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WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA -- I decided to pay for the service offered by freerecordsregistry dot com. I paid 39.95 for the lifetime membership. Only to find that once I registered it was hard to get back into the sight, I literally had to go into another sight (, I believe)and input my login and password that I had created on Free Records Registry. Once I finally made it into the sight I found it utterly useless. I looked up several people including myself and found absolutely nothing. I kept getting the message "No Record Found". So I did a search to see if anyone else was having the same problem. Of course, there were tons of people.

On ripoffreport dot com, I found a msg that said to e-mail, so I did. I sent a general e-mail letting them know I was not pleased with their service and that I wanted my money refunded I also gave them the e-mail address I used when I registered(I DID NOT send them the credit card or card account #). I sent them the e-mail on June 10, 2008 and on June 13, 2008, they sent me an e-mail stating that the money had been credited back to my account. So again when canceling this service DO NOT resend your credit info., just send the e-mail address you used when signing up for the service and this will be enough.

I didn't even use my credit card I used my sisters, but I used my e-mail address and with this they were able to pull the account information. I hope this helps someone else.
Not getting what was paid for.
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I signed up with Free Records and filled out all the information they wanted, they told me it would cost me $29.00 for a year. When I went to pay them through Click Bank, the name appeared as I was confused. They gave me a link to get back to them so I could use their service, after having approved my credit card charge, etc. That is when I found out that it was a phony link, and I could not get back to them. I tried to get back with Free Records Registry, but they would do nothing until I paid AGAIN. They had no contact info. or e-mail address, no way to find out what had happened to my account. I tried to sign in as a member and they kept telling me I was invalid. This is a rip-off outfit taking advantage of people searching for relatives lost.
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