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Ford Leasees Beware
Posted by on
DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- I did a 3 year lease for a Ford Fusion for my wife. I turned in the car with 10,000 miles under the 36,000 a lotted. The car was well taken care of and garage kept. There was a scratch, probably from a parking lot, the inspector said I may get "dinged" on. My wife chose to lease a car other than a Ford. Apparently, that was a big mistake. 2 weeks after turn in, I received an invoice for nearly $1000! I immediately contacted Ford via E-mail and received a survey in return????? I sent another correspondence to customer service and am now receiving threatening letters. I have been purchasing Ford products for nearly 30 years. Ford has seen the last dollar from me.
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trmn8r on 06/27/2011:
I was on track until the scratch was found and you were warned you may be charged for it.

Is the $1000 for the scratch only? Have you spoken with anyone about the amount? What were you told?

When was it returned, when were you asked to pay? If this has been going on for a while, threats of collection wouldn't be a surprise.
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Sponsorship of American Idol with Lady GaGa obscenity
Posted by on
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 American Idol show...until the Grand Finale. This show is extremely popular among all age groups including little girls and boys ages 6 - 10. To allow the Lady GaGa performance on this widely watched show was disgusting for the youth of America. We want our youth to grow up in a healthy environment and act responsibly. Then we subject the tender young viewers to decadent behavior and expect them to somehow turn out all right.

SHAME on the FOX Network for allowing such a travesty of justice.

SHAME on the Ford Motor Co. for sponsoring such an event.

SHAME on the producers of the American Idol show.

AND, the grand LOSERS are our precious little ones.

Many in the international community think of America has a decadent society. The 2011 American Idol show proved their point.
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SteveWiginowski on 05/26/2011:
Was there something that she did that was offensive during her performance, or are you just against Lady Gaga being on the show because of who she is?
trmn8r on 05/26/2011:
The first one, Steve. She did something some consider obscene.

I was a bit surprised to see "Fat Bottomed Girls" being performed, when it seems a lot of young teenagers watch the show.
The Pauper of the Surf on 05/26/2011:
So what did she do that was offensive?
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
I didn't see it, but she is certainly known to be extreme. Didn't she appear as a guest at some point? I thought I read that she did, and her shoes had to be censored out. The heels were made of plastic penises.

I don't think she is a great role model for young children, but I am not surprised she would appear on the show...after all, its really about ratings.
SteveWiginowski on 05/26/2011:
I just watched something on youtube of one of her songs, was it something that happened when the guy came up on the platform with her?
DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
When I was watching it lastnight, it was an embarrassment even to me to sit there watching that performance with my Dad. He said there's going to be a lot of complaints about it and he said the producers should have shut the lights off and I agreed.

Surf, she was lying on the floor while some guy who was dancing with her got on top of her, dry humping her and she wrapped her leg around him. She might do that at her concerts but there was no way a person can consider that appropriate for the Idol audience.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
"We want our youth to grow up in a healthy environment and act responsibly."

I couldn't agree with you more. It is a hard job raising responsible children in a healthy environment. What I might call healthy and responsible, another parent may say is unhealthy and irresponsible.

That's why, I raise my daughter with the morals I choose to follow and I don't expect anyone else to accommodate me. If we are watching something on TV and it turns out that there is something "I" don't want her subjected to on it, we turn the channel or turn it off. My point is, you may not agree that Lady GaGa is acceptable to 6-10 year olds, but others do.

There's just no way for the entertainment world to accommodate everyone's individual beliefs and morals.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
I caught myself watching her 'Monster Ball' thing on HBO, homegirl puts on a decent show...
Churro on 05/26/2011:
I never got into American Idol because quite frankly I found it offensive the way that Engligh guy would tear into contestants for no other reason than to shame them for ratings. I can't imagine anything Lady Gaga did could top that bully spectacle. So I never watched AI because ya know if something offends me on TV I change the channel.

Good luck.
DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
Being that it's a live show, Ford would not have known about the act until it aired...which would have been too late. The producers, I'm sure knows the act because they would have rehersed it. Now whether or not that was something GaGa did on live TV without the producers knowing ahead of time is another story. Kind of like Janet Jackson's fake costume melfunction. The producers of the Superbowl claims they were unaware of that, yet it came out that Janet had it all planned.

It's all for shock reaction. Whether producers know or not when it's live, who really knows?
yoke on 05/26/2011:
Lady Gaga is on all the shows. She was just on Oprah.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
The producers may not care. Especially if her actions create a lot of extra buzz about the show. Like I said its all about the ratings.

Gaga can definitely put on an entertaining performance, but most of what she does seems to be for shock value. Like wearing the meat dress, crowd surfing with only a fishnet body suit and no bra, or wearing penis shoes. The AI producers should have expected something out of line.
PepperElf on 05/26/2011:
Is this what the OP is writing about?
ChuhBaca on 05/26/2011:
Yeah, I have to agree with debtorbasher. Ford would not have known and really, sponsoring American Idol is a great way for Ford to advertise.
GaGa is just out-Madonna-ing Madonna. She's smart. She does outrageous things to keep herself in the public eye, whether positive or negative. Any publicity is good publicity for her.
jktshff1 on 05/26/2011:
This is why parents are the boss...don't let the watch it. Simple
PepperElf on 05/26/2011:
Well I'm watching the video now... it looks like she's wearing some giant cape and a weird hat and then tosses off the cape to reveal ....

um, a bedazzled bikini? A rather chunky bikini too. I've seen smaller outfits on those summer beach shows.

Oh and then a man comes up and does a sexy dance with her for a few seconds, lies her down and touches her sides and she rolls over and then they both get back up.

Eh. maybe it's me but I've seen naughtier stuff on soap operas...
DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
JKT, the point is, American Idol is for the young audiance. They have 16 year old contestants performing on it, so it's going to be watched by the younger kids. When it's live, you can't turn the channel when you don't know what's coming up next. They've beeped out Steven Tyler throughtout the entire season....but what could they have done about the live performance.
jktshff1 on 05/26/2011:
Yea, I understand and that was for lack of a better word "provocative" and should not have been done.
Better to skip stuff with gaga when the kids are around.
Churro on 05/26/2011:
Basher, If you are offended by it then don't watch it. Jeeze how much simpler can it be.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
I agree with jc. It's up to the parent to briefly change the channel to get through the parts you don't think are suitable for your particular child. On the west coast, I don't think they showed the entire scene those on the east coast saw. They briefly cut away to a long shot.
PepperElf on 05/26/2011:
"It's up to the parent to briefly change the channel"


My younger nephew for example loves Glee, but he's too young for some parts of it. So sis "edits" what parts he can and cannot watch.

DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
Churro, there is a difference between being offended by a show and being offended by an 'act' on a show.
You don't stop eating at every McDonalds just because your hambuger was a little raw at one of them!

Besides, I said 'Embarrassed' not 'offended' Must I explain THAT difference to you too?
Churro on 05/26/2011:
Basher, you’re just mad because Fox Entertainment won't give you the same puritan control over their programming as you enjoy on my3cents. Just admit it that it makes you mad you can't delete Lady Gaga.
DebtorBasher on 05/26/2011:
I think Lady GaGa has a place in entertaining...but, not THAT act at THAT time on THAT show.
clutzycook on 05/26/2011:
Frankly, I can't stand American Idol. I pray for the day that show goes off the air.
azRider on 05/26/2011:
here is a novel idea. as a parent when you see something you don't want your kids to see. use the off button on the TV. maybe instead of blaming tv, fox, American idol, take responsibly to control what you don't want your kids or self to see and exercise your right to turn off the TV.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
I have not watched idol since season 5.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
Well said, azRider. That's exactly what I do. The only time I've ever had a related issue is when Discovery kept airing a certain anti smoking commercial during the day. It would come so fast that by the time you changed the channel, the kids already saw the gross part. We just stopped watching that particular Discovery channel. Problem solved.
jktshff1 on 05/26/2011:
all that being said, I can safely say I've never heard of of gaga's songs in its entirety.
Churro on 05/26/2011:
I'll ask it again. Why the bloody hell doesn't azRider have any stars yet? Come on now you star'ed people need to exercise your star power by voting up quality contributors like azRider.

Geeze don't force me to charm my way back into the star consortium because I will if you guys don't start doing the right thing by good users.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
I wish I could vote azRider's comment helpful. As well as a few others.
MRM on 05/26/2011:
I don't watch American Idol, period.
Churro on 05/26/2011:
That's what sucks Nicole29. When I had a voting star I made sure to vote up the quality members like you and azride to keep the star'red membership fresh. Now that I no longer have the vote the star'red clan is getting very stale.

Pay it forward people.. pay it forward.
madconsumer on 05/26/2011:
the best way to sensor what children watch, is to be active on their lives. adults can change the channel, as well as place a lock on certain channels or programs or ratings.

as far as lady gaga goes, she made her millions, and it appears some people LOVE what shew does!
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
Churro, stop changing your nic then. But if you have to, can I suggest Lord Rothschild II?
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
Good point, Mad C
trmn8r on 05/26/2011:
NICole, I voted that comment Helpful for you. Consider it to be by proxy.

I had never seen Lady Gaga until this year. I have to admit I kind of like her. She's fresh, different. She's a good entertainer too.
Anonymous on 05/26/2011:
Thank you Trmn8r. And I agree, she is a good entertainer. And a great singer, too. Lots of the newer singers can't sing live, I have noticed. I'm just not a fan of the shock value stuff.
trmn8r on 05/26/2011:
I agree - I'm not either. I guess it is a fine line between being innovative and provocative.
momsey on 05/26/2011:
I'm sick of Lady Gaga. She is such an "act." I respect that she's making a ton of money and a huge name for herself, but I'm just sick of it all. I don't think she's fresh and different, because she's just Madonna for this century.

As for this review, I don't think it's fair to blame Ford for her nonsense. They have been an American Idol sponsor forever (from the beginning?) and I'm sure it's served them well. It's the producers who decided to have her on, when she is so provocative and edgy. But, I have to agree with the others, the remote is your best friend. You don't like it, turn it off.
Fufu487 on 05/26/2011:
I really like Lady Gaga, shes unique. You can try and shelter your children from everything provocative, but it'll only last so long. I don't believe theres any shame to be had from the network or sponsors. She IS an American Idol. And what show were we watching? hmmmm
Gloria T on 05/26/2011:
I agree and I Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were not appropriate for the show either. Clean up the acts or you're going to lose a lot of viewers nex season.
Venice09 on 05/26/2011:
I have to admit that after seeing Lady Gaga on SNL, Letterman and the Idol finale, I am slowly becoming a fan. She is a marketing genius and can sing and perform, too! I'm all for it.

At first I thought her Idol performance was over the top, but then I realized I wouldn't have had a problem watching it with my daughter when she was a young teen. Kids are going to see this stuff (and worse!) one way or the other unless they are under lock and key, so why not watch it together?

I don't think it's fair to tell parents to just turn it off because it is American Idol, which prides itself on being a family show. Parents shouldn't have to worry about turning it off and should feel comfortable letting their children watch. I just wouldn't let them watch it alone because even though it's supposed to be a family show, there are plenty of other questionable things going on that may not be suitable for young children.
Ben There on 05/26/2011:
"Many in the international community think of America has a decadent society."

LOL... What International community's are those? The Vatican and Saudi Arabia? Most countries I travel to think Americans are a sexually prudish with a higher tolerance for violence.
Venice09 on 05/27/2011:
I just used Pepper's link to watch it again, and it didn't seem as bad the second time around.. haha. It was that one moment when the dancer got on top of her that should have been left out. Other than that, I really didn't see anything worse than a lot of other stuff on television. However, DB makes a good point about the element of embarrassment.

I wonder if the producers cleared the entire performance or if some of it was a surprise like with Adam Lambert on the American Music Awards. As far as I know, there was a 7-second delay during the season due to Steven Tyler, but I don't know if there was a delay during the finale.

Nicole, I watched the week she mentored, and I thought she was a big help to the contestants. I have no idea if the shoe thing is true. It wouldn't have to be censored because that would be hard to pick up on television anyway. Some of the contestants were a little shocked by her mannerisms, but I really think her advice helped them have great performances that week.
Alain on 05/27/2011:
I wonder what my Dad thought of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, etc. GaGa's not really doing anything new. Not my cup of tea, but bearable with the computers sound off.
Venice09 on 05/27/2011:
Alain, I was thinking he same thing. I remember Alice Cooper doing some pretty wild things on Don Kirshner's "In Concert" on Friday nights.
jktshff1 on 05/27/2011:
Same thing went on with "comments" from parents in the late 50's through the 60's
Anonymous on 05/27/2011:
The only thing that turns me off about Lady Gaga is that she tries TOO hard to be "over the top". Some artists are just naturally "out there", without even trying.
Venice09 on 05/27/2011:
Now that I think of it, my parents never stopped me from watching anything. I guess they had confidence in the way they raised me. While some parents were mortified by Elvis swinging his hips, the Rolling Stones singing "I can't get no girlie action" and The Doors saying, "Girl we couldn't get much higher" on Ed Sullivan, my parents didn't give it a second thought.
Venice09 on 05/27/2011:
Dirm, I think she does it because it's what her fans have come to expect. And she has a LOT of fans. She started out just trying to get attention, but now she has put herself in a position where it's hard to top herself without getting more and more outrageous. Maybe at some point she'll be able to just rely on her singing because she'll certainly have enough fans to support her. Hopefully, they are loyal fans.
PepperElf on 05/27/2011:
Thanks Venice.

Cos like I said... that sparkle bikini covers more flesh than what you see on most TV shows - or public beaches.

And personally I think it's actually tamer than Madonna's metallic cone dominatrix look.
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Unfair Lease Practice
Posted by on
Leaser beware. Ford has a stipulation in their lease agreements that will not allow you to return or trade your leased vehicle with anyone other than the originating dealership. This practice forces you to return to the dealership that leased you the car. If you try to trade that vehicle with any other dealership including another ford dealership and that dealership sends in the correct payoff it will NOT be accepted by Ford Motor Credit.

By the time you find out about the problem your payment due is now considered late and you are being dunned by Ford for lack of payment.

Thought you should know.
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Anonymous on 02/01/2011:
Is this a joke? Of course you have to return your vehicle from the dealership where you got the lease. I'm not sure about what missing a payment has to do with anything. You should read and understand any contract before you sign.
BofAmerica666 on 02/01/2011:
Thanks for the warning betterhonda. Typical deceptive business practice. Very helpful review.
momsey on 02/02/2011:
I think this should be an informative post rather than a complaint. All you need to do is read your contract to know the terms.

Throwback, you don't always have to return your lease to the dealership you got it from. I guess with Ford you do.
SteveWiginowski on 02/02/2011:
They should notify you of this when you are signing the lease. When my wife leased a car from a Mazda dealer (part of Ford), they informed her that if she returned the car to the dealership that she leased from, she would be charged an additional fee. If she returned the car to a different dealership, then there would be no issues.

If you are getting out of your lease early or are trading your car into a different type of dealership, such as Nissan or Toyota, then that dealership should know if they are able to accept it or not. When my wife was looking to buy a car, certain dealerships told us that they could not get the Madza from her because of the rules associates with Madza and leasing.
jktshff1 on 02/02/2011:
"By the time you find out about the problem" if you read the contract you will know all the terms and conditions beforehand.
danny54 on 02/02/2011:
I guess I'm really in trouble then. I leased a Saturn 3 years ago, and we all know where Saturn is today. :-(
Augustus2099 on 03/07/2011:
Never lease a car my god that way you can trade it off anywhere you want in three years time. It still going to depreciate badly either way so why in the world would you lease My parents learned their lesson years ago.
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Defective Motors
Posted by on
I owe two ford explorer's one is a 01' model and the other is a 05' model, both have the 4.0 motors. Not two long ago the belt on the 05' started to make some squalling noise. So being a little knowledgeable about car's. I bought a new serpentine belt & replaced it. The new belt did quiet it some but did not get rid of the noise. So the next step was to call a friend of mine that works for ford (In the service dept.)and ask him what he thought. He told me that the Harmonic Balancer pulley was defective. He began to explain that the center of the pulley is made of plastic and the outer ring is metal. Over time the metal separates from the plastic and the serpentine belt would slip down on to the plastic part of the pulley and the metal ring slides back closer to the motor. So I asked sense this is a defective product ford would fix it at no cost to me. NO was the response. So my next question was how much is it going to cost. 550.00 dollars. So then I told him I would have to wait to get it fixed b/c I do not have that kind of money. He then told me not to drive it until it was fixed b/c they had a ford ranger with the same type of motor and that the pulley came off and went through the radiator,& it cost him over 1300.00 dollars to fix it. So I paid, but not before I called ford to ask them about the problem with all of the 4.0 motor's they said it was the first that they had heard about the problem,& they were not responsible. So then I called six different dealership in the area and asked them if they have been fixing any problems like mine. Every one of them said that they were fixing at least two a week and that it was all of the 4.0L. That sound's like it should be a recall to me. What do you think. I hope this will help some people decide not to buy a FORD.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 06/27/2010:
I'm actually pretty impressed by Fords lately. Although, any product can have a potential problem.

I know how frustrating it can be to have a problem like this you're not expecting. Unfortunately, if it's not under warranty, the cost is something the consumer has to accept.
brdbrad on 06/28/2010:
I except any cost, that are not covered under the warranty. The problem is that there are a number of vehicles that have this same pulley on the motor. They all are defective, and ford is profiting from a defective part. Would you want the part of your motor that makes it all work be made of plastic. When 99% of these pulley's on all other vehicles are made of metal. It's a defect, and my 01' explorer pulley is made of metal and has twice the miles as the 05'. Knock on wood it run's perfectly.I will always like ford for the simple fact that I love Mustangs. I'm not trying to stop people from buying fords. I just want ford to acknowledge the defect, and fix them w/o charging the consumer. I'm not the only one this has happened to.
STUCK IN OHIO on 08/09/2011:
Same thing as above. '05 Explorer that I drove from DC to Oh and suddenly started making this unGodly sound. First I was told it was my belt and that it would be okay BUT - I didn't want to risk it on the drive back so I asked them to replace the belt. When they called back they said all the same as above. "plastic,dangerous etc..." $ 628.00 later my kids and I will drive home in a safer vehicle but when the manufacturer knows it's a problem WHY DO THEY LET IT STAY ON THE ROAD??? I am furious!
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Window problems
Posted by on
I purchased my ford brand new in 2006 along with an extended warranty which was a good thing. I have had several problems with it. The radio, handles on the doors peeling, glue under vinyl on door panels peeling up and last but not least 3 windows have had a regulator cable break and have to be replaced. It starts with a popping sound and then the window starts creeping down and can not be raised unless you force it and brace it shut with some type of wedge. 2 of these windows happened while I still had extended warranty but still cost $100 to fix each time. The most recent one which I had repaired on 6-22-2010 I paid the full cost to repair. Which was $240.00. I am wondering if anyone else has had problems with this. Seems to me that it is a faulty part if 3 out of 4 needed to be replaced.
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cgarner on 09/23/2010:
I also have a 2006 Fusion. One of the cables broke in the front passenger side window. We replaced it ourselves and did notice when we got the new part in that it had been made differently and was much stronger in the area the first one broke. At least Ford did improve on a bad part. Was very impressed with the metal plate inside the door. Never had a vehicle with one before.
John_Smith on 07/10/2013:
Don't know what's wrong with my window yet. But if I bring it all the way down it won't go back up without one person pulling on it and the other person tapping the up button. Also the sun roof doesn't close in the right spot. (also an owner of a 2006 fusion)
KAREN WAMSLEY on 07/12/2013:
Renald on 07/28/2013:
The window does not go back up, the problem is at the bottom of the front track. I removed rust on the inside of the track, the unfortunate part is that you will have to take the entire door apart and you can get access from the speaker hole
Matt on 08/08/2013:
3 out of the 4 windows in my 06 fusion have broken cables!!!! They all happened to go out within a year of each other.
Jeff on 10/06/2013:
I just had my 2nd window cable bust on me, first happened appx 2 months ago, both on the drivers side. Has anyone replaced their own? Any tips/suggestions in the process?
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Ford Truck Junk
Posted by on
I have a 2004 Ford F550 with 6.0 engine. We have spent more in repairs than the actual truck is worth. Injectors, fuel pump, pressure pump, carbon cleaning, decontaminating fuel tank and more. I have called the national highway admin. and federal trade commission to file complaints. National highway gave me a number to ford customer care. Called them and explained that our truck started blowing injectors at 50,000 miles (and still does), explained that I know ford sued Navistar (manufacturer of the 6.0) because of the defects in this engine in Michigan and now all Ford's customers are stuck with faulty engines and fuel tanks. Ford told me because of the age of the truck there is nothing they would do for me. I have all the records from the date of purchase for this truck and like I said injectors started blowing under warranty and did not stop after warranty expired. I can't even count how many times was have had that truck in the shop.

We are from Maryland and all us Maryland ford owners need to get together and start a lawsuit against Ford just like they are doing in West Virginia. Ford needs to be held accountable for this consumer rip off.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Unfortunately you are asking them to do something about it now that it is out of warranty. Get a Toyota next time.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
get a toyota next time. lmao. good one.

yipps, if you know ford sued navistar over engine defects, it might be worth your time to consult with an expert on the matter. if that lawsuit covered the year your ford was made, then it makes no difference that you have a 2004, ford would need to act. course that's my assumption.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Get a Toyota -- LMAO. Good one.
redmx3racer on 03/04/2010:
Toyota-HAHA! Funny!

Not to mention-Toyota does not make a diesel heavy duty truck.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Oops sorry! I thought I had seen F150....
Yipps on 03/08/2010:
KingJames, right now I am looking for ford truck owners equipped with a 6.0 engine to start a lawsuit in Maryland. The trucks were made over a couple years and range from I believe F250 to F550. I would have to double check that. The lawfirm in WV presently handling a case against ford said if we could round up enuf people in Maryland they will represent us.
bneuls on 08/10/2010:
Yipps...this is exactly what my father in law is going through with his 2004 F550. Wish I lived in Maryland. Maybe I will have to try the same thing here in New Jersey. Called Ford again today and all could say was "take it to a different dealership"!
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Ford 6.0 diesel fuel tank problem
Posted by on
I have a 2004 ford f450 with the 6.0 power stroke diesel. In May of 2007 my truck shuts down in the middle of the road, bring it to ford and they tell me my fuel tank is delaminated and caused my injectors, fuel pump, high pressure seals to blow out. So therefore I had to replace the tank and all those parts. Warranty only cover half the bill which was $4000. Fifteen months later the same thing happen again bring the truck to ford and they give me the same news " the additive in the diesel fuel is causing the lining of the tank to delaminate" they would not cover any cost of this repair. I had to shell out $3800. December 2009 the truck doesn't want to start, get it to ford and they tell me for the third time I have to replace the fuel tank, injectors, and pump. I refused the repair and I am ready to move forward legally with this. I live on long island New York if any one is having the same problem e-mail me volvhog@yahoo. com
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/29/2010:
You might try to find an independent diesel repair shop. I have seen quite a few posts on some of the Ford Powerstroke boards and while this is a common problem, it's not common to have the pump and injectors go out at the same time - that is what the fuel filters are for.

Most guys seem to be able to replace the tank and fuel filers for less than $1000 and get rolling again. Also, there are some tank recoating products out there that seem to work OK.

It appears biodiesel is the culprit, it's a powerful solvent and depending on where you are buying your fuel, you might be getting 10% or more biodiesel mixed in with your "normal" diesel fuel.
goduke on 01/29/2010:
I'd be getting me a different truck.
dirtguy on 11/01/2010:
Ford Truck owners. This is a Very, very widespread problem, with mainly LCF, Ford 450 and F450 and F550 Super Duty Trucks. Please file a complaint with the NHTSA at
There are dozens and dozens and dozens of complaints on their site now, and we need to add thousands and force Ford to recall the trucks that have defective tanks. Our company is also filing a complaint with the WA State attorney generals office, asking them to do the same and suggest you do as well. This is NOT from bio diesel, bad fuel, bad luck, someone putting something in your tank. It is a DEFECT and it should be repaired, BY Ford AT Ford's expense, not yours!
trmn8r on 11/01/2010:
Huge_Jorgen -> While it is true the solvent properties of each differ, according to one source: "Biodiesel has different solvent properties than petrodiesel, and will degrade natural rubber gaskets and hoses in vehicles (mostly vehicles manufactured before 1992), although these tend to wear out naturally and most likely will have already been replaced with FKM, which is nonreactive to biodiesel."

This would lead me to guess that late model vehicles wouldn't have a problem with low percentage blends of biodiesel. There should be standards such as B5, B10 that would be acceptable, like E10 seems to be acceptable for gas engines. But it is just a guess.
pl on 04/29/2013:
There is a class action suit started in New Jersey, I do no t know if it has a now taken in NY. I am in CA.
2003 E350 7.3L
at 137000 new fuel pump, tank boiled
at 149000 new tank, new fuel pump, ordered in-line filter system
Clay on 10/10/2013:
Same problems 2nd tank and injectors again. To many problems to list
Richlind on 11/22/2013:
This will be the third tank and injectors for my 06 f550. Ford should pay the fees not me. Why would they use defective parts again and again.
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$60,000 Disappointment
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Ever since I can remember my Dad has had a Ford. Growing up it was always Mustangs, and Power strokes in my family.. As a matter of fact my first truck was a hand me down '97 Powerstroke, and I absolutely loved it. A few years ago my Dad started saving money to buy a new Ford truck. it took several years, but he finally saved up enough money to get the truck he wanted. He bought a 2008 Ford F-450 for around 60K. Needless to say he was very happy that he had finally achieved his goal of buying the new truck of his dreams. That was fairly short lived when he found out that it gets about 10 miles to the gallon highway, and around 6 MPG while pulling a trailer. Also, while pulling an empty trailer on a two hour highway drive a horrible sound started coming from the transmission housing area, then a over heating warning came up on the screen. When returning with a loaded trailer we went 50 MPH all the way hoe out of fear that the thing was about to blow up!!!! The next hit was the electrical problems.. At 25,000 miles one of the blinkers went out, then it started beeping every time you hit the brakes because "Trailer Brake Fault" when we weren't even pulling a trailer!!! All of this has happened in the last two months with 27,000 miles on the truck it has become a weekly chore to take the truck to the local Ford shop, and try to get them to fix the problems. When I took the truck in for the Transmission noise the guy at the Ford shop told me "Oh, yeah these 450's have a lot of gear noise.. That's normal, when they get hot" and they did not fix anything!!! The 20 plus years that my Father has been loyal, and bragging about Ford have now come to an end because of the overall disappointment with the vehicle, and the service that Ford has provided.
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goduke on 12/16/2009:
Yup. That's Ford.

As for the mpg, I'm not sure you could reasonably expect more given the size of the engine. You can only make a big truck so efficient.

Not surprised at the other issues. I've seen similar on my own Ford. My dad was a ford guy while he was alive. Taught me to be a ford guy. Ford has taught me not to be a ford guy.
JR in Orlando on 12/16/2009:
FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily
ChuhBaca on 12/16/2009:
I'm sorry that is happening. Ford should truly address these issues, and it sounds like you got the lemon of the bunch. These types of customer care problems happen with all manufacturers.

That being said: In response to GoDuke. I am not a Ford guy, or a Chevy guy or any guy. I'm a guy. I don't have this obscene loyalty to one car company because they are not loyal to me. I have a Ford truck now because they built the truck I needed, at the time I needed it, for the price I was willing to pay. I traded in my Dakota because I outgrew it and there were too many problems. Upon researching hard evidence, I found from unbiased sources, that these problems were common. As a result, I avoided Dodge.

That is how to decide if the line or manufacturer is worse than the others, not "my Daddy owned Fords, and his Daddy owned Fords, then I owned a Ford and it broke so I got a Chevy and it hasn't given me any problems, in fact it cleans my garage and does my taxes for me."
Mrs. V on 12/16/2009:
FORD = Found On Road Dead
Ytropious on 12/16/2009:
Fords are crap. My mom has a 98 Taurus with 48,000 miles on it, she's the original owner too. She gets it rustproofed and yet it's still starting to rust! Also the electrical has been giving her problems, and we found it dead in the driveway 2 weeks ago. She never told me what the problem was, but it wasn't the battery. For a car with that few miles on it, there's no excuse for that. My car just hit 159,000 miles and it's a Honda. Very few mechanical issues and no rust. Oh and did I mention it's 16 years old?
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
That was fairly short lived when he found out that it gets about 10 miles to the gallon highway, and around 6 MPG while pulling a trailer. Its an F-450. Its probably got a V10 or a turbo deisel in it. If you can spend 60K for a monster truck, then you can afford to pay for the gas. As far as Ford goes, I had a 97 Ford Taurus SHO and had about 197,000 on it before the trans went...It all depends on how well you take care of it.
ChuhBaca on 12/16/2009:
OK I'll play; Honda's are crap! This guy had to replace 2 transmissions before 80k on his Honda!
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
Actually, what size truck vs what size trailer? I have seen people try to pull a dang horse trailer on a Ranger. With the animals in it. I want to ask them how much it cost to fix the truck after.

As for MPG, well, honey, you can't complain about that. There is only so much they can do with a big engine. You want mileage, go smaller. Your dad would know that already. Or should.
goduke on 12/16/2009:
OK, chuyee....I'll expand on it a bit.

My dad was a mechanic. He worked on cars, and knew them inside and out. He believed in and bought Fords because he knew what the hell he was talking about. I relied on Fords most of my adult life because I trusted my Dad's judgment, and I don't think that's particularly unreasonable, given the fact that he would be considered by many to be an expert in the field and I am by no means an expert mechanic or an expert in cars.

Ford, on the other hand, has proven that their recent lines of cars are a bit unreliable and, when faced with a service issue, really don't respond well or recover well.
goduke on 12/16/2009:
Tennboy, I used to think that it was all about the maintenance and care until the Ford dropped a transmission at 34K miles. No one in the Ford organization could tell me what happened to make it go out, even though they kept it for 10 days and had it torn up six ways to Sunday. Had maintenance done every 3K - 4K miles. Normal driving. That kind of performance and lack of care by a company will destroy any kind of brand loyalty. And yes, ChuhBaca, I believe in brand loyalty.
ChuhBaca on 12/16/2009:
I'm not excusing Ford. My point is, that most car buyers that will make such a general statement about any manufacturer is doing it based on generalizations and/or blind loyalty to another manufacturer. No manufacturer is immune to this. There are always those that claim one is junk and the other is gold.

The bottom line is, cars in general have become more reliable over the years. This is based on hard data of problems/complaints per set number of vehicles. Everyone puts out some lemons. The real issue is, how does the company respond to these? I have never heard one instance where ANY of the auto makers have resolved these issues quickly, and to the customer's satisfaction. I've heard of difficulty from Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Chevy....

Why should they, when they have a whole population of people who wouldn't think of buying other brands, or would never buy a vehicle produced by one specific competitor? It doesn't matter to them because we will buy a new car every couple of years whether we need it or not and there's plenty of us to go around. Stop buying new cars and cite the reasons as poor post-purchase support. But I guess instead of letting that message get through to their pockets, they'll just get more bailout money.
Ytropious on 12/16/2009:
"It doesn't matter to them because we will buy a new car every couple of years whether we need it or not and there's plenty of us to go around." I've never bought a new car in my life, and I never intend to.
PepperElf on 12/16/2009:
dang. and here I plan on keeping my car until it dies.. and I'm expecting it to live at least 5 years
I bought it used (an 01) but it's rated to live to at least 200k ... so it's got at least 130K left on it (if not more)
ChuhBaca on 12/17/2009:
This is a consumer forum. I would expect this group to be a little smarter. We have 2 cars that we bought used. We've had one for 6 years, one for 5. I have no intention of trading them in anytime soon. But the fact is, most people trade in their cars before they're done paying for the one they're driving.

I drive a Ford, but they're the biggest offender in the truck market. The F150 is getting killed on the spec sheets, but they've got a built in buyer who wouldn't think of looking at anything else.
goduke on 12/17/2009:
I don't think that just because someone enjoys driving a new car means that they aren't smart. It means that they enjoy driving a new car.
CaptainSpaulding on 06/17/2010:
Here's a real lame one: F*ckin' Old Rusted Dodge
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2006 F550 Diesel. Fuel tanks DELAMINATING..A real safety issue.
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I have a 2006 F550 Diesel w/ 26K miles and 5 months out of warranty. Brought it to dealer and was told the fuel tank was delaminating from the diesel we were using. Needs new pump, fuel lines, injectors blown out and cleaned..$2500. We have been using the same 2 stations for 10 years and have 2 other, older Ford trucks and no problems. This truck is only 3 years old.

I called Ford and they said they knew of it happening on trucks and blame it on the fueling stations. ( Like we all fuel up at the same place) But it was up to the dealer to credit or not credit the repair. Very rude people on the phone at complaint department. When I aske d to speak to a supervisor I was told " This is as far as you will get on this call" Ford Motor Corp will do nothing

My dealer took off $800 for the $2500 repair, but it is not his fault. His dealership did not build the trucks. I was told that it has been happening so much that if he was to fix everyone at no charge he would be out of business.

This is clearly a defect and safety issue and FORD will not acknowledge it.

I was driving at 40mph w/ a trailer when my truck bogged and died and would not start. There was no shoulder to pull over on. I had to get another truck to move trailer then to move truck. Traffic was backed up for a mile. It is a Safety issue and everyone needs to contact the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) http://www.nhtsa/. and call up to file a complaint the phone # is (888) 327-4236

These are the people who would make Ford recall the tanks due to a safety problem.
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Anonymous on 09/22/2009:
Ford service bulletin 07312.
You can find details on the bulletin by searching using the number above.
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2004 Ford F550 Diesel "Fuel Tank Delaminated" 25k Miles
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Ford 550 Diesel ..I bought it new in 2004. It now has approx 26k miles. One day it just started running bad. I brought it to the dealer and was told that the fuel tank was delaminating causing the injectors, lines and pump to clog.

The dealer wants $2500 to fix it and Ford will not take any responsibility in fixing it. I fuel up at the same 2 stations all the time. I have 2 other, older Ford trucks, no problems, its only this 2004, F550.

I have seen online no less than 100 complaints about the same thing and Ford will do nothing.

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MaggieMcT on 09/18/2009:
Have you checked your warranty? Never take the dealer's word for it when they say something's not under warranty.
madconsumer on 09/18/2009:
if you drive an average of 5,000+ miles a year, the water in petrol will rust a gas tank.

unless you paid for bumber to bumber ettended warranty, ford will not do a thing.
howian1 on 10/26/2009:
There are a few issues. First, is the car is still under the warranty. The question is whether Ford's refusal to cover the vehicle under warranty is correct. The manufacturer does not get to determine what it will cover, but is obligated under the terms of its warranty. If they wrongfully fail to cover, you can evaluate filing a claim in small claims court or hiring a lawyer.

Additionally, you might have a claim for breach of implied warranty. If the vehicle is defective or not reasonably fit, there may be a breach of implied warranty claim.

Law Office of Howard Gutman
230 Route 206,
Flanders, NJ 07836
(973) 598-1980
nick9468 on 03/24/2011:
I had that happen to my 2005 F550, It was fixed by Ford. There is a federal fuel law which held them responsibe. They origanlly said they can't be responsible for the fuel and the condition for the use of the truck. A Ford dealer in eastern Long Island found the loophole for me.
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