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Forest Labs Patient Assistance Program
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PLYMOUTH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a caretaker for a mentally ill man who needs to take Lexapro. It is truly a miracle medicine for him. A while back his insurance provider denied his claim for the drug. They paid, and then they stopped paying for it because of their "formulary." His insurance provider wanted him to have his doctor write another prescription for a different medication. No way! No how! Not after what this young mad had been through and done. We contacted Forest Labs about their patient care program, completed the required paperwork and WOW wonderful. Within 30 days he received his medication at no cost. He received the medication from Forest Labs for 2 months at no cost. He now has a different insurance provider and they DO pay for the Lexapro. If you have a similar problem let me know as I can help you with the Pharmaceutical Company patient assistance programs. If you financially qualify and you need the prescription, by all means complete the required paperwork and get the medication or medications you need. It is a pretty simple process.
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Anonymous on 10/02/2006:
Just out of curiosity do you have a release from this young man to post his medical information here? It would not take much work to figure out (from your posted picture and personal information you have posted here and likely on your web site) who you are and therefore who he is. I wouldn't appreciate it if I was him or his legal guardian.
DebtorBasher on 10/02/2006:
AmaniR: There was no personal information or ID given...if he had given the patient's name, then there may be an issue...but I think his statement is general one. The parent's may know who he is talking about, but the public does not.
Anonymous on 10/02/2006:
DB the poster's name, location and various other personal information is posted here and on his blog and websites. It would be easy to connect the dots and figure out who the person he cares for his. Medical information is confidential (especially since HIPAA went into effect) and his parents being able to recognize him is enough for his confidentiality to be compromised. As a caregiver, this is information he should safeguard not broadcast.
HaroldSays on 10/02/2006:
Good point Amani. In this situation he does not mind and would not mind, however, you bring up a valid point about confidentiality. I only share this sort of information with the express permission of the person involved as I do adhere to a very strict privacy policy. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights however.
HaroldSays on 10/02/2006:
One more thing amani-this individual I take care of is an adult and not a child. I would never ever compromise the privacy of a child anywhere or anytime. Again, thanks for the insight and for offering your opinion.
Anonymous on 10/03/2006:
I knew you were a big boy and could stand up for yourself Harrold, thanks for your response.
Anonymous on 10/03/2006:
Drat! Harold is what I meant to write, please disregard the extra R :P
chemman on 10/03/2006:
I have to agree with Harold about pharmaceutical companies patient assistance programs, there are a lot of great ones out there. If you qualify finacially you can get some large discounts, if not entirely free drugs and the paperwork is not that difficult to fill out. Do not fall for the scams where people charge you money to sign up for these programs, all you are doing is paying someone to fill out paperwork for you. If you need any advice about pahrmaceutical assistance programs please feel free to contact me through my profile, I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 8 years and have access to a lot of up to date info on these programs.
HaroldSays on 10/03/2006:
Way to go Chemman! You get a well deserved RAVE for a most excellent and helpful response.
AmaniR, you are a'ight bud. I like how you were looking out for someone who might have been an innocent victim or being exploited so what you did was all good!
Lin on 08/16/2013:
It is sad that the whole topic of being able to obtain necessary life-saving medications was changed to a HIPPA violation. Get serious. Who made you the HIPPA police. No names were used and the information was very general and could apply to anyone at anytime. I cannot believe you did not see the true value of the comment from this person but felt you had to criticize someone else. GO FIGURE! Thank you Haroldsays for the information about the patient assistance program available. My search for this very topic brought me to this and it met my needs. I could have done without the "Anonymous" responses about HIPPA and it would have been more informative with feedback about the actual topic. Oh well, whatever floats your boat.
rosedominic40572 on 10/29/2014:
I am happy someone got help because all I have gotten is the run around. I take care of my Mother is in my care and has been for three years. I became sick and needed Linzess. I reached out to this company for help and 15 times I faxed my application and still they say they did not get it. Then I called one day and a lady told me to e-mail it to I called to check on the progress and a lady told me that there was no e-mail address and that they don't do that . I have had it. One lady have even told me that they get bad faxes all the time. I guess in my case it is all the time. If someone know a Real program that can help people like me can you please e-mail me.
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