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Never Again for Forever 21
By -

CHICAGO RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I'm all about giving things second (even third and fourth) chances, but enough is enough when it comes to FOREVER 21 in Chicago Ridge Mall (aka Westfield Shopping Center Chicago Ridge).

Here I was with the wife as she's looking for a shirt she just saw a couple of days ago, which ironically she can't find, so I tell her to just ask one of the MANY people that work there doing pretty much nothing (as usual). She tells me: “Why, when they can see that I'm looking through their clothes and saying how I can‘t find what I‘m looking for, can't they ask me if I need some help like every other store we go into. I guess that they are to busy giving us dirty looks.”

At first I had I failed to notice the looks. But once pointed out it was pretty clear. Granted, I'm probably not their target audience (teenager), but I would of thought that would have been anyone willing to spend money. Guess I was wrong.

So the wife settles on another shirt she liked just the same, but if we would have found the original one we were looking for we would bought that one too. So they would have had two sales- and when we get up to the counter, the girl working (who looked right at us as we made our way there) walks away just before we arrive. And as we stand there, another girl (who I think is going to wait on us) walks over looks then calls out the others name as she walks away. Not only that, but the “manager” (which I say loosely) is just standing there herself on the phone -as in her CELL. Busily in conversation with her girlfriend talking about some dude her friend liked that hadn't called her back. And the whole time NOBODY acknowledged our existence much less even made eye contact.


Needless to say that after about a minute or so of being ignored my wife threw the shirt she had across the check-out desk and we walked out.

I mean, what the hell, the employees here act like their doing US a favor and letting US spend OUR money on THEIR clothes, and it‘s Chicago Ridge for Christ Sake. Suburbia hell. It's not like they are selling PRADA.

So with that said, I think I'll save the headache and shop and spend my cash elsewhere.

Poor quality and poor service
By -

HAD THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE TODAY !!!! ! I ordered 20+ items online and they arrived today. I found 2 that had poor stitching on it- also found a white shirt that has a boot mark in dirt on it....and another shirt with numerous HOLES in it- almost like cigarette holes- about that size in various places on this shirt- there was no bag and no tag attached to it- and it looked like it was a return that they just threw in my box as new. I called the customer service number and this man that I talked to told me that he had to file a damage claim with UPS!!!! Really- ?? He proceeded to tell me that the items would never leave their factory in that shape- so it was UPS's fault... I told him that the box was delivered in MINT condition and taped well; that these items were the middle of numerous other items that I had ordered, and there was no way that the UPS man damaged these items.... ......even the shirt with the holes….. he told me that if it didn't have a tag then it wasn't sent….really?? it was on my invoice and in my box….. he said that I had to wait 5-7 days for the UPS damage claim to be processed and see if UPS will pay for the damages- I asked since when does the UPS drivers do the stitching on the clothing- he told me that I can return them paying my own shipping and then the shipping again to get another pair on those 2 items !!!!! My 2 damaged items that were packed in the middle of my order are in the middle of a claims dispute- and he said that if UPS pays for them - then they will refund my money- otherwise- they will not refund my cash..... so I have 4 items that can not be worn. If I really want the items that I paid for- I have to reorder- repay and pay for shipping again !!!! All to get the merchandise that I ordered in the first place. THIS IS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Imply we have done something wrong
By -

ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA -- My daughter bought me a top for Christmas that didn't look good on me. I also noticed that part of a seam was not sewed. We tried to return it but Forever 21 staff claimed that the price tag was adhered by tape and wouldn't accept it back. I then emailed corporate and after a very long time got a response to contact the store manager and they gave me her name. When I went to the store they had to call the manager (I had her phone number on the email). Forever 21 would not take the return because 1. the tag was not on, 2.the top had a seam that was not sewed on and 3. it looked worn. They sold my daughter a defective merchandise and sold her merchandise that should never have been sold due to their policy of "not selling items with tags not adhered correctly". And now their own sales staff think an item looks worn when in actuality I only wore it a few minutes to try it on. So they are selling inferior looking clothes. I know I am not going to get this resolved so I am letting everyone know about their horrible return policy. They make customers feel like they have done something criminal. For me, I wasted probably 4x the cost of the top in time. I am just doing this because I don't like the injustice and how I was treated. This site has a note at the bottom of this page that Forever 21 may attempt to contact me regarding resolution. I very much doubt it. They don't care about their customers. Can you believe all the implications that we are doing something shady for something less than $20? Macy's, Target and just about everyone else treats their customers so much better.

Worst Experience Sick of horrible customer service
By -

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS -- I recently went into a Forever 21 while on vacation at the Legends in Kansas City, I have shopped at Forever 21 in the past but this was a completely different experience. I saw this really cute skirt on the mannequin and when I asked where it was no employee knew so I asked if we could get the one on the mannequin and they said no sorry its corporate policy to not take anything off the mannequin but if I wanted to drive to another store I could do that. I explained I was from out of town and could not drive to another store so they went and asked the visual manager about the skirt and she stated that it was in fact the last one so she put it on the mannequin and if I wanted to stop back by next week I might be able to get that one when they take it off. Again I explained I was from over 200 miles away and they looked at me like oh well not my problem. I asked them why they would ever put an item that was the last one on a mannequin when they know they can not sell it and they said we don't know but we can't sell it. I asked to talk to a manager and she couldn't care less about me or what I had to say. I have worked retail in the past and I currently own my own store and if I gave this kind of customer service I would be out of business. This store works on volume at cheap prices and cheap quality and does not care at all about customer service and giving the customer what they want. I will never shop here and I will go to a store that might be a little higher in price but will treat me like I am important to there business!! I am sick of poor customer service and will not give my money to where they don't appreciate it. I tried to call corporate and got a phone number for a district manager and could not get through because his voice mail box was full. I am sure it was full of complaints!!! These businesses need to remember that if we all get sick of being treated like this they will not be in business any longer so maybe they might want to think about giving just a little good customer service and try to keep their customers!!

Customer Service
By -

SOMEWHERE, NEW YORK -- Do not ever order on-line with Forever 21! First of all I made a purchase of $34.36 and they ended up charging that amount to my credit card 3 ADDITIONAL TIMES! Then when I call their customer service, They say they'll refund me my money, but they never did! The 3rd time I called, a lady didn't even let me finish my sentence, she just hung up on me. Also their Customer service number listed on their website doesn't work. If you need to reach them, the REAL number is: 1800-966-1355.. But guess what? That number doesn't work all the time. I'm boycotting that company, their clothes are made in sweatshops and their employees suffer poor working conditions.

Their clothes may be night and affordable, but the quality is garbage, and their customer service is horrible. Make the right choice!!!

Forever 21--Forever Terrible!
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- Customer beware--Forever 21 has TERRIBLE RETURN POLICIIES! Check them out carefully & be sure you want the item before you purchase. I think they take advantage of naive young shoppers! Once you place your on line order, you can not cancel it even though they haven't shipped it!

I lost it, your fault.
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My package was lost and Forever21 refuses to take responsibility and refund my money in a timely manner..
- It was shipped on September 13th.
-It was lost on September 17th. I sent a claim for an affidavit on September 23rd.
-I have called numerous times and have not received any updates or status on the order unless I call and wait for over 30 minutes each time on hold.
- I have been given conflicting information regarding the refund of my order. Their system shows conflicting dates for when I call / when I submitted my affidavit. I have emails to show they are stretching the truth.
-Today is October 26th. It's been a month and a half since I placed my order. I have still not seen A PENNY to my $80 order.

Their customer service is awful. They can't locate the package. They have 'delayed' my refund.

Poor Customer Service
By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- My daughter received a blouse from ( Forever 21 ) in the Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA as a birthday gift and it is way too small. I called the so-called Mgr. on duty and asked if we could exchange it for a different size or get something else in return. He said, you must have a receipt, attached tag and be under 21 days or no deal. We don't have the receipt, but have the tag, tho not attached. Any store would accept it back for an exchange, hello? no sale lost! They can re-ticket any item in the store and know it. This Mgr. had a smart mouth, I don't care attitude, and could careless about making a customer happy and or to return in the future.
Listen up Forever 21, you have a rotten store policy and rude employees who do not care about your customers. With today's recession, you better take care of your customers, not steal their money. LEARN what customer service entails. It's about the people! I will donate this cheap rag without the label. I refuse to advertise for you. Forever 21 means this: return in under 21 days or own it FOREVER!!! Disgusting to say the least.

Great product, bad sales staff, extremely unkempt store
By -

QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I absolutely adore the clothing and accessories. The staff and the overall condition of the stores, not so much.
My recent visit to the location in a Queens mall was so bad, that I now shop the website. At least there, I am able to find what I'm looking for on my own.
It was impossible to find anything, and when I approached a member of the staff, I was met with rude service. No smile, no greeting, and indifference. I felt like an annoyance to them whenever I asked a question.
For me, shopping the store just is not worth the headache.

Buy more trick
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I was buying clearance items. The store employee lied to me about the price of my item, and asked me to get another item of that price for a buy-one-get-one free. Later I found the price was lower on the one item I originally wanted. The store refuses to take back any red marked items no matter what and not even for store credit. This time they tricked me into paying $12 for a $7 item. They have done this to me before, but this time I caught them on the spot. "Sorry, once rung up - no refunds...ha ha ha." They actually laughed at me, and then the store manager walked away and would not talk with me again. Watch out for the "Buy More Trick"!

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