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Beware of FootSmart return policy... The return may come back to you
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I recently returned a pair of shoes to FootSmart, within the allowed 60 day time period for returns. I had tried the shoes on 3 times, wearing them for 5-10 minutes each time and only in the house. When I packed them up to return them to FootSmart, I made sure to include all of the original packing and product materials. The shoes were returned to me, having not met "one or more of our required FootSmart 60 Day Easy Returns and Exchanges policies." The line "Footwear products not in original unworn conditions" was checked. I called today to speak to Customer Service and was transferred to a supervisor, who assured me that the return was reviewed by more than one person. But he could not tell me what was wrong with the product I returned. The returned shoes were not scuffed, they were not dirty, they were not damaged ... and they were packed with all of the original materials. Yes, I did try them on.

But I have no idea of what was determined to be wrong with the shoes I returned, nor could the supervisor provide this information. He could merely restate that more than one person had looked at the shoes to determine that they were not in the "original unworn condition." This was a totally unsatisfying experience. I will never purchase anything from FootSmart again.

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