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Do Not Sign Up Unless You Love to Fight
By -

FAIRLESS HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA -- In my other reviews, I mentioned how I am about to take on a car payment. So lately, I've been obsessed how my credit is. I have to use my grandmother's credit to purchase and pay off this car. So this brings me to I've seen the commercials, and I saw an ad on Facebook, so I said "Hey, why not?". So I go through the whole sign-up thing, and it says that you will be charged if you do not cancel within a week. Well I'm sure they depend on you to either miss out on that little detail, or completely forget about it until you are charged and can't do anything about it.

Well I was planning on taking a look at my credit score, and then canceling right after that, no dilly-dallying. So I found my credit score, which is good because I only have one credit card. I was concerned if it was affected by my parents and rest of family because of a failed business which affected most of their credit, and I did not want to be in the danger zone at 18 years old. So anyway, as with most other services in the world, to cancel I clicked on the "My Account" tab to see a screen that only contained options to change my name, address, etc. Where's the "Cancel" option?

They don't provide information to cancel, or at least where it should be. So I went on Google and found a page that talked about canceling the account with them, and it's just as bad as trying to cancel AOL back in the day, where they would not take No for an answer.

I signed up around 1:15am today, and sent the e-mail regarding cancellation around 1:23am, and another one around 1:44am because I received a "Welcome" e-mail to I have not received any responses yet being it is 2:37am local time. My real big complaint right now is that you figure most companies, or at least legitimate companies would have a Cancel option online if you can sign up online with them without a problem. It's just very misleading how they have it set up.

I also let JP Morgan Chase know about this, the company that my credit card is with that would be charged with any fees by I don't know if they can do anything about it, but the fact that I let them know about the issue and have all of my e-mails and times on file may help me in the long run. If anyone has any experience with them, please let me know anything that could help me with this. I don't feel like being charged money that I shouldn't be paying due to misleading advertisements and all of that crap.

Don't Go to
By -

Don't get fooled by that jingle on TV. Well, I can only say I'm a sucker for it. When you sign up for the so-called free credit report on their website, they will start to bill you after that if you did not realize the fine print. I think lots of people have fallen to this ploy and they have been sued by the FTC before. Read it here at In there it says :

It deceptively marketed “free credit reports” by not adequately disclosing that consumers automatically would be signed up for a credit report monitoring service and charged $79.95 if they didn't cancel within 30 days, in violation of federal law.

According to the FTC's complaint, Consumerinfo's advertising and Websites failed to explain adequately that after the free trial period for the credit monitoring service expired, consumers automatically would be charged a $79.95 annual membership, unless they notified the defendant within 30 days to cancel the service. Consumerinfo billed the credit cards that it had told consumers were “required only to establish your account,” and, in some cases, automatically renewed memberships by re-billing consumers without notice. The FTC charged that the defendant's failure to adequately disclose the automatic billing and to get consumers' consent to bill their accounts violated federal law.

If you're like me, send a complaint to FTC here at Call freecreditreport & demand a refund. Or get in touch with your state attorney general or the state banking commission if your credit card company refuses to dispute these unauthorized charges. If you need a credit report, get it here Also organizations like the BBB nowadays is not a good source of trust nowadays as it makes money from subscriptions from companies and there is a potential conflict of interest and they have no authority to deal with situations like these unlike the FTC.

Charged 19.95 I Was to Get 7 Days Free
By -

3426 6TH AVE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was to get 7 free days on this service, started Feb 22, 2011. Charged after 6 free days 19.95, March 1.

How Do I Cancel?
By -

I applied for a free credit score and report from Freecreditreport. I got them but then in a few weeks I noticed they started billing me $14.95 per month for the service. I did not intend to pay for the service. They advertised it as free. I can't see a way to cancel on the site. What's the best way to effectively cancel this service?

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