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The worst freight broker, ever
Posted by Mdad on 12/21/2010
LENEXA, KANSAS -- I'm a small business owner and used www.freightquote.com as a broker to book a shipment for me. This will be the first and last time I use them. They call themselves industry experts and that is what I expected, but come to find out they are just after your money. They did not do a good job at explaining delivery options to me. They gave me two options, but come to find out (due to my own leg work and phone calls) there are many others. Due to www.freightquotes.com's in ability and utter incompetence my shipment cost me an incremental $100 dollars to get to my customer. Additionally, when I spoke to the Customer Service rep, including a supervisor, they did not offer any solutions or consideration for the situation they created. This company is NOT customer service oriented and does not recognize the value of new customers in this tough economy. Stay away from www.freightquote.com.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-22:
I note that there are 4 websites that have similar complaints about freightquote.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-12-22:
What exactly did they do/not do? What were the "options" that they gave you?
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Beware - Freightquote Makes Sure You Don't Get Paid For Damage Claims
Posted by Thegameroom on 04/01/2008
Freightquote does a wonderful job of booking the shipments. I have shipped hundreds of items using them. I had 4 shipments damaged with them in the last 5 years. The problem with them is that they make sure you NEVER get paid for a damage claim. The first two they said wouldn't be paid because it was not packaged to specs. The third one I was dealing with the trucking company directly, and had gone through the complete claim process with them, but when it got time to write the check they wrote it to freightquote instead.

The freight quote rep sent the check back to the trucking company and I never got credit or payment on the claim. I didn't know this had happened until months later and was told by the trucking company that freightquote told them they could NOT deal with me directly so I called freightquote and was told it was too late to file a claim. The fourth one is the one I'm upset about. I placed a claim for $569.00 and was told by Debbie in claims that if it was under $500.00 they would pay it quickly. I agreed to take $500.00 and was given a claim number. It has been 1 year and 6 months and I still have NOT received payment for the claim. Always getting one excuse or another when I call. I have talked to more than a dozen different people in claims & collections, and still getting the run around.

I've had it with freightquote. I will only use them get a quote then will contact the trucking company directly to match the quote. It has been working so far.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-01:
After you shipped 'hundreds' of items via Freightquote you decided they were not straight shooters. Okay.

Posted by thegameroom on 2008-04-02:
Not that they don't do a good job at booking freight. But it is very dishonest of them to want to keep in good with the trucking companies at the customers expense. By protecting the trucking companies from damage claims. They did that in my case deliberately. All my damage claims would have been paid if freightquote had NOT been involved. What I am saying is that I don't want to deal with a broker that doesn't help their customers, and in fact is against the customer. There are plenty of other brokers that do work for the customer. Since posting this I have heard from several others that have experienced the same treatment from freightquote.

If I keep getting people contacting me at this rate we might start a possible class action suit against them I think it will come out in court that freightquote has a policy among their claims department to act against the customer in filing damage claims. It would be very interesting to find out how many claims are filed through freightquote and how many actually get paid, and compare that to the normal percentage for the trucking industry. I think we will find out that freightquote is acting as described above.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-04-02:
If you hadn't received credit for 3 damage claims, why would you continue to use the service? Or even expect to receive credit for the 4th one?
Posted by thegameroom on 2008-04-02:
I expected payment because it was promised to me. Please read my first post.

I accepted the first two because it wasn't worth the trouble for the small amount of damage. The third claim I thought was being paid then freightquote got involved and stopped the payment. The fourth one I was promised by Debbie in the claims department would be paid. Like I said it's been 1 year and 6 months since that promise was made. I think I have waited long enough. I stopped dealing with them and figure It's time to let people know how they treat their customers.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-08-16:
We've used freightquote several times over the last few months. Never had a problem with their service or their billing. We will continue to use them.
Posted by thegameroom on 2010-08-17:
I have NOT used freightquote since. There are plenty of companies that do a much better job. Try submitting a claim. Then tell me you think they do a good job...
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-07-13:
my advice to anyone thinking freightquote cares about your company is please know that they truly don't. I dealt with one rep for years and they would continually try to move me to another rep for what ever reason and it wasn't the rep it was the rates and the horrible service they provided. They would ignore my damage claim for as long as they could I assume in hopes (and this is only what WE experienced) we would give up and pay their bill and just keep on shipping with them. They seem very smug every time I tried to get information on my claim, not only did they allowed they carrier to destroy my freight that was left without my permission. Although we saw straight through them.We had worked with an employee that did everything they could for me but that persons upper management fought them all the way. THEN terminated the employee and had another rep call and literally lie to me saying my rep was moved to a different position. Lying to me because we already knew what happen. Our company decided not to ever used them again..Go else where don't use this company they are dishonest. Normally companies want to keep a company that does a lot of freight but apparently after they lost us they fired my rep for not being able to make the quota. don't used them, they care only about they money they can bring in and not the customers, and apparently not much for a great rep that we are trying to track down. Go elsewhere there are way better companies to ship with, we've already found one and couldn't be happier, you will too!
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Changes Previously Verified Class and Adds Additional Charges After Shipment Is Delivered
Posted by Hotmotorsports on 02/05/2014

We spoke about this quote at least three times. Every time, we reviewed the item being sent and the class 250 which it belonged. I even called Estes Carrier to verify the Class and described in detail the item which they called class 250 as well. So you both agreed independently.

I reviewed with them the structure and you told me to crate it. Never was in mentioned that it had to be palletized. When I dropped it off to Estes, they did not mention it either. The person that signed for acceptance put the crate on their forklift and drove off so it didn't need a pallet then. The pictures that were sent from Estes shows they could have tied it to the side of the truck trailer wall which has a provision for that. There are several items in the same picture in the background that are not palletized as well so why did mine have to be.

Then Estes Carrier and Freightquote.com change the class to 300 and adds a pallet which brings the dimensions and weight higher. Then they add additional $17.77 on top of the already ridiculous $98.57 already charged! That was their way of adding additional unwarranted charges. Then to top it off, I'm not notified about any charges until I check my bank balance yesterday! I complained yesterday to Jessica [snip] about not getting any notice so I could dispute this earlier before charges were taken only to get the notice "as I was talking" (some notice!) to Jessica [snip] yesterday (which the notice is dated 2/3/2014) after a transaction was taken out of my bank account!

I want my $78.02 back!

Freightquote.com also wanted to blame Estes Carrier for this. Freightquote.com is the one I dealt with and sent my money to. I already paid $447.36 to Freightquote.com (freightquote.com, not freightestimate.com) which I think is enough. I don't need to have another charge of $78.02 after the deal is done! It's your responsibility to refund me, not waiting for somebody else to decide for you. They're representing my satisfaction. They can get your money back from whomever they want to afterward, I bought from them.
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Posted by Shaun on 2014-02-06:
If they're charging you credit card, simply dispute the charge.
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Does Not Deliver
Posted by Wshall on 11/22/2013
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Here is my personal experience and opinion of Freightquote.com.

I purchased shipping via Freightquote. They offered a price that was slightly less than another site, so I thought it would be fine. I asked for a delivery appointment and a liftgate. The Freightquote site showed that the shipping would be overnight, arriving between 9 to noon today.

The problem is... Freightquote didn't warn me that clicking the delivery appointment and liftgate service would delay the shipment. I added those items BEFORE the site told me the delivery time, so the site really should have updated the delivery estimate. Instead, they left me hanging out to dry.

Additionally, I selected the shipper based on its Website's promises. N & M Transfer's site says, "On Time. We Guarantee It"... and, "All we ask is a chance to be as good as our word. Then we've got to deliver... our future is riding on it!"

Well, 2:00 p.m. comes around, and the shipment's not here. I get a call from N & M Transfer, saying 1) they will not be coming today, 2) they cannot provide the liftgate.
When I ask about the guarantee, Guess what? They tell me about the delay because of the appointment and liftgate.

N&M told me, "Everybody knows that." Well, Freightquote didn't say anything about that...and the the N & M Transfer site doesn't say anything about that.

Instead, N & M's site shows a big map, promising one day delivery to my area. There are a lot of other promises, like "Direct Overnight Service to all points in Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Chicago/Rockford commercial zone, Central Illinois, the major markets in Minnesota, Eastern Iowa, and Indiana!"

At no point I can see is there any guidance saying that appointment or liftgates will mean delays. Instead, N & M's hidden caveats mean you shouldn't rely on their statements. For me, that means a problem during the busy Christmas season.

Now, N & M claims this is all Freightquote.com's problem. And when I talked to Freightquote, the representative didn't care.

So, like many others on this site, I really can't recommend Freightquote or their shippers.
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Posted by jonthethird on 2013-11-24:
I have retreated to a policy of not scheduling installation technicians to a site until the equipment is on-site and waiting. Too many instances of "guaranteed delivery by 10 am" then discovering there is some qualifying disclaimer that means "it will get there when we get it there." All trucking lines are the same.
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Never Owns Any of Their Mistakes
Posted by Shipping on 10/31/2013
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I have had 2 bad experiences with this company. Being that they are a broker they seem to like to "pass the buck" with any issue that arises. Most recently I scheduled a pick up and they never showed up. We lost a big customer because of this and all I was told is... "If you read our website you will see we do not guarantee your pick ups"! What the heck.. I scheduled it online, as I always do with all my freight carriers. Then I even received a confirmation email of my pick up request. So when they never showed, I called the customer service number and a recording said they were closed.

So here it is the next day and I call to see what happened (note** no one ever contacted me, even though my representative gets notification of ALL my online activity and could see my freight was not picked up) and I am told I have too high of expectation. I guess expecting a truck to show up and pick up my freight is too much to ask for from this useless company. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COPMPANY AGAIN!!!
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Little Man Beware
Posted by Godsrodsinfo on 10/16/2013
KANSAS CITY, COLORADO -- This is the most dishonest company that I have ever used. I would discourage anyone and everyone from getting caught in this companies horrible business practices. they stole several thousand dollars from my bank account and used their huge corporate ability's and almost put my very small business, out of business. Being that I am just a little guy and don't have the time or money to fight them I just had to work hard and rebuild my company and suck up the $1800 they stole from me.(at least I have the ability and determination to feed my family). Some others might not be so lucky. I would strongly urge any and all to get shipping done elsewhere, other than using http://Freightquote.com.

If one of there shippers feels like taking advantage of you, they will not fight for you like you would fight for yourself. It is very important to hire a company or person that has you in mind and this company ill do nothing for you if there is a problem.I actually used them twice and the first time was a bad experience also, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and used them a second time.

I should have not done that, but if I could save one other person and especially 50 others to not use them and have horrible experiences then I have done my good deed and hopefully save another small business or person from being completely taken.
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Posted by Paul on 2013-10-16:
What actually happened? A warning for people to not use a company is a lot more effective if they know what practices support that warning.
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Freightquote Scammed Hurricane Sandy Victims
Posted by Dave.dim on 09/12/2013
KANSAS CITY, NEW JERSEY -- In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey we purchased a generator from a very kind family in California to help out devastated local families rebuild. Freightquote picked up the generator in California and then lost it for almost three weeks while in the California port. When they finally located our generator in the port, they informed us that it had been looted of most of its parts, the generator was now non functional. Freightquote then returned the generator to the pickup location, without notifying us and sent us a bill for the shipping. We disputed the charges with American Express, they investigated and ruled that Freightquote did not perform the task they were hired to do. They refunded our payment but two months later I received a collection call from a debt collector attempting to collect my original bill from Freightquote.

I contacted Freightquote and explained the situation to numerous supervisors and managers who all did not care about our situation or what happened and are still trying to collect their original fee even though they did nothing but cause us more heartache. Beware of Freightquote, they are worse than any hurricane I have ever experienced. They are heartless people.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-13:
Send a certified letter disputing the debt to the collection agency and also sue the shipper in small claims court for the replacement value of the generator.
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Great Freight Broker. They Go the Extra Mile!
Posted by Drmedequip on 08/28/2013
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- This is a positive review for Freightquote.com located at 901 West Carondelet Drive, Kansas City, MO 64114. We have an Ebay store and occasionally need to ship a large item by freight. Freightquote arranged a pickup of our 700 pound crate on a Friday. The shipment was not picked up and we were very distressed. The truck company sent an email to Freightquote at 6:40pm Friday of “Our agent just notified us they do not have a lift gate for pickup available in this area, we will not be able to pick this shipment up.” This of course was after hours for Freightquote and so too late to solve the problem.

However, first thing Monday morning Derek Wiles, Senior Freight Broker and his team at Freightquote, began working on a solution. He was on the phone with us at each stage of the arrangement to keep us informed of their progress. They worked on our shipment all day until a freight company was found that could visit our slightly out of the way location. Mr. Wiles also went the extra mile and called the freight company to verbally confirm the pickup. Then Mr. Wiles even went a greater step and called our buyer who would receive the shipment he had purchased to apologize for the delay and to ensure him that the shipment was being arranged.

I have the highest recommendation for Freightquote with Mr. Wiles and his team. If you ever need a good freight broker, then contact Derek Wiles, Senior Freight Broker at 800.323.5441 x1599 or dwiles@freightquote.com . www.freightquote.com
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Incompetent Agents and Poorly Administered Business
Posted by Ebayandres on 05/29/2013
Our agent got the "expedited Goods". She assured us would arrive in 3 days split into two. Delayed for a full week and we had to pick up half the order and drive it to our customers in a UHaul. They did not even provide a credit. Avoid this company if you need efficiency and competency.
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Incessant Sales calls, no messages, no stopping it!
Posted by Ctdirkpitt on 03/02/2012
MISSOURI -- Completed online form at Freightquote.com regarding a potential shipment. Shipment did not materialize. For months now I get multiple phone calls weekly and sometimes daily, and if not answered with two rings, hang ups. No messages are left.

When returned call and complained agent became indignant and condescending. Said the calls would stop. They have not. Paused for a month, but the calls have begun anew. Placed on do not call list - may take legal action thru state agent.
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Posted by old fart on 2012-03-02:
Good luck! I keep getting calls from india regarding diabetes... I don't have the problem but they call almost daily. I doubt if the "do not call list applies to india...
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