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4.0 L Engine
By -

I own 2002 Ford Ranger Edge with 70,000 km. I was very dedicated to all the required oil changes and any other services the truck required. The truck was never driven hard and I must say it was driven more by my wife than myself. We recently drove out to the city to go shopping {about 100km}. We parked the truck and did our shopping. We then got back in the truck and I started it up and there was a bang and it stalled. I then tried it again and it was making such a racket. I turned it off.

To make a long story short I got it towed home to our Garage and found out the engine was blown. I phoned Ford of Canada and asked if there was any other complaints about the 4.0 L engine and they told me no. They basically told me that the warranty had run out and that there was nothing they could do for me. I find it very odd that there was no oil pressure problem, no oil light signal came on, no warning whatsoever of engine failure. It makes me think that something broke inside the engine and if I'm the first to complain about it then there must have been a default in this motor.

A motor should last a lot longer than 70,000 km. I do hope Ford will look into this problem a little further. I am willing to send them the motor if they don't believe me. I am 56 years old and have owned a lot of Fords. {In fact I have a 2004 f150 FX4 in my driveway.} This is going to cost me about 3 to 4 thousand dollars and feel that Ford of Canada is responsible, for if not all of the cost at least some of it. Thanks.

Ford and Their Warranties/quality
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I purchased a new Ford 500 when they first came out to use as my company sales car. I liked the size and seating comfort for the car to be used on the highway. Since the vehicle was a new model I purchased (for the first time) an extended warranty. However, the warranty is almost useless from Ford. They will not warrant normal use items. This I agree with, but Ford determines what is a normal use item. The driver side seat heater went out within the first year with minimal use.

Since I used this car on the freeway almost exclusively I had just over the mileage for the normal warranty. The passenger door trim was installed incorrectly and eventually bent back. I complained several times to the dealers that it was clicking and becoming a problem - again to no avail. The defroster works OK but the last place to clear is directly in front of the driver. And you cannot change the deflectors because of the design. The windshield washers design is extremely poor.

The hose is located close to the hood where it is the coldest. So the washer doesn't work well when the temperature is approaching freezing. The only way they work at those temperatures is by running either a little alcohol or pure non-freezing washer fluid. Good luck finding that when you're traveling. The dash material is already separating and bubbling. All this may seem minor but adding the fact that the rear brakes wear out before the front (something no mechanic has ever heard of before) tends one to believe that Ford's "Better Idea" is not so better after all.

I spoke with the consumer center for Ford Motor Co. and was basically brushed off as "Oh well". I now understand why Ford lost millions of dollars last year. They sell warranties and have no intent of honoring them and build a poor quality vehicle. I never buy foreign, but this fiasco has driven me to do so. My recommendation: DO NOT BUY FROM FORD AND ESPECIALLY AVOID THE 500! A small quote "Japan sells reliability, the Germans - performance, the Italians - style, the Americans - financing".

Window problems
By -

I purchased my ford brand new in 2006 along with an extended warranty which was a good thing. I have had several problems with it. The radio, handles on the doors peeling, glue under vinyl on door panels peeling up and last but not least 3 windows have had a regulator cable break and have to be replaced.

It starts with a popping sound and then the window starts creeping down and can not be raised unless you force it and brace it shut with some type of wedge. 2 of these windows happened while I still had extended warranty but still cost $100 to fix each time. The most recent one which I had repaired on 6-22-2010 I paid the full cost to repair. Which was $240.00. I am wondering if anyone else has had problems with this. Seems to me that it is a faulty part if 3 out of 4 needed to be replaced.

Ford Truck Junk
By -

I have a 2004 Ford F550 with 6.0 engine. We have spent more in repairs than the actual truck is worth. Injectors, fuel pump, pressure pump, carbon cleaning, decontaminating fuel tank and more. I have called the national highway admin. and federal trade commission to file complaints. National highway gave me a number to ford customer care. Called them and explained that our truck started blowing injectors at 50,000 miles (and still does), explained that I know ford sued Navistar (manufacturer of the 6.0) because of the defects in this engine in Michigan and now all Ford's customers are stuck with faulty engines and fuel tanks.

Ford told me because of the age of the truck there is nothing they would do for me. I have all the records from the date of purchase for this truck and like I said injectors started blowing under warranty and did not stop after warranty expired. I can't even count how many times was have had that truck in the shop. We are from Maryland and all us Maryland ford owners need to get together and start a lawsuit against Ford just like they are doing in West Virginia. Ford needs to be held accountable for this consumer rip off.

Ford 6.0 diesel fuel tank problem
By -

I have a 2004 ford f450 with the 6.0 power stroke diesel. In May of 2007 my truck shuts down in the middle of the road, bring it to ford and they tell me my fuel tank is delaminated and caused my injectors, fuel pump, high pressure seals to blow out. So therefore I had to replace the tank and all those parts. Warranty only cover half the bill which was $4000.

Fifteen months later the same thing happen again. Bring the truck to ford and they give me the same news. "The additive in the diesel fuel is causing the lining of the tank to delaminate." They would not cover any cost of this repair. I had to shell out $3800. December 2009 the truck doesn't want to start, get it to ford and they tell me for the third time I have to replace the fuel tank, injectors, and pump. I refused the repair and I am ready to move forward legally with this. I live on long island New York. If any one is having the same problem e-mail me **.

2004 Ford F550 Diesel "Fuel Tank Delaminated" 25k Miles
By -

Ford 550 Diesel. I bought it new in 2004. It now has approx 26k miles. One day it just started running bad. I brought it to the dealer and was told that the fuel tank was delaminating causing the injectors, lines and pump to clog. The dealer wants $2500 to fix it and Ford will not take any responsibility in fixing it. I fuel up at the same 2 stations all the time. I have 2 other, older Ford trucks, no problems, it's only this 2004 F550. I have seen online no less than 100 complaints about the same thing and Ford will do nothing.

Ford's Owner Notification Program Shell Game
By -

PINCONNING, MICHIGAN -- In 2001 my wife purchased a 1999 Ford Contour with only 17,000 miles at an authorized Ford dealership. During the time since we have owned the vehicle, we received NO information from Ford regarding problems with this particular model. Well, this summer the interior gremlins decided to become active! The dashboard warped to the point where it is almost touching the windshield, and the fan refused to blow at any speed beside "wind tunnel" high!

When we took it to a local repair garage, two mechanics there told us to take it to the Ford dealership since both problems had been recall items. So, off to the dealership we go, where a computer check on our vehicle gave us the wonderful news that no recalls or TSBs existed on our car. In fact, the dealership even told us that they wished that the dashboard warpage issue was a recall, since they knew of other 1998-1999 Contours with the same problem!!!

The conflicting information caused me to research the situation on the net from the "Contour Enthusiasts Group", "", and "BlueOvalNews". Numerous Contour owners described the EXACT same problems and mentioned their cars being repaired at the dealerships for free. I even got the specific numbers concerning the repair procedures and photos of the corrected dashboard. With this information in hand, I again went back to the dealership, only to be given the same response. Well, I decided to contact Ford headquarters directly, since we all hear so much about their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, right?

Well, I received the wonderful news that the repairs were done free of charge for a short time under what is called an "Owner Notification Program". This is a technical euphemistic loophole that allows manufacturers to not directly acknowledge defective parts while at the same time placing an arbitrary beginning and ending date upon how long they will be responsible for repairing their defective products! I was told that the notifications were no longer valid - even though I was NOT notified in the first place!!!!

So, after waiting two weeks for a decision on our problem, I was finally informed that Ford would GRACIOUSLY cover 30% of the cost on the dashboard repair since the car was no longer under warranty. This in spite of the fact that during the notification program there was NO cost and NO issue of miles or years in service required to receive the corrected parts and labor. I could understand this situation IF we had received notification and simply ignored it, but we received NO mailings about these two part defects. In fact, Ford changed the dashboard design on the Contour in 2000 because of the previous defective problem with warpage!

At least this situation helped me in another area. At the time I was debating between purchasing a new Mustang convertible or Chrysler Sebring convertible. After Ford's response, I can only say how much satisfaction I have from driving my Sebring! I also continue to inform fellow workers, friends, and family about Ford's treatment regarding this situation. I used to recommend Ford products regularly to them. Is this still the situation? I'll let you answer that rhetorical question for yourselves!

Problems Caused by Use of Spare Tire
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Rating: 3/51

MICHIGAN -- I have a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis. On 04/18/2013 I had a flat tire and had to put on the spare tire that Ford Motor Co. furnished with the car. It is a little smaller in diameter than the regular tires. When I got back on the road the car would only get 35 mph for about 7 miles then picked up and ran faster. The caution on the tire warns to not exceed 50 mph so I kept it around that.

As soon as I was back on the road the ABS light, the park brake light and the stability control light all came on. When I went to have it reset I was told that it had taken out the module that controls this. The cost to replace this is around $300.00. It is sorry of Ford Motor Co. to supply a spare tire that is going to cause this kind of trouble if you use it.

Brake Power Booster Failure
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I recently had to replace the brake power booster of on my 2010 Ford Fusion Se with 77,000 miles. Most of my driving is highway, so I am not doing a lot of stop and go. My mechanic who is a 21 year Ford mechanic said that the part should not have failed on such a new vehicle, and suggested that I contact Ford Motors. I have also spoken to several other mechanics and auto parts suppliers and the consensus is the same. I spoke with a representative at Ford and they refuse to address the issue. What should I do now. I am also having a problem with the fuel inlet light constantly going on and off. If causes the engine light to go on and off as well. I have done everything suggested. What next?

Drivers side mirror
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Rating: 2/51

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- The drivers side distance mirror is tilted too far left and does not show the left side of the car, the blind spot. This is a definite safety issue. Wile driving on a double land highway and wanting to change lanes to the left, I used the mirror first, saw nothing in either distance or close up mirror. And turned my head to left. Turning your head to the left only allows you to see. Part of the left rear window. While merging, it turns out that was a car on my left drivers side, which was unseen. This mirror is a definite safety hazard and needs to be replaced by Ford. The right passenger mirror works fine, the way it's supposed to function.

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