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Cracked Rear Panel
By -

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer and one day the rear panel cracked from top to bottom. I have since seen many other 2002 Explorers with the same exact problem. I have emailed Ford several times asking them to repair this as it's obviously a manufacturer defect. The repair shop told me it would cost $300 to fix and they have seen several of these. Ford's reply was "sorry, can't help you since your warranty has run out." This should be covered regardless of the warranty since it is a manufacturer defect.

Poor Design of valve cover on passanger side of engine
By -

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND -- I bought a 2004 Ford Explorer 3 weeks ago. It had 28,000 miles and was very clean vehicle. I think my problem is that I bought it at as a certified used from a Toyota Dealership in Silver Spring, Md. I test drove it and liked it very much. One of the problems was that it only came with one key for the ignition so I took it to Apple Ford in Columbia,Md., one mile from my house to have a new key programmed. What a ripoff that is $109.00 just for that; however there's more to the story.

While I was in the shop the service writer said he could smell burning oil. I had checked the oil level and it had really old looking oil in it so I told them to do an oil change, because it seemed the Toyota Dealership may not have done it. By the way the air filter has never been changed, because it is filthy.

Now to rest of the story. While they are checking for an oil leak, two hours later the service writer and mechanic came to me with part of the oil filler tube that has the oil cap on the top of it and is screwed down into the small neck of that end of the valve cover. This extension tube created a crack in the valve cover which in turn caused an oil leak.

First they said it would be covered by Ford's 3-year/36,000 mile warranty then two days later said it would not because they deemed it a preexisting damage caused by Toyota or someone else. All of these parts are plastic and I noticed that the new valve cover design has already been changed. There is no extension tube screwed into the neck portion. Only the cap is there now. They must have had some other problems with this. This valve cover cost me $423.00. Who should be responsible for paying me back my money? Yours Truly Gizmo.

Multiple design flaws, 2002 Ford Explorer, 4x4
By -

Our 2002 Explorer had to have the rear differential totally replaced. In 2004 while on an extended cross country trip, fortunately, we were within 1500 miles of our warranty expiring so our personal expense on that one was lost time and extended days of lodging etc. We now have 66000 miles on the vehicle, it is about to have its 3rd rear differential installed (our expense). We recently put out nearly $500 because the 4x4 locked up.

Our next experience was the gear shift locking in park. We were told it needed 'adjustment', another charge. It continued to intermittently lock in park, then suddenly stopped doing it. Then, locked again and gear shift broke both at and in the steering column. (On a road trip again) Ford dealer told us it is a design flaw (also) and the part is on a national backlog order... Tow truck driver said he has seen this problem many times in the past.

We have repeatedly complained about the whining and thudding noises in the automatic transmission as it shifts or winds down, with no results. We purchased this vehicle specifically to tow a small RV and have only chanced towing one trip with it (under weight limits). We believe if we could connect with the correct group, forum, what have you, that we will learn many others are having the same issues and would like to become part of or discuss a class action against Ford Motor CO. This is our first attempt to do so. We WILL continue until we succeed.

Engine trouble at 49K
By -

VIRGINIA -- I am the original owner of a 2002 Ford Explorer with 49,000 miles. It has been diligently maintained with all required service. Recently the car began experiencing a rough idle and the illumination of the 'service engine soon' light. After having the coil and #8 spark plug foul and be replaced four times in five weeks I have just found out that the #8 cylinder of the engine has half the compression that it should. There is a problem with the valve train and it will cost me over three thousand dollars to fix.

I have called Ford and they have taken no responsibility for selling me a $35,000 car which had the engine go out at 49K miles. Apparently Ford considers it acceptable that an engine goes out this soon. Buyers Beware!

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