the phone for 30 min. and the flowers never arrived. Wednesday morning came and at 10:00am, I called Flowers Express again and emailed. I was told (by another representative who again called the florist that the flowers are on the truck for morning delivery.)The flowers should arrive by noon and he upgraded to the supreme bouquet. It is now 1:30pm and the flowers never arrived. I called Florist Express again to speak to a manager and held on the line for 44 min. When they finally answered, the manager refused to speak and the representative said she was instructed to just have me email my problem. I am pissed! I called my Visa company and the delivery fee was never reversed as was told to me Monday night. I asked my Visa company to stop payment on this and send in a dispute as the flowers were never delivered nor were going to be. Don't be misled by this Express Florist company. It's more like "Forget Florist" company. They lie, cheat and submit false advertising for business. Everyone should join together and file a "class action". They deserve to be punished and it's a shame companies get away with this type of fraudulent practice!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-17:
Give a call to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection about this at 860-713-6050 or go to http://www.ct.gov/dcp to file a complaint.
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A company to forget... hope I will get my money back !!
Posted by Aldoenmy on 02/16/2011
I bought flowers for Valentine's day and I paid an extra fee so that the flowers would be delivered a day before because there would be someone at home that day, but they were not delivered then. They attempted a delivery on Monday, but the deliverer did not know how to get to the address !! was in Manhattan! not Alaska !!

I attempted to have the extra fee returned and to change the delivery address so that it could be delievered to the recipient at work instead of at home, and it was a very tiresome and tedious process, but by that time Valentine's day was over!
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Poor Service
Posted by Rwoodshop on 02/14/2011
Do not do business with this company. I'm sure they get hundreds of orders and because of this volume they don't care if a few orders fall through the cracks. I paid extra to deliver on Valentine's Day and nothing happened. And did they notify me so I could have made other arrangements, h@ll no.

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Worst Experience Ever!!!
Posted by Lilmac2121 on 02/14/2011
My boyfriend's mom was in the hospital getting a hip replacement. I ordered the flowers the day of the surgery (Tuesday) and requested they be delivered the next day (Wednesday) to avoid any complications in case she was still in surgery when they tried to deliver them. I got a call Tuesday night informing me they had tried to deliver them but she had checked out. So I called the hospital and got her room number and called the flower company back so they could deliver them. I didn't hear anything again after this. No delivery confirmation or anything. His mom is the kind of person who would at least mention something or say thank you so I began to get a little worried. We had a long weekend off from school so my boyfriend went home on Friday night to visit his mom. She had gotten out of the hospital early but I was informed she never received the flowers. I emailed customer service and asked for an explanation.

A woman called my house and told me they had kept calling the hospital and every time the hospital said she had checked out. I had given them the room number so there was absolutely no need for them to be calling the hospital and I knew she was clearly in the hospital so there was a hugeeee lack of effort on their part. Also, you would think if the hospital actually told me she had checked out they would call me and say something! But no. They had intended to just forget about my order and keep the money.

While on the phone with the lady, I asked if I could just cancel the order altogether as it was now Saturday, she was out of the hospital and their policy was flowers the same day or the next day. Amazingly, right after I said this, the woman and I were disconnected. Don't get me wrong, she had a terrible connection. It was hard to hear her in the first place because everything was fuzzy but she didn't even call me back!!!!

At this point I had no idea what was happening with my order so I waited till Sunday to see if they'd call back. They didn't. Sunday I sent them a follow up email explaining that I'd been disconnected and just wanted to follow up and make sure my order was cancelled. They responded saying they could cancel the order or they would be willing to upgrade the flowers from a medium bouquet to a large one and write a formal apology to my boyfriends mom explaining what had happened and deliver them to her home on Tuesday. It was Sunday afternoon and I thought there was no reason they couldn't be delivered on Monday but seeing as Monday was Valentines day I understood they would be busy. I should have just cancelled my order but instead I sent them an address and asked them to upgrade the bouquet. Monday afternoon my boyfriend told me she'd received the flowers. I was glad that they got them there on Monday, but once again it wasn't what they told me. I asked him to send me a picture so I could make sure they were even the right flowers (my experience had been so bad I half expected they would give her any random flowers). The picture I received had the right flowers but the bouquet was tiny. I would have hated for her not to have gotten the medium like I'd ordered if that was the large. I asked if he'd gotten the apology from the company like they promised and was surprised to hear that they only got my card. I'm now really embarrasssed because I look terrible since she's out of the hospital and only getting flowers a week later and have concluded that because she didn't receive an apology she didn't get the flower upgrade either.

Florist Express delivered the flowers a week late but had no intention of delivering them at all, never wrote a formal apology and never gave me the promised upgrade. They had terrible customer service, they would say one thing and do another and because the flowers were ordered online, I would have never known.

Never Ever Ever Ever order flowers from this company!!
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Bad, Bad Service
Posted by Cav2207 on 02/13/2011
Ordered flowers to delivered the same day, I called early to get the order in. The order was accepted they took my money and then no flowers! I called their customer support number close to the end of the day to find out the status and they made a lot of excuses as they are on the way and blah, blah. End story no flowers were delivered and I was told I would have to wait three days for a refund.

Don't do business with this company they are not reliable and give poor customer service.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-02-13:
Stay away from third parties for things you can do yourself. Find a local florist in the area you want to have flowers delivered, and go with them. Then if you have any issues, you'll only have to deal with said florist shop, instead of dealing with different people everytime you call their 800 numbers, and getting nothing but the run around, from a third party.

Thanks for warning others!

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-13:
If you want same day service, get the phone number of a florist in the area of delivery. Call them and order over the phone. It works great.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-13:
I always use the FTD website because it's difficult for me to always call a florist in the local area (due to my time difference). The flowers always arrive nicely arranged and are fresh. If they're not fresh and don't last a week, they will replace them for free--a bonus most florists don't offer.

Another benefit, if you belong to AAA, go to their web site and access FTD through their site. You will get 20% off, which is a great savings for flowers.

Thanks for taking the time to post.
Posted by Skye on 2011-02-13:
Great to know for AAA members Sing!
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