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Transmission problems 2003 F-150
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FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- My husband pulled into a beach parking lot, that was covered in a thin layer of sand. Thinking he pulled in too far, he tried to back up so as not to get stuck. When he put it in reverse, the wheels just spun and he realized that he was stuck. So he got out removed the sand from under the tires, and preceded to pull forward and back, to get some traction. On the third try in reverse, his air bags blew, and his reverse gear blew. Took it to the dealer, it still had Manufacter's warranty. They said that they would not repair airbags, because the sensor indicated an impact. And that the Transmission has a hole in it, which caused the gear failure. So Ford will not cover any of the repairs to the truck. It has only 14,000 miles on it and has been babied. What bothers us the most, is they are relying the airbag sensor, when there was no impact and no visible body damage. My husband was shocked when they imploded, because he didn't hit anything. But as you all know Ford won't pay.
Ford tough, I think NOT!!!
2004 f150 faulty shifter
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OKLAHOMA -- we were in our f150, my husband got out and on the drivers side and left the door open. I got out to go around the truck, our 5 yearold ( who was in the back seat) hit the shifter, the truck went into reverse at a high speed. the truck was severely damaged, there was property damage, not to mention a very scared 5 year-old!!!! our vehicle is supposed to have a SAFETY FEATURE called the brake /shift interlock, the brake must be depressed in order for the truck to shift from park.well, ford forgot that feature!!!! I have contacted ford, chris keller, valma sanders,etc... they all say ford will NOT accept any responsibility for this, and are not willing to make it right. our insurance co. has paid for the damage, car rental, and will get all their money back. but I want ford to be accountable and make sure this does not happen again. the results could have been fatal!!!! and next time maybe they will be.
Service after sales
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ASHLAND, VIRGINIA -- Ford dealerships lack concern after sales. This problem has existed for years and is worsening. I've experienced this with several Richmond, Va. area dealers. Ashland Ford (now Sheehy Ford) won't help getting promised reimbursement from Ford Motor Co. for faulty dual fuel tank expense of $1,035.00. This also concerns Richmond Ford where bought but repairs made by Ashland dealership. Universal Ford of Richmond won't acknowledge expensive premature suspension repairs on cheap parts changes by Ford either. Now am physically protesting in view of these dealers until some satisfaction given. Consumer protection needed and boycott needed to show consumers have had enough. They will listen when they lose money. Stand for something or fall for anything.
Consumers stand up for your rights and best interest! Chipper

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