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ALL -- Having read the opinions before me I very much agree with those already expressed, I have yet to find a Food Lion related grocery store that met the logical requirements of friendly service and NO WHERE IN THE COMPANY have I found that this company requires employnees to be dressed=== in an approprite way ===either in the so called cooperate office or in the public: the grocery store is where they expect we will spend our weekely grocery budget ----- what the public does not know is that the same standard of respect and dress code AND common sense of daily bathing and being appropriate that we were MOST all raised with , stills does not apply to the high tower of those in charge. sorry, but it seems that if it does no apply there then maybe we should not expect that is should apply to our FRESH FRUIT, VEGEATABLES, MEATS AND PLEASE FORGET THE SO CALL DELI ------THE BIGGEST JOKE IN THE STORE==================EXCEPT FOR THE ONE THE YELLS AT YOU AS IF YOU WERE IN CICIS PIZZA-------------DON'T WE ALL WANT TO BE YELLED AT WHEN WE WALK INTO A GROCERY STORE WITH MAYBE OUR LAST DOLLAR TO FEED OUR FAMILY AND THEN TO WALK OUT HAVING BEEN TREATED LIKE A LOWER THAN SECOND CLASS HUMAN BEING-------- especially by someone that did not even choose to spend a portion of what we just paid them to buy a bar of soap and use it before they returned to work the next day
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Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
First of all, I don't really know what your complaint is about. Second, Food Lion is OK, I usually get loss leader deals there(and they are GREAT deals). I've never had an employee YELL at me.

OP, you don't list a location, so this review, to me, is not very helpful.

Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
Sorry about the above "no comment." The Food Lion that I go to is the exact opposite of what the OP suggests.
jktshff1 on 12/07/2009:
I can't figure out what the op is suggesting
old fart on 12/07/2009:
The complaint has something to with with someone or something being dirty but I'll be dammed if I can figure out which..
Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
From what I can gather the OP is into body odors and a wannabe fashion critic who strolls around the store with a dollar bill in their hand feeling a sense of entitlement.
Starlord on 12/07/2009:
I have a dear friend who is an assistant manager at a Food Lion store, and he advises me that you are 180 degrees out in your verbose complaint. He told me they just fired an employee who refused to meet the dress standards of the store. Maybe you just have a store that needs to be investigated by corporate. BTW, the caps do nothing to make your complaint more believable. In fact, most people will spot them and just go on to the next post without reading yours. Trying to read all caps gives me a monster headache, although I cannot speak for others.
Mrs. V on 12/07/2009:
My Food Lion is wonderful! Always clean and the employess are so very nice and helpful ^_^

Like a lot of places that are chains, not everyplace will be good, not everyplace will be bad.

The best thing todo if you don't like the Food Lion near you (or any Food Lion) is try the different stores around you to find one you do like.

Good luck!
PepperElf on 12/08/2009:
I'm wondering what exactly was this "inappropriate dress" that the employees were wearing

and more importantly...

I'm wondering if they were even employees?
simonthedigger on 03/09/2010:
My store does an excellent job pleasing the public. We are all neat, wear uniforms, and well groomed. I can't say as much for the customers who treat us like trash, berate us, and torment some of the others. Customers have been known to abuse employees and make female employees cry on many occasions. But I hate it nonetheless, the managers are very cruel people who want nothing to do with their employees, and make ridiculous rules.
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Food Lion Disgrace
Posted by on
ELDERSBURG, MARYLAND -- I am in agreement with the others that complained about the Food Lion store appearance. The one in my area is dreary, am I allowed to say Eldersburg? If you shop there in the evening be prepared to be insulted and treated unwelcome. And, so only if necessary, I will go in the A.M. hours for a quick pick up of one or two items. BIG MISTAKE. At this Food Lion they offer one sticker for every ten items you buy. When you have the desired amount of sticker's you get a free pot or pan. I do not save these but my neighbor does so I give mine to her. A friend was two people ahead of me and did not want his stickers. I called to him to take his stickers and give them to me. The MANAGER, standing at the end of the cashier station called back to me, "you cannot do that in this store, take it outside." I replied, "he cannot give me his stickers that he doesn't want?" MANAGER, "NO, you need to take it outside on the parking lot!" I felt like a criminal in front of all these people. I whispered to the lady beside me, "I guess we can't talk in line either." No one in line or the cashiers looked up after that, it was so quiet. I have been spoken to and treated badly too many times now. Other grocery stores are so completely different!!! The stores are cheerful, the employee's are well groomed, they smile and are friendly!

It appears that Food Lion hires anyone off the street even the homeless. I don't mean that about "all" the employee's but many of them. If you can't get a job anywhere, so to Food Lion.
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Poor Customer Service
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ELDERSBURG, MARYLAND -- The poor display of conduct by their employee's is embarrassing to the customer. One employee smells so bad and obviously does not bath. We have repeatedly reported both to the store and their 800 number and there was no improvement. Many of us in this neighborhood have stopped shopping there because we are uncomfortable around bad conduct and that they do not encourage their employee's to be clean and odor free.

I do not want someone that smells so bad that I have to go to another register, to handle my food.
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Anonymous on 11/29/2008:
Sometimes, body odor can be caused by medication or a medical doesn't always mean poor hygiene.

If it is poor hygiene, then yes the management has an obligation to address it. If it isn't poor hygiene, the employee has the same rights you and I have, and why shouldn't they?
GenuineNerd on 11/29/2008:
Next time you go there, fill an entire shopping cart with soap, deodorant, and Lysol, then go to this person's register to see if he gets the message.
GenuineNerd on 11/29/2008:
Or this cashier should start using one of the new "clinical strength" or "professional strength" deodorants that are now on the market.
Anonymous on 11/29/2008:
What the heck! I thought Food Lion was extinct. This is the outfit that pretty well went belly up after that hidden camera investigation into their expiration date changing ways. I know they all folded around here.
clutzycook on 11/30/2008:
We never had a Food Lion here, but I remember that investigation. I thought they had disappeared too. Stinky employees aside, why would you shop there when it's never certain that their expiration dates are right?
VeggieLover on 10/17/2009:
Hi Justcuz, One of the front end workers told me employee's as well as customers have complained about her odor but she still stinks. Its definitely not medical, someone did tell her about it and she said she doesn't have time to wash up.
All you guys are funny. Yeah, I remember the hidden camera investigation, too. I wish this Food Lion in Eldersburg would go belly-up and something nice would take its place.
Contrary 2, Since I live within walking distance if I need a last minute thing for dinner or breakfast, I dash in there. And I check the date and closely examine it. I do my shopping at Martin's and the prices are so much better there. A gallon of milk at Food Lion is $3.99, at Martins its $2.29. Also, I have taken in homeless and abused pets so I spend so much on feeding them I have to shop where the best prices are. That is Martin's. Thanks for talking to me.
simonthedigger on 03/09/2010:
Excuse me but just because one eployee is like that doesn't mean you should make a shadow for every other employee and make them sound bad. Do you realize how hard our job is exactly? We are understaffed, under paid, verbally abused (manager and customers), threatened by various people, under supplied, over tasked, etc. Did you know the Food Lion clerks alone have to do a 3 page cleaning list before going home, WHILE ringing up customers? We are very miserable for 2 reasons, we are treated poorly by our managers and as slaves by the public. Some of us are just trying to survive the lack of jobs right now. Last thing I need is someone insulting me for trying to survive. Sorry we can't always smile, but it's a little hard when people treat you like crap.
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Buyer Beware
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MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have worked at Food Lion for a short time and discovered that the company doesn't require the rotation of stock. I have found canned goods out dated as far back as the year 2000 and this is the year 2009. And it's still setting on the shelf for customers to purchase. Just because you reach in the back and expect to get the newest product, doesn't mean that it is.

PLEASE for your own health and safety, check the dates stamped on the item before tossing it in your shopping cart!
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jktshff1 on 01/24/2009:
Good advice, anywhere you buy groceries, you should check the expiration dates.
Anonymous on 01/24/2009:
How come they don't require the rotation of stock ? Is it the particular store you work at ?

I shop at Food Lion occasionally, and haven't noticed this problem.
Anonymous on 01/24/2009:
Gross! Thanks for the tip. I always check the expirations on meds, apirin and such, but didn't think to do that on can goods!
Anonymous on 01/24/2009:
Sherdy, I go through my hurricane kit every spring. Canned goods are the worst. It seems like every manufacturer marks their cans differently. I've had to look up codes on their websites, or even email them to find out what the ACTUAL expiration date was.

Nohandle on 01/24/2009:
Canoe, you work at Food Lion so obviously know if the corporate policy requires the rotation of stock or not. I have observed in other stores stockers placing the newer items in the front. Their store might have very well required rotation but they didn't want to be bothered. Those expiration dates do come in handy. I've seen them all mixed in, no consistency. Good advice for others to check that date.
HappyPizzaMan on 09/20/2009:
I work at Bi-Lo and sometimes we don't rotate the stock because there is much to do and not enough time to do it.They send us home if we get 40 hours,but still want the trucks done.Anytime I do not rotate the stock I check it on nights when we have no trucks and take all the old items off the shelf.
Anonymous on 11/14/2010:
I don't see how food Lion not rotating stock would go against them. Why would they take the risk of being sued? Not only that, but most of the time, the merchandisers that supply the stores will replace the expired foods with fresh product, free of charge, or credit the store back. the cans that are expired, are probably not being checked by the merchandisers.
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Food Lion Is Fabulous
Posted by on
CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Their everyday pricing on some items is a bit high, but they have many low priced items to choose from. Their cashiers have consistently been friendly and efficient and my shopping experience in this store has exceeded my expectations on every visit.
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Ponie on 06/23/2008:
We don't have Food Lion locally. I've heard both good and bad about them. I guess it depends on the area.
VeggieLover on 10/16/2009:
Hi Ponie, I guess it does depend on the area but also on "who" is managing the store. Food Lion has rules but does not enforce them. Cashiers are supposed to smile, say hello, be pleasant and above all "clean". You will see none of that at the Eldersburg Food Lion. However, when I visit my sister in Grasonville, her Food Lion is awesome.
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Treated Like We Didn't Exist
Posted by on
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- Around 8 P.M. tonight, my husband and I visited your store on Brian Jordan Road in High Point, NC. We were in a hurry and just needed a few items. When we found what we needed, we waited for a "Self-Scan" line to open up. One of your employees, Chris, was removing some receipts from the lane and appeared to be preparing to finish up so that we could use the lane.

In hindsight, we should have asked Chris if he would be done shortly. However, before we had a chance, Chris walked off and shut down the computer. He wasn't rebooting it, he shut it down so that nobody else could use it. This was after he turned to look at us several times, knowing that we were waiting for it.

I was shocked and my husband didn't know what to say. What could we say? As I mentioned before, we were in a hurry and could not dilly-dally. We found another line with a representative working there and just allowed her to help us.

As a result of this latest incident, we will no longer shop in your store. In fact, I have cut up my VIP card and refuse to return. It's sad that even after I have shopped in your messy stores with sticky floors and dirty check-out lanes that Chris had to push us over the edge. I guess we just wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. However, as mentioned before, we will never return. Thank you for your time.

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Anonymous on 02/25/2007:
We have some (dying) Food Lion’s around here in Asheville, NC too and I gave up on them after only one visit. I guess they just have the same standards all over.
Anonymous on 02/25/2007:
I gave up on Food Lion a long time ago...
DebtorBasher on 02/25/2007:
Chris could have at LEAST told you, "I'm sorry, this line is closed"...
Shakra on 02/25/2007:
I went to the Food Lion in VA and the place stinks.
beanbagbritches on 02/25/2007:
DB...that's right. That's all we wanted was for him to tell us that the line was closed. That would have been too much work for him. Yes, we still have Food Lions in NC. The only reason I ever went is because you could link your "MVP" card with a local charity (Humane Society for me) & they would get a small portion of what you paid. It's Harris Teeter ONLY for me now!
Noneill on 02/25/2007:
Seems like all the Food Lion's around here turned into Blooms or Bottom-Dollar. Blooms is a great improvement. Can't say the same for Bottom-dollar.
Skye on 02/25/2007:
Never heard of this Food Lion place, but it looks to me that they don't care about their customers and are probably ready to go belly up. His behavior that you didn't exist was totally uncalled for. Did you try calling the store and speaking to a manager??
beanbagbritches on 02/25/2007:
Skye...I'm hoping to mail a letter to the store manager. However, since Food Lion doesn't care enough to clean up its store, I doubt they'll care about my complaint. Better not to shop there anymore. I've been considering this for months now, but this put the final nail in their coffin.
Anonymous on 02/25/2007:
I bought some terry cloths thee once. I guess you could call them "Food Loin Cloths". Tarzan say, "Me no like self-scan".
beanbagbritches on 02/25/2007:
TNS...I am laughing so hard at your response! HAHAHAHAHA!
1Penny on 10/20/2009:
The Eldersburg Maryland Food Lion is horrible,too. They treat you like they hate you for stopping in. Outdated frozen and can food. I wish I could put what I think in the newspaper. Have you ever really looked at the people working for Food Lion??? Then, go to a "real" grocery store and look at their employee's??? BIG DIFFERENCE. I believe Food Lion hires "anyone", ex-cons, drug-addicts and homeless people. At the grocery store I shop at, the employee's are well groomed and so polite.
1Penny on 10/20/2009:
Hi Skye and BBB, You should try contacting the main office but I doubt you will get anywhere. I left a note for the store manager at this Food Lion. When I didn't hear back I went in to talk to him. He claimed he didn't get my note (which was in a sealed envelope). I called their 800 number and wrote a letter to corporate. Never heard anything from them and I stopped in the store briefly for a newspaper only, no improvement whatsoever. You're right BBB, they don't care and I just don't get it!
beanbagbritches on 10/20/2009:
Thx 1Penny. It has been awhile since this happened & I will never return to FL again.
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