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Buyer Beware
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FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- After purchasing a used car from this Dealership, I noticed the front Windshield had a crack. I immediately contacted my Sales Rep to inquire about Warranty Repair. My Sales Rep indicated Sales Manager James ** would call me back. That never happened - Thanks James! I then contacted the Dealership and asked to speak with General Manager Steve **.

Mr. ** did his best to say - Sorry about your luck. I then did some more research to find out who the actual owner was - Mr. **. I contacted the dealership again and requested Mr.** email address and also CC'd his Facebook email address too. No Response. WOW. Based on my experience with Frederick Nissan, I would Never do business with this Dealership. That's what I get for giving my hometown Dealership my Business. Letter sent to Owner ** - 21,March 2012:

"I am writing to you to express my disappoint with my recent automobile purchase from your dealership - Frederick Nissan. I recently decided to purchase a commuter car due to increasing fuel costs. I narrowed my search down to 2 Vehicles - a new Ford Fiesta from the current dealership that I do business with - Sheehy Ford, or a used Toyota Prius that I found at your dealership - Frederick Nissan. I decided to purchase the Toyota Prius. Your Sales Associate, Megan ** did a terrific job selling us on the car.

However, after discovering a defect (Severe Crack) with my front windshield (Several weeks had past), I immediately contacted Megan to see if this was covered under the 30 Day Warranty. Megan escalated this to your sales Manager, James **. James was supposed to call me on 20, March. I never heard from Mr. **, so again, I contacted your dealership today to speak with Steve **.

Mr. ** rambled on how he used to work for Toyota and had owned several cars from Toyota and that there could be no possible way for the windshield to just "Crack". I tried to enlighten Mr.** that there have been several complaints from Toyota Prius owners regarding their windshields mysteriously cracking. Finally, I basically stated to Mr. **, "as the customer, I'm on my own to go figure out the best way to deal with this - Lesson learned for giving the hometown dealer my business."

What absolutely blows my mind with this experience, is that (1) -The Sales Manager never returned my call (2) -There should have been some attempt by Mr.** - General Manager to leverage your service facilities to repair my vehicle at perhaps a discounted rate.

I then had to inquire about the front license plate bracket (Which did not come with the car). Mr. ** started rambling on that the car was probably from Pennsylvania and Toyota does not ship the front license plate bracket. He then told me that I can just simply screw the license plate to the front bumper, as "all" of the dealers do that. Really????? I guess I'll buy that myself too so that my license plate is installed correctly.

At a very minimum, I would at least like to receive some sort of acknowledgement that you've received my complaint. If you would like to further discuss this matter with me, my cell number is **. Buyer Beware - I'm out $300+."

Be careful if you purchase an auto from Frederick Nissan
By -

7418 GROVE RD, FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- Make sure you check over your new auto for body damage before you leave Frederick Nissan. If after you get home and discover any body damage its your problem, they will make every excuse in the book to justify why the damage wasn't on the auto at before it left their lot. Listed below is the complaint I mailed to Nissan, what a waste of time.

I would like to file a complaint against Nissan of Frederick, located at 7418 Grove Rd, Frederick, Md. 21704. I purchased a new Nissan Truck, this is the second Nissan truck I purchased and I traded the 1998 truck, because the windows made noise while driving. I purchase a new Nissan frontier truck on March 5th, 2010. About a month after I purchased the truck I noticed that the tail gate was separating, so I decided to have them check it out at the scheduled oil change on June 5th.

After being checked by Gary ** it appeared the tail gate that something had hit the gate while in the down position. I have never left the truck along with the tail gate in the down position or drove with the tail gate down. I talked to Gary ** and Steve ** in Frederick June 7th it appears the only thing that Steve ** is concern about is the dirt and marks in the bed liner (after saying it four times). I guess he thinks people buy a truck for looks not to haul anything, he also stated that they will not cover the repair.

I didn't see any damage on the tail gate before the oil change and the only reason I waited was because I thought it was a minor repair and if let go would allow water to get inside the tail gate and cause rust. I didn't hit anything and the tail gate wasn't lower for someone else to hit it. I will take a lie detector test if you wish, but the damage he hard to detect unless you are told about it.

The estimated for the repair from their body shop is 5 to 6 hundred dollars, I have decided to not pay for the repair or turn it into my insurance company because I did not cause the damage. If I can't get this problem solved within reason I will pay the truck off Monday and at the end of the year trade it in on a Toyota like I traded the last one in on.

Frederick Nissan / Nissan North America
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I wanted to caution everyone about using Frederick Nissan in Frederick, MD and dealing with Nissan North America (NNA) for warranty repairs. My 2002 Maxima was at Frederick Nissan for a transmission slip while under warranty. The service department did not repair the vehicle, but patched it along until it was out of warranty. Tim **, the service manager, refused to assist me in the repair, and he claimed that the vehicle was not "properly maintained."

When I went to NNA's customer service department and opened a claim, Philip **, Jeffrey **, and Jonathan ** all worked on the case with the final result being that it would not be covered due to a lack of maintenance. I also filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau Autoline Program, the Maryland Better Business Bureau, the Fair Trade Commission, and The Maryland Office of the State Attorney General.

Frederick Nissan and NNA never had any documentation about any prior routine maintenance (oil changes, trans fluid changes, etc.) from two other Nissan dealers and Jiffy Lube. I have all service records that correspond 100% to the requirements stated in the Nissan Warranty. NNA made their decision on incomplete information and they have been totally unwilling to receive my information but based their decision entirely on what Frederick Nissan told them.

NNA has violated the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal act stating that any vehicle issue brought to the attention of the dealer prior to the expiration of the warranty, is covered under that warranty. Again, I have records stating that I complied with the warranty in full, but Frederick Nissan and NNA have never taken that into consideration.

"No warrantor of a consumer product May condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumers using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name..."€ (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)).

My warning is simple, keep records of EVERYTHING! Even then, Nissan will string you along. I have attempted to contact Jeffrey ** from NNA 27 times without a return phone call. I have attempted to contact Jonathan ** 7 times via email without a return email. This has been ongoing since April 27, 2007.

I hope nobody else has to go through what I have had to deal with for the past three months and I would certainly be cautious about using Frederick Nissan for any purchases or service since they do not stand behind their customers. The final result? I traded the Maxima for a Subaru. Nissan has lost a customer and there is nothing they will ever be able to do to regain my trust/business.

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