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Ford Credit - Harassment and Fraudulent Practices
By -

WASHINGTON -- In 4 years with FMC, I've been late one other time on my car payment. This was due to unemployment. I made payment arrangements with Ford Credit to make up for, never more than, 30 days past due. I have 46 payments listed on my record as "on time".

This 2nd time has been a complete disaster. After making payment arrangements in May, 2004 to make 1.5 car payments in May and in June to bring my account current, I made my first payment without trouble. FMC started calling my house 3 times a day even though I had made these payment arrangements. I continued to express the arrangements made with FMC and that they had already received the 1st payment which brought me 15 days late, the Care Reps showed no record of such payment arrangements being made, but did note the large payment received and continued to threaten me about being behind and how my vehicle could be repossessed.

On June 25th, 2004 I attempted to login to "ebill" online payment application to make remainder of behind payment and current payment. This would bring me current. "ebill" app had gone through an "upgrade" which required me to re-register. I tried to re-register but was unable to. I called FMC immediately to get tech support and was rudely told by Care Rep that I was "locked out until I brought my account current." (Um, hello? I was trying to make the payment!)

When trying to explain that I was attempting to make the payment, I was badgered by the care rep and that my request to be reinstated in ebill was "rejected". After asking to speak with his manager, I was cast into hold where I waited for over 25 minutes without my call being answered. I eventually hung up, tried calling again to speak to a manager and after refusing to talk to the care rep instead of a manager, I was cast onto eternal hold again.

On July 1st, I attempted to make this same payment again over the phone pay system. I successfully re-enrolled (another upgrade that deleted my previous account information) in that system as well and made my payment. I received a confirmation number for my payment and assumed all was well. FMC called on July 10th stating that payment had not been made, that I had purposely gave them a bad account number, (which it wasn't because I've had the same checking account for 10 years, I know my account number by heart) and that I was now locked out of all systems ( except Western Union) and my truck was scheduled for repossession in August.

Again, I expressed that I have done everything asked of me by FMC and that the only reason why they haven't received payment is because of FMC deleting 2 existing accounts (phone and ebill) which is causing this entire mix up. That I do not deserve to be threatened with repossession nor do I deserve the continued phone harassment and hits against my credit record because of these technological mistakes during upgrades.

I asked again to speak with a manager and again, I sat on eternal hold for 25 minutes before I hung up. By now, I had learned the routine. My wife, seeing that I was extremely upset, attempted to call on my behalf and defuse the situation. She was also harassed and slandered and is demanding I trade in the vehicle to pay off FMC immediately.

FMC is demanding I pay all delinquent late fees, accept the hit on my credit record for their inability to accurately record good faith attempts to make payment arrangements, fix faulty customer billing application upgrades and pay a 25% per day fee for every day I continue to be late since May. To add insult to injury I must now pay an additional $10 transaction fee when wiring my (even later) truck payment just so they can authorize me to use phone pay and ebill applications.Oh, and I can't just mail them my payment either. They won't accept my check or a money order by mail.

I'm not kidding, this is really how Ford Motor Credit treats their customers. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB regarding this whole mess but you know FMC will weasel out of it and I'll still have to pay these outrageous fees that never would have accrued if I was allowed to make my payment on June 25th like I originally attempted to do. I suppose I didn't have to file this, and many other negative remarks against FMC but something about calling me "fraudulent" and slandering my character set me off. It's not good to piss off a Systems Administrator! If you buy a Ford product, make sure you're financed through anyone BUT Ford Motor Credit; you'll be glad you did.


HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- We purchased a used 1998 FORD WINDSTAR with 27.5 K mi. from ALL-AMERICAN FORD of Hackensack, N.J. on 05/20/1999 during an 'ad mail' sales/trade-in promotion.
When we were completing the invoice interview, my wife and I clearly told the finance officer that we wanted the most complete extended service plan available to us for that vehicle, and were given a color brochure which supposedly represented that plan. Paperwork followed in the mail which showed a different name for the plan (Ford ESP BaseCARE) but all the items listed matched word for word what was on the brochure, so we believed we had the extent of coverage we wanted at the time of sale.
Not long after , we found the radio was not working properly and also the rear wiper motor , so we brought the vehicle in for warranty repair and it was fixed(fortunately that time !) Then we returned a little over a year later with problems with the engine surging and the air conditioning not responding and asked that those be fixed and that full routine maintenance be performed on the auto as we were planning to relocate in the near future. The service center had our vehicle for a period of almost four days (over a weekend) and when returned , the vehicle surged so badly the next day during my return home from work on a major highway (RT. 46 East , West Paterson, NJ) that I nearly got into a collision with another vehicle. The a/c also was still dysfunctioning and blowing cold then warm air continuously. I brought the vehicle back to ALL AMERICAN and they asserted arrogantly that it was repaired properly and that I required more service. They kept the vehicle overnight, and claimed that the service was not under warranty, and that they had to update
the powertrain computer. I was taken aback ... they also claimed to have fixed the a/c problem, but two weeks later same old story ...I then took the auto to another dealer PISTILLI FORD of Paramus, NJ where they fixed it once and for all and said that ALL AMERICAN should have done the job right the first time in the shop. I immediately put all repair charges from ALL-AMERICAN FORD
on my American Express platinum account into dispute. I also decided on a hunch to have the coolant , trans , and 4 wheel alignment re-inspected by a very reliable STRAUSS AUTO CENTER near my home in LODI , NJ. Their mechanics permitted me to stay with the auto while re-work was being done ; during the flush of the coolant system, the coolant removed was dirty and looked like it had never been changed ! The transmission fluid flushed looked the same : old and brownish, not the fresh cherry red syrup color of fresh fluid ! The alignment was out of specs enough to establish that the job may not have ever been done at all... and need I say more ? Yes. We then relocated to Pennsylvania and found ourselves in need of service on the WINDSTAR again .. the power locks on both front doors were not functioning right , the turn signals would not work unless the tilt steering column was jacked up to its highest 'uncomfortable' (school bus) position and even then they emitted a buzzing electrical short sound complete with a bit of smoke ! The wiper washer
in front would not work at all, neither the wiper delay.. Plus, there was a knocking sound coming from beneath the front when we were doing slow parking maneuvers and turns. So there we were again. We brought the car to RAY PRICE STROUD FORD in Stroudsburg for inspection and service on Monday 06-11-01 and were told that afternoon that we needed both struts replaced , the multi-function switch replaced and the door actuators replaced , plus welding of a crack in the sub-frame of the auto and that NOTHING WAS COVERED UNDER WARRANTY according to their parts data base for our extended service plan , but were covered under two other plans available to FORD owners. It was then we realized that we were not given the plan we ordered at the time of sale but we also decided to call their (800) # and speak with a Customer Service rep . She agreed that we should have been told about all plans available , and that we likely had been undersold the 'cut-rate' plan. I got her and the service advisor from RAY PRICE STROUD FORD to agree that the struts were in fact a covered item and they did that replacement under warranty. They denied warranty coverage for replacement parts for the turn signal/wiper delay problems and for the door lock problems. I tried to seek restitution through FORD's executive offices but the administrative assistants would not offer us any
remuneration or refund.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

We are seeking compensation in the amount of $1700.00 which covers work that should have been under the proper warranty and services from ALL-AMERICAN which were never done and had to be re-done. We feel that ALL AMERICAN FORD-
520 RIVER ST.,Hackensack N.J. is chiefly responsible for this gross neglect in

1)failing to give us the plan we asked for
2)failing to adhere to professional service ethics by not doing the work we paid them for
3)by not giving us the plan we needed , putting us in a bind to receive future repairs needed for the vehicle under warranty

If there is to be a resolve, it should be full monetary compensation in the amount of $ 1700.00, plus(if possible)an upgrade to the desired extended service plan we asked for initially , and any cost differences for that upgrade to be covered in full by ALL-AMERICAN FORD of HACKENSACK, NJ

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

Power Steering Issues
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Have a 2011 Ford Focus with EPS steering. It goes out and steering the car is almost impossible. Dealer and Ford say no issues but I read everywhere online of problems with EPS.

2012 Ford Fiesta S Falling Apart
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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I purchased this car new, and within 4000 miles the clutch needed to be fixed. Had to take it into the dealer twice for them to really look at it. Then at 30000 miles the axle is leaking fluid really bad. And of course Ford Service can't get me in until next week, and states "it should be fine to drive it like that." Never buy a Ford, go with Honda or Toyota and spend less time at Ford Service Centers.

Station Wagon Theft
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SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- Lately Ford Motors has featured a comic style commercial featuring some poor soul trying to get into the back of a station wagon with an armload of packages. His problem is finally solved by pressing a foot pedal at the rear of the vehicle to open the car and insert the packages. My question is "Doesn't this allow any thief from doing the same thing and making off with the vehicle"? It doesn't seem too safe to me.

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MARYLAND -- I had my truck fixed then received a recall on the problem I had fixed. Now they will not refund any of my money.

Are we the customer that stupid
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SOUTH CAROLINA -- I used to think Dodge Charger ads were the worst I have ever seen. Ford now has an ad that beats them for sheer stupidity. The ad where a group of so-called reporters converge on a new Ford owner. How stupid do you think the public is that this ad would convince a customer to buy a Ford. It is so phoney and stupid that I now switch cannels every time it comes on. If Ford is that stupid, I certainly won't be buying Ford.

Misleading Advertising
By -

PLYMOUTH, INDIANA -- After seeing Mike Rowe promote Ford selling tires and going to website for rebate form, I decided to get 4 Continental 215/50 R17 tires on my Honda Accord from local dealer. Dealer beat tire price from Discount Tire, but when I asked for rebate form, I was informed that the tire didn't qualify, because it hadn't come from Ford. I was then informed it was a good thing because the tire would have been $60/tire more expensive.

Now how can they match prices and give a rebate on a higher priced tire and then turn around and say we bought a tire from a different source so it doesn't qualify. How was I to know that I needed to demand that the tires be ordered through Ford. The way I figure it is that through deceptive advertising they just screwed me out of $100.

Trying to Make Payments for My Uncle
By -

We were trying to help our uncle pay his car payment. He is behind 5 months. He's been in and out of the hospital and in and out of the therapy place for 5 months. We are in charge to pay his bills. We called the people at Ford Motor credit and we got a hold of the person in charge of the account and her name is Joan. We had the money to pay the car off in full and she put up an argument and she won't let us pay it. These people that act like that should be fired from their job because they are very inconsiderate and they don't care about anything and our uncle does not have access to a phone to call out to them. And she does not seem to care.

Ford motor company wants money but when the family member has the money to pay it they won't give you the payoff amount. They should just let you pay it off and get it over with. Get rid of these people that act like that. Fire them and hire new people. P.S. Money talks.

Parats Falling Off
By -

I own a 2007 Ford 500. Recently I noticed the roof molding on the driver side missing. I took the car to the local Ford dealership who told me that my extended warranty didn't cover parts which they considered this molding to be. I'm not sure how they distinguish between repair parts and parts such as fenders, bumpers and things that are not normally considered repair parts.

So, I guess if the whole car falls apart, my extended warranty won't cover repairing the car. Now for the shocker. I checked with two different Ford dealerships and the price to "repair" this fallen off molding is $246.00 from one dealership and over $400.00 from the other. I will promise any Ford executive who reads this that I have purchased my last Ford product.

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