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Poor service immediately after the sale
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Bought a new 2005 vehicle from Fred Anderson Toyota. Noticed a slight rear end vibration when driving the vehicle home. Dealer had been very attentive during the sales process, but as soon as I had handed over the money they no longer seemed to car about correcting the delivery issue. Eventually required 5 trips over 2 weeks time before they finally swapped the wheels and rims with those of another car, fixing the problem but ruining planned vacations.

1st trip to the dealer they didn't attempt to fix it. They looked at it and told me to schedule another appointment.

2nd trip, right before July 4th planned trip, they worked to balance the tires for 4 hours. Said they couldn't balance the front tires, even though they had been fine. The problem had been in the rear. On the way home, the vibration in the front was now so bad that the car was essentially undrivable on the highway. Went back twice to have them undo whatever they did so that we could go on our trip, but they gave conflicting stories about what they had done and said they couldn't undo it. Cancelled our vacation.

I had to repeatedly call the dealership over the next several days to see when new tires that they had ordered had come in. Took from Saturday until the following Wednesday before the tires came in.

3rd trip, they worked on the car another 4 hours (wait time). Replaced all 4 tires. Repeatedly test drove the car. By now a major portion of the mileage on the car was testdrives. Original vibration had returned, somewhat worse, but they hadn't fixed the problem.

Escallated the problem to their Customer Service Manager (Jackie Moran) and service manager (Charles Sigmon, who never returned calls). She made me come in yet again.

4th trip. Jackie made me miss work again to come in, I thought to fix the problem. Instead someone drove around with me to agree that I had a vibration problem. This is Thursday. Two weeks -1 day after I bought the car and originally reported the problem. But they said they couldn't fix the problem that day, nor Friday, nor Saturday. Ruin another weekend trip, come back in on Monday.

Jackie Moran was unable or unwilling to expedite the repairs and had made the situation worse by wasting more of my time simply to get them to agree that I had a problem but refuse to fix it on the 4th trip.

5th trip left it with them. Took them 6 hours before they called to say they fixed it. Didn't get a straight answer on what they did. I believe they swapped rims and tires with those from another vehicle. They put on some cheap Michelin's that I had originally avoided and then they called it an "upgrade" when it was not even though they had good Michelin tires in stock that would have been an "upgrade".

At no point did they ever treat this as a delivery issue. They never attempted to expedite repairs. They didn't attempt to find tires locally, nor did they offer to install any other tires which they had in stock. No loaner was ever offered.

What could have been an overall excellent sales experience turned into a nightmare.

My advice to others,
1) Avoid Fred Anderson Toyota if you expect service after the sale.
2) Be sure to extensively test drive and go over a vehicle immediately before giving them the check. Otherwise they may have no interest in fixing issues once they have your money.
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Fred Anderson Toyota Lost Another Customer
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- The second Toyota I purchased from Fred Anderson was a 2006 Corolla. No problems until a few months ago when the engine began shutting off while in motion. I had less than 50k miles on it at the time.

Took it to Fred Anderson's service department after making a few visual inspections myself, as well as discovering an upcoming recall for the ECM. The symptoms of the recall included.. wait for it.. engine stall while driving.

I made sure my service advisor, Wellman Munoz, was aware of this recall when I first dropped the car off. He called me later to let me know that their tech had called Toyota for help, and based on the codes in the car's computer I needed to replace all four ignition coils. I mistakenly trusted their judgment and two weeks afterward, my car cut off on me AGAIN while driving.

If this service department had been looking out for a repeat customer, they should have replaced the ECM first. Now I'm out $650 and still trying to get it back. The service manager, Charles Sigmon, told me to try to get my money back from Toyota. This would have been an acceptable answer if the ignition coils had fixed this serious safety issue! Instead, the ECM fixed it, just as I suggested in the first place.

Fred Anderson has seen the last of me. I'll never be able to trust their service department and I will not purchase vehicles there again.
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tnchuck100 on 01/02/2011:
If you have written documentation that will support the fact that the dealer mis-diagnosed and replaced unnecessary items take them to small claims court. In most of these cases you will need the mechanic that replaced the ECM to go to court with you to testify about the dealer's failure to perform. Name EVERYONE in the suit. The dealership, the service writer, the mechanic, the manager and Toyota. Let the judge dismiss the ones as desired.

Good luck.
trmn8r on 01/02/2011:
The recall was issued in August 2010, I believe. Did you receive a notice from Toyota? What date did were the coils replaced?

Did you try contacting Toyota or a district manager? You deserve your money back. Keep trying.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Like the others have said, your best bet is small claims court. And as they said, list everyone you talked to at the dealership. Also include your travel cost, lost wages, court cost, etc. and let the judge sort it out.
getoverit on 01/02/2011:
Who replaced the ECM?

I agree with you that it makes no sense that Toyota would pay for the ignition coils, since it was the dealer's diagnosis that called for replacing them. But Mr. Sigmon probably just wants you to go away.

That said, it might be worth a call to Toyota Customer Service to ask them what they think you should do. Possibly, they will advise the dealer that they are not handling this well-known and highly publicized recall properly. I'm sure they can apply some pressure, if they want to.

idontthinkso on 01/02/2011:
THIS sort of post is, in MHO, one of the reasons for the site. While there may be honest dealerships and mechanics out there, there are DEFINITELY Thieves and incompetents pretending to give true service. Thank you for sharing.
trmn8r on 02/26/2011:
Great. From your complaint, it seemed obvious you were owed compensation. My guess is you could have gotten it using various methods. I'm glad you received the refund you were due.
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Service Department
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a 2005 Toyota Tundra from the Fred Anderson in November, 07 and needed an oil change in February, 08. Called and made an appointment for the routine maintenance for 10:40 a.m. I arrived at 10:37 a.m. and the greeter asked what I was in for and I told him I had an appointment for routine maintenance -- oil change and tire rotation. He started to tell me about more things I might need and I explained I was under a maintenance agreement with Fred Anderson. He then informed me to put on my flashers and put the number tag provided by the service department on my rear-view mirror and fill out the paperwork at another area. I proceeded up to the next spot and the guy said it took longer to service the Tundra for whatever reason. I then waited and waited and waited until it had been well past an hour.

I inquired about my vehicle with the service department and the man behind the desk said he was just looking at my paperwork and wondered why it was taking so long for an oil change and tire rotation. He said he would check on it and disappeared for 30 minutes and upon his return said the truck was on the lift and being currently worked on. I informed him that I saw my truck sitting out in the waiting lot and that it had not been even looked at. I then asked for a manager and he said all the managers were at lunch. I ended up going to the finance department to get my $750.00 for the maintenance agreement back. I am hopeful they will actually credit the finance company that much money as promised, but I would have to say that dealership does not want to provide its customers with any kind of customer service.

I finally got my truck back at 1:00 p.m. and the sticker in the window says the next oil change is at 390,894 miles. My truck only has 39,000 miles on it. What a bunch of morons!!! Don't trust your vehicle with that crew up there. They lie and waste your time and money and leave you frustrated.
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Aerocave on 02/11/2008:
You definitely should not have waited 2 1/2 hours for an oil change, but, you do have to understand that things happen "behind the scenes". Other customers bring their car in and "demand" that we look at it right away--not caring that they are not scheduled--this may cause delays...A technician may be on a job that simply takes longer than expected--this may cause delays...I'm not saying that it makes the situation better or that you should not have been a little frustrated--but come on, show a little patience--Everyone has bad days...Mistakes (writing the wrong mileage on the lube sticker) happen. I think its a little unfair to call them "a bunch of morons."
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