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Highly Recommended
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Rating: 5/51

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Wonderful friendly representatives, that really go above and beyond to work for you and do what they can to make sure you are a satisfied customer. I would highly recommend anyone to give them a try. I really loved Vickie and Keith, they're awesome! Go check them out! Super happy with my new car, love love love.

Do Not Buy From This Company
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Rating: 1/51

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just want to start off by saying that normally I am not into placing reviews online but this situation, I feel that people should be warned and not go through the same situation that I am currently going through as I am typing this complaint.

I purchased my CX-9 Mazda on October the 10th, 2015. My salesperson was awesome and I couldn't ask for better service for purchasing a car. I decided to test drive my car because as soon I saw it I knew I wanted it without any questions. I then drove the car with my partner and I and the salesperson. As we drove the vehicle we notice a sound coming from the tire. The salesperson said she would get someone to check it out as soon as we get back to Frank Meyers.

Once we get back, the mechanic takes it for a test drive… Meanwhile we are still so excited about this car and still want to purchase this car as we wait to hear the news of what the problem is. Once he gets back he says that it has something to do with the tire. We were not notified with whether it was something major or minor. All we were told was that it was going to be fixed during the week since the Service Center is not opened on the weekend. We then take their word for it and still purchase the car hoping that it would be an easy fix with no problem due to them agreeing to fix it. We left happy and satisfied on Saturday October 10th.

Once I took the vehicle to get fixed which was stated that it would be no cost, they fix it with no problem and they give me a car in replacement so that I would have transportation to get back and forth to work. It took them a total of 3 days to get this mechanical work done. I found out that the service department could not figure out what tire needed to be fixed so I was told that it was taken to BOB KING MAZDA… I then picked my vehicle up and found out from the receipt of the work that was done that it was more than one HUB Wheel Barrow that was fixed.

A week goes by and everything is fine. I then start hearing a loud noise from the left side of the car sounding like the tire is about to fall off… I felt endangered to even drive the vehicle. I called and they told me to bring the vehicle back in. And once bringing it back in, now I am told it was the brake caliper. And now I will have to use my warranty and pay a $200 deductible to get something fixed that I know that I didn't do and I already knew that it was coming from the left side of the car and the Mechanic in the service department told me that it was coming from the right side.

By this time I am extremely frustrated that this week not only do I have to pay my first car payment but I also have to pay $200 of something I know that I didn't do and that it is coming from the mechanical work that they messed up last week. I then take it back today to get the brake caliper fixed, and waited two hours that hopefully I would have my car fixed.

The mechanic then comes to me after fixing the brake caliper and said it's the HUB Wheelbarrow that they fixed last week and said BOB KING MAZDA must've put on a bad part… They then said that they would have to order the part again and that it was too dangerous to drive and told me that they could not provide me with a rental car… I then get extremely upset that now they are not providing me a rental and of course I say a couple of upsetting sentences due to frustration.

I then go to the sales department to ask for something to drive since this is an issue that they told me they would fix before I purchase the car from them. I talked to a guy name Ritch (service manager) and after getting upset and explaining my frustration, he then tells me that I was being ungrateful because I should be glad that they are fixing the problem that they told they were going to fix before I purchase the car. I do have the rental after raising Cain but who knows what tomorrow brings with this company.

I am extremely frustrated and I couldn't be any unhappier with this company. Apparently no one services these cars before they are put on the lot because not only am I now waiting for my car to get fixed hoping that nothing else goes wrong with it, but I can already feel a month later that an alignment, a new alienator and starter will be needed soon. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. I learned my lesson and will not be schooled again from FRANK MEYERS AUTO MAXX IN WINSTON-SALEM, NC.

Worst Car Purchase Ever, 2007 Mini Cooper From Frank Myers Auto Maxx
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Rating: 1/51

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- In a nutshell, the 2007 Mini Cooper I purchased from Frank Auto Maxx cost far exceeds the purchase price and the cost for repairs. I have spent over $5000 for repairs, including having the transmission replaced. I just got an estimate for engine repairs of $5300 and I owe a balance of $7600. Right now it is not worth $5000 in value. I have had issues with this car from day one. #unabletodriveit #stillmakingpayments

I Was Fooled!
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Rating: 1/51

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- The sales staff are some of the best!!! But, yes there is a but to the situation. I have purchased four vehicles from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in the last 10 or so years and have never had a problem until now. Also I'€™ve never had an opportunity to deal with the shop part being all of the cars up to this point were good reliable cars. I purchased a used Chevrolet Tahoe on or about 10-26-12. Within a week I called my salesman. Told him of the problems I was having. Was told to bring it in being I hadn't even had the vehicle a week! Took it and left it overnight and made sure to tell them what the problem was.

Thinking it would be fixed, I called the next day only to be told they had to order a part and it would be finished the next morning at 8 A.M. I picked my Tahoe up around 3 o'€™clock the next day. I drove it down the highway and everything seemed to be fine. Boy was I fooled!!! My mechanic had checked what we had already knew was wrong with the vehicle. Instead of fixing the problem they only made it look like they had actually done something to the vehicle. I called the shop to ask exactly what was done, and was told they had only put fluid in my power steering and ordered a gasket for my oil pan.

Funny thing is if they ordered it wasn'€™t put on, and the power steering pump needed to be replaced. The intake manifold (which is plastic) is also leaking. Now this is something you can see leaking so if they had even looked at the vehicle they would have seen this. On top of all that I thought it was quite funny that someone tried to spray paint the brake rotors on the back and painted the wheel in doing so. I mean if you are going to try to cover up something up at least cover the mess up too and take the wheel off so I can't see your art work.

After all that I ask if I could take it to my mechanic and they reimburse me for the charges only to be told no they can't do that. Well at this point I'™m going to eat the cost of the repairs because I don't trust their shop for even changing the oil correctly, so much for their warranty on the powertrain if that'™s the way they fix things!! After reading some of the other reviews let me add this in closing I'm not a disgruntled employee nor do I have a desire to be ugly to the sales staff. Again the sales staff are great people, but the service department needs an overhaul.

Bogus Warranty on Certified Vehicle
By -

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchase a car 10/31/09, and began having problems with the heating system I went back to the dealership to report the problems to the Service Mgr., **. He treated me awful and refused to help me. I complained to Tracy Myers who via email responded and via email gave me permission to take the car to Flow Mini. They did not repair the correct part which was a $12.00 hose. The car kept leaking antifreeze unknown to me so Flow Mini's repair of $458 (radiator, etc..) did not help. The car began to overheat on a stretch of highway with construction so I couldn't pull over.

The engine melted basically, the car was towed to a local mechanic with a 38 year stellar history in Clemmons. They diagnosed the car which cost me $1,000 approximately (including rental car fees). The supposed Warranty on the Frank Myers Certified Vehicle would not honor the warranty to fix the engine for $4,600, so the car had to be repossessed, ruining my credit. I consulted an attorney at the cost of $800 but she indicated they would prolong the issue and cost me more monies. AVP warranty and Tracy Myers did nothing to help.

I bought the car 10/31/09 and the car blew up in Mid March. The warranty company was wanting to know my history of how I kept up my previous vehicles, what maintenance I had done on this one. My question to all people in the community is this? If Tracy Myers gets on TV promising a Life Time Warranty on Certified Vehicle why didn't he come through for me? I had owned the car a little over 4 months with 75K on it and less than 3,000 miles put on the car. What kind of repairs should I have made within 3,000 miles on a newly purchased car???

Tracy Myers indicated to my mechanic that AVP warranty would not honor the warranty on my certified car because Flow Mini Cooper had misdiagnosed the vehicle. This was devastating to me financially and emotionally. A promise is a promise.

I am a RN and my analogy to this whole mess is this: If a man or woman gets a heart cath and the doctor accidentally misdiagnoses the condition or messes up, does Blue Cross & Blue Shield have the right to refuse coverage???? It is the same principal! Tracy Myers and the warranty he provides is only worth the paper it's written on, from the beginning, AVP warranty and Tracy Myers weren't going to honor the warranty they promise on paper and TV.

I had to buy a $1,500 and file bankruptcy, chapter 13 because of Tracy Myers and AVP warranty. All it takes nowadays is one (1) thing to push the average person into financial hardship. I believe there is a God though and he's watching, so when any of us do wrong by a customer, neighbor or patient, etc... it will come back to us.

By -

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently stopped by Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem NC after looking at their selection of vehicles via the internet. Their website boast in great detail about a select number of vehicles are available for only a $17.00 acquisition fee and take over low monthly payments regardless of credit. They "promise" there are no catches and lead one to believe that a $17.00 payment and you will be on your way in your new vehicle. In reality, they must find you outside lending and this lender may require an additional downpayment. This disclosure is located on their vehicle window sticker in small print.

I'm sure what they are doing is legal but is it moral to word your ads in such a manner? Also, I am not so sure about their Certified Autos. Having been licensed in the past as an auto inspector I noticed more than 1 vehicle marked "certified" that could not legally pass a NC inspection. An example is a Chevy cargo van they currently have for sale as certified. Three of the four tires are almost completely bald. One is on the verge of having steel tread starting to show on its outer edge and one has a large gash on its sidewall.

If such obvious poor quality and safety items are left on one of their vehicles being sold as certified, it makes me wonder how well the rest of the vehicle was inspected by their shop? The bottom line is, like all car dealers let the buyer beware. Do not rely on what they tell you and do not count on any written agreements unless you have an attorney look at it first. Most of all make sure to have your own trusted mechanic inspect any used vehicle you are planning to purchase.

Company Response 08/31/2009:

Hello, my name is Tracy Myers and I am the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC. While I appreciate this consumer stopping by my dealership, he/she seems to have a misunderstanding about one of our most popular programs. Yes, the ads state "pay a $17.00 acquisition fee and take over low monthly payments regardless of credit." Please allow me to explain the details.

We don't own the vehicles at our dealership...the bank does. My dealership makes a monthly payment to the bank on our vehicles until they are sold to a consumer or to another dealer at auction. The $17.00 acquisition fee is simply the fee involved for a consumer to "take over" payments from the dealership by securing financing. As the ad states, there are NO catches. The fee is still only $17.00 whether the consumer has great credit or bad credit.

As far as the disclosure being in small print, there are finance disclosures on all of our window stickers. This is done not only as a courtesy to our customer but, by federal law, we must clearly post disclosures if we are posting payments (and we post a price and payment solutions on every car). If I am not mistaken, our disclosures are in the same font size as the list of options. However, if you think it should be larger or more conspicuous then I would gladly consider changing it.

As far as the ads not being moral, I am not sure what we could differently except to do away with our $17.00 acquisition fee program entirely. We have never claimed that the $17.00 was a down payment and that you wouldn't need any additional money to buy a vehicle. As a matter of fact, our window stickers clearly show a price...a down payment...a term and an interest rate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There are a couple of other things that I feel I must address to clarify this opportunity for improvement. The first is our finance guarantee which states: "We'll offer you a finance solution or we'll pay you $1,000". It may sound like an "ad hook" but it is 100% real. How? Because we own our own finance company. While it is true that any dealer can offer you financing with enough down payment (usually 30-33% with really bad credit), our finance company can generally offer financing with an average of 10-12% down payment for the worst credit. Of course, there are in a 45 mile radius of the dealership, valid NC drivers license and auto insurance. Other than that though, the offer stands. With good to great credit, we can use one of the local credit unions for financing and a down payment is usually not necessary.

And concerning our Certified vehicles, they all go through a 165 point mechanical and safety inspection. While I'm not familiar with the particular vehicle you spoke of in your review, I will find it ASAP. If the tires are indeed as "bald" as you suggested, please know that the person that inspected it will be discliplined according to our strict company policy. Passing vehicles that don't live up to our quality is not acceptable. It would be my pleasure to walk my inventory with you so you can point out the things that wouldn't pass NC inspection. That is the only way I can improve my business. Heck, I'll even pay for your gas up here.

We encourage our potential customers to take any vehicle they are considering, regardless of what dealership it is at, to buy to their mechanic. That makes our job a lot easier and, as my grandpa always said, puts the proof in the pudding. The worst case scenario is buying a Certified vehicle, taking it to their mechanic, finding something wrong with it and bringing it back. All of our Certified vehicles come with a free 100% iron clad money back guarantee.

In closing, please know that I agree with almost everything the review said. I simply think it is all a misunderstanding and I hope that I have cleared some of the things up here. If there are any other concerns or questions, please contact me here and I will always help.

Do not trust this place
By -

Please please take the car you're buying from these people to a certified mechanic before signing anything!! Do not trust their "160 point" inspection. Make sure you look at the carfax report for wrecks... We were told 99% of used cars have been wrecked" by their sales manager. I think we all know that's not true.

Bought a car with 16,990 miles on it (2009). Miles on sticker/car were different by 700 miles (They went off the last inspection mileage.) Deal finalized 5-4-10. 5-8-10 The knocking sound from front end that was very quiet gets 100% worse. Took it to a mechanic and they said the right front axle is bent with a rubber block keeping the noise quiet. The rubber block became loose and no longer masked the sound. Also found oil leak right side of oil pan. Further inspection, car has been wrecked and the dealership is not obligated to tell you the car has had damage done.

We take the car back to the dealership first thing Monday morning thinking "oh they will understand... after all the car HAS been wrecked in its history and there is still damage from the wreck... So they must be willing to make it right?" Wrong. They start off by telling us there is nothing wrong with the oil pan that the bolts were loose (Seriously doubt it unless it was installed by their mechanics). Then they tell us there is no way the bent axle and oil pan slipped by their "160 point inspection". They claim we did this damage, and told us there is nothing we can do to get the damage that the vehicle had WHEN they sold it to us fixed at their cost.

END RESULT: Car is now at Frank Myers. They agreed to replace the axle for 150.00 out of MY pocket. Now I get to keep a car that I don't trust and feel VERY bad about this deal. My kids have to ride in this car. They lied to lenders etc... Too many downfalls to list. Please people be VERY cautious when buying from this place. Very very crooked. Frank Myers Auto Maxx is the new generation of greaseball used car salesmen. I will do everything I can to detour anyone I know from buying from this place.

Company Response 5/15/2010:

Thank you for your feedback. Please allow me to apologize for any misunderstanding that we may have had. Since you posted this, I believe that we have taken great strides in reaching a resolution. As far as the $150.00 you paid to repair your vehicle, it was actually a warranty deductible. While the deductible IS $150.00 per occurance, I am in agreement with you...I don't think you should have to pay it since you only had the car a few days. That is why I am wanting to reimburse you. Please contact me at the dealership so we can discuss where you would like for me to mail the check.

Hopefully, it is a great comfort to you that your vehicle is still completely covered not only be the remainder of the factory warranty but also the Lifetime Engine Warranty that we gave you at the time of purchase. In addition, as a sign of good faith, I would like to give you your next oil change at no cost to you.

I appreciate you as a Frank Myers customer and I look forward to serving you again in the near future.

Tracy Myers
Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Do Not Trust Them They Are Liars
By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- What a crock of crap with rebuilding your credit.. We needed a new car and a way to build our credit. We had no active credit and we needed it to get our points up to buy a home.. so we decided to go to Frank Meyers. They told us a couple of lenders to try so we could get the "extra down payment" we needed to purchase a car. So we wasted a day of trying to get a loan and were told our scores were to low. So we took more hits on our credit file which made it even lower and did not get the loan.

Then they talked my husband into trading his truck in order to meet the down payment requirement and tax, title and tags. Against my better judgment he did it.. we told them we do not have the money for the taxes, title and tags this trade in has to cover everything not a penny from us.. I quote "this will cover everything you will not have to put out a penny".. that was a joke.. They are now telling us we need to pay $200 for the tags, taxes and title. Needless to say we have not paid them for that yet.

So today I called to check with the lender as to when they would start reporting our payments to the credit bureaus because we need that reported to raise our points to qualify for a mortgage. I was told we do not and will not report to the credit bureaus.. you can get your history and report it yourself. Now what the hell is that going to do and why should I have to report it. This was to help suppose us build our credit and now I find out they knew this company would not report this.. so we now can not get the mortgage to buy our home. We are paying on a loan for 3 years that is doing us no good with our credit. I will NOT recommend any one buy from them under any circumstances. I hope you all rot in hell for lying to people.

Resolution Update 05/12/2010:

I have to say I really didn't expect anyone to get back to me from Frank Myers.. I was very wrong. Tracy contacted me right away and has done everything in her power to help us with our situation.. For that I am thankful and grateful. the issue has been resolved and I'm very satisfied with the outcome.. thanks and blessings

Company Response 5/15/2010:

I am glad that you allowed me to speak with you and resolve our misunderstanding. When you return from your missions trip, please call me and we will find a time that's convenient for you to visit the dealership. It would be a pleasure to meet with you and move forward with your request to manually submit your info to Equifax.

Have a great day,
Tracy Myers

Credit score may be inaccurate
By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to Frank Myers today to fill an application on a vehicle. I already knew what my credit score would be. I have a 569. I know that it is not a good score. In fact, I think it is horrible. I have some inaccuracies to take care of on my report. I also have a trade in that could take care of my down payment. When my credit was checked, the report said that my score was 446. I looked over the credit report and my inaccuracies was still there, but my score should still have been the 569. The sales lady did a sales pitch on a company that could "fix my credit" for a fee. I don't buy into companies that promise to fix your credit.

If you have inaccuracies, then you can do it on your own by disputing the information with the credit bureau. Well when I got home, I subscribed to another credit monitoring agency to check to see if the one I had was giving me a false credit score. Well my credit score was 540. True credit has it at 569 and Freescore has it at 540. Both of these scores are bad, but no where near the 446 that Frank Myers says I had.

So are they trying to sale a care or a referral to a "fix my credit" company? I don't know. I'm not going to give up my trade in and $1800 dollars in cash. I can take the $1800 dollars and fix up my trade in. I'm also not going to bug my relatives to be my co-signer. That's a awful thing to ask someone. They will always guarantee that you will be approved, but the requirements are ridiculous. There is something up with this company. It's a shame because they do offer nice vehicles. I'm not sure if there credit monitoring is up to par or if their deals seem to good to be true.

Company Response 04/16/2010:

My name is Tracy Myers and I am the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx. First of all, let me say "Thank You" for your feedback and for giving my company the opprotunity to earn your business. Please allow me a moment to address your concerns.

Since your name isn't posted in the review, I can't pull your credit file to discuss specifics. However, I can say that you are correct...our score would not be the same as the ones that you have because we use credit bureaus with a feature called "auto enhance". Here is a quick synopsis explaining the auto enhance feature:

What is an Auto Enhanced score and how do I leverage it?

Most people do not realize there is a difference between your normal FICO score, and the score you are graded on when you apply for auto credit. Your normal credit score is simply referred to as "Classic FICO Score (also referred to as your BEACON score)". The auto score is usually referred to as your "FICO Auto Industry Option". This score it not available for you to purchase and only dealers\finance companies are able to pull it. Here are the major differences between Auto and Classic scores:

-The major difference between FICO scores and FICO auto scores is that the auto scores rate you more on how you've managed your previous auto credit. Most car lenders primarily care about how you've paid your auto loans. The auto score gives them this information.

-Have you made late payments on a current or previous auto loan or lease?

-Have you ever settled an auto loan or lease for less than you owed?

-Have you had a car repossessed?

-Have you had an auto account sent to collections?

-Did you include your car loan or lease in your bankruptcy?

All of these things will affect your "Auto Enhanced Score".

Hopefully, this answers your concerns about the difference between "our score" and "your score".

Now to address your questions about the credit restoration service that we offer. They are through a company called Prime Credit. We have been offering both our customers and non-customers the services of Prime Credit for almost a year and the response has been incredible. However, we also understand that credit restoration services are not everyones cup-o-tea and we respect that. If you feel that these services were pushed on you, then please accept my apologies. That was never anyone's intent.

In closing, let me once again tell you how much I appreciate you bringing our shortcomings to my attention. Without knowing how our clients feel about the experiences we provide, then we can never improve.

It would be my pleasure to meet you in person, discuss the vision of the dealership and how we can better serve our guests. My direct number is 336-831-0646.

By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Bought a car at Frank Myers. They told me some of the biggest lies all rich people know how to do is use poor people. That's why this world is like it is to day. The car I got was 9000 right I paid 3000 down this car has 96000 miles on it. After they got done with all paper work they think this car is going to cost me 14000. I don't think so. I needed a car but not that bad. That is very wrong. I'm very poor and if I let them do that to me I will be even poorer that is not fair to me.

A car with 96000 miles on 317 a month for payment. Would not let you get the car you wanted. They put you in what they wanted. That is so wrong I will do what ever it takes to beat this you could not do people this way I'm just a poor girl very poor that needed a car. Now they took my hard earned money 3000 but I will fight this because like I said its very wrong to do any body this way if they are rich or poor its wrong. You will be hearing from me. Thank you **.

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