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Getting Screwed on a Purchase
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FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- I must warn everyone not to buy a car from Bob Rohrman's "Your friendly dealer" of Fort Wayne, In. Specifically the Kia location at 5900 Illinois Road. I purchased a 2005 Kia Sedona and a 2005 Kia Spectra in Dec. of 2005. I paid $ 25,000.00 for the Sedona and $ 13,000.00 for the Spectra. I recently drove my Sedona in over the weekend to consider trading it in due to numerous issues my wife has had with the car and they offered approximately $ 8,000.00 Keep in mind I owe 20k. still yet since I've only had it for a little over a year and a half. It has 28,000 miles. The spectra is worth maybe 7 k. on the trade in. All together they tell me I am upside down by approximately $ 15,000.00 My wife and I are forced to drive the vehicles now until they are paid off. Oh, by the way.....When I bought the Sedona in Dec. 2005 for 25k. they started advertising in Jan. of 2006 ( 1 month later ) for 15k. for the same make and model. Talking about getting screwed !!!!

I am going to personally try contacting Bob Rohrman and Kia to resolve this issue or at least voice my opinion. Marketing 101 says that although they screwed me for 15k. they will loose me on the next 12 purchases in my lifetime, referrals and purchases from my kids. Lets say they loose 20 deals in my lifetime and average a margin of $ 5,000.00 on each new vehicle, their greediness just cost them $ 100,000 plus......It's the indirect cost of losing a loyal customer.

I realize cars only depreciate and yes I should have done more homework, but sometimes you like to trust. I trusted and lost. All they cared about was the sell.........
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
It's called depreciation, get over it.
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
It's called depreciation which is why you should never borrow money to buy a new car and for the most part one should never ever purchase a new car without knowing exactly the true cost of ownership which in this case is pretty substantial.
Sparticus on 10/15/2007:
Don't trade them in if you need to get rid of them. Sell them to a private party, you can get considerably more. Try, you can list your cars for sale there.

Also, check out for the latest prices on your car with that mileage. Edmunds will show you the fair market value of your cars, and if they are indeed trying to screw you over, you can simply head to another dealership to trade them in for more based on what Edmunds says they are worth.

Depreciation on cars sucks... unfortunately it is a reality.
LarryDan on 10/15/2007:
100% financing plus almost two years of heavy depreciation = owing much much more than its worth today. I agree with the other posters, you shouldn't blame the dealer.
PKT21 on 01/09/2010:
Fort Wayne Kia is a great dealership to purchase a new kia from. Any vehicle in this economy will depreciate very quickly right now. Next time ask them to show you lease options or have cash money to put down. It doesn't matter what you buy depreciation sucks but it happens everyday to almost everything. Hope this helps and think twice before you post bad about someone without know ing the facts.
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Unethical Sales tactics
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FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- After my 3rd leased vehicle from this dealer, I am no longer returning and may not even buy another Toyota. Each time I went to the dealership they would dicker with me on thousands for a downpayment I had already told them I didn't have and try to talk me into a payment $100 more than what I told them I could afford. They kept running back and forth to the sales manager and would not return my car keys when I asked them for them. About a month ago I called my bank to find the payoff on my lease and found out they had put $6000 of negative equity on my new lease from my old one and that there is a $900 early termination fee if I end the lease early which is 63 months. An out of state dealership told me they would never put a customer into that long of a lease and it was unethical for this dealership to do this. When I wrote to Toyota Corporation about this they replied they could not do anything as dealerships are privately run. I replied, aren't you concerned about the sales tactics these places use when they are selling your brand of vehicles?? They said they couldn't do anything. When I told them they lost me for a customer they said thank you for letting us serve you. In other words, we're making millions so who cares. When I called the dealership to complain about the negative equity and early termination fee, the salesman claimed he didn't know anything about it and he would call me back. Never heard from them. Better Business Bureau has 16 complaints from them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/26/2006:
Never, never, never ever lease a car the hole concept is BS!!
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/27/2006:
I'm sure if you go back and READ what you signed, you will find the $6000 carried over from your old lease and the 63 month term listed on the paperwork.
dsmith68 on 03/27/2006:
I do not understand why people lease..
kuippo on 10/06/2006:
It isn't that YOU did not read. It is that they are SCAMMERS! This company has many complaints filed on them. If people would use the Attorney General to file complaints, these crooks could be shut down!
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