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Worst Money Ever Spent
By -

NEW LENOX, ILLINOIS -- Frigidaire Professional 24" Built-In Dishwasher Model: FPHD2481KF. Other than the finish on this line of products I could not be more disappointed. I have owned them for almost 2 yrs and have had service on the dishwasher 4x. The smell is terrible if it is not run every day. The dishes are cleaned half as well as the no-name model that this replaced. There is water (a lot) that sits in the bottom of the tub. If you open it during a cycle, get a mop because there will be a huge spot of water on the floor. All dishes must be prewashed prior to going through the cycle, even minced garlic gets caught in the food trap.

It's a very pretty appliance, but I need it to work well in order for it to be of any use. We bought the entire line of professional series products. The test kitchen that these were used in are an epic FAIL for passing. Each one of the appliances leaves more and more to be desired. Again, they are pretty, but I need them to function. I have been told, "sorry that's a design flaw, not a defect so we can't fix it."

Won't do this manufacturer again!
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Purchased dishwasher in July 2009 - installed in September after a kitchen remodel; first new dishwasher in 20 years and was looking forward to another 20-year run. Two years in and it needs a new motor. This from a 2 person household where the machine is run typically once a week, around the holidays a bit more. Through 3 people at customer service/repair the answer was "you should have bought the extended warranty". Someone ought to rethink employee training because I can't imagine them advertising the dishwasher with the tag line "will quit in 2 years so buy the extended warranty".

I won't be buying this product line again - I'd rather be making investments that pay me a return, rather than investing in poor quality craftsmanship. The cost of a new motor plus service call to install is less than a new dishwasher -- but I have no confidence that a new motor will merely get me another "2 years" ...and I could almost bet they'll push an extended warranty.

Frigidaire professional series appliances not worth buying
By -

We purchased a wall oven, standard oven for the island as well as a dishwasher. The wall oven ceased to work the first time I used the self-clean. I waited many weeks for a replacement part and when it did not arrive and after some angry phone calls, Frigidaire did replace the oven (I have not used self-clean on my regular oven... too afraid to be without an oven for another 6 weeks!). The dishwasher, which was to be ultra-quiet and was for the first few months, started making loud groaning sounds.

When the repairman came and spoke to the customer service at Frigidaire, they knew within 2 minutes exactly what the problem was (They were obviously aware of the problem with these dishwashers). Frigidaire sent a new motor which looked after the problem. The motor has again given up the ghost and we cannot run the dishwasher when we are in the room because of the noise. It is also leaving a white film on all the glassware even though I am using Jet Dry religiously. I have not yet called the repairman, but I'm sure the motor has to be replaced again, this time at my cost as it is now 13 months old. I will NEVER purchase Frigidaire appliances again!

FDB4050LHS1 Motor Problems
By -

We purchased this Model dishwasher in December 2008, based on it being super-quiet. We paid nearly double what we planned on, just for the convenience. 2 months after purchasing, the motor started making a sound like a baseball card in a bicycle's spokes during the wash. We called, and a company came out to look at it. 10 seconds after starting the washer, we were told "motor", and a week to get it. Add to that, we were told "It will only get louder and louder with age". 2 weeks later, no call, no answers to messages, I called Lowe's.

Lowe's delivered a NEW unit (this one) to me, thanks to the local store. 2 months later, motor on this one started to make noise! Replaced by another shop a week later. Within a month, that motor failed, but because of a newborn child, dealing with it was backburnered for a few months, until it was replaced yet again 2 or 3 months ago. This week, motor #3 started making the sound. LOTS, and I mean LOTS of complaints about their appliances has me furious that nearly $600 was spent for a piece of broken trash! There is no public access to anyone at Frigidaire or anyone at their corporate office, and nobody cares about the need for a recall. Last Frigidaire, EVER.

Dishwasher Deteriorating My Countertop
By -

MARTINEZ, GEORGIA -- I've got a Model #GLD2350RCS1 that is deteriorating the underside of my Kitchen Laminate Countertop. The purchase of this Frigidaire Dishwasher 4-5 years ago was part of a total kitchen remodel/renovation - from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

This problem is disturbing and is not "setting right with me at all". The problem can likely be due to heat or steam or both escaping from the dishwasher, causing the particle board underside of the countertop to flake, showing up on the top of the dishwasher door ridge and the bottom of the door. It's not the heat or steam discharged from the door vent which is on the left-hand side of the dishwasher door; the problem is occurring above the right-hand side of the door. And I've confirmed that the dishwasher was originally installed properly.

What has prompted this complaint effort stems from the company's lack of technical support. The only online or phone contacts are the Customer Service and Parts departments. Currently, the only resolution is to call one of the company's local service repair providers. Our finances at this time does not warrant paying someone to come out to my home, diagnose the problem, ordering part(s) and then returning to install or repair the dishwasher. We're talking about a $20 part, assuming the Tub Gasket, versus service charges from their local service provider from $100 to $200.

Based on the circumstances and the likely source of the problem, I think Frigidaire should help me diagnose the problem over the phone for an educated solution. The cost of the part(s) and repair labor should be on me. So I'm quite dissatisfied with Frigidaire's support at this time.

Dishwasher Leaking
By -

I first noticed some water around the front of the dishwasher and thought that it was from the sink when I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I was proven wrong one day after starting the dishwasher after it was loaded the night before, so no possible way the water came from the sink. When I noticed the water this time I inspected the trap inside to see if it was clogged, it was not. I pulled the unit out and ran a cycle and notice the dishwasher was leaking around the bottom side of the heating element.

I searched the internet to find solutions, and instead found this was a VERY common problem with this company. Many people have found the nuts used to hold the element in place were faulty and cracked which causes the leak. I have not yet replaced the parts but people who have seem to have solved the problem. But with this many complaints about the exact same part, you would think a company worth their weight would have recalled and replaced the parts by now. If they do not soon they will definitely lose my business and probably that of many others too.

Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Dishwasher Defective Out of the Box
By -

I recently decided to take a look at the Frigidaire Gallery Stainless line of appliances. They look very stylish and appealing. However, that's about it. I went ahead and purchased the Gallery Stainless dishwasher. After it was installed, I ran it for the first time and found that it was defective right off the bat. The dishwasher liquid dispenser door never popped open to release the liquid. I tried running it on Normal and Quick cycles with the same result. Yet when I pressed the spring lever to open/close the dispenser lid to fill it, it functioned just fine. But during the dishwashing cycle it does not open.

In addition, the heated dry feature left my dishes still damp to the touch with water in some places still left on them and the inside of the dishwasher tub still wet after the heated dry was finished. My 10-year old dishwasher did a better job of drying my dishes! I returned the dishwasher to the store where I purchased it because I don't want to buy a product that's defective right out of the box. Too bad for Frigidaire. This experience has made me skeptical about the quality of their appliances and I will not purchase a Frigidaire appliance again.

"Professional Series" dishwasher, anything but...
By -

MARTINEZ, GEORGIA -- I have had this dishwasher for two months and am completely, whole-heartedly mad at myself for buying a Frigidaire before reading all of the bad press about this company. I have written two email complaints and each time met with a "...we're so sorry to hear," type of fake customer empathy in how much I am disgusted with the Professional Series dishwasher they're putting out as actually a working appliance.

The best detergents, rinse agents have absolutely no effect on how badly the dishes/flatware are coming out. It either redistributes food particles and/or detergent back on the dishes/flatware. My eight-year-old rusting Sears did a fantastic job compared to this thing. I was matching this to my Frigidaire 5-burner gas range, but that was a huge mistake. The finishes do not match; one being stainless shiny and the other a satin finish. I am thoroughly disgusted with what this company is calling "customer service." It looks as though I am stuck with this albatross of a dishwasher and I am angry!

Will Never Buy Frigidaire Again
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased 4 Frigidaire appliances in Nov. of 2007. By May of 2008, we had had at least one problem with 3 out of the four. Our microwave handle has broken off not once but twice. The 'extra ice' button on the freezer (which is intended to produce higher levels of ice (say if you were having a party or something)) made water shoot out the dispenser. The only way to stop the water was to unplug the water hose... very messy. And lastly our dishwasher became very loud and the control panel didn't work so you couldn't switch the settings.

The microwave and the fridge were relatively easy fixes but I fought with the dishwasher for 7 months having different repair companies come out and fix different parts, until Frigidaire finally agreed to replace the damn thing. Well I got a brand new one at the very beg of Jan 09 and it leaks!!! This is like a terrible nightmare. My floor has begun to buckle because of the standing water that was under the dishwasher before I knew that it was leaking.

I have since had a repairman come out 3 times trying to fix it. Don't get me started on the incompetence of Corbetts Appliance Repair in Charleston SC, but again look who Frigidaire chooses to contract with!!! Ahhh DON'T BUY FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES!!!

Company Response 01/28/2009:

I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look into this matter. In order to do so, please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter. Again I regret your disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

Chris Polk
Escalation Specialist
Electrolux Major Appliances

Dirty Dishwasher
By -

MARIN, CALIFORNIA -- What a disappointment. Looks good. But barely washes dishes -- which you would expect to be the ONE thing a dishwasher can do. Tried a million different ways -- stacking appropriately, different detergents, different program modes. You spend more time inspected all the dishes, soaking them again, then washing by hand (at times as much as half a load) than it would have taken to wash all the dishes by hand in the first place.

Utterly useless and built very cheaply to boot with plastic rack wheels that fall off every other load -- and at times meltdown. Then you get to replace those cheap wheels for not-so-cheap a price of $4. In short, the biggest disappointment of any major appliance we have ever bought.

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