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Stay Away From Footed
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CALIFORNIA -- I ordered on December 2, they took payment out December 3, paid for 2-3 day shipping, I email and called, because my status said the item was still processing, they said it is en route. I got a conformation number and I checked that, said that Footedpajamas electronically notified on December 6th that it will be shipping out on the December 8th, on December 11th still no pj's, I called, some guy ensured me he will get the pj's out over the weekend and I would have it by the 15, or 16th. Well still no pajamas. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Now I can not get a hold of anyone via calling or email. How convenient.

I wonder if I ever will get my pj's in time for xmas. Very dissatisfied. Will never buy from them again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
well I hope you don't let this minor issue ruin your holiday.

DigitalCommando on 12/17/2008:
Did your jammies have red fire engines and koala bears on them and come with an adult nipple and rattler set?
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
DC,wonder if they have that "trap door" in the back as well?
DigitalCommando on 12/17/2008:
Yeah train, maybe its a self-wiping door. I just find Pajamas for adults to be really dorky. I know they are comfortable and all that, but they are just not for me. What is the big deal with having an attached foot to your pajamas, are they having a problem with keeping their socks on or what?
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
LOL...I don't know Mike and Carol Brady sure did look good in their PJ's
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
Must be a CA thing. lol!
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
I wish I had some footed pj's right's freezing here!! I'll take koala bears on mine..LOL
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
Not to worry Darkhorse, FPJ just informed me that your "jammies" will be "overnighted" with your bibs and pacifiers!
Ponie on 12/17/2008:
justcuz, I'll loan you my Winnie The Pooh jammies. Got three pair. Really need them in these long, cold MI winters.
Ponie on 12/17/2008:
P.S. We're all making light of the footed jammies, but, dang it!, I'd be somewhat upset too if an order I placed over two weeks ago wasn't shipped yet.
Anonymous on 12/17/2008:
Ponie, I'll take 'em!

And good point, it's so easy to get off topic here..hopefully by now, the OP has disputed the charge for the pj's and has found another pair elsewhere.
Rocket11 on 12/28/2008:
Check out Nice stuff, good service.
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