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These Guys Are Thieves
Posted by Kooo on 04/11/2011
LOS ANGELES -- I rented a car from fox in LAX during the ACS conference in March 2011 and I must confess this is most dubios rental company on earth. I regretted not coming here to read customer reviews prior to doing business with them. My total rental for the three days I was there was $158.67. I got back and three days later I was charged $ 296. I called several times to their cooperate office and had no response. I finally got hold of one customer representative after a week and requested a copy of my signed contract. I was told it will be emailed to me. A week later I had no email from them. I called again and the customer representative I spoke to said their was no record of any prevoius conversation. I am advising other customers to never leave their credit cards at the mercy of this white collared criminal rental company like fox.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
I've never met anybody who had great thing to say about Fox rent a car. All we consumers can do is keep each other warned about the bad guys.

Keep up the good work my good man.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
Never heard of them.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2011-04-11:
Call your credit card company and dispute the charge asap. You have the documentation to prove that it is wrongfully charged
Posted by Journey01 on 2013-07-30:
They just lost me as a potential customer! I was seriously considering renting from them during my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Checking reviews before executing an on-line reservation is usually my last step in this process. After reading these reviews... NOT!!
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by JoelAnnie on 03/15/2008
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- PLEASE, PLEASE do not rent any car from Fox Rental Company. They have come close to ruining two of my vacations. The only reason it was two vacations is that I gave them a second chance after nightmare #1. When I arrived at the Phoenix airport I was told that the car I reserved was not available and that they would put me in a mid size car. I informed them that reservations were made for a reason and I wanted the car that I reserved. Again, the manager said that was all they had and I had no choice. Take it or leave it. Those were his exact words. Nice customer service. I explained to him that I didn't want to waste money on gas and I wasn't comfortable driving a larger vehicle. He didn't care. Well, after two hours of waiting in their ridiculously slow lines, and arguing with an abusive manager I told them I would return the next morning to exchange my mid size for a compact. The manager said it would be there if I arrived before 8 am. Well, as you guessed--no compact car was there. They switched my car to as they said, "a compact" when it was actually another mid size. At this point I simply gave up because I was wasting precious vacation time and this company was never going to get his right.

I have made it my life's mission to alert as many people as I can about this unethical company. It was the second time they did this to me and they never respond to my complaint letters. I am now filing a Better Business Bureau complaint as well as a complaint to the Phoenix Attorney General's Office.
If they gave me a car for free I would never rent from this company again. Don't waste your time or money--I did and lived to regret it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-15:
You let this ruin your whole vacation? As far as I know, no rental car outfit can guarantee what car(s) will be available. I'm sure you had other options available, such as 'other' rental car companies.

I AM curious about this, however -- why were you uncomfortable driving a slightly larger vehicle? I doubt it was just the few cents more you would have had to pay in gasoline.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-03-16:
Leela, at times there's just no pleasing some people. I'm sure the car was upgraded at no additional charge. My niece frequently pulls this when she rents a car. She'll find itty-bitty things wrong with the car--until they upgrade it free of additional charges! Works almost every time. Smart cookie, this 'kid.' Guess I taught her well. :)
Posted by JoelAnnie on 2008-03-20:
Actually in the rental reservation it says a specific compact car and then it says, "something similar". "Something similar" to me means another compact--not a mid size sedan. And I since I have NEVER owned anything but a compact I am not comfortable using a large car nor am I comfortable polluting the air with a car that uses more gas and yes, I don't won't to spend more dollars---not pennies for more gas.
And I do not consider getting a car I don't want an upgrade.

If you are going to comment on reviews please read them more carefully.
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FOX Rent a Car LAX Location Stole My $150 Deposit
Posted by Kachalamps on 03/26/2014
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- FOX rent a car at LAX location stole $150 deposit. FOX rent a car at LAX location stole $150 deposit and never returned the amount to my credit card. I booked a compact car through a third party company in December, 2013. This is the worst experience I ever had with rental car company. I tried to call them for 3 months at the location and they never answered my calls. Anyone who had experience of the FOX rent a car at LAX airport location, please list your name and e-mail address or contact number on this forum. We have to do something to prevent this scam.
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Over Charge With Hidden Fees/bate and Switch
Posted by Wfb425 on 03/09/2014
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Rented an economy car on line and printed confirmation. Arrived at airport and took shuttle to Fox Rental Agency. Was told they didn't have any economy cars which I had a confirmation for. Was told they would give me an $18 per day rate for a Hyundai Elantra which I had to take. Check my credit card when statement came in and for the 26 days of rental I was charged $836.08. I've tried calling customer service at Fox but to no avail. I am now going to dispute my bill with my credit card company. The hidden fees will kill you alone!

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Posted by ralph on 2014-03-12:
Dispute the bill with your credit card company immediately. I am guessing your contract included every conceivable option (insurance, full tank of gas, etc). There are really no hidden fees, I've always paid what is on the contract I sign when I take the car. Agents are know to put all kinds of options in there you don't want but you have to read the contract.
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The Manager Were So Rude to Me When I Went to Return the Car
Posted by Lovely.gonzalez on 03/05/2014
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- The $22.00 dollars a day turn in $120 for 2 day. They had hidden charges. They charge extra for everything. When I went to return the car I asked to speak to the manager and he came to me, he don't even let me to speak, he was so rude to me. It was a very bad experience. The main problem for me was to get there to return the car. I had called several times for direction no one answered the phone. So I got late there, and they charged me $9.00 dollars for extra hour.
When I was trying to explain to the manager the reason that was late, he don't even let me to speak. I'll never going to use this company again. I do not recommend.
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Posted by Pete on 2014-03-06:
"Hidden charges" are usually spelled out in the contract you sign when you rent a car. You may have agreed to pay for a full tank of gas or some other extra that is optional. Sounds like this location has a jerk for a manager.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-03-06:
All rental places have a litany of extra charges that you don't find out about until you sign the contract, particularly if you rent from an airport location. If you were late then it is what it is. Presumably you were you dropping off the car from the same location you picked it up from. Knowing your way to the rental place falls under personal responsibility.
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Worst Experience Ever!!!!!
Posted by Emily.laggis on 12/28/2013
There was literally no service given from anyone. Couldn't reach anyone. We paid for a mid size SUV and received a car...We were told we could swap it the next day. What they didn't say is good luck reaching someone...
Next time would rather walk everywhere then rent from them again!!!
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Overcharged, Baited and Switched, No Response to Complaint. AVOID FOX
Posted by Bob201 on 12/14/2013
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- First: I rented a Luxury 4 door car like a Chrysler 300. The agreed upon fee would be $229 plus tax for a week's rental.

Upon arrival at the Tampa, FL Fox location, I was told "We don't have any luxury car available!" I expressed my surprise and dissatisfaction. "You'll just have to rent the Kia SUV," I was told. "For another $20/day!". I told the agent that Fox should not charge me any more, since this is what was agreed upon in my rental. "The boss will never allow that," I was told.

The agent left the area, and then returned, saying, "I can't believe it. The boss has agreed to let you have the KIA SUV at the same price!!"

They brought this little car around for us. I think it would fit in the back of my GMC Yukon XL at home!! All of this took an hour!!

Somehow, my three bags were stuffed into the small luggage space in the back, and a fourth bag placed into the back seat. The leg room for me, the driver, was marginal. I should have refused this car. But after the hour delay, and my desire to get on with our trip, I accepted this Kia SOUL "SUV".

I asked where do I call if there is a problem with the car. "We don't have road side service, unless you pay (something like) $21/day." I declined. I have never heard of a car rental company which charges for roadside help. I was repeatedly asked to purchase damage insurance and loss of use insurance. I explained that my own car insurance would cover the same, and my credit card would, too. The agent said that was unlikely.
(He was wrong!)

I was badgered to buy the tank of gas, "at a cheap rate,", but declined. I was warned that if I didn't bring the car back with the fuel full, I'd be charged over $6/gallon.

After one hour in this Kia vehicle, driving with my knees bent up in front of me....absolutely inadequate leg room for me...I had to have my wife do the driving for the rest of the week. One reason I rent luxury vehicles is for the leg room, as I am very tall.

When I returned the car, my receipt noted that any gas needed would have been charged to me at $5.21/gal.. But the tank was full.

When I called with my complaints, I was told the Fox could offer me a $35 refund....BECAUSE THE RENTAL COST OF THE KIA SUV WAS $35/WEEK LOWER THAN A LUXURY SEDAN!!!!!. So this was no refund for customer satisfaction!!! This was a refund which should have been applied at the Tampa location...I should have been notified of this at the time of the rental!!

So, considering all of these problems, I told the agent that I think FOX should refund me $100 off this rental. And the $35/week refund should be in addition!!

I was told to send an email detailing my complaints and I would get a response within a few days. Two weeks later, NO RESPONSE!. Tried to call Customer Service several times, and the call always fails after about a 10 second wait for Customer Service.

What a cheesy, crappy, unprofessional company! Burned once, but never again!!

I recommend that YOU SHOULDN'T TRUST A FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Paul on 2013-12-15:
Fox has horrendous customer service, but I don't agree that the customer can name their own discount when things go wrong.
Posted by azRider on 2013-12-16:
I think you should have just said no thanks, and called someone like hertz or enterprise. Someone bigger than fox. then field a dispute with the card company.
in the hour you waited for them to fix it, you could ave called someone else, had them pick you up and gotten a bigger car.
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Scrutinize the Bill Carefully Before Signing!
Posted by Sandsciot on 11/19/2013
After requesting and confirming three times that they not include Supplemental Liability Protection, they went ahead and charged me $14.86 per day anyway. When I tried to call to complain, they gave me a number that only rang and no one answered. I would never do business with them again.

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Buyer Beware Experience Was Pretty Bad Really Low Rate
Posted by Dankernekins on 11/19/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Fox Rent A Car in Orlando Florida

My experience with Fox rent a car was pretty bad. Fox lures its customers in with a really low rate for a rental car in Orlando. That's the only good thing I can say about Fox. The initial rate was low. $12 for a compact car for 4 days for total cost of about $65.
BUT: Buyer Beware... read EVERYTHING no matter what you verbally tell them.
Trip reason: "emergency" trip to Florida to check on 90+ year old mother.

Bad stuff about Fox:

1. Fox is an off airport location. Have to wait for bus coming and going. Needed to find by GPS in order to return auto. Arrival was at 11 pm Thursday in dark.

2. The employees attempt to up-sell everything. Inside, denied any upgrade 4 times. Finally, after 9 hours of travel, handed paperwork, "initial here". Bad idea. They had added charges I said I did not need.

3. Outside, again the upgrade. Started with, "oh, you will not be comfortable in that car." Was told car I was given was a "free upgrade", who knows. Had to still drive 1.5 hours to destination, so glad to finally get out of there and on the road. With all the insurance, taxes, fees and scams, you will end up with a bill DOUBLE of your expectation, so definitely equals other places and you won't have to deal with our frustrations and rude employees.

4. Return was problem, first finding the place again and then finally getting bill. Why so expensive after internet booking numbers? Was to be about $70. Sure, the $100 extra deposit is supposed to be returned. Discovered when returning that the auto collision and emergency repair that I told them I'm already covered with my current insurance was ADDED, more than doubling the cost. Counter person clearly did not care. So asked for manager and Manager Dan Snow did not even pretend to work with me in any way to adjust the unnecessary charges.

All the other car rental companies in Orlando will need to be out of cars before I'll rent from Fox again. It's a cheap rental, and you get what you pay for, and Buyer Beware... read EVERYTHING no matter what you verbally tell them.
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Do Not Rent From Fox!!!
Posted by Mlstallings19 on 11/11/2013
DENVER, COLORADO -- Terrible experience. I picked Fox because they were $2 less per day than the company I had used for over 15 years. Big mistake. There were over $100 of unexplained charges and they said their prepaid gas at 3.39 was the cheapest in the area. During my 16 days with this car the gas prices were never above 3.19 and I was within a 60 mile radius of Denver. Staff was rude and the wait at the counter was 30 min. I learned the hard way.
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