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Forever 21
3880 Mission Road
Los Angeles, CA 90031
888-494-3837 (ph)
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Buy more trick
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I was buying clearance items. The store employee lied to me about the price of my item, and asked me to get another item of that price for a buy-one-get-one free. Later I found the price was lower on the one item I originally wanted. The store refuses to take back any red marked items no matter what and not even for store credit. This time they tricked me into paying $12 for a $7 item. They have done this to me before, but this time I caught them on the spot. "Sorry, once rung up - no refunds...ha ha ha." They actually laughed at me, and then the store manager walked away and would not talk with me again. Watch out for the "Buy More Trick"!

Quickly becoming a Wal-Mart-like company
By -

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA -- I was at Forever 21 in San Luis Obispo for an hour and a half picking out tons of clothes. All of a sudden I heard them come over their PR system and say "Forever 21 is closing please head to the register". I hadn't tried anything on yet so I went to one fitting room which was closed, the lady there told me to go to the fitting room in the middle of the store.

On my way there I was approached by the first rude person who said "we're asking everyone to leave or go to the registers now." I said I was just told to head to this dressing room, when I got there this person told me it was closed I said, "I was sent here... I realize I have a lot please let me try on a few things"... he said "no! We're closed." My friend and I put our stuff on a counter top and started trying to guess what would fit if we just bought it. Then we were approached by a third rude person. "The registers are closing if you'd like any of that you need to go now!" I finally said "I better just try to hold these items and come back."

I waited in line and when I got to the front I said "may I put these items on hold?" "Uh... We can't hold anything on the weekend." So I wasted an hour and a half looking for things, Forever 21 made no money.... The thing that sucks is that they don't care because they are a corporate Wal-mart-like company in the way that their clothes are not ethically made, they don't treat their employees with any respect and they treat their customers like cattle.

Wrongly Accused
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- At the Forever 21 store in Orlando I was accused of stealing earrings that the sales clerk failed to scan. He put them in my bag and handed me the bag! At the food court I was approached by a man wearing a "Steelers" hat and jersey (ironically, I guess he finds it humorous). Then, yelling at me says "you're a thief, you stole from my store." He then attempted to take my bags from me! He obviously never checked the security tape before he verbally attacked me and yelled "thief" accusations!! This was completely unnecessary, what is “innocent until proven guilty!”
He should be fired and a professional should be doing this important job!

Don't treat legitimate returns as thieves
By -

I recently was part of the opening of a new Forever 21 in Madison WI. I took my niece and one of her friends. It was packed and we waited in line for 45 minutes to check-out. A few days later I wanted credit for one of the items I purchased, but I realized the person did not give me a receipt. When I went into the store and asked to exchange my item, I was treated like a crook. The manager said nothing to help me such as... "I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but my hands are tied... etc." She just said we can't exchange an item without a receipt.. I, of course said, "what if I didn't get a receipt?" (Because I truly DID NOT.)

She said that that would never happen everyone was trained properly and I was lying! I HAVE A LOT OF MONEY AND I'M BEING TREATED LIKE A JUVIE. If you like, I will start a program on etiquette with I think your managers are sorely suffering form the lack thereof. I'm SO angry.. not that I can't return the sweater... a policy is a policy, but by the way I was treated. I almost felt dirty! I dare someone to contact me and apologize!

Do Not Shop Forever 21
By -

Will never shop at Forever 21 again!! Buyer Beware!!!! My daughter bought a dress there on Saturday. It was not modest enough for my taste so today (Tuesday) we try and return it. WE HAVE THE RECEIPT!!!! But they will not refund your money. Even with a receipt you can either exchange or gift card. So the bottom line is once this store has your money they are not giving it back. Don't we live in America the land of the free where we can spend our money how we choose!!!

It has only been 3 days had a receipt! I do understand setting limits. Like we can't take back last year's clothing or no receipt because people steal but come on!! I will NEVER shop in this store and neither will my daughter. In fact I gave the gift card to the girl in the next line! WILL NOT SHOP THERE AGAIN! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

It's really not that hard. It's common sense.
By -

Okay well where do I begin... I am a former employee of Forever 21 and really 50 percent of the customers that call customer service seem not to understand that to run company big or small there will be rules policy and regulations that must be applied. The return policy we have is to me not that difficult to abide by. We will reimburse/exchange defective items if ordered online. If you purchase them in a store you have the time to inspect the merchandise in store before purchase therefore we will not accept any defective items in store. Honestly we don't know if you took the merchandise home and damaged it yourself.

Now about the HORRIBLE return policy we have it's really not that bad. Just get your butts back to the store before 21 days and have the tags attached with the receipt and we will be happy to give an exchange or store credit. If you lose the receipt too bad sorry that's your fault don't come to us like you are the queen of the universe and we must accept your attitude. NO SORRY!!!! Come on people it's only common sense not brain surgery.

Beware E-Business Practices
By -

The worse on-line buying process!!!!!

I ordered a $100 e-gift card for a gift early on Saturday morning as a gift for Sunday. No reason to expect that it wouldn't be a near-immediate transaction. 12 hours later I get an email telling me that I have to call my bank and get a verification number. Ugh? The bank is closed on the weekends so my Sunday gift is now late.

I called Forever 21 on Monday morning and am told that they already have the verification number, but I have to call the bank to get it again and then tell them so that they can compare it. Again, ugh? They also tell me that I can fax them a picture of my credit card and when received they would immediately send the e-gift card.

When I called back to check on it, I was told that it could be another 24 hours before it was sent. UGH? By this time I am way past irate and the second person I talked to took the time to contact the supervisor and she assured me that the order would be processed.

So the advice is -- find another company to buy from or at least stay away from their on-line services. I would hate to have you asking ugh? ugh? UGH?

Refunds - Beware! Check Your Credit Card Statement!
By -

After having waited for my refund to be processed and not seeing any refund on my Credit card statement, I contacted F21 and asked them what was happening. I was told that they encountered a 'problem' with my credit card and couldn't issue any refund.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed that if I had not checked my credit card statement, I would never have known that my money was not being reimbursed. If they were having some problem with the refund, I would have at least liked to know it instead of being kept in the dark..

Anyway,since they asked for the info, I promptly gave out my credit card info and waited for the refund. THREE days later, no news of any hope of a refund..even after I sent ANOTHER email to inquire about it. Silence. So I emailed Customer service once AGAIN after around 4 days and a F21 representative told me that they did not receive my credit card info and that I should send it again (!?)

Which I did. I asked for a confirmation. No reply.

I honestly find it APPALLING that such a thing could go on. I sent back the item, was assured that I would be refunded. I wasn't and I wouldn't have known about that if I had not checked my credit card statements myself. When I asked about it and sent the info as requested, it was IGNORED not once but TWICE.

If I do not receive any reply about this, I'll be contacting my bank immediately to cancel out the payment. I have already waited more than ONE month!

Anyway, I never really write reviews and stuff but this was truly a horrible experience and I just wish to make sure that you guys DO check your credit card statements etc when you make a return because apparently, they would not hesitate to steal your money and when you'll try to get it back, they'll just ignore you.

Poor Return Policy And Customer Service
By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- My daughter and I have spent many dollars patronizing a Forever21 store that is a 1 1/2 hour drive away from our home.

We decided to take advantage of their egift feature and order an item online and save the drive!

Never again!! After receiving the garment and being unhappy with it, we were instructed to mail it back for refund. We were only refunded the amount of the garment plus tax! No refund of shipping to us, no refund of shipping back to them!!!

Conclusion of story: We spent $13.72 and do not have a thing to show for it! The company will not even respond to my calls or emails to answer why they do not even refund one way shipping!

Buyer beware!!!!!!

This store stinks!
By -

LYNCHBURG -- My daughter bought a pair of sandals that she just had to have from her favorite store Forever 21.
She used her own money an loved them so much she wore them out the store.
They broke before we got to the car! The staff in the store could have cared less and offered her a gift card because they don't give cash back.
This store really is the worst and they don't care about their customer.
Shame on you Forever 21 owners!

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