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Truck Jumped Out of Gear and Crashed Into Garage
By -

TEXAS -- Today my truck ran out of gas in my driveway and I put 5 gal of gas in it while in driveway. Truck is standard, I had the clutch in and car in 1st. I went to start it and the second I turned it on it lunged forward into my garage door and the brakes would not work. Thank GOD the garage was closed to stop it from going through the house. Has anyone else had an occurrence where truck jumped out of gear?

2004 F150 Faulty Shifter
By -

OKLAHOMA -- We were in our F150, my husband got out and on the driver's side and left the door open. I got out to go around the truck, our 5 year old (who was in the back seat) hit the shifter. The truck went into reverse at a high speed. The truck was severely damaged. There was property damage, not to mention a very scared 5 year-old!!!!

Our vehicle is supposed to have a SAFETY FEATURE called the brake/shift interlock. The brake must be depressed in order for the truck to shift from park. Well, Ford forgot that feature!!!! I have contacted Ford, **, etc... They all say Ford will NOT accept any responsibility for this, and are not willing to make it right.

Our insurance co. has paid for the damage, car rental, and will get all their money back but I want ford to be accountable and make sure this does not happen again. The results could have been fatal!!!! And next time maybe they will be.

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