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Florist Express / ProFlowers
Posted by Laura291 on 05/13/2007
OLD SADYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I placed an order on 5/1/07 for flowers and candy to be delivered to my Mom for Mother's Day. I requested a Saturday delivery of 5/15/07 (day before Mother's Day). I called my Mom on Mother's Day and when she didn't thank me for her favoriate Yellow Tulips I asked if she received flowers. She did not.

I called the "Customer No-Service" department and was told that they did not deliver the flowers because the florist refused the order because my mom was outside of their delivery zone. When asked why I was never notified I was told that they do not notify everyone of every issue during this busy time of year. The "Customer No-Service" rep, named Samantha, acted as though I was asking for an outrageous request to be notified.

The story does not end there. My debit card was charged $61.98 on 5/1/07 - the very same day I placed the order. It was also charged $11.99 on 5/2/07. I had been trying to get the 2nd payment taken off of my card a week before Mother's Day. No one informed me that the flowers would not be delivered and as of today, 5/13/07, I have been unable to get the duplicate payment removed. The reason: Florist Express claims they have no record of duplicate charging me, even though I was able to provide the reference number for both debits. As for the original $61.98 they owe me for not delivering the flowers, I will see that removed in 7 business days.

I have always used FTD and should have continued to. They work very well with local florists and have delivered flowers to my mother (and other rural family members) numerous times with no prolems ever. Florist Express / Pro Flowers continuously refuses to transfer me to a supervisor, has never appologized, and has been completely rude to deal with. Every call lasts a minimum of an hour with no resolution. On top of having no flowers for Mother's Day, I am fighting to get my money back. I think they are a scam and a rip-off company.

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Posted by Laura291 on 2007-05-13:
I'm not sure I can edit a review, but I made a date typo above. Saturday was 5/12, not 5/15!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-13:
FTD is very good. Sorry about your experience but I hope you had a happy Mommy's day anyway.
Posted by chablis040 on 2007-05-23:
Just had the SAME problem. Ordered from "Fruit Basket Today" May 17, 2007 for delivery on May 21, 2007. No delivery. When I called "Fruit Basket Today" on May 22, 2007 they put me on hold for a long time then transferred me to "Florist Express". Florist Express had not even acted on my order of 6 days ago. They said they would fulfill my order now, but I told them my folks' anniversary had passed and I wanted the order cancelled with full refund. They didn't sound too happy. I'm calling the credit card company now, and am going to avoid Florist Express like the plague, and any company that uses them.
Posted by nicknameless on 2008-09-06:
I use ProFlowers on a regular basis, and the few times there was a problem with the delivery they always called me and straightened it out. I love that they e-mail each step of the process. HOWEVER, I have used ProFlowers express several times and have decided not to ever use them again. I also got the comment "the florist refused to deliver the arrangement I ordered". Who has ever heard of such a thing? And they never get in touch with you and even when I called yesterday to complain they said they would check into it and I have heard nothing as of yet.
I will never use them again.
Posted by furchild on 2010-08-29:
I am so very upset by the lack of service I received from Proflowers Florist Express. I ordered flowers for my mother’s funeral the day before and specified that they needed to be delivered by 10.30 am on a Saturday. I was assured that it would be no problem. I did not receive any email confirmation so I called the local florist in the small town where my mom lived and they confirmed several deliveries for the funeral the next day but nothing in my name. I called Proflowers Express, verified my email and asked that the flowers be delivered to the church as early as possible but before 10.30 am when the service was to start. I was told no problem and that I would receive an email confirmation. Yet again no email confirmation. The next day on my way to the funeral I received a call from the organization telling me that the flowers could not be delivered. I asked to speak with a supervisor “Tom” who told me that he was sorry but they just couldn’t get them there on time. I explained that the local florist was delivering flowers there and perhaps they could do it. I was told that they did not contract with them and it could not be done. I told him this was unacceptable and he said he would see what he could do and call me back. I did receive a return call and was told that a florist had been located who could deliver by 10.30. The flowers never arrived. My first comment is that if a florist was located after I spoke with Tom, why was I called if it could have been done in the first place? It was very upsetting. Second if they promise to make the delivery then don’t, they caused me to check every floral tribute at the funeral to find that none had my name on it. None looked anything like I ordered either. This is over the top disgusting service that caused me a lot more stress than I needed on a very stressful day. I will be disputing the charge on my credit card.

Posted by HP on 2011-11-15:
used Pro Flowers cause a relative works there, needed same day delivery, didn't know I was being sent to Florist Express, which didnt honor family discount (had to ask for it), misled into a shipping reimbursement (actually had to enroll in a service then cancel), but more importantly THEY DID NOT DELIVER THE FLOWERS!! claimed they could not find the address..that it was a government building...nooooo it was an apartment complex, if the are in de 'business' of delivering.. they shouuld be able to find it! so the next daaaaaay they offered to delivery....I CANCELLED! what a ball of crap this service is!! STAY AWAY
Posted by Connie on 2012-01-03:
I totally agree with all of the negative comments about Pro Flowers!! I ordered an arrangement for a funeral that I could not attend as it was out of town, but was informed later that the flowers were wilted and just not in good shape. When I contacted the cust. service the offered a 10 gift cert. HA! Like I would use their service again. I told them I did not need their puny gift cert. so they offered to send a new arrangement to the family's home for free. Well this was a funeral for a father of many kids, who live in different places, ummmm, which one should I send it too???? I told them this was unacceptable option. Still no offer for a refund. Do not order from them!
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Horrible Experience. Do Not Use Florist Express In California
Posted by Ilolqt2 on 04/18/2014
SUN CITY, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Horrible experience, tried to deliver the flowers at the end of the day and since no one was there to receive them they left and sent me an email confirming delivery. When I called the next day and spoke to two different reps they promised to re-send and call me to confirm. That didn't happen. I am on the third day trying to find out if the flowers were ever delivered for a funeral 3 days ago. I will not recommend this company, horrible experience.
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Horrible Experience
Posted by Spamgoeshere1050 on 01/16/2014
This is what I received, instead of the item here: http://products.floristexpress.com/flowers/Peacef
This is what I received, instead of the item here: http://products.floristexpress.com/flowers/Peacef
OLD SADYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- This company is absolutely horrible. I called them on the phone, asked them if the item I wanted was available for delivery that day, and they said yes, so I placed an order on the phone for a bamboo arrangement to congratulate him on an award that he got. I called my boyfriend's work to inform them to watch for it, and they let me know that it never showed up. Then, they tried to deliver it twice on the weekend, despite the fact that I gave them a business name. Then, they showed up to deliver it on Monday, and they delivered something that was NOT EVEN CLOSE to what I ordered. It was so hideous that I wouldn't have paid $20 for it, let alone 3-4 times that much. They sent some sort of cactus with an ugly green plant, and it was supposed to be bamboo with succulents in a really beautiful arrangement. It was supposed to be a really modern brown rectangular planter, and it was in a really ugly white planter. The entire thing was a mess. It was delivered by a local flower shop, so I am guessing they passed the order off? Not happy at all. I emailed them and they offered me a 25% off refund, which is NOT ok, because I would have NEVER bought such an ugly awful gift for someone to be delivered late. This is a horrible company.
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Spoiled a Birthday Present for My Friend
Posted by Romankasp on 01/05/2014
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- This company is nothing but a disappointment. I placed an order with them to deliver a present to a friend on her birthday. I placed it three weeks before the actual date. Her birthday fell on a Sunday, but their site said it was possible and they even charged me a Weekend delivery charge in addition to regular rates! (By the way, their shipping&delivery rates are very high, so don't get fooled by cheap flower baskets, the delivery charge will easily double this price.)

So this is what happened next. On a day IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the delivery date I received an email from them saying that "unfortunately, the delivery on this date is not possible". To say that I was disappointed is to say nothing. I was really mad at them and shocked. So this is how you care about your customers???? I placed an order three week ago and now, right before my friend's birthday, you inform me that the delivery is impossible???!!! You can imagine the state I was in. They have spoiled my present as I even cannot find any alternative stuff because her birthday is TOMORROW!!!!

Bottom line: I will never order anything from them again and warn you against trusting them. As you see, they can easily break their promise and fail to deliver your present to your loved ones. This isn't normal business. This can't be called business at all.

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Very Poor Product Delivered
Posted by Peb77 on 08/27/2013
INTERNET -- I received flowers from my boyfriend. He emailed florist Express to get them delivered the same day and paid quite a bit for them. I did receive them that day at work but they were already wilting and drooping. By the second day one was already turning black. On the third day they were all wilted and falling over. He gets me flowers once a month from the grocery store and they always last 1 to 1 1/2 weeks for me. These were already past their expiration when delivered. When Florist Express was contacted about the inferior product all they offered was a 25% refund. They should have done much more than that, I guess they don't care about the customer and their reputation. Don't use them!!
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I Ordered Flowers to Be Delivered With Express Delivery, and They Never Arrived.
Posted by Smgaglione on 07/27/2013
I ordered flowers for my mother-in-law's birthday. They were supposed to be delivered on her birthday, however they never arrived. I contacted FLORIST EXPRESS that evening and left a message for someone to call/email me back, but again, that never happened.

I called again and the only way to actually speak with someone, was to pretend I was going to place an order! When I asked about status of my order, I was told that my credit card was declined (though this could not have happened, since there was plenty of money to cover the cost of the flowers). Luckily, they had not run the transaction, and my account had not been debited.

I should have read reviews of this business before ordering! I would have realized that they are disreputable, and stayed FAR AWAY FROM FLORIST EXPRESS!
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Posted by olie on 2013-07-27:
Use your Internet service! Google "florists in CityName", and look at the places that pop up. You want a florist that lists an actual street address in the vicinity.

Click around on the website to see if the florist includes photos of their work.

Now, use your telephone to actually CALL that florist. Explain that you're calling from another place, and you'd like a nice display sent to your MIL in their city. Tell them your budget and MIL's taste, and see what you can get.

The local florists will want to do a great job, since poor work will lose them local business. The 800-number florists and the web florists don't really care all that much, since they A) contract out with a local guy anyway
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Never Use Florist Express
Posted by Anavgjohn on 02/15/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I purchased Valentine's Day floral arrangements for my girlfriend, and paid an extra $10 for business hour delivery on February 14. At 3:45 I finally had to call my gf to ask if she had received anything at her office. When she said she had not, I started my call to, at first, find out the status of the delivery. I was on hold for 20 minutes before a customer service agent came on.

When I was told that they would have to transfer me to another department, I got the feeling it was going to be a long call but had no idea how long. After being transferred, THE FIRST TIME, the woman could not find my order so I was transferred again. The next person found the order but was apparently in a different division and he could not change the order. I was transferred, I thought, but when I finally got to a live person, they said it was the wrong division. At this point it was 1 1/2 hours later and was still on hold.

I gave up at that point and called later that night, waited on hold again for 35 minutes and the representative could not find the order again. I asked for a manager, the representative chuckled and told me he was transferring me. I was placed on hold again for 1/2 hour. I finally gave up and called my credit card company. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. I will definitely contacting the BBB and should have checked with them first, I am sure they have a low rating.
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-15:
Each year, around Valentines Day and Mothers day you will find this website along with many others flooded with complaints about delivery from online florist sites. Not unlike the third party travel websites, these services are simply not reliable when it comes to ensuring timely delivery.

In the future you may want to go directly to a local florist. Although you may pay a bit more, you have the confidence of personal interaction with a florist to ensure your needs are addressed.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-15:
Each major flower holiday, there are complaints such as this against most all the large 800 and online flower ordering companies.

I have always used local florists and called them directly, even if I was several states away. Gave my CC over the phone. That method never let me down. No, I didn't have a color picture of what would be delivered, but the arrangement was discussed on the phone and the recipient was never disappointed.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-02-15:
If I am sending flowers out of town, I call up a hospital in that town and speak with the gift shop. I ask them what is the best florist in town, because they are aware of flowers coming to the hospital. I then call the florist directly. Always had great results.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-02-15:
I buy my mom flowers all the time and I get them at the local grocery store. The selection is great and I don't have to worry about the order being lost. Of course, I'm the one delivering the flowers. But I don't trust flower delivery companies.
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Horrible Experience
Posted by Kdkleweno on 05/14/2012
My 17 year old daughter in Connecticut wanted to surprise me on Sunday (the actual day) with a beautiful, expensive bouquet of flowers that they charged her extra for the Sunday delivery. Here is what actually happened. I received a call Friday night from a man with In Your Dreams Florist and Gifts in Spring, Texas, saying he was trying to deliver a plant to me. He could not find my address (my street is three blocks long). I stood out in the street for one hour looking for him. I finally called him back and he said he gave up.

The next day a plant was left for me. My daughter said it should have been flowers and I should have gotten them on Mother's Day. She was so upset. She called the flower place on Saturday and they said orders got confused and my flowers would be delivered on Sunday. They never came. So, I called the florist in Spring, Texas, and they said that the delivery was done and to leave them alone and that the plant was a "European Bouquet." They were very mean and lied. I contacted floristexpress.net (888-444-1922) and they apologized and said they would never use that florist again and that my flowers would be re-delivered the following Saturday. Today, the florist in Spring, Texas, called and said they were going to deliver on Friday and I needed to be there to give the plant back.

I called floristexpress.net and they told me that they would find another florist to deliver the flowers and apologized again. Then an hour later floristexpress.net called back and said if I wanted my flowers I had to use that florist and give the plant back on Saturday. Then they said that the plant had better be in perfect condition or they would charge the original credit card for it too. The plant arrived with black on a lot of the leaves so I think they are going to charge for it too. Both the florist and the internet company have lied repeatedly and at this point I think I am a victim of a great big scam. I received the wrong item, on the wrong day (even though my daughter paid a premium for the Sunday delivery) and was charged for something much more expensive than what I received and now they want to charge me for the plant. They refuse to refund any money. Please help! I was in tears on Mother’s Day because they were so rude. Please do not let these companies continue to ruin a person’s special day!

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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-05-14:
If they have a FACEBOOK page, post your complaint on there, they will be quick to respond to negative feedback.

I've always used FTD Florists. Even when a local florist messed up the order, they sent another, apologized and refunded my money. I would suggest having your daughter dispute the charge on her card.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-05-14:
KevinTX, very helpful comment and suggestion!!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-14:
Yes, go for the dispute. This is ridiculous, saying the plant has to be in perfect condition. It is a plant, not a box of candy. I would try to get out of this deal instead of following through for the bouquet.

floristexpress should have reimbursed the florist for whatever they did do, and given them the old heave ho. Then arranged to have another florist deliver on whatever day you wanted them to. That's &$!s poor customer service.
Posted by KevinTX on 2012-05-14:
:) You're welcome. I would also suggest posting a review on their Google listing so others can be warned of their rude attitude towards customers. Companies just can't get away with behavior like this, there are too many online venues a consumer can take to alert others to bad business.
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Poor Quality Control
Posted by Jdn9464 on 04/23/2012
Florist Express guarantees morning delivery for an additional fee. The problem is Florist Express doesn't know which florist they contract with in the Grapevine, TX area that actually delivers in the morning.

Don't you think if a service is offered for an additional fee the providing company would know which florist does or does not deliver in the mornings? Unfortunately, the florist chosen by Florist Express does not deliver to Grapevine, TX in the mornings. On top of this little lack of information on Florist Express's part, the local florist did not call Florist Express or me to provide this little nugget of information. Therefore, the flowers I was sending to my wife on our 24th anniversary with guaranteed delivery by noon did not arrive.

I wouldn't recommend Florist Express to my worst enemy and also unfortunately Florist Express won't tell me who the florist is so I can black ball them also.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-24:
As you probably noticed, you aren't the only one that has had poor service from Florist Express. You can at least let them know about your dissatisfaction and that you're alerting other consumers via http://www.floristexpress.net/contact.htm
Posted by odeta on 2012-09-09:
florist express - Worst service, be careful, because they do not fulfill your obligations
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4 Days Later And No Flowers... Never Order From Them
Posted by Redme83 on 03/17/2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I place an order on on March /16/ 12, I pick them because web page says "deliver the same day", they call me almost at 6pm that day, to tell me they won't be able to do it, they promised an upgrade and that they will be there next day morning at the very first hr, this is next day the 16th at 4pm, and nothing, I called and they said the store was closed and that they will be delivered until Monday, I mean really? It was for an anniversary four days later which... I'm still questioning if they will be there on Monday, that's so unprofessional and not right this "same day delivery" its just a lye. they told me they will call to say sorry, which its just no useful at all plus.. it was a surprise they totally ruin it.
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