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I bought the car in full and then six months later, they wanted more money...
By -

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- Although I have moved across country, I seem to be getting bills from Kemp for a car for which I already paid in full. The obvious proof of payment in full is the pink slip, which here in Connecticut is actually blue, that I hold in my possession. When I bought the car, I did not even haggle on the price. This was because the Flex was a tough car to find and I was happy enough just to have one. That said, your company got full price on a car. Now how often does that happen?

Furthermore, it is your company's job to get the paperwork and price right. I cannot believe that you are coming after me for an additional and paltry $31.00 on a $48,000.00 transaction. You really couldn't just pay it and not irritate me so? Really? But I digress. And, I am floored to read that your company ominously intends to, “take further action” if I don't immediately remit the $31.00. What are you planning on doing? Taking me to collection for a debt paid in full?

Kemp Ford is out of line. I own the car. You guys said so when I wrote the check. I did not determine the taxes and such. You hire a finance manage who's sole job is get the paperwork right (oh, and try to get me to purchase things like underbelly protection). You and your company are not entitled to come after me for additional funds. I met my contractual obligation to you. Likewise, I am not allowed to pursue a post-purchase discount from your firm. That's because we are both bound by a contract that stipulates I pay what you say I owe and then you give me the car in question.

It's very simple really. But you have, for a mere $31.00, incensed a customer who was just tip-toeing her way back to supporting an American car company. Don't threaten. Don't be obnoxious. If you owe the DMV $31, pay them. Leave me alone. In fact, do one better and apologize. You can send my apology letter to the address below. A complimentary oil change would be nice too.

Manipulation of payments to incur lower credit rating and excessive late charges
By -

I leased a 2009 Ford Flex. Everything was fine and no late payments were made. In October 2009 I became totally disabled but still made my payments. In March of 2010 I called Ford Credit and asked for a three month payment deferral to be paid at the end of the lease. They informed me a two month extension was available but stated that to qualify for relief from April and may payments I would need to make a payment [go figure]. The cost of the extension would be an additional 221$, and they would put two payments on the end of the lease. Cost of two payments? 700$ cost of extension? 551$ They know how to get you when your down.

I eventually fell two payments behind and the phone calls became incessant. Very much not the Ford your father owned. Finally in 2011 I started to get back on my feet. I sent them 800$ to cover that years apr-may payment. A month later I sent them 1400$ to cover June-July payments plus 166$ late fees plus 221$ extension fee. What they did against my request was made payments through September leaving late fees to accrue and non-payment of extension to damage my credit with them.

Now if I want to lease from them again in six months OR buy out in six months my interest rate with either will be prohibitive. I just got off the phone with Ford Credit and after about 1 hour and two different, no three different agents, the first one hung up. I was dragged around in a circle with them telling me what I should have done and me telling them that was what I was trying to do and them telling me IF I had done what I was trying to do we wouldn't have a problem.

Keep in mind the reason they paid two payments forward was to protect me from missing payments that were not due yet. Sept.2011 my statement declared no payment was due and currently there were no charges on my account. Now today my Oct. statement arrived with the payment plus 166$ in late fees and 221$ in ext fees.

What Ford Credit will do is once they realize yo are a repeat lessor they will systematically manipulate your billing to damage your credit, incur late fees and have you believe it is your fault. Don't believe it. It's not you. At the end of my phone conversation I asked ** to stop talking about it, I had a solution. I would simply return my Ford Flex at term and not buy from Ford anymore. That won't be too difficult. By the way, my Lincoln was built in Mexico and most of my Flex was built in Canada.

Ford might owe you money...
By -

Ford was able to QUICKLY bury media reports of a court case that they lost in 2001. The court disposition was that Ford was to reimburse current AND FORMER Ford owners, whose whose cars had DOCUMENTED repairs related to this problem. It was an ignition module, that failed when hot, and left NO diagnostic clue in the car's computer. That in itself was a free ticket to the dealers to clean out your wallet. I had one of these vehicles - a 1995 Ford. I had ALL records for failed repairs, etc., etc., etc. Total losses to me were almost $3,000, DOCUMENTED.

Ford played dumb, and one day I heard about the court case closing, and they lost. By the time I got home, Ford already had the story off of the National Public Radio website, which carries stories for at least until the next day. I had to go to the radio station to get the press release. Ford still played dumb, all the way to corporate offices. "What court case?", they said? I took my business-vehicle Ford to the dealer, left it, told them about the failed part, and the court case. I went to the Chevy dealer and bought a new Chevy. A week later, I picked up my Ford. The next day, it broke down.

I wrote Ford Motor Credit, and said to come get my Ford - no more payments for you, with breach of contract. 3 months later, they came to get it, and entered a INVOLUNTARY repossession on my credit record. If they had had a case, it WOULD have been VOLUNTARY repo, but that didn't matter to them. They had no case anyway, since they had LOST the court case!!! And they went through my dad to find me, even tho' I told them where to get it. They shouldn't have done that, because I then told my dad why his Ford-equipped motor home shut down when hot.

Wall Street said this might bring Ford to its' end. It was supposed to really hurt them. Fortunately for them, the web was in its' infancy, and 'viral' stuff didn't happen like it does now. Supposedly, you were to get $186 if you had any records for this problem (I have LOTS more). I don't know if that applied only to CA residents tho'. Supposedly, law firms in 5 other stated are (were) assembling the same case against Ford, pending a federal case. Google 'TFI Settlement'. Do you have any receipts for service on Ford vehicles???

Defective Motors
By -

I owe two ford explorer's one is a 01' model and the other is a 05' model, both have the 4.0 motors. Not two long ago the belt on the 05' started to make some squalling noise. So being a little knowledgeable about car's. I bought a new serpentine belt & replaced it. The new belt did quiet it some but did not get rid of the noise. So the next step was to call a friend of mine that works for ford (In the service dept.)and ask him what he thought. He told me that the Harmonic Balancer pulley was defective. He began to explain that the center of the pulley is made of plastic and the outer ring is metal.

Over time the metal separates from the plastic and the serpentine belt would slip down on to the plastic part of the pulley and the metal ring slides back closer to the motor. So I asked sense this is a defective product ford would fix it at no cost to me. NO was the response. So my next question was how much is it going to cost. 550.00 dollars. So then I told him I would have to wait to get it fixed b/c I do not have that kind of money. He then told me not to drive it until it was fixed b/c they had a ford ranger with the same type of motor and that the pulley came off and went through the radiator,& it cost him over 1300.00 dollars to fix it.

So I paid, but not before I called ford to ask them about the problem with all of the 4.0 motor's they said it was the first that they had heard about the problem,& they were not responsible. So then I called six different dealership in the area and asked them if they have been fixing any problems like mine. Every one of them said that they were fixing at least two a week and that it was all of the 4.0L. That sound's like it should be a recall to me. What do you think. I hope this will help some people decide not to buy a FORD.

Window problems
By -

I purchased my ford brand new in 2006 along with an extended warranty which was a good thing. I have had several problems with it. The radio, handles on the doors peeling, glue under vinyl on door panels peeling up and last but not least 3 windows have had a regulator cable break and have to be replaced.

It starts with a popping sound and then the window starts creeping down and can not be raised unless you force it and brace it shut with some type of wedge. 2 of these windows happened while I still had extended warranty but still cost $100 to fix each time. The most recent one which I had repaired on 6-22-2010 I paid the full cost to repair. Which was $240.00. I am wondering if anyone else has had problems with this. Seems to me that it is a faulty part if 3 out of 4 needed to be replaced.

Ford Truck Junk
By -

I have a 2004 Ford F550 with 6.0 engine. We have spent more in repairs than the actual truck is worth. Injectors, fuel pump, pressure pump, carbon cleaning, decontaminating fuel tank and more. I have called the national highway admin. and federal trade commission to file complaints. National highway gave me a number to ford customer care. Called them and explained that our truck started blowing injectors at 50,000 miles (and still does), explained that I know ford sued Navistar (manufacturer of the 6.0) because of the defects in this engine in Michigan and now all Ford's customers are stuck with faulty engines and fuel tanks.

Ford told me because of the age of the truck there is nothing they would do for me. I have all the records from the date of purchase for this truck and like I said injectors started blowing under warranty and did not stop after warranty expired. I can't even count how many times was have had that truck in the shop. We are from Maryland and all us Maryland ford owners need to get together and start a lawsuit against Ford just like they are doing in West Virginia. Ford needs to be held accountable for this consumer rip off.

Ford 6.0 diesel fuel tank problem
By -

I have a 2004 ford f450 with the 6.0 power stroke diesel. In May of 2007 my truck shuts down in the middle of the road, bring it to ford and they tell me my fuel tank is delaminated and caused my injectors, fuel pump, high pressure seals to blow out. So therefore I had to replace the tank and all those parts. Warranty only cover half the bill which was $4000.

Fifteen months later the same thing happen again bring the truck to ford and they give me the same news " the additive in the diesel fuel is causing the lining of the tank to delaminate" they would not cover any cost of this repair. I had to shell out $3800. December 2009 the truck doesn't want to start, get it to ford and they tell me for the third time I have to replace the fuel tank, injectors, and pump I refused the repair and I am ready to move forward legally with this. I live on long island New York if any one is having the same problem e-mail me volvhog@yahoo. com

$60,000 Disappointment
By -

Ever since I can remember my Dad has had a Ford. Growing up it was always Mustangs, and Power strokes in my family.. As a matter of fact my first truck was a hand me down '97 Powerstroke, and I absolutely loved it. A few years ago my Dad started saving money to buy a new Ford truck. it took several years, but he finally saved up enough money to get the truck he wanted.

He bought a 2008 Ford F-450 for around 60K. Needless to say he was very happy that he had finally achieved his goal of buying the new truck of his dreams. That was fairly short lived when he found out that it gets about 10 miles to the gallon highway, and around 6 MPG while pulling a trailer.

Also, while pulling an empty trailer on a two hour highway drive a horrible sound started coming from the transmission housing area, then a over heating warning came up on the screen. When returning with a loaded trailer we went 50 MPH all the way hoe out of fear that the thing was about to blow up!!!! The next hit was the electrical problems.. At 25,000 miles one of the blinkers went out, then it started beeping every time you hit the brakes because "Trailer Brake Fault" when we weren't even pulling a trailer!!!

All of this has happened in the last two months with 27,000 miles on the truck it has become a weekly chore to take the truck to the local Ford shop, and try to get them to fix the problems. When I took the truck in for the Transmission noise the guy at the Ford shop told me "Oh, yeah these 450's have a lot of gear noise.. That's normal, when they get hot" and they did not fix anything!!! The 20 plus years that my Father has been loyal, and bragging about Ford have now come to an end because of the overall disappointment with the vehicle, and the service that Ford has provided.

2006 F550 Diesel. Fuel tanks DELAMINATING..A real safety issue.
By -

I have a 2006 F550 Diesel w/ 26K miles and 5 months out of warranty. Brought it to dealer and was told the fuel tank was delaminating from the diesel we were using. Needs new pump, fuel lines, injectors blown out and cleaned..$2500. We have been using the same 2 stations for 10 years and have 2 other, older Ford trucks and no problems. This truck is only 3 years old.

I called Ford and they said they knew of it happening on trucks and blame it on the fueling stations. (Like we all fuel up at the same place) But it was up to the dealer to credit or not credit the repair. Very rude people on the phone at complaint department. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told " This is as far as you will get on this call" Ford Motor Corp will do nothing. My dealer took off $800 for the $2500 repair, but it is not his fault. His dealership did not build the trucks. I was told that it has been happening so much that if he was to fix everyone at no charge he would be out of business. This is clearly a defect and safety issue and FORD will not acknowledge it.

I was driving at 40mph w/ a trailer when my truck bogged and died and would not start. There was no shoulder to pull over on. I had to get another truck to move trailer then to move truck. Traffic was backed up for a mile. It is a Safety issue and everyone needs to contact the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) http://www.nhtsa/. and call up to file a complaint the phone # is (888) 327-4236. These are the people who would make Ford recall the tanks due to a safety problem.

2004 Ford F550 Diesel "Fuel Tank Delaminated" 25k Miles
By -

Ford 550 Diesel ..I bought it new in 2004. It now has approx 26k miles. One day it just started running bad. I brought it to the dealer and was told that the fuel tank was delaminating causing the injectors, lines and pump to clog. The dealer wants $2500 to fix it and Ford will not take any responsibility in fixing it. I fuel up at the same 2 stations all the time. I have 2 other, older Ford trucks, no problems, its only this 2004, F550. I have seen online no less than 100 complaints about the same thing and Ford will do nothing.

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