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Four Seasons Run by Thugs
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WESTLAKE VILLIAGE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, CA. It was my fist time at one of their properties and will without question be my last! I had my 3/4 ton truck and an enclosed trailer. When I got there, I could not see anywhere to park the rig, so I parked across the street. I walked up and asked the Valet where I could park and he had no clue. We asked two more valets and none had any idea. I asked both doormen who were as clueless as the valets. I then asked the guy that helped with my luggage and he had no clue.

So I went to the front desk and asked the desk clerk if the hotel had parking for my rig and pointed out the window to show him my truck and trailer. He said We have plenty of parking for RV and trailers. So I checked in and when we were done, asked for directions on where to park. He pointed out the front window at a security gate and said pull in there and there is loads of parking. I asked how to get the gate opened and he said just slide your room key. So I followed his instructions. I drove up to the security gat and slid my key card and drove through the gate. Just after the trailer cleared the gate, the road made a sharp left turn and went into a parking garage with an overhang that had an 8' clearance. Guess what? My trailer is more than 8' high.

So there I was stuck in the middle of a turn, unable to go forward or backward. It took a considerable amount of time to inch back and forth having to jackknife the trailer in both directions constantly to get out. I had to jump the curb several times. When all was said and done, my trailer was dented in the front on both sides, one rear wheel was bent and the bearing cracked, and the electrical cable sheared in half. I then asked the security guard who was just standing there watching all this where I could park and his directions turned out to be almost as worthless. I finally found a spot on my own and parked. I got out of the truck and took two steps before another security guard ran up and said I could not park there. I asked where I could park and he had no idea. So I said "you know what, it is staying right here!", and walked away.

Well that night was my reunion with my old high school buddies that I had not seen in 37 years. Seven of them came back to my room and we started to play poker like the old days. This was at 9:30Pm. We were loud, no question. But since nobody complained, we figure the rooms next to us were empty. We had just ordered $200 of room service when there is a pounding on the door and a security guard demanding that everyone leave. No warning of any kind, just get out. We said we would be quiet and if we could just finish our food, then we would break it up. The guy said no everyone out!

We asked for the manager, who backed up the security guard. I then called the next morning and asked for the general manager. He was unavailable. So I checked out. He called a few hours later and I relayed both experiences to him. He totally backed up the night manager and said we did not deserve a warning and ignored the trailer incident altogether. So I wrote the President of Four Seasons Hotels, relaying my story and saying how the hotel manager treated me. His response was to kick back my letter to the same hotel manager who then called and treated me like I was a criminal and denied that the desk clerk ever told me to park behind the security gate. I wrote the president again and the response was he turned it over to his lawyer.

I don't know about any of you, but I would not expect this kind of treatment from a Motel 6, let alone a so called 5 star hotel. I would rate them as a minus 5 star in customer service. It may be a pretty and fancy looking place with nice rooms, but they treat you like a criminal not a guest. To sick a lawyer on me and lie about what happened, is what I would expect from a dump in South Central, not the Four Seasons. It seems that no matter how fancy a place is; it can still be run by thugs!
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User Replies:
Ponie on 11/05/2008:
Can't help but wonder why you didn't check clearance before you tried to drive in. I called a couple of my truckin' buddies after I read this complaint and they said that was your #1 mistake. They also questioned why you'd be driving a rig that size to a--reunion? No other means of transportation?
BobJohn on 11/05/2008:
Maybe it was me in the room down that hall that called. When I go to a hotel the last thing I want is a bunch of drunks yukking it up when I'm trying to sleep. Security guard did the right thing in my opinion. If the parking lot was for trucks and campers it should have had adequate warning signs before you entered, not after you are stuck.
yoke on 11/05/2008:
When you made the reservation why did you not ask if there was parking for your oversized truck.
Anonymous on 11/05/2008:
It was the trailer that was oversized, not the truck itself.

OP, why didn't you just leave your trailer at home?
yoke on 11/05/2008:
There is more to the story than the OP wants to let us know. Why have a reunion of 7 HS buddies at the Four Seasons? Sounds like there was to many people in the room and they were drinking and loud.
Anonymous on 11/05/2008:
Somebody had to have complained about the noise. If I were paying Four Seasons prices, I'd be a little p.o'ed if there was a party down the hall.
Anonymous on 11/05/2008:
You caused that much damage to your truck/trailer trying to get back out?? Had you already started the celebration a little earlier than your friends or what?!

You would expect better service at Motel 6??!

Four Seasons is a 5 star hotel?? What?!?

Are you for real? Seriously
Anonymous on 11/05/2008:
I find even more interesting that the president felt it was necessary to have their attorney respond to your letter. I bet you are leaving out a few other details aren't you
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