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Horrible Customer Service, Company Should Be Shut Down!
By -

I wish I saw the other reviews here before I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering school uniforms from FRANK BEE on the internet. I placed an order for my daughter's gym pants in early October. They took the payment from my credit card on 10/08/08. Today is November 23rd, and still no pants. I emailed their customer service, and received no response. A week later, I called them. One person answered the phone, and put me on hold for about 5-10 minutes. Another person picked up the call afterwards and told me the order shipped, but the tracking # was not in the system yet. She would call back around 6 PM with that info.

Well, she never called. I called again the next day and told them I was waiting for the tracking # from the previous day, and again, I was put on hold. After some time, again, a different person picked up the call and told me the order had shipped, and they would call me at the end of the business day with the tracking number. And again, no one ever called. I waited another week, called back, and told them it was the 3rd time I was calling regarding the status of my order.

Same thing happened again: I was put on hold, a different representative picks up the call, tells me my order has been shipped and he will call me at 5:30 PM with the tracking number, if that is okay. I said, "Of course it's okay! I want to know where my order is!" Well, again... NOBODY EVER CALLED WITH MY TRACKING NUMBER! I checked the website for shipping information, and the website states there is no tracking information for this order! Are these people lying to me?? Was my order REALLY shipped? Will I ever receive my order, or just a royal rip-off from the Frank Bee Uniform Company?

I have had it with them; they are incompetent, awful, and everything you DON'T want from customer service! Nothing but headaches & hassles, and I can't believe that this company is still in business! If I don't receive my order by Dec. 1st, I am contacting Paypal & my credit card company and putting in a complaint and requesting a full refund! Like others have warned: AVOID ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!! FRANK BEE ENTERPRISES/SCHOOL UNIFORMS IS HORRIBLE AND UNRELIABLE! STEER CLEAR!

By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- I'm a Police Officer from Washington, D.C. trying to save a little $$ on a police sweater offered by this company via their website. I purchased the Uniform Sweater Immediately, via the website and patiently wait 4 days without any communication from the company. I finally call the customer service line, and I am greeted by a VERY UNPROFESSIONAL male individual who advises me in a tone of voice that can only be described as confrontational (telephone tough guy) that it takes orders up to 3 day to actually ship then abruptly hangs the phone up.

After my wife had to convince me not to drive up to the bronx to deal with this matter in person, I called back at least 15 times in which I got an answering machine. Finally, the same rude/unprofessional individual who is obviously upset that he is working in a uniform clothing store answers, I demanded a refund in which he replied he would take care of immediately... Needless to say, It didn't happen I had to waist my time again on the 5th day, unsuccessfully calling back the customer service number, then looking up an alternate number on the internet to finally reach someone who could issue my refund. 5 days later.

This is absolutely the most UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, SLOW SHIPPING company I have ever come across in all my years of ever making a purchase. Steer Clear from these people don't let them hold up your money or jerk you around on the telephone, because with my experience with them, that is all they are good for!

Bad Company To Buy From - Steer Clear
By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- This company is absolutely the most difficult company I have ever dealt with online. Firstly, my order was ignored. I waited and waited and didn't receive it. I emailed them about this and it was immediately sent out after they said for some reason my order did not come in to their computer system in a normal way. ??? When I received the order, it was so terribly late and incomplete to a ridiculous degree. (Missing the main parts of the uniform.)I had to actually buy the uniform from another company because my order from Frank Bee took so long to get here and was not all there. I immediately returned the items to the company 3 months ago.

They will not reply to my emails and do not answer their phones AT ALL. Most importantly to know, they have not given me a refund for all my returned merchandise and seem pretty set on ignoring me altogether. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Terrible, horrible customer service. The worst I have seen yet!

Incompetent Service
By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- This was one of the most incompetent firms I have ever dealt with. After being told that meeting a particular delivery date for a large dollar amount of hurricane relief supplies was absolutely important, and promising to meet that date, they were several days late (not the shipper's fault). They promised to provide return calls and update information, but never did so. They were difficult to contact via phone; their company president did not respond to complaints by mail. Then they attempted to bill me an additional amount for an over shipment beyond my actual order amount. They were rude and incompetent. Avoid at all cost!!

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Frank Bee Enterprises Rating:
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Frank Bee Enterprises
3439 East Tremont Ave.
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718-823-9475 (ph)
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