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I sustained head injury's and damaged sun glasses due to lowered metal shutters before store closure time
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TOWN CENTRE, ROMFORD -- I am trying to contact Footlocker in order to make a complaint about an incident that occurred at the Romford store yesterday.

It was at 5:45 PM and I had just made a purchase and was happily leaving the store when the staff in control of the metal shutters witnessed me walking towards the lowered metal shutters. As I am over 6 foot tall I did not notice the lowered metal shutter was at this height and the two staff members standing by the door did not warn me, to mind my head. I proceeded to walk into the metal shutter with such force, enough to be dazed and concussed at what had happened to my £250 (Police branded) sunglasses that were on my head at the time and also cushioned the blow to my head.

I went to King Georges hospital, Goodmayes and was examined by a doctor and the injuries were recorded, the Incident has left me slightly concussed with a large bruise and lump on my head and serious pain to my neck and back and I have vomited due to the pain from my injuries.

I proceeded to leave the store stunned and embarrassed but then decided to return to ask the staff for contact details to notify of the incident, as I entered the store the staff members and mall security were laughing and joking at my expense, they then called the manager who refused to give me contact details and just asked me to leave the store and use the internet to make the complaint. I found this very disturbing and after a lot of searching on the net came up only with this consumer help site and no easy way in which to contact Footlocker complaints dept.


After 2 weeks in hospital with a respiratory condition and I am awaiting surgery for this condition, I was warned by my doctor's to take extra care not to worsen my condition by injury or otherwise and I feel that this incident could have been prevented if the staff had done their job and looked out for the welfare of the customers in the store which was just myself and my girlfriend, they could at least have left enough room when lowering the shutter for us to safely exit the store or otherwise warned me about the low shutter as I approached the lowered metal shutters as they were controlling the shutter at the time and guiding us out the store. Or there should be a brightly coloured warning sticker in plain sight on the lower edge of the sharp metal shutters.

I feel that the metal shutters shouldn't have been lowered at this time anyway because the store did not close until 6 PM and the 2 members of staff that were present and in control at the entrance of the store were not allowing any more customers to enter the store anyway.

Will Footlocker compensate me for the damage to my sunglasses and the head injuries I sustained from the store and also for the blatant carelessness, callous humility and the lack of help to provide information in order for me to contact head office to report this incident to the Footlocker complaints department.

I Went Back The Next Day And They Told Me That I Had Worn The Shoes
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- I went into the Footlocker at Macomb mall in Troy to buy a pair tennis shoes. The only tennis shoes they had in my size was one on the rack so they went back in the back room got the other one and I purchase that pair. I had never even wore the pair of tennis shoes that they said that I have worn. I figured that the wear that's on the bottom where from one people were trying to put them on to buy them because that was the only size they had. I was treated very rudely and felt humiliated.

The Worst Company to Do Business With
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USA -- Don't buy from
3-don't know what they are doing
3- and they charged me for more than 200$ for package have never shipped and hold the amount for 7 days and when I complained for waiting more a week after I already paid the amount to the credit card.
Without even telling me what was taking them all that long (we can cancel it if like )
And because they have charged me with 30$ (24 hours shipping )
It has been more than 150 hours and the order not shipped yet
I thought that was rude from them to offer to cancel it .and I canceled the orders and until now no money was refunded !! Can you believe that .
My advise :
Don't do business with Footlocker online

My Lebron Nikes Are Breaking Apart
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CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- Hi my name is TJ Norman. My parents bought me Nike Lebron Nines 3 months ago at Kids Foot Locker in Sun Valley Mall, Concord Ca. After wearing it for 3 months my Lebron Nines are breaking apart, the inner inside part near the shoelace or quarter is bulking and ripping off. My parents bought my shoes for $140,00 dollars plus tax.

This shoes is the most expensive shoes in the family, I LOVE IT ,.We went to Kids Foot Locker to buy shoes for my brother yesterday and the salesman told us to call Nike or write a letter for our complains. My whole family likes Nike. It's the first time this happened.

My parents are hard working. These shoes are a reward for getting good grades. My dad can't believe it these shoes are so expensive and it's a well known brand is breaking apart and I only worn it for a couple of months? My Mom is so disappointed for this matter and she told me that she will never buy another Lebron shoes again...I hope you can help me so I can convince my parents to buy me another Nike shoes next time.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you
TJ Norman

Disgusted with damaged Jordan's sold to my son
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1020 FLATBUSH AVE. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I gave my son money to purchase sneakers as a graduation gift. I am a divorcee whom has had her second son graduate from high school and start college. I usually do not spend money on such high priced sneakers but he had received his Regents Diploma, from a great high school in Brooklyn, NY (Bensonhurst section).

I allowed my son to purchase the sneakers on his own. He returned home he realized that these 175 dollar sneakers were damaged.
He has been trying to either exchange them or get his money back. I intervened today when (tried to allow him to purchase these sneakers on his own since he will be 18 in a few months) he was sent to Nike Town, in Manhattan on 57th street for a voucher for 175 dollars. I went and they told us they don't know why they did that because we did not buy the sneakers from them.

I went with my son back to Footlocker in Brooklyn, where my son purchased the sneakers. The young manager refused to give us the money for the defective sneakers they sold my son, and they would not exchange them.

I was very upset because the Nike store said to us we have a thirty day policy for returns on the receipt which I pointed out as well to Footlocker. The manager said he was standing his ground.
He could not take back sneakers with a new release date!

Promise That Can't Be Kept
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YONKERS, NEW YORK -- I enter store (#8584) the one located in Yonkers NY yesterday (3-20-11) to return a pair of sneaker that I had purchased on (3-19-11) but was refused by the cashier name Massiell. I then ask her why it couldn’t be return and she reply that it could only be return at the store I’ve purchased them in which was on 34st NY (#07094). At that point I was confused and still ask why isn’t that I couldn’t return the sneaker which according to the back of the receipt state that “a refund or exchange on unworn merchandise within 30 days with a receipt”. I had a receipt, the sneaker was purchased yesterday so it was not worn and it was within the range of 30 days??????? I then ask her if I could speak with the store manager, she took her cellular phone out her pocket and dial a number. A person on the other end that she claim was the store manager told her that she could not take the sneaker back because the sneaker was consider a limited release and it was final sale. I then ask her if she could give me the store number, her name and the store manager name (Atasha). She replies that she would after she takes the customer after me. That’s when I got upset because she tell me that she need to services the customer after me first but aren’t I a customer as well, didn’t I purchased a product??? I believe that it was close to closing time and the number of customer still in the store, I feel that she was in a rush to close up. I am confused and upset about the way Footlocker do business.

The back of the receipt had given their customer a PROMISE that it seem it can’t be kept. I spend four hundreds at Footlocker that day but couldn’t return one item. Footlocker is eager to take my money but is not eager to return by money!I am glad to follow any rules that a stores has but the true of the matter is that if it was a final sale, why was it not on the receipt??

Footlocker manager
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CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- While in a Daly City Footlocker, I purchased a World Series t-shirt for my husband. Come to find out, he had purchased the exact same shirt! We live in Concord so I decided to return the brand-new, unworn t-shirt to the Footlocker in Sun Valley Mall (keep in mind Daly City is over an hour away). When we approached the counter, the sales clerk seemed unpleasant and unwelcoming. He asked, "what's wrong" and I answered "nothing, I only need to return". He said there were no tags and I explained that none of the shirts had tags and that they were on a rack with the price overhead. I explained that the sales representative had scanned a paper to read its price and he should call to verify (I had the receipt). He offered to give me an exchange and I said I preferred the cash back. I asked him again to call and verify, but instead he started accusing me of trying to return an already worn shirt! When I asked to speak with the manager, he claimed he was the manager! It was clear that he did not to verify that the shirts did not come with tags. His laziness and accusative manner only made the situation worse. To make the long story short, voices were raised and insults were made. I was highly upset, but what surprised me the most is that this manager was insulting me in front of his customers. I am not sure what type of training Footlocker gives its managers, but if this had happened at my workplace, the manager would have definitely lost his job. Our priority is customer satisfaction and if there is an extra step we need to take, we do it in order to help our customer. Clearly, this Footlocker manager did not even try to do his basic job. Needless, to say I am never returning to that location again and although I plan to submit a formal complaint for his unwillingness to help, I highly doubt Footlocker will do anything about it.

Passing Off The Demo's And Wrecking The Shoes
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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I was appalled by what happened to me at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Footlocker last Monday. While looking for a pair of tennies, the employee ripped out the padded insert of a Nike shoe and proceeded to tell me that I should purchase a particular type of insert that he had in his hand. Stating that the ones Nike puts in are only good for a week. He literally destroyed the inside of this shoe. Then when I asked him for a size 8 in it, he went in the back and came out with only one shoe and then snuck to the display model and grabbed the one that he had ripped out the padding in. I said, "You don't have another shoe other than that one?" And he replied "No." So I opted not to get that pair. He also told me they had no Nike shoes without the high backing on that hits the back oy my tendon. When I started looking again, I found a pair of classics with the low back. He dumped me onto another employee and when I asked for an 8, the guy came out with a box and handed me one shoe, I asked to have the other and he proceeded to the demo model. I said, "You don't have a shoe that is not a demo?" He said "No, they were all out." When he went somewhere else, I looked in the box and there was the other non-demo shoe. Which I took along with the other that came out of the same box. I would have walked out long before, but I had a $40 gift card for Footlocker from my health care provider.

You can bet I will never go back to that store again. I dealt with 3 employees that day and all were quite flippant. The one guy that told me the Nikes would only last one week without a better insert seemed like a real con artist. It was as though they were having a contest with me, the way I was handed off from one employee to another--started initially off asking one employee and then he left suddenly. I have had Nike shoes for years and never had any problems with them.

It is such a shame when you get bad employees, and I am even wondering though if they weren't trained to pass off the demos because two of them tried to do that... I will never go back again! Management is not watching or they are in on it.

Ordered Sneakers for Friend in Texas She Shows Up at Virginia Commons Mall Foot Locker Guy Said Sneakers Never Came So I Reordered
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Now I have a pair in transit on the way to her house, and a pair at the store.They say they need a tracking number to reroute them back to the store.No tracking number came with the order conformation email.

Bad Customer Services and Rudeness
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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I've been a customer of Foot Locker and Kids Footlocker for years and the customer services as gone down. They don't speak when you enter the store they just stand around talking to each other and texting on there phones. These two stores at the Knoxville center mall is not inviting at all it seems like the customer service went down when certain employees stopped working in there.

I really don't think I will shop again with this company and this was not the 1st time I'm dealing with this.

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