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Poorest Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ONLINE -- My daughter ordered several items from this company. Their IT dept screwed up the order, cancelled it after two weeks and then their customer support team tried to tell us it was US that cancelled the order. After clearing that up, they said WE needed to go to the effort to redo the order, and they would give us a 10% discount and express shipping IF we did it in 2 days and WE would have to email them to get the credit for the discount and the shipping!

I have not even received the credit for the first order after 3 weeks! I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE READING THIS REVIEW THINK TWICE BEFORE DOING SO AS WELL. This is NOT how I expect to be treated by a so called Christian company.
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No Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
My daughter tried to buy several items online, but the site said that due to a maintenance issue, her order did not go through and to try again later. A few minutes later, she did try again and it went through fine.

Then I got two emails saying that we had placed two orders and my debit card was charged twice. I went online immediately to cancel the second order (as you can easily do on Amazon or almost any other online store, but there was no way to cancel the order online. I called their 800 number, but got only a busy signal.

I emailed them and got no response. It's been days now and still no response. I've tried their phone dozens of times and get only a busy signal.
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trmn8r on 10/03/2012:
You can't cancel orders placed on a lot of online portals, in my experience. Forever 21 is one of them. This is in their FAQ:

"Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, we are unable to cancel or make changes to your order after you have placed it with us."

The best thing to do when an online session freezes or acts funny *after* entering your billing info is to call and check to see if the order went through.

As for not answering the phone at all, that is totally unacceptable. However, in this case it does not appear that would alter the outcome.
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I lost it, your fault.
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My package was lost and Forever21 refuses to take responsibility and refund my money in a timely manner..
- It was shipped on September 13th.
-It was lost on September 17th. I sent a claim for an affidavit on September 23rd.
-I have called numerous times and have not received any updates or status on the order unless I call and wait for over 30 minutes each time on hold.
- I have been given conflicting information regarding the refund of my order. Their system shows conflicting dates for when I call / when I submitted my affidavit. I have emails to show they are stretching the truth.
-Today is October 26th. It's been a month and a half since I placed my order. I have still not seen A PENNY to my $80 order.

Their customer service is awful. They can't locate the package. They have 'delayed' my refund.
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Mrs. V on 10/26/2011:
If you used a credit card, print out the emails and call/go to the issuer of the credit card and dispute the charge.

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- My daughter received a blouse from ( Forever 21 ) in the Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA as a birthday gift and it is way too small. I called the so-called Mgr. on duty and asked if we could exchange it for a different size or get something else in return. He said, you must have a receipt, attached tag and be under 21 days or no deal. We don't have the receipt, but have the tag, tho not attached. Any store would accept it back for an exchange, hello? no sale lost! They can re-ticket any item in the store and know it. This Mgr. had a smart mouth, I don't care attitude, and could careless about making a customer happy and or to return in the future.
Listen up Forever 21, you have a rotten store policy and rude employees who do not care about your customers. With today's recession, you better take care of your customers, not steal their money. LEARN what customer service entails. It's about the people! I will donate this cheap rag without the label. I refuse to advertise for you. Forever 21 means this: return in under 21 days or own it FOREVER!!! Disgusting to say the least.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/24/2011:
I can appreciate feeling trashed upon when the store doesn't side the way you may want. I can understand feeling the same way. But this policy isn't that uncommon. A receipt, whether original or gift, is required to make the exchange possible. It protects the store from you buying something they carry from another store and returning it to them or identifies the price you paid so proper credit can be given to the other merchandise.
trmn8r on 08/24/2011:
Most stores today require a receipt for returns. With clothing, requiring the tag to be attached is pretty standard as well. Otherwise, the clothing is quite possibly used.

Did the employees' rude behavior stem from the way they explained the returns policy, or the fact that they were unable to make an exception to the policy?
Venice09 on 08/24/2011:
Why would you even want an exchange for a cheap rag? If that's the way you feel about the garment, by all means throw it away.

I don't understand how Forever 21 steals from customers. Someone gave them money and received merchandise in return. Isn't that how it works?

Not too many stores are making exchanges without a receipt. That's just the way it is now. I wouldn't expect a store like Forever 21 to be too lenient with their return policy.
GreenstarYT on 08/24/2011:
This seems to be the standard with clothing purchases now, no receipt = no return. It adds a level of credibility to the purchase. Meaning you didn't steal it or didn't pick it up at a flea market. They don't wash garments before putting them back on the rack, and as a clothing buyer I would rather shop at a store with a stiff return policy. Makes me feel like I'm not buying someone's one night outfit.
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Worst Experience Sick of horrible customer service
Posted by on
KANSAS CITY, KANSAS -- I recently went into a Forever 21 while on vacation at the Legends in Kansas City, I have shopped at Forever 21 in the past but this was a completely different experience. I saw this really cute skirt on the mannequin and when I asked where it was no employee knew so I asked if we could get the one on the mannequin and they said no sorry its corporate policy to not take anything off the mannequin but if I wanted to drive to another store I could do that. I explained I was from out of town and could not drive to another store so they went and asked the visual manager about the skirt and she stated that it was in fact the last one so she put it on the mannequin and if I wanted to stop back by next week I might be able to get that one when they take it off. Again I explained I was from over 200 miles away and they looked at me like oh well not my problem. I asked them why they would ever put an item that was the last one on a mannequin when they know they can not sell it and they said we don't know but we can't sell it. I asked to talk to a manager and she couldn't care less about me or what I had to say. I have worked retail in the past and I currently own my own store and if I gave this kind of customer service I would be out of business. This store works on volume at cheap prices and cheap quality and does not care at all about customer service and giving the customer what they want. I will never shop here and I will go to a store that might be a little higher in price but will treat me like I am important to there business!! I am sick of poor customer service and will not give my money to where they don't appreciate it. I tried to call corporate and got a phone number for a district manager and could not get through because his voice mail box was full. I am sure it was full of complaints!!! These businesses need to remember that if we all get sick of being treated like this they will not be in business any longer so maybe they might want to think about giving just a little good customer service and try to keep their customers!!
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 07/01/2010:
That was kind of dumb of them but I'll try to see it from both sides. OP, I think it was silly of them to put the last skirt on the mannequin. Outfits are put on those for the single purpose of sparking interest in buying the exact same one. It sounds like they were just playing dress up or something. If you have 1 of something, it makes no sense from a business standpoint to put it on the mannequin.

Now, from the store point of view, they might not be the one choosing what goes on the mannequin. Where I work we have things called planograms. Items are specifically told when and where to be on a shelf in some areas. Maybe the mannequin is planogramed, and the district manager wants every store to have the same outfit on it. So even if it's the last one at this store, it might not be at another. If they don't have the skirt, and the planogram doesn't change until next week, maybe they aren't allowed to take it off until then?
FlShopper on 07/01/2010:
If you already know it's poor quality then it's probably a good decision on your part to shop elsewhere.
momsey on 07/01/2010:
My original reaction was, "that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of." And it is dumb, but I appreciate Ytrop's perspective.
spiderman2 on 07/01/2010:
I like how once a store won't do what you want they are the worst place, with the worst business practices and sell cheap stuff of cheap quality made with the sweat of slaves, but until the incident you were fine with spending money there!
shayen on 07/01/2010:
Like Ytroupious pointed out, this is one of those complaints where you can easily see both sides of the story. Customer wants the item of clothing on the mannequin. But, store employees may very well be following corporate guidelines when they deny the purchase of a display item. BUT, I think there should be exceptions to most rules. IF the item is the last one, then why not sell it if someone wants it? Why have it on display to spark consumer interest, if there are none like it for sale? And, if they are getting more in, then they could pull the display piece from that shipment when it arrives. Meanwhile, they could display something else, something that they actually have in stock.
old fart on 07/01/2010:
What would you do if the display dress didn't fit...?
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
Just another case of corporate wonks who don't have the backbone or will to make a rational decision. Honestly, when I read stuff like this I think of Dagny Taggart encountering the malfunction train signal ~~ Go ahead boys I'll take responsibility if we plow head-on into another train.

We don't have people working corp-retail these days we have phlegmatic mindless drones whose 'I don't give a flip' attitude rings louder than a church bell.

Good review and VALID COMPLAINT.
spiderman2 on 07/01/2010:
Stew, maybe the mindless drones at Forever 21 wanted to keep their jobs. If it was a corporate rules that they can't take the outfit off, then that's the rule. If they wouldn't just take it off because they were lazy, then that is another story. Some people can't find jobs in which they can be the chief decision maker on every issue and are happy to follow the rules, however stupid they may seem, so they can have a job and feed their families.
momsey on 07/01/2010:
Stew, you might call them phlegmatic mindless drones, but I call them people who enjoy receiving a paycheck. It would be nice if we could all have jobs where we had autonomy and could make our own decisions on things, but unless we own our own business, there's always someone else we have to answer to.
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
Good comments, spiderman and momsey. Why go to all this trouble for something that is cheaply made? I would never even think to ask for something to be taken off a mannequin even if it was the buy of the century. And if an employee told me they had no choice in the matter, I would never want anyone to risk losing their job just so I could have what I wanted. Who wants that hanging over their head?

But I have to agree that putting something on display that is not available for sale is a good way to annoy customers.
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
"This store works on volume at cheap prices and cheap quality"

So if they had told you "yes" would you consider them to suddenly be high quality?

purple_crayon on 07/01/2010:
Agree with Ytropious. Maybe they had a modular or planogram to adhere too. If the quality and CS was so bad before,why continue shopping? And its very interesting, how automatically how these employees are weak,mindless zombies. So you only have brains,if you do whatever the customer wants? Seems a childish insult,equivalent to not getting ones way.
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
purple +++

sandybeaches on 02/12/2011:
We don't take things off the mannequins because the visual team puts a lot of hard work and effort into putting those outfits together. The follow a very specific vision in mind. You can't just take one item off and throw another one on to replace it.. you take one off and you have to re-do the visuals have to go and redo the entire mannequin which takes longer than you think. Visuals plan EACH and EVERY mannequin in the store very carefully... one mannequin complements the others in the section. If we started taking off stuff from the mannequins during store hours there would be multiple naked mannequins around the store. My store lets you put the item on hold until they take it down, then the visuals call you and you can come pick it up. That's just how we do things, sorry but that's just the way it is.
Venice09 on 02/13/2011:
That makes perfect, sandybeaches. Thanks for the input.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
SOMEWHERE, NEW YORK -- Do not ever order on-line with Forever 21! First of all I made a purchase of $34.36 and they ended up charging that amount to my credit card 3 ADDITIONAL TIMES! Then when I call their customer service, They say they'll refund me my money, but they never did! The 3rd time I called, a lady didn't even let me finish my sentence, she just hung up on me. Also their Customer service number listed on their website doesn't work. If you need to reach them, the REAL number is: 1800-966-1355.. But guess what? That number doesn't work all the time. I'm boycotting that company, their clothes are made in sweatshops and their employees suffer poor working conditions.

Their clothes may be night and affordable, but the quality is garbage, and their customer service is horrible. Make the right choice!!!
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User Replies:
Principissa on 01/13/2009:
Can you do a charge back with your credit card company? If they charged you 3 times for the same item, they should make it right and refund you the over charge. Contact your credit card company and see what they can due to help you.
moneybags on 01/13/2009:
And if they are a sweatshop company and sell inferior clothing, why are you buying from them?
Anonymous on 01/13/2009:
My thought exactly, moneybags.
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Refunds - Beware! Check Your Credit Card Statement!
Posted by on
After having waited for my refund to be processed and not seeing any refund on my Credit card statement, I contacted F21 and asked them what was happening. I was told that they encountered a 'problem' with my credit card and couldn't issue any refund.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed that if I had not checked my credit card statement, I would never have known that my money was not being reimbursed. If they were having some problem with the refund, I would have at least liked to know it instead of being kept in the dark..

Anyway,since they asked for the info, I promptly gave out my credit card info and waited for the refund. THREE days later, no news of any hope of a refund..even after I sent ANOTHER email to inquire about it. Silence. So I emailed Customer service once AGAIN after around 4 days and a F21 representative told me that they did not receive my credit card info and that I should send it again (!?)

Which I did. I asked for a confirmation. No reply.

I honestly find it APPALLING that such a thing could go on. I sent back the item, was assured that I would be refunded. I wasn't and I wouldn't have known about that if I had not checked my credit card statements myself. When I asked about it and sent the info as requested, it was IGNORED not once but TWICE.

If I do not receive any reply about this, I'll be contacting my bank immediately to cancel out the payment. I have already waited more than ONE month!

Anyway, I never really write reviews and stuff but this was truly a horrible experience and I just wish to make sure that you guys DO check your credit card statements etc when you make a return because apparently, they would not hesitate to steal your money and when you'll try to get it back, they'll just ignore you.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 11/06/2008:
I had troubles with a company not giving me a credit that was due. I contacted my credit card company, filed a compaint against the charge, and within 2 days I had my refund.
Principissa on 11/06/2008:
Do a charge back with your credit card. Clearly this company is not going to do the right thing and give your money back. A charge back will be your only recourse in this situation.
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Forever 21--Forever Terrible!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- Customer beware--Forever 21 has TERRIBLE RETURN POLICIIES! Check them out carefully & be sure you want the item before you purchase. I think they take advantage of naive young shoppers! Once you place your on line order, you can not cancel it even though they haven't shipped it!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/02/2012:
Yes, it is right on their website:
"Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, we are unable to cancel or make changes to your order after you have placed it with us."

Also, this is not an uncommon policy with online retailers. The lesson to be learned is, be prepared to receive an order once submitted, and pay return charges if that applies.
tnchuck100 on 05/02/2012: is one retailer that will allow you to cancel or change an order anytime before it actually ships. However, most orders are shipped within 48 hours.
Anonymous on 05/02/2012:
You should always review a company's order cancellation and returns policy if you are unfamiliar with it.
BigAl on 05/02/2012:
I am an old fart and I have made plenty of purchases over the years. I have always thought carefully before my purchases but thank you for the reminder.
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Great product, bad sales staff, extremely unkempt store
Posted by on
QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I absolutely adore the clothing and accessories. The staff and the overall condition of the stores, not so much.
My recent visit to the location in a Queens mall was so bad, that I now shop the website. At least there, I am able to find what I'm looking for on my own.
It was impossible to find anything, and when I approached a member of the staff, I was met with rude service. No smile, no greeting, and indifference. I felt like an annoyance to them whenever I asked a question.
For me, shopping the store just is not worth the headache.

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User Replies:
Alain on 12/16/2010:
Give their customer service a call at 888-494-3837 and let them know about the good (product), the bad (staff), and the ugly (store).
Anonymous on 12/16/2010:
I tend to agree. I also use only the website now. The last time I visited a store the sales clerk was unnecessarily rude. I was purchasing jeans there because I love the way their jeans fit. She made a few sly comments about me "shopping for my daughter". I'd never really encountered anything like that. I mean, jeans are jeans. Folks over 40 wear them.
Ytropious on 12/16/2010:
I never really understood the role of sales staff at clothing stores. I don't go into a clothing store looking for anything specific, I go to window shop and see if there's anything I can't live without. I've only ever been to one clothing store where someone asked me what I was looking for. I was looking for a party dress, but they didn't really have anything I liked. I bet that's why most clothing stores DON'T instruct their staff to avail themselves to you. I could understand maybe asking if they had other sizes in the back but come on, clothing shopping is not something you need another person to help you with. The jeans are with the jeans, the coats are with the coats...That's just my 3 cents.
Anonymous on 12/16/2010:
I agree ytropious. If they say something more than once, I am annoyed. I like to shop in peace and quiet. If I wanted noise, I'd have bought the kids. Bath & Body is another place that won't let you have any quiet time.
Ytropious on 12/16/2010:
Haven't been there in ages but that goes right along with it. It's a small store that sells soap! I'm pretty sure I can find what I'm looking for without help, it's idiot proof. It seems the smaller the store the more pushy the sales staff are.

I used to work at an Omaha Steaks mall store and the store could literally fit no more than 10 customers inside. YET we had to approach every single one and pester the heck out of them. I'm not joking, if I left a customer alone to browse without checking back with them after a few minutes I got yelled at. Not a good Yt job at all.
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Buy more trick
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I was buying clearance items. The store employee lied to me about the price of my item, and asked me to get another item of that price for a buy-one-get-one free. Later I found the price was lower on the one item I originally wanted. The store refuses to take back any red marked items no matter what and not even for store credit. This time they tricked me into paying $12 for a $7 item. They have done this to me before, but this time I caught them on the spot. "Sorry, once rung up - no refunds...ha ha ha." They actually laughed at me, and then the store manager walked away and would not talk with me again. Watch out for the "Buy More Trick"!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/28/2010:
When you buy one get one free, its always going to be for an item of equal or lesser value
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