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Quality of Assembly Product
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I have made furniture for decades and assembled furniture for years for friends. I have never experienced such poor part quality. I tried for two hours with assistance to attempt to put this together with no success. I found that the cams were junk metal and the provided dowels were not even close enough to provide a close fit! Wondering if anyone has this problem... maybe I'm losing my skills?!?

Miserably Poor Customer Service

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- At a private event in NYC, I saw a Century brand sofa which I liked so much, I thought I'd purchase it. So I went to the Century website to get the item number and contact information for a local retailer My local retailer was Foremost Furniture in NYC.

I contacted Foremost Furniture on the telephone and asked a salesperson about this sofa, which I knew would be quite expensive. I wanted an idea of the price range and fabric choices so I could discuss it with my husband before we visited the store - I didn't want to spend that Saturday going into the city unless there was a possibility we could afford it immediately!

The man who I spoke with treated me so rudely that I can only decide never to purchase anything from this store. He refused to give me his name, as he knew he was behaving absolutely inappropriately. Frankly, I hung up the phone feeling degraded and abused. I just wanted folks to know about this because I would hate for anyone else to feel the way I did.

Stole My Money and Never Delivered Furniture
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I, too, was scammed of $3,000. Place an order for dining room furniture on 1/31/07. Told me it would take 2-4 months for delivery. Since not hearing from them for several months, I called in May. At the time, they did tell me that they were closing but that they were in the process of setting up a customer service department to handle their remaining orders and that my furniture would be delivered. They took all of my information. Of course, when I called them again in August I received a recorded telephone message that the number was disconnected. My deposit was on a major credit card.

Since, the dispute was longer than their time span they were not able to do anything. Call DCA they were not able to do anything. Can you imagine that furniture stores in NYC are not required to be licensed? This is absurd!!! Just wrote my letter to NYC District Attorney. The owner of Foremost should go to JAIL!!! Why does it seem to pay off to be a crook!! The owner knew he was closing. This scam was deliberate. Is there anyone that can help us?

Dishonest Practices
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NEW YORK -- I have been victimized by Foremost Furniture too. I like many of you out there purchased furniture from Foremost Furniture in NYC. That was in August of 2006. At the time I left them nearly $8,000 in a deposit for the furniture I ordered. In October they called to say that part of the order was in but that they would need an additional $4000 so that the deposit on the furniture not ready as yet would remain at 50%. After many months and countless call and fabricated stories from the staff at the store, Foremost went out of business and I like many of you are out my deposit.

I called the BBB, contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs, the District Attorney's Office and the law firm that is representing Bob Starr, the owner and "chief thief" at Foremost. I also filed a complaint at small claims court where I did win a judgment for 5000 dollars plus interest and court fees. I have sent this judgment to the lawyer representing Foremost and am waiting to see what he has to say. Thus far the only offer for any money to be returned to me and other creditors is 10% of the deposit they got from us. Isn't it something when the victim is treated like the guilty party and the guilty party is so insulated from prosecution for his crime!

Out Of Business And Took Our Money
By -

I called to check on my order about the time it was to be in and found the number disconnected. The place is out of business! We are out thousands of dollars! Apparently, we are NOT alone - it seems they have been taking orders since 2005 and not filling them. I am taking legal action - have been to the district attorney's office, special investigations and prosecutions. This is a criminal matter now. I urge anyone who has been cheated by Foremost Furniture to contact both the district attorney's office in New York County and the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I gave Foremost Furniture a deposit of $1000 for a sofa in MAY 2006 - I was told that the sofa would be delivered in 2-4 months. I called repeatedly and was told that the delivery would be made in 6 weeks, 8 weeks, etc. After 10 months, I called to cancel the order and was told that I would receive a refund of my deposit in 2 weeks. That was almost 3 months ago. I call every week or every two weeks, and I am told a different story. First, they said that my refund was at the bottom of a pile of "paperwork". Then they said that they didn't have my credit card number to process the refund (Hmm, they should have noticed this when they sent over my "paperwork".).

Then they said that the woman in the office could do the refund, but that she needed approval from the owner. The following week I was told that they couldn't process the refund because their bank account was closed and that they are having financial problems. BUT that the owner would come in the store and approve the refund the following Friday. The following Friday the owner didn't come to the office - no surprise. The refund has not been processed and I am suing this company. The string of lies is just abhorrent. I have never encountered such dishonesty in a business.

Terrible Service and Dishonest
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I ordered an Iron Bed in November of 2006, delivery was to be in 2 to 4 months. I contacted the store in February of 2007 to see if there was any word, I was told first week in March. The first week in March came and went no bed, was then told there was a delay to May 9th 2007. I said OK what can I do there was a delay from the manufacturer, I was then called 2 weeks later and told that the bed was no longer available, would I like to pick something else out, I declined. I waited a week for my card to be refunded, no refund. I stopped into store and was told that a credit would be issued at the end of their quarter, almost 3 weeks after they told me they could not deliver.

They will have had my 50% deposit for just about 6 months but they don't care, I still am supposed to wait till they want to make the refund. I ordered the exact same bed on the internet and it will more than likely be delivered before they will return my deposit. I checked with the manufacturer they still make the bed and they normally ship within 2 to 3 weeks of order and payment.

Foremost used to be a great place to shop, I have shopped there for the past 15 years. It is no longer a great place to shop anyone that would want hold on to 500.00 dollars to book as a sale in the present quarter, instead for returning the money for what they know is a sale that won't happen is not worthy of any patronage.

Satisfied With Product
By -

This may not still be relevant. About ten years ago, we bought a beautiful leather sofa bed from Foremost. We were lucky because we wanted navy and the floor sample was navy. If we wanted black it was $4,000. In navy it was $2,000. There was a rough edge and when we opened it, the mattress tore. It was a small hole and they could have repaired it and smoothed out the rough area. They gave me a choice of this small repair or a completely new mattress. I chose the new mattress.

This sofa bed has been used a lot. The mattress is comfortable and does not have that uncomfortable metal bar that so many sofa beds have. The mattress came in two weeks, as promised. The condition of the leather is almost perfect and the sofa bed is gorgeous--no fading, rubbing, etc. I can only speak from my experience of several years ago but the quality and service were superb. We just got a new beach house and I am going to Foremost today to furnish it. I hope they have remained as good as they were in service, price and quality.

The couch that never came
By -

On October 1, 2006, my husband and I went to Foremost Furniture (based on a friend's recommendation) and ordered a leather sofa. We paid a $1300 deposit, and were given a receipt stating that delivery would be in 2-4 months. The story of non-responsiveness is very long and boring, but the upshot is that, 9 months later, we still don't have our sofa. I will never have anything to do with this company again. The only bright side is that I charged the deposit on a major credit card, and so will have no problem getting my deposit back.

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