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Shoddy clothing, Rude employees.
Posted by Megan09 on 03/20/2005
MARYLAND -- I have been to Forever 21 stores in two locations and have come to the conclusion that rudeness must be a requirement for employment at Forever 21.
The employees are stuck-up, self absorbed, unfriendly, and have no people skills what-so-ever.

The clothing is often made of paper thin material and barely stitched together. Their clothing, of course, does not last 2 or 3 washes, it falls apart.
Also inspect the clothing very closely if you do buy something there. The stitching was coming off one the shirts I had bought.
They do not accept any returns whatsoever, not even for store credit.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-25:
Why would you buy a shirt that is already damaged? You seem very naive.
Posted by Megan09 on 2005-03-25:
It was hidden inside the shirt under the armpit. Most people do not spend more than 5 minutes inspecting clothing, turning it inside out while they are in a store. You also seem very rude
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-28:
Why do you keep going back to that place if the service and clothes are so bad? I don't mean to seem rude but it sounds to me that Walmart would be a step up for you.
Posted by Megan09 on 2005-03-28:
I've been there twice in my life. The first time to buy clothes, the second to get a refund. I haven't been back.
You know nothing about the situation. I would appreciate it if you would simply ask politely, rather than assume something you don't understand.

Why do you feel the need come to this site and make belligerent comments towards others?
Judging from this and your profile it seems you only come here to insult other people.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-29:
Okay, I jumped the gun a little. My mistake. Looking forward to your next review.
Posted by flygirl0502 on 2005-04-01:
what do you expect from a store that sells clothes for dirt cheap?- DIRT quality.
Posted by hotpink on 2005-06-11:
I agree with flygirl0502, What you pay for if what you get!
Posted by Megan09 on 2005-07-26:
My point was that they should have allowed returns.
I've bought clothes at the same price elsewhere and have had no problems.
Posted by honestgirl on 2006-11-29:
I just wanted to say that about the rudness, it is so true. It has to do with hiring people who will complain about race. I was just a witness of that. I went to apply for the job and the hours could not be changed because the other person will think I got special hours and days because I was certain nationality. I am the nicest person to deal with the customers, even when they are not in a good mood, I try my best to treat them with kindness, everyone has bad days, and you never know what is happening in that person's life. About the returns, I explain in every transaction that there is no refund but, there is a return withing 21 days of the purchase, and the ticket has to be attached to the clothing. I make sure I say that before I ring any items up, but most of the time they say they know about the policy, and that they love the store. I do not like the policy at all. Neither do I like the way the store is set up. There is too much of "that is the way the corporate wants it". I tried to get in touch with them, I still haven't been able to. I want to speak out about all of these issues to these people. I hope one day I can. Most people work there are not serious about the job, or keeping it clean and neat. I have so much more to say, but I have to go to bed. One more thing, I got the job so I can keep my mind off my husband deployment to Kuwiat, and because I love public relations. I wish I could do something about this situation but, I can't get corporate office attention.
I understand where everyone is coming from, you are consumers who want justice, so do I.
Good luck to everyone.
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Forever 21 customer service
Posted by Sue in nc on 04/21/2006
AWFUL! I bought my daughter a dress at the Forever 21 in NYC - I need to return it(I live in NC) and have tried numerous times to email customer service and I have never heard back. I tried to call both the customer service office, and most recently the corporate offices. Terrible! There is no voice mail and therefore no way to leave a message. The corporate number, in fact, just rang and rang without even a message. I cannot believe they operate like this. I will not spend another penny at Forever 21.
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-21:
From what I read on there website, you won't be able to mail the dress for a refund unless it was bought online. On there website, there are 2 stores in NC. Don't know how far they are from you but you may want to check it out. Unfortunately, this is what happens when we take trips and buy things in other states.
Posted by Pro Docs on 2006-05-22:
Sue ~ I agree with you about this company. I ordered something online May 17th and while the order did not go through they debited my bank account. They will not answer emails and when I have called for the past five days I receive a message to "call again later due to overwhelming call volume." I have called a local store in Annapolis, MD and have been informed that they don't know of a corporate office and the help is rude as well. The manager offered to call the Division Manager and when I just spoke to her she didn't even do that. My bank is now fighting them about the charge. I will NEVER EVER deal with this company again!
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Poorest Customer Service Ever
Posted by Draldds on 07/17/2013
ONLINE -- My daughter ordered several items from this company. Their IT dept screwed up the order, cancelled it after two weeks and then their customer support team tried to tell us it was US that cancelled the order. After clearing that up, they said WE needed to go to the effort to redo the order, and they would give us a 10% discount and express shipping IF we did it in 2 days and WE would have to email them to get the credit for the discount and the shipping!

I have not even received the credit for the first order after 3 weeks! I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE READING THIS REVIEW THINK TWICE BEFORE DOING SO AS WELL. This is NOT how I expect to be treated by a so called Christian company.
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Did Not Receive Order Will Not Replace or Refund
Posted by Metcalf.cynthia on 06/15/2013
ONLINE, NEW YORK -- Re order number: 38218086
I have not received my merchandise with Forever21, they refused to replace the order or cancel the order, yet they have initiated an insurance claim with UPS and have told me that UPS will have to refund the order.

Despite UPS's claim to have delivered our package and left it at our front door, we have not received our package. Unfortunately our town and nearby towns have streets with the same name, and UPS, whenever its usual deliver person from our area is on vacation, assumes the address on the package is incorrect and then delivers packages sometimes three towns over and to a different number. When this happens and if we are awaiting a package, every other company resends the package, files a claim with UPS, and they receive compensation from UPS for a misdelivery. Everyone is happy - and these are companies that care about their customers.

Unfortunately, after speaking with the person who declared he is the top phone customer service person for the US and Canada, I am dumbfounded at why Forever21 will not replace the items, will not cancel the order, and is asking me to wait until an investigation through UPS is finished. They declare that their "user based system" prohibits customer service from refiling an order or even amending an order. To declare that you have a user based system without actually being able to fix a problem (ie, not having received items - it was your decision which carrier to use - a carrier which misdelivered my package - my agreement was with Forever21, not the mail carrier, and it is with Forever21 who has chosen to not fulfill its agreement with me - I am left without the items I purchased and waited for, have been charged for them, and now must await a refund from UPS, rather than Forever21. In essence, Forever21 has decided that their customers are not their top priority.
I paid for items and have not received them am being charged for them and was told I should just drive to a Forever21 and repurchase items.

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No Customer Service
Posted by Christinemcmahon on 10/03/2012
My daughter tried to buy several items online, but the site said that due to a maintenance issue, her order did not go through and to try again later. A few minutes later, she did try again and it went through fine.

Then I got two emails saying that we had placed two orders and my debit card was charged twice. I went online immediately to cancel the second order (as you can easily do on Amazon or almost any other online store, but there was no way to cancel the order online. I called their 800 number, but got only a busy signal.

I emailed them and got no response. It's been days now and still no response. I've tried their phone dozens of times and get only a busy signal.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-03:
You can't cancel orders placed on a lot of online portals, in my experience. Forever 21 is one of them. This is in their FAQ:

"Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, we are unable to cancel or make changes to your order after you have placed it with us."

The best thing to do when an online session freezes or acts funny *after* entering your billing info is to call and check to see if the order went through.

As for not answering the phone at all, that is totally unacceptable. However, in this case it does not appear that would alter the outcome.
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Order Not Received, Poor Customer Service
Posted by Theelias3 on 08/19/2012
OREGON -- Here's my HORRIBLE customer service experience with FOREVER 21. I ordered a simple gift card for a niece's birthday on July 31 for an Aug 9 birthday gift. At the same time, I ordered four other birthday gifts from other companies, all others of which I received within just a few days, without any problems. Three days later, however, FOREVER 21 sent me an e-mail to inform me that my order was on hold because I had never ordered with them with my credit card before. WHAT? Who does that? When that was finally cleared up, I knew I barely had a chance of receiving my niece's gift by her birthday in time to get it to her.

Finally, on Aug 3, I received a notice that said my order had been shipped, however; the tracking number that was given in the e-mail DID NOT WORK! I went to the USPS site and figured out the tracking with my order number. For the next TEN business days, as I checked on the status of my order, USPS still had not received my order from FOREVER 21. The only thing they had was an electronic notification that they would be receiving a shipment.

I contacted FOREVER 21 four or five times via e-mail and phone with my concern, only to receive very insufficient responses and no reassurance about my order dilemma. After the “required” ten business days before FOREVER 21 will apparently give a crap about a missing order, I wrote them again asking where my order is. Yesterday, I received an e-mail from them, now telling me I have to fill out an Affidavit form that will take THREE WEEKS before they will begin the investigation as to where my order went!!!!!!!!!! IT’S A GIFT CARD, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Do they not care at all about their customer’s satisfaction?

Since USPS NEVER received this item, my assumption is it was NEVER shipped from FOREVER 21 in the first place, as this is just the appalling quality of their business. If FOREVER 21 has any concern at all about the satisfaction of their customers, they would apologize for this oversight and inconvenience and would OVERNIGHT me the gift card that I ordered 19 days ago. I feel terrible that my niece has not received her gift from me yet. I even asked for them to do just that, which is when they simply sent me the Affidavit form.

I WILL NEVER, EVER ORDER FROM FOREVER 21 AGAIN, even though I have three wonderful nieces who love their clothing. I urge all to beware of the very poor organizational skills and customer service, or lack thereof, they have provided. I will share this story with as many people as I can until I receive an acceptable resolution from FOREVER 21.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-08-19:
File a dispute with your credit card, go to a forever 21 store (or even find another retail outlet that carries them. I've seen them at Jewel), then mail it to your niece yourself. You'll probably get this taken care of faster that way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-19:
I agree with Clutzy. Dispute the charge and buy the card somewhere else. I know Safeway carries them. Most grocery stores have huge giftcard displays now so it shouldn't be hard to find a store that carries F21 giftcards. Good luck!
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Forever 21--Forever Terrible!
Posted by Pereann on 05/02/2012
Customer beware--Forever 21 has TERRIBLE RETURN POLICIIES! Check them out carefully & be sure you want the item before you purchase. I think they take advantage of naive young shoppers! Once you place your on line order, you can not cancel it even though they haven't shipped it!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-02:
Yes, it is right on their website:
"Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, we are unable to cancel or make changes to your order after you have placed it with us."

Also, this is not an uncommon policy with online retailers. The lesson to be learned is, be prepared to receive an order once submitted, and pay return charges if that applies.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-05-02:
Amazon.com is one retailer that will allow you to cancel or change an order anytime before it actually ships. However, most orders are shipped within 48 hours.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-02:
You should always review a company's order cancellation and returns policy if you are unfamiliar with it.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-05-02:
I am an old fart and I have made plenty of purchases over the years. I have always thought carefully before my purchases but thank you for the reminder.
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Never Again for Forever 21
Posted by Pauldbrowski47 on 10/26/2011
CHICAGO RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I’m all about giving things second (even third and fourth) chances, but enough is enough when it comes to FOREVER 21 in Chicago Ridge Mall (aka Westfield Shopping Center Chicago Ridge).

Here I was with the wife as she’s looking for a shirt she just saw a couple of days ago, which ironically she can’t find, so I tell her to just ask one of the MANY people that work there doing pretty much nothing (as usual). She tells me: “Why, when they can see that I’m looking through their clothes and saying how I can‘t find what I‘m looking for, can’t they ask me if I need some help like every other store we go into. I guess that they are to busy giving us dirty looks.”

At first I had I failed to notice the looks. But once pointed out it was pretty clear. Granted, I’m probably not their target audience (teenager), but I would of thought that would have been anyone willing to spend money. Guess I was wrong.

So the wife settles on another shirt she liked just the same, but if we would have found the original one we were looking for we would bought that one too. So they would have had two sales- and when we get up to the counter, the girl working (who looked right at us as we made our way there) walks away just before we arrive. And as we stand there, another girl (who I think is going to wait on us) walks over looks then calls out the others name as she walks away. Not only that, but the “manager” (which I say loosely) is just standing there herself on the phone -as in her CELL. Busily in conversation with her girlfriend talking about some dude her friend liked that hadn’t called her back. And the whole time NOBODY acknowledged our existence much less even made eye contact.


Needless to say that after about a minute or so of being ignored my wife threw the shirt she had across the check-out desk and we walked out.

I mean, what the hell, the employees here act like their doing US a favor and letting US spend OUR money on THEIR clothes, and it‘s Chicago Ridge for Christ Sake. Suburbia hell. It’s not like they are selling PRADA.

So with that said, I think I’ll save the headache and shop and spend my cash elsewhere.

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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-27:
I have to agree that you received terrible service. However, even when it's obvious that you need help, but none of the employees offer assistance, it's not a bad idea to speak up. Sometimes employees hesitate to ask customers if they need help because it bothers some people. So they just wait to be asked. In this case though, it sounds like the employees were just being lazy.
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I lost it, your fault.
Posted by Alenabobana38 on 10/26/2011
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My package was lost and Forever21 refuses to take responsibility and refund my money in a timely manner..
- It was shipped on September 13th.
-It was lost on September 17th. I sent a claim for an affidavit on September 23rd.
-I have called numerous times and have not received any updates or status on the order unless I call and wait for over 30 minutes each time on hold.
- I have been given conflicting information regarding the refund of my order. Their system shows conflicting dates for when I call / when I submitted my affidavit. I have emails to show they are stretching the truth.
-Today is October 26th. It's been a month and a half since I placed my order. I have still not seen A PENNY to my $80 order.

Their customer service is awful. They can't locate the package. They have 'delayed' my refund.
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Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-10-26:
If you used a credit card, print out the emails and call/go to the issuer of the credit card and dispute the charge.

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Tongoy on 08/24/2011
CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- My daughter received a blouse from ( Forever 21 ) in the Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA as a birthday gift and it is way too small. I called the so-called Mgr. on duty and asked if we could exchange it for a different size or get something else in return. He said, you must have a receipt, attached tag and be under 21 days or no deal. We don't have the receipt, but have the tag, tho not attached. Any store would accept it back for an exchange, hello? no sale lost! They can re-ticket any item in the store and know it. This Mgr. had a smart mouth, I don't care attitude, and could careless about making a customer happy and or to return in the future.
Listen up Forever 21, you have a rotten store policy and rude employees who do not care about your customers. With today's recession, you better take care of your customers, not steal their money. LEARN what customer service entails. It's about the people! I will donate this cheap rag without the label. I refuse to advertise for you. Forever 21 means this: return in under 21 days or own it FOREVER!!! Disgusting to say the least.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-08-24:
I can appreciate feeling trashed upon when the store doesn't side the way you may want. I can understand feeling the same way. But this policy isn't that uncommon. A receipt, whether original or gift, is required to make the exchange possible. It protects the store from you buying something they carry from another store and returning it to them or identifies the price you paid so proper credit can be given to the other merchandise.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-08-24:
Most stores today require a receipt for returns. With clothing, requiring the tag to be attached is pretty standard as well. Otherwise, the clothing is quite possibly used.

Did the employees' rude behavior stem from the way they explained the returns policy, or the fact that they were unable to make an exception to the policy?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-08-24:
Why would you even want an exchange for a cheap rag? If that's the way you feel about the garment, by all means throw it away.

I don't understand how Forever 21 steals from customers. Someone gave them money and received merchandise in return. Isn't that how it works?

Not too many stores are making exchanges without a receipt. That's just the way it is now. I wouldn't expect a store like Forever 21 to be too lenient with their return policy.
Posted by GreenstarYT on 2011-08-24:
This seems to be the standard with clothing purchases now, no receipt = no return. It adds a level of credibility to the purchase. Meaning you didn't steal it or didn't pick it up at a flea market. They don't wash garments before putting them back on the rack, and as a clothing buyer I would rather shop at a store with a stiff return policy. Makes me feel like I'm not buying someone's one night outfit.
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