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These Guys Are Thieves
Posted by Kooo on 04/11/2011
LOS ANGELES -- I rented a car from fox in LAX during the ACS conference in March 2011 and I must confess this is most dubios rental company on earth. I regretted not coming here to read customer reviews prior to doing business with them. My total rental for the three days I was there was $158.67. I got back and three days later I was charged $ 296. I called several times to their cooperate office and had no response. I finally got hold of one customer representative after a week and requested a copy of my signed contract. I was told it will be emailed to me. A week later I had no email from them. I called again and the customer representative I spoke to said their was no record of any prevoius conversation. I am advising other customers to never leave their credit cards at the mercy of this white collared criminal rental company like fox.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
I've never met anybody who had great thing to say about Fox rent a car. All we consumers can do is keep each other warned about the bad guys.

Keep up the good work my good man.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
Never heard of them.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2011-04-11:
Call your credit card company and dispute the charge asap. You have the documentation to prove that it is wrongfully charged
Posted by Journey01 on 2013-07-30:
They just lost me as a potential customer! I was seriously considering renting from them during my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Checking reviews before executing an on-line reservation is usually my last step in this process. After reading these reviews... NOT!!
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Horrible. Non-existent customer service. Hidden fees!
Posted by Wownaiya on 09/20/2013
UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA -- I will never use Fox Rent a Car again in my life, if I can help it. Here is exactly why.

1. Difficult to reach at toll-free numbers. Six tries. One success. Five disconnects. I believe they were actually hanging up on me. I kept hearing someone pick up---and then NOTHING.

2. Rude and impatient at the SJ Airport. Rude and impatient on the phone at the toll-free numbers.

3. Billed at the same "rate" I was quoted, but BIG surprises when I came to return the car: all kinds of extra charges tacked on that we did not expect, resulting in double what we were led to believe we'd pay.

4. A full month after I returned my rental car, I received a charge on my bank card (that I used to pay for the car a month ago) for an unpaid toll crossing in New York -- WHILE I WAS IN OREGON AND DIDN'T HAVE THE CAR ANY LONGER.

In short: F*CK this car company in its ear. Their customer service is deplorable, and they do not bill as they lead you to believe. Their insurance and handling fees are twice as high as anyone else's. They not only do not honor their advertised discounted rates, but they are so hard to reach, it's almost like they don't even have an office.

This place is a sham and a scam.

My advice: stick with the well-knowns, like Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, and so on. These guys have never "steered" me wrong, but Fox should be called F*cks. Not Fox. They're awful, awful, awful.

NEVER USE THIS COMPANY - YOU ARE GAMBLING. All reviews I've read have been 75% negative; 25% positive.

Mine was extremely negative.

Sorry Fox. . . hope your business dies soon, before you can soak even more of us.

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Fux Sux.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-20:
I believe you are not a resident of the US. Hopefully where you reside there are credit card protection laws. If you can proceed you need to dispute at least the toll crossing charge when you no longer had the vehicle.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-21:
Contact your bank and have the unauthorized charge removed/chargedback as a fraudulent billing.
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Don't Ever!
Posted by Kimi1965325 on 05/20/2013
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I booked a car with this company, paid for it months before the period I had it rented for. They never said in the contract that the location was off site and I would have to get a shuttle to their location..... once I arrived at their location, the clerk handled all the paperwork and proceeded to tell me I would have to make a deposit, not even mentioning this would tie up the deposit funds in my bank account unless I used a credit card vs. ATM card, I used a ATM card! Once I asked about this she said she couldn't re-do the transaction !! Arghh.... so I dealt with it!! Upon returning the car, I checked the car in, all went well, the clerk said they would be refunding my deposit and it would take 3-5 business days!! OK, well I returned the car on the May 7th, and it's May 19th and I still HAVE NOT received the refund!!! I have called several times, and have heard every excuse possible!! Will NEVER EVER use this company again!

I will make sure to use the well known rental companies and never experience this with any of them!! Pay a little more and you will have a LOT less problems!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-20:
If you use an ATM card, you may have issues with any rental company. The reason is pretty simple - with a credit card they have more of a handle on you in the event there is damage to the car.

Electronic refunds can take up to two weeks to process through the ACH system. IMO, you are near the end of that period.
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$15.30 A Day Turned Into A Bill Of $548 For 6 Days
Posted by Janetlnorton on 04/29/2013
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I have never used Fox Rent a Car but their name popped up on a Google search for car rentals in Florida. Online, they quoted $12.50 a day for economy which would total $75 plus $10 a day for extra driver. I didn't need insurance as I have coverage. The rental counter was offsite so a shuttle was needed to get there. The agent immediately noted that I had rented an economy, stated how small and unsafe it was and suggested I upgrade to a compact for an additional $20/day. Of note, they quote $15.30 a DAY for renting a compact so he was already double talking and charging me $32.50. Then he proceeded to intimidate me into prepaying $45 is gas and told me that it would take a tank of gas to drive from the Keys to the airport and there were no gas stations on Route 95. I stood my ground and found out that a tank of gas lasted 4 days of driving to the Keys and all around. We agreed to upgrade and by then I was so confused I didn't pay attention to all he was saying. In short, what should have cost us slightly more than $100 according to their website ended up costing $548 on my credit card. I am still trying, unsuccessfully to get through to their customer service for an explanation and have requested an invoice online. The phone rings, I'm put on hold and after 30 seconds it goes to a busy circuit signal. Don't ever use Fox rent a car -- they're a scam.
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Posted by TomSF on 2013-04-29:
After renting many cars in many countries including the US I do the following. 1) I always rent the cheapest (usually smallest) car available and I have been upgraded for FREE about 50% of the time because the cheap cars are rented out first 2) I only buy the rental insurance if I am in a foreign country (even though my insurance covers accidents I can avoid a big hassle at checkin if I have their own insurance) 3) Every US airport I have returned a car to has at least 1 gas station within 5 miles of the airport so I fill up the tank (get a receipt) 4) if the agent says a small car is unsafe just ask "Why is XYZ rental renting out unsafe cars, maybe the BBB will be interested in that." 5) You can be firm about what you want, do not let them push you into anything. One more thing, the agent will not tell you they are out of the car you wanted to rent, they will push you to upgrade first, then if that doesn't work they have to upgrade you for free if they do not have a car (in my experience).
Posted by Jeff on 2013-04-30:
I do exactly what Tom said. My credit card covers any damage done to the car, while my insurance covers any liability against property. Some of these agents can be very very pushy. You have to tell them no, and just watch your paperwork.....I always make sure to look over my paperwork, and what I am being charged before I step foot out in the car....You have to be stern with these people. They will try to push you, scare you, etc. to try to increase their commission. I normally tell them up front that I have rented numerous times and know exactly what I want and what I need. Normally they back off.
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Never Again Will I Use Fox Rent A Car At Any Location
Posted by Vdariso8 on 07/12/2011
Being in the military, I have rented countless cars through my 30 year career and I must say without a doubt that my experience at Fox Rent A Car San Diego was my worst ever. I wish I had read all of the complaints about this company before I entrusted my business with them. I new I was in trouble when I had to request for the van that I was renting be washed it was filty dirty inside and out and they tried to give it to me. The agent insisted that it had been washed before. I feel that I am wasting my time now but I want to express my thoughts. When driving the van, it drove like it was going to fall apart. I tried to call the number on the contract and no answer so I just dealt with it. When I turned the van in, the agent insisted that the system works when essence the system is broken. The straw that broke the camels came after it turned in the vehicle. My relatives left me a cash donation in the van and tried to surprise me not knowing that I was turning the van in early the next morning before I would notice the gift or before they could talk to me to tell me about it aftet they reached the east coast. Unfortunately I turned in the van without knowing there was cash left for me. Almost immedidately after finding out, I tried for numerous hours to contact fox San Diego with no avail.

I called the lost and found and left a message. Their recording says they will follow up within 24 hrs. Not true!!! Today 7 days later I have not received a call. Finally I talked to a gentleman at fox San Diego and he said he would check in the van. He called me back and said he did not see the cash in the van but noted that he would leave a note for lost and found to call me the next day (wed).

I did not receive that call so I visited the office on thur morning and met with the manager and explained my story to her. She took my number and said that she would follow up with me after checking the security cameras and she gave me her ext. This is tues and I still have not heard from her. I tried to call her and of course I could not through to her. I know that cash is hard to retrieve and I would 100% better and would gladly call my family in fl if I would receive some feedback on my situation. I feel that the company is unprofessional and very inexperienced with zero customer service training. I know that my post will not receive any feedback nor will it deter future customers because customers like myself do not visit such sites until they have left at the alter by companies such as Fox Rent A Car San Diego. Words can not express how disappointed I am in how I was treated by this company. May be I have spoiled by the great customer service I witness during my 3 year tour in Japan recently. The vehicle would have been cleaned, they would have followed, and the cash would have been returned. I understand that we live in a society where $200 makes a huge difference in a persons life but fox should instill some morale values in its employees. I would be writing a different response on this site if I had gotten a call saying the my cash was in the office and to come by and pick it up. I am going to copy this post and post it on as many sites as I can just hoping that at least one customer will read it before renting a vehicle from this company. Needless to say I was not happy. If there were a star rating, I would give a 1/2 since the a/c did work. How about upgrading to sat radio fox. Come on we are almost in 2012. Get with your competion. I will stop now.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-12:
Sadly, a company CAN'T instill moral values in its employees. That happens at home, during our formative years. It doesn't sound like you can prove an employee too this cash, which is something to keep in mind. It would be nice if they got back to you with a status though.

What I would take away from your complaint, and should be useful to others, is they gave you a filthy car. You say it drove like it was "going to fall apart". What were the symptoms?

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Poor customer service & hidden fees
Posted by Miavaldez96518 on 06/02/2011
I was told that car was going to be $143.61 per my reservation conformation paper work. At the time I decided to add insurance. Total of bill should have been $203.61 plus tax and fees. I did this for the feeling of safety and to not have any delays on our short trip. I was sold this insurance by being told-even if I get a flat tire they will come give me a new car and I can drive away instead of waiting for it to be repaired. This is why I bought the insurance.

Instead I was scared, unconvinced, and treated rudely by YOUR STAFF.
Then to continue on—after getting home finally instead of a “I am sorry”—
I got charged for $271.12.

This was an unexpected stress and I did not need on my vacation traveling with my family, let alone the extra charges is unacceptable.

1. YOUR CAR died on me in a major intersections leaving us forced to push is out of the way and holding up traffic with my child in the car I was deeply concerned for her safety. When I called your customer service (Pete) department and ask to exchange car they told me I needed to drive another 300 miles to exchange car? I told him what I refused and was scared for my family for it doing this again and he made it clear there was nothing he can do for me I can only trade it in. I was SO UPSET I was in shock and my trip was ruined after this point. This was two scares and all I could do is rush home at this stage out of fear.

2. YOUR CAR oil light came on.

3. YOUR CAR engine light came on.

4. YOUR CAR had no windshield water to clean windshield, which was a danger to me forcing me to again stop and clean the windows and have to put a little water so I was not in danger from bugs hitting window and having no way to clean for clear view or in the event of rain? Did I get an apology from YOUR STAFF, NO instead I got charged.

5. YOUR car had no antenna? Just another reason to be disappointed.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-02:
They told you that the insurance covered coming to your location to give you a replacement in the event of just a flat tire?

That's amazing insurance, or it sounds like it is.

I've seen several bad things about Fox. Maybe the people who haven't had trouble don't write. I'll add this to the stack.
Posted by Slimster on 2011-06-02:
Sounds like "rent a wreck" where you can get an older bomber of a rental car for a cheaper rate. You didn't mention the location or number of days you rented so I might not be of much help here - that being said, if you have any "powers of pursuation," I'd be on the phone and ask for supervisors out the wazoo until I got at least a portion of your rental fee back. Good luck !
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Worst Rental Car company in the world
Posted by Steinpiaz on 01/09/2011
Somebody said he does understand why people are so pissed off at Fox Rent-A-Car. I would venture to guess he either works for the company or has never actually rented a car from these shysters. We booked a car through Travelocity for a guaranteed price, but when we got there they were extremely rude and pushy trying to up-sell us to bigger vehicles, higher insurance rates, you name it. They even lied saying our VISA would not cover the insurance (which is does) or that my wife would be unable to drive it unless we bought their insurance (which is not only pure nonsense, but would have cost more then the actual car rental). By far it was the worst experience I have ever had renting a car.

Most places you walk in, get the keys and walk out. Not with Fox. There was not another customer in the place and it still literally took us an hour before they would quit leaning on us to take an SUV, buy additional insurances or add additional features and actually "do the deal" on the car we booked. After awhile I was starting to get totally pissed off and ended up saying "look, just let me have the car and get out of here, I really, really do not want this other crap." Then, when they printed out the invoice, it was much higher then the price I had booked it at. I argued with them and flat out refused to pay until they honored the Travelocity total price. At that point they said "sure, we'll adjust the invoice and reprinted it." Today, looking over my VISA statement, I find that they went ahead and charged my card at the higher rate anyway. What scum!

To top it off, the car is in poor repair and handles very badly. It obviously needs some front end work. Also, it appears that they had rented it to a heavy smoker and the whole vehicle reeks and the interior windows are glazed with a sticky haze (from the tobacco smoke). They did perfume the heck out of it, but that just made the smell worse. So now we're driving around in this smelly overpriced wreck that pulls to the right and somebody says they can't understand why people are so pissed off at Fox Rent-A-Car. Get real dude.

Oh, and another weird issue. We waited at the airport for well over an hour for their shuttle (all the while watching ALL the other rental car shuttles go by like clockwork every 10-15 minutes. Part of their rational for not honoring the price booked through Travelocity was because "we were an hour late picking up the car." I nearly came unglued when they came up with this one. I told them "you've got to be fricken kidding me - we are an hour late because your shuttle was late and you want to charge us?" DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. RENT FROM ANYONE ELSE BUT THIS COMPANY!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-09:
Dispute the overcharge with your credit card....definitely sounds like a bad time...
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Beware of Fox Rental
Posted by Broken Windshield on 02/21/2010
My husband and I rented a Fox car from the Phoenix Airport on 12-16-09. Within 5 minutes of us leaving the airport a pebble came up and hit the windshield. I have been told that Phoenix freeways are well known for having loose pebbles on them thus making this unavoidable. We had the car for 5 days. During this time a large crack appeared from the drivers side. It could have been from the pebble or it could be from an installation issue which we've dealt with on our own car. After many frustrating times trying to get a hold of them to fight this (they would only let me talk to the claims management company)our insurance company Pemco paid them $250.00. Now they want us to pay them $50.00 processing fee and $40.00 for a days rental loss. Needless to say we will not be using Fox again and will let our friends and family know to beware.
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Posted by let me see? on 2010-02-21:
Huh? I have lived in Phoenix for 25+ years and have never heard of the "Phoenix is well known for having loose pebbles" on it's freeway BS. Sounds like you didn't get the insurance and are mad your insurance has to pay. If it was your car and a pebble hit the windshield and cracked it, who would you blame?
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-02-21:
I think any other car rental company would do the same thing.
Posted by oldisgood on 2010-02-22:
what "letmesee" said. I, too, live in the Phoenix area and have NEVER had a loose pebble or anything else hit my windshield.
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Vacation starts off on the wrong foot
Posted by Corki808 on 10/29/2009
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I had taken my 4 month old twin grandkids and the rest of my family to California for my sister to see. So there was a total of 8 of us. When I rented the van online, I specifically paid for a Toyota Sienna because I knew for a fact that they seated 8 people.
So coming from Hawaii, we arrive in San Francisco lik 9:30pm, and for us it's COLD! I'm trying to call the Fox Car Rental Desk from the phone's by the baggage area but theirs is broken and we can't get through. I run out to check and there's their van. Ok so we load everybody up & get to their office and they give us a 7 passenger van. Of course, luggage and all we did not fit. So we remove the middle seat and leave it there. They gave me a hard time but I told them I'll figure something out and be back for it tomorrow. We were so squished! So for my son's birthday, we were sitting on our luggage, smashed like sardines.
The next day is my birthday, and since we didn't fit, I send my husband back for the van and I make arrangements to rent another car from another company. My daughter in law and I were stuck, the hotel couldn't give us a later check out than 1pm because they were booked, so here we were, not used to the cold, walking around San Francisco with 4 month old twins, having to change their diapers on the street!
Luckily, when they got to Alamo for the second car, my husband saw a Toyota Sienna that would fit all of us but there was a short wait. Then of course he got lost coming back for us. :) The whole ordeal took half a day. Making all of us miserable and screwing up our schedule big time.
Bottom line, their prices make it tempting to try and rent from them again but I've never had problems with Alamo. It's been 3 years since that mishap and I've taken 5 or 6 vacations since then. If I can find a good reviews about them maybe I'll give them another try. BTW, when I emailed them about how disappointed I was the manager did offer to take care of us if we came back.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-10-30:
very unrealistic of you to expect a specific model when renting a car. Even more unrealistic of you to expect 8 people with luggage would fit in any car. I think your complaint says more about your unrealistic expectations than anything about Fox.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by JoelAnnie on 03/15/2008
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- PLEASE, PLEASE do not rent any car from Fox Rental Company. They have come close to ruining two of my vacations. The only reason it was two vacations is that I gave them a second chance after nightmare #1. When I arrived at the Phoenix airport I was told that the car I reserved was not available and that they would put me in a mid size car. I informed them that reservations were made for a reason and I wanted the car that I reserved. Again, the manager said that was all they had and I had no choice. Take it or leave it. Those were his exact words. Nice customer service. I explained to him that I didn't want to waste money on gas and I wasn't comfortable driving a larger vehicle. He didn't care. Well, after two hours of waiting in their ridiculously slow lines, and arguing with an abusive manager I told them I would return the next morning to exchange my mid size for a compact. The manager said it would be there if I arrived before 8 am. Well, as you guessed--no compact car was there. They switched my car to as they said, "a compact" when it was actually another mid size. At this point I simply gave up because I was wasting precious vacation time and this company was never going to get his right.

I have made it my life's mission to alert as many people as I can about this unethical company. It was the second time they did this to me and they never respond to my complaint letters. I am now filing a Better Business Bureau complaint as well as a complaint to the Phoenix Attorney General's Office.
If they gave me a car for free I would never rent from this company again. Don't waste your time or money--I did and lived to regret it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-15:
You let this ruin your whole vacation? As far as I know, no rental car outfit can guarantee what car(s) will be available. I'm sure you had other options available, such as 'other' rental car companies.

I AM curious about this, however -- why were you uncomfortable driving a slightly larger vehicle? I doubt it was just the few cents more you would have had to pay in gasoline.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-03-16:
Leela, at times there's just no pleasing some people. I'm sure the car was upgraded at no additional charge. My niece frequently pulls this when she rents a car. She'll find itty-bitty things wrong with the car--until they upgrade it free of additional charges! Works almost every time. Smart cookie, this 'kid.' Guess I taught her well. :)
Posted by JoelAnnie on 2008-03-20:
Actually in the rental reservation it says a specific compact car and then it says, "something similar". "Something similar" to me means another compact--not a mid size sedan. And I since I have NEVER owned anything but a compact I am not comfortable using a large car nor am I comfortable polluting the air with a car that uses more gas and yes, I don't won't to spend more dollars---not pennies for more gas.
And I do not consider getting a car I don't want an upgrade.

If you are going to comment on reviews please read them more carefully.
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