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Risky Business
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I lost over $10K getting involved with Freedom Steel. They lied about their financial situation and did not disclose that they are in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

This company does not deliver on anything they promise and then they lie and say it is the buyer's fault even when there is written documentation to prove otherwise. They claim that they have factories across the US but the truth is they are just an unregulated broker operating out of South Florida where there is no protection for the consumer. If you need a steel building find someone locally who has no complaints about their business practices and their products.

Reliable companies can be found out there. Do not deal with any companies that don't have legitimate pictures of themselves posted on their website as this is a sure giveaway that the business is questionable.
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User Replies:
red dog on 07/20/2013:
I dealt with Freedom Steel out of del ray Florida and also discovered they are in Bankruptcy but still selling building.s in my case the salesperson made promises that were never kept. I never got what I paid $60, 000 for. Avoid this company that's my advice.
jodi on 08/06/2013:
Freedom Steel took my brother's money, thousands of dollars, pretended they were a manufacturer, and claimed had an engineer from my state on staff to ensure the blueprints would comply with state standards. All lies!!!! Freedom Steel is a dealer and broker! They had no engineer on staff, and their blueprints were not done right. Bad experience and lost money. I would never buy from this unreputable outfit!!! BUYER BEWARE.
Ronald on 10/24/2013:
joe kurn on 03/13/2014:
Freedom steel is masquerading as a legitimate business in my opinion but my experience of them made me decide they are crooks. they don't meet deadlines, don't deliver goods as promised, and when THEY crew up, good luck ever trying to get your money back!! avoid this company like the plague!!! RIP OFF SHYSTERS!
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Freedom Steel Took My Money and Didn't Deliver
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DEL RAY, FLORIDA -- FREEDOM STEEL of Del Ray Florida, and operating websites claiming offices in every state from Illinois to Ohio to Oregon and Canada, is a COMPANY TO AVOID at all costs!!! They are in Chapter 11 BANKRUPTCY!! You have no protection if you send them any money, and in my case, they didn't ever deliver what was promised on time or accurately. If you complain, they will threaten to sue you. The reviewer who wrote about blueprint errors and incomplete delivery of parts is absolutely correct!! That's what happened to me. If you don't get your building on time as promised, and want a refund, they will REFUSE and keep almost all of your money. PLEASE GO TO A MORE REPUTABLE STEEL COMPANY!!! Save yourself the heartache and financial losses I have experienced.

BY THE WAY, Their testimonials are BOGUS as far as I'm concerned. Or, maybe to avoid getting in hot water with the Florida COURT and bankruptcy TRUSTEE, they've opened up multiple other steel companies with different names, all the better to hide from their debts. What do you think!????

It's funny how IDENTICAL testimonials, word for word, with the same supposed customer posted on the Freedom Steel website are also posted on at least two other steel building companies websites including Safeway Steel and Powerbilt Steel. (Saved the screenshots too, in case the companies take them off). DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY.
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 03/14/2013:
Have you hired a lawyer?
johnbulltweed on 03/21/2013:
Lawyers won't provide a guarantee and it would just be more money lost
Glen on 03/23/2013:
Freedom Steel is a Florida company who claim to have 18 factories across the US but they are just a broker. They contract everything out. I was going to buy a building kit from them but checked them out and decided it was way too risky. Went with a wooden structure instead. When buying something from an online company it is really important to do your research before committing to sending anyone money.
amy on 03/31/2013:
My friends bought a building from Freedom Steel in 07 and then when my husband and me were going to build a riding arena last year they told us not to use Freedom Steel whatsoever because they had a totaly bad expirience so glad we listened and went to a different company!
betty on 04/01/2013:
I notice that Freedom Steel's reviews seen very suspicious. Like this guy who said he came home and his wife had put together the whole steel building and bolted the pieces herself. Uh ya sure each piece weighs thousands of pounds. steel is heavy. The thing with testimonials is that they can easily be made up by the company to appear more legitimate than they are!!! I bought a building from a company on the west coast that's been in business 30 years with actual plants.
mel from fort lauderdale on 04/28/2013:
I heard of some funny stuff before but these morons take the cake. I called for a quote on a building and by some strange miracle was transferred to their production plant. Then it gets funnier as I am talking to the guy a tape recorder is obviously playing sounds of noise from a plant. The tape breaks as the guy tries to close the door but he dropped the recorder before he could close the door. As he stumbles around to cover up I asked what happened to the plant noise he said he shut the door. When asked to open the door so I could hear the noise again I could hear him running out of breath trying to pick up the recorder. What a bunch of fools!!!
frank j on 07/20/2013:
Don't do business with Freedom Steel unless you want to kiss your money goodbye. That's my opinion. They just aren't reputable and the hackners who own it don't have their pictures up for a reason!! Because there's too many unhappy angry former customers to hide from!!!!!
Richard on 08/01/2013:
Crooks . Bottom line . Do some research on the company and you will be know.they took an $8000 deposit and ow me off when I try to call them
george on 08/06/2013:
Thieves. Crooks. Con artists. They took my deposit and months later I had no blueprints and all my money was gone and Freedom Steel refused to return it. They owe me $15, 000!!!!
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