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Incompetent & Unprofessional
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SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- Back in March of this year I was rear-ended while driving home from work. I had my vehicle, a 2008 Toyota Highlander, towed to the collision center of Fort Bend Toyota. It was estimated that the repairs would take 2 months to complete. After 4 months and my car still in the body shop, I went to Fort Bend Toyota and spoke to the General Manager, **. I expressed my concerns about the lack of competence of the body shop and it's manager, **. He told me he was going to talk with ** and call me that afternoon. He never called. Another month went by and I get a call from ** that my vehicle is repaired and ready to be picked up.

My husband and I arrive and notice right away that the left side rear panel does not align with the left rear door, the rear hatch would not close and the spare tire was missing among many more miscellaneous flaws. The vehicle stays there another month while the poor workmanship is corrected. After 6 months in the body shop, I pick up my car and take it home. About a week later an Allstate appraiser comes to the house to do a final inspection on the vehicle. It was then discovered there were parts that Allstate had paid to be replaced that were never replaced.

My car then goes back to Fort Bend Toyota's Collision Center to have those parts replaced and other failed repairs redone. Another month later ** calls and says the car is ready. Again, my husband and I arrive to pick it up and notice the rear hatch is not aligned with the left side rear panel or the rear bumper. We pointed it out to the Collision Center's manager, **, and he said "That's as good as its going to get". Unhappy with the repairs and his response, we walked directly to the dealership to speak with the General Manager, **. He shakes our hands and we explain our frustrations. He then goes outside and inspects the vehicle.

Without saying a word, he turns and walks to the Collision Center. A few minutes later, he literally runs out of the Collision Center and runs right passed my husband and I without saying anything to us. We go back into the dealership to find him so we can discuss the issue but he is nowhere to be found. That was 3 days ago. He has yet to contact us and I am sure he does not intend to. I just had my car appraised and it lost nearly 50% in value due to poor quality repair work performed by Fort Bend Toyota's Collision Center. You would think after 7 months in their shop they would have done it right. They definitely had the time!

I discourage anyone to do any business with such an incompetent and unprofessional establishment. There are many other Toyota dealerships and even more collision centers in the greater Houston area you can take your business to.

Never Going Back
By -

ROSENBERG, TEXAS -- Drove from Cypress, TX to this dealer on the word of a salesman named ** that all financing was in place just to get there and find out was a lie. Was told that ** had not been in for a few days and probably would not be back. When ** called I told him that I wanted to be sure since my credit is not that good before I make the long drive. He assured me everything was ready to go. The supposed "special finance manager" was nowhere to be found either. If someone would open a dealership and be 100% honest and upfront about everything, they could make a ton of money.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- DO NOT buy a used car from here. I bought a "certified" used highlander back at the end of June that my wife drives. Shortly after we moved up to Richmond, VA. On the way up I noticed a slight shaking when I braked. My wife stated that it was always there and that she thought it was normal. We took it to the Toyota dealership in Richmond and was told the rotors were warped and that they should have caught the problem when they certified it and because it was just out of the 3,000 mile mark, (the drive to Richmond was at least 1,000), they need an okay from the dealership that I got the vehicle.

I then called **, the used car manager at Fort Bend Toyota. He was not helpful at all and even accused me of doing the damage myself. I told him that another dealership is telling me that you missed it and you don't honor that? He then told me to let the service manager at the Richmond dealership to call his service manager **. The Richmond dealership and myself tried for 2 days to get in touch with **, but they never responded to numerous messages. They didn't have the common courtesy to call anyone back.

Now I have to fix a problem that should have been caught when it was "certified". In short, Fort bend Toyota forgets you when you leave the lot. They don't return phone calls or even believe what other Toyota dealerships say. On the other hand, McGeorge Toyota in Richmond did all they could to help and were very professional.

Great Job
By -

RICHMOND, TEXAS -- The body shop repaired my 2008 scion. The repair was done in a timely manner and was done very professionally. The body repair and paint matched perfectly.

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