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Very Poor Quality Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

WILDER, VERMONT -- Brand new kitchen. Took 5 years to save for, $30k spent to remodel. I had chosen another brand but when I got to Home Depot to order all the appliances I changed my mind and went with Frigidaire. Very bad decision. Dishwasher has broken 2 times. It took 6 weeks to get replacement the first time. Just found out today the replacement is now broken. Microwave has also had a large piece break right off. I am extremely disappointed in this product line and how poor the customer service has been. If I could get all this crap out of my new kitchen right now I would. Replace with a product that is worth the money spent. Do not ever buy Frigidaire products...

Frigidare Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS -- Purchased dishwasher and when used it water did not empty, then second time used it the lower sprayer wand fell off and got welded to heating coil. Called repair with Frigidaire and first repairman never showed up, then second one called and said do not work on dishwasher. After calling again told would have someone contact me about replacement. NEVER HEARD FROM FRIGIDAIRE. AGAIN. Keep calling and put on hold forever. NOW tell me will deliver new unit in town over an hour drive for me to come pick up and then install again, OR can pay Lowe's to deliver and install for their fee? NEVER AGAIN WILL BUY FRIGIDAIRE.

Horrific! I Would Never Buy or Recommend a Frigidaire Appliance.
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Rating: 1/51

HOLAND PATENT, NEW YORK -- My dishwasher (gallery series) is just 1 yr old. The service techs have been here no less than 6 times... from not completing a cycle, to drain pump problems, to a terrible odor and now it won't clean the glasses on the second shelf. Frigidaire isn't supporting me and every time I call them, they try to sell me an extended warranty (incidentally, the unit is still under warranty).

Leaky dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased dishwasher, fridge and stove from Howard's Appliances in Ling Beach, CA in June of 2015. It was installed June 26th. In September 2015, I heard a noise like water running. I walked out to kitchen and hot water was spewing out of the dishwasher all over my newly finished Hardwood floors! I grabbed bath towels and immediately wiped up, opened dishwasher door and soaked up water in bottom of dishwasher. I called Howard's Appliances to tell them. Someone came out next day - said it was a bad pump. A week later the new pump was installed. Floor was damaged so I had to put in a claim for that. By end of December all was taken care of.

Here it is May 2016 I noticed a couple boards in front of the dishwasher looked warped. By end of week definitely warped and getting worse. A repair person came out, could not find a leak, said it was faulty installation as it seemed dishwasher was leaning forward a little. Electrolux said the warranty only covers the dishwasher, if it has a faulty part.

I called Howard's as they installed it. They sent someone out. He could not find a leak. Neither one of these repair people moved the dishwasher out from under the cabinets. After the guy left I tried to run the dishwasher and lo, it would not drain. I can't get a serviceman from either Howard's Appliances or the Electrolux people who have the warranty on it. NEVER BUY a Frigidaire product!!

Attractive Looking Piece of Junk!
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Rating: 1/51

For our newly remodeled kitchen we bought a matching set of appliances based on what I considered to be an attractive looking design. What a mistake! While the Professional Series 5 burner Gas Stove has been fine, the Side by side refrigerator has had problems starting shortly after use, but I can deal with those. It's the dishwasher that is the largest piece of junk I've ever had the displeasure of owning, and I've owned many dishwashers through the years.

As others have said, it does not do a great job of cleaning dishes at all, but that can be said of many dishwashers. My main and on-going complaints are the design flaws inherent to this appliance. These are the things that incense me to the point of wanting to yank this appliance out and replace it, despite the fact it's only a few years old.

  1. The bottom rack constantly falls off the track when I pull it out or push it in and must be lifted back on. If I extend the rack all the way out, the back wheels will hit the rubber gasket when I attempt to push it back in. This requires me to carefully "realign" the rack just so to clear the gasket. Awesome!

  2. The swinging door on the soap dispenser will not open fully if there are any items placed in the front of the rack that are too high. Of course, you don't realize this until the whole cycle is through and you open it to discover that the soap is still in the holder. This necessitates constant vigilance and limitations over what you place in the part of the dishwasher. Nice!

  3. The rail the upper rack rolls on is designed such that food debris build up inside the track and begin to gum up. This causes the rack to stop rolling smoothly, then eventually to stop rolling at all. My husband has twice had to unscrew the rails to remove them and take a long skinny brush to the inside to clean them out so the rack will roll again. Swell!

  4. The cheapness of the plastic silverware holders can not be overstated. About 6 months after use, a little piece of the mesh on the bottom broke. Instead of calling for a replacement, I just didn't put really thin items in the section. I wish I would of called, because now there are several sections with broken pieces and the silverware and utensils fall through into the bottom of the dishwasher. This blocks the washing arm from spinning.

Again, you don't know this until you open the completed cycle to find food still stuck on your dishes. We have put pieces of nylon mesh in the bottom of the sections to prevent this, but that means that food debris won't fall through to the bottom, so it stays in the holder with your silverware. Lovely!

This ongoing group of aggravations should be enough to deal with, but this past weekend, we turned the dishwasher on for a cycle only to return a few hours later to find it ran through the whole cycle with no water! Thinking maybe that was some weird fluke, we tried again with the same result. Not sure what is going on, and we've been too busy to check into it to see if it's something my husband can fix.

But in the meantime, we are hand washing our dishes. Super! I think we will fix this worthless piece of crap and sell it so we can forget about matching appliances and shoot for one that actually does the job it's intended for without raising my blood pressure every time I use it.

Bad Product Design, Worse Customer Service
By -

WORCESTER COUNTY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I bought a Frigidaire Professional Series 4000 in June of 2008. Immediately, I noticed steam venting from the machine into the underside of my countertop and my countertop was starting to disintegrate and turn black. Then, in October 2008 the machine decided to stop working. I can't help but think the steam venting into a swollen countertop started to vent into itself. I called the company to inform them that the design of the machine was ruining my counter and the machine itself stopped working and asked to return the dishwasher. I was told no and forced to have it repaired.

I have had it repaired a total of 3 times now and have been without a dishwasher for almost two months. Now that I have finally had the thing declared unrepairable Electrolux has offered to replace it. Replace it? Why on earth would I want this thing back??? They have no interest in actually helping me have a dishwasher. I am allowed to purchase a more expensive one and pay the difference but they will not even so much as come pick this one up. I have never been so upset by how I've been treated by a company as I have by them. Numerous phone calls. I was hung up on twice. The electronic phone tree is infuriating and the actual people can hardly speak English.

And in the end, my broken dishwasher is still sitting in my kitchen and my husband and I are still trying to figure out how to get the thing that is full of dirty water out of our house and back to the store we bought it at. Because of course, that's on us too. Researching appliances online I get the sense that sometimes you just get a machine that doesn't work. This seems to be normal even. Given that there isn't much consideration going into how things are made anymore, there should be some consideration for the poor saps who happen to buy one of these lemons.

Company Response 11/26/2008:

I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look into this matter. In order to do so, please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter. Again I regret your disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

Chris Polk
Escalation Specialist
Electrolux Major Appliances

Complaints About Stove, Refrigerator, and Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

DES MOINES, IOWA -- We purchased the three new appliances less than 2 years ago for our new home; the Gallery smooth top stove (FGEF3056KFC) the refrigerator with bottom freezer and ice maker (FGHD2433KF1) and the Gallery dishwasher (FGHB2844LF4). We have not even owned these for two years and have had the dishwasher motor replaced, and the refrigerator computer replaced. Neither replacement has helped. The dishwasher still roars and does not clean well, and the refrigerator still leaks water!!! Now to top it all off the buttons on the stove do not work. Sometimes they turn on later by themselves. We are not able to bake at 350 degrees because the 5 does not work or the two.

So therefore 350, 325, and 425 temps are off limits. This is a dangerous fire hazard. We have a family and fear for their safety when the stove could decide to turn on unattended!! Our parents have had stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers for years and they still don't have these issues. We are so disappointed in this product. It used to be a reputable brand, but now we have to buy more warranties just to keep it useable. Why, when we pay so much money for new appliances should we have to buy extended warranties? What does that say about your product?

We are going to send this to the BBB if something is not done about it immediately. New appliances and we are always wiping up water from the refrigerator which could ruin our new wood floor if we don't catch it. We have to guess how to bake and cannot use the top of the stove at all now except when it decides to turn on. The dishwasher still has the loud roar of a plane!!!! Please help us with a solution rather than send another technician. I will expect to hear from you in the next 2-3 days on this matter.

FRIGIDAIRE=JUNK Noisy fridge, clogged washer, broken dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

STUARTS DRAFT, VIRGINIA -- Two years ago, after purchasing our 1st home, we decided that we would use our tax refund to replace all of the appliances in our home. Keeping within budget, we decided upon the purchase of Frigidaire products. Within 1 month the Affinity front load washer had clogged up so badly, it stopped running, still under warranty. Frigidaire claimed my warranty didn't cover clogs.

After researching, I see that clogs are one of the major complaints with the affinity. I was so irate and after many calls, I ended up having them fix it at their cost (I actually threatened to load it up and drop it off on the CEO's lawn, if they didn't do something about it!). Another month later, the dishwasher motor burned up, they agreed to pay for the parts, but not the labor (which is way more costlier than parts!) I paid $175.00 for repair work, only to have the water pump go out on it within weeks. Again, they offered me the same deal, however this time, according to the math, I could purchase a new dishwasher, for the cost of what this one has cost me having it repair of this one!

So, I have a brand new, stainless steel broken down dishwasher that I only used for a couple months sitting in my kitchen! It was when the repairman was here, looking at the dishwasher, when the refrigerator started a loud, vibrating noise, and literally stopped working right there! The repairman at no charge told me he believed it was stuck in defrost mode, and showed me how to repair it.

It has been doing that same thing for the last 2 years, it will self-defrost, kick off, everything will melt at least once a week. It rarely makes ice, and when the ice maker does turn on, the noise is so loud, I can actually hearing it rumbling upstairs with my bedroom door shut! Once again, no help from Frigidaire at all, except they will pay for parts, not labor.

We are a young struggling family, it took a tax refund to splurge and buy these appliances, so frankly, we cannot afford the cost of repair, or another refrigerator! So, 2 years later, I have a broken down dishwasher and a fridge that works only a few days out of the week! SHAME ON YOU FRIGIDAIRE!!! These appliances are designed and sold to middle-class families, and I think it's a disgrace, that you would sell junk like this to people, then turn around and make us pay for repair on them! I don't know when I will be able to afford to get them fixed, and quite frankly, probably won't. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE THIS JUNK AGAIN!

Dishwasher Nightmare
By -

CENTRE, ALABAMA -- Purchased the original dishwasher in November, 2007. The product was excellent for about 4 weeks. I always used the normal wash and set the dishwasher to run while we were asleep. Came downstairs one morning to a very hot kitchen. Notice dishwasher was flashing ER UN. Went to open the door and it was too hot and had to use a hot pad to touch the door and my cabinets around it. All the utensils plastic or wooden were either warped or melted. Had to let sit a few before being able to pull the drawers out. Went to Lowe's where purchased and they replaced the dishwasher with the same model on 1/28/2008. At this time I also purchased a four year extended warranty.

Installed the machine and two days later water was running out the bottom. Called the same repairmen used before. He came out and called Electrolux service representative. He described what was happening and from the factory the intake water hose had been installed incorrectly. He ordered a new hose, replaced it and the machine ran fine, was an excellent cleaning.

Then in December 2008, noticed machine was flashing error again. Opened the machine and the water spray arms were melted off again. Called Electrolux, told them the problem and they sent another representative out. He replaced the control panel on the door and water spray arm and we were back in business. Ran for one week and the same thing happened again. Called Electrolux and sent representative out again. He was told to put the other control panel.

I now have a machine that will not run on normal wash, it hangs and start error message again. I can wash on speed wash but have to watch it because sometimes it stops in the middle of the wash with error messages. All of utensils and dishes are burned from the extreme heat over and over. The only thing Electrolux will do is give me 70% of the purchase price toward a new machine.

I cannot dare operate this dishwasher without standing over it for fear it will burn my house down. In the 40 years I have used dishwashers I have never had this problem. I have even bought a rebuilt one that last 8 years. I will never buy another Electrolux product and will make sure all my friends and relatives know about the treatment both Electrolux and Lowe's has given me.

Major Appliances Last Only 6yrs
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Rating: 2/51

DUBLIN, OHIO -- Bought an entire kitchen (fridge, dish, range, microwave) just under six years ago. Even bought the 5yr extended warranty. Almost to the month after the extended warranty expired, the dishwasher pump started to make a great deal of noise. It has only gotten worse in the last year. This was supposed to be their top of the line "whisper quiet" model. Now, 5 1/2 years later the fridge bit the dust where the compressor failed. Lost a fridge full of food! Looks like they are now making major appliances to be disposable. The amount to repair them is almost equal to the cost of a new appliance.

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