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Freezer LFFU145F5HWL
By -

I wish I had this freezer returned like the last one, The tech was out this morning and claims there is nothing wrong. Well, let me tell you... they claim this freezer is only supposed to use $66.00 worth of electricity. Well so far I have paid over $55.00 for two months of use. The first one I sent back made all types of noises. The manager at Lowe's told me there was a wire loose on the first one, never shut off. This one runs 20 minutes out of every hour. I made a poor choice and will have to live with it for a while. So if anyone out there is thinking about buying this one PLEASE DON'T!!!

Freezer conked after loss of power
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- After doing my monthly grocery shopping ($400 worth) I find that my not even 3 month old freezer is not functioning properly. Originally I thought my daughter had kept the door opened loading it too long with the frozen items I had just purchased but the next day when I find that the ice cream is melted along with the popsicles, none of the meat is frozen and barely 20 degrees I panicked. I first tried to Extreme Freeze it again and every time I did the Power Loss light came on. We then moved the freezer to the other side of the room to another plug just in case it was the outlet and pressed the Extreme Freeze button only to find the Power Loss light comes on again.

I've looked at ALL my manuals, online, and tried to call the company only to be met with the message that they are closed for the July 4th weekend. Troubleshooting only gives the consumer MINIMAL ideas as to what might be wrong (I.E. "Freezer not cooling" response "plug it in.") This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen from a manufacturer on giving information on how to troubleshoot a possible thermostat or cooling problem. No to mention what company doesn't offer Technical support for DIGITAL services 24/7?

I will NEVER buy another Frigidaire product again. As I'm reading the manual I also find that in the service section that my contents are not covered in the event of a product malfunction. Thanks Frigidaire/Electrolux in today's economy you can't even guarantee your product or the contents when your product fails. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Freezer Runs Continuously and Noisy!
By -

My husband and I purchased a Frigidaire freezer, Model No. FKFH21F7HW about 2 weeks ago. I was told in the store, when I asked if the freezer was on because it seemed to be running quietly. The salesman said, "Yes, and this is as loud as it will ever get." It was noisy from the start, and I called and complained. A serviceman came, checked it out, and said everything was fine. My husband, who has hearing loss said it didn't bother him at first, but now he says it is louder.

I am going to call the business where we purchased the freezer and return it, hoping that they will be willing to have the freezer returned without a hassle. Also, I just felt the sides of the freezer and they feel hot. I don't think that is normal. The way I feel at this moment, I will never purchase another Frigidaire appliance. Don't forget that the same company who manufactures Frigidaire also manufactures Electrolux, Tappan, Westinghouse, Kenmore, Affinity, Gibson (hate my Gibson dishwasher) and many others. Google who makes what.

I will do a follow-up with the return experience. I don't know how they will be when we return the freezer, so it's unfair at this time to even mention where we purchased the freezer.

Company Response 03/27/2009:

I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look into this matter. In order to do so, please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter. Again I regret your disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

Chris Polk
Escalation Specialist
Electrolux Major Appliances

Is Our New Freezer Defective?
By -

MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- We bought our new freezer last Friday, it's a Frigidaire (Model # FFU21F5HW) and it doesn't seem to be freezing right. I've got the temperature set all the way down to 10, any higher and the panel says HI TEMP. But nothing is frozen solid. I've got a bag of rolls, a couple frozen snacks, a chicken carcass, frozen veggies, hot dogs, and some unsalted butter for baking. Nothing is as frozen as it should be. It's almost like it's partially frozen. The hotdogs we had in there, you could squeeze, the butter you can press down and dent, and the ice cream was soft.

Now this is a brand new 700.00 freezer. Is it because I don't have enough in the thing that it's not freezing right, or do we need to go return this thing? In two weeks I'm going up to Missouri with a buddy of mine to pick up a cow that we had slaughtered. The wife is going to make me sleep outside if this thing is broken and I tell her that it is fine.

Frigidaire Complaint - Piece of Junk - 13.7 cu ft upright freezer
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Our Frigidaire upright freezer Model FFU14F5HWB was purchased November 2008. After three and a half years of residential use the service tech found that the evaporator and heat exchanger have failed. Electrolux offers no help stating the freezer is out of its one year warranty. Obviously there is a design flaw for this unit to fail after three and a half years. I will not purchase any more Frigidaire products.

Makes annoying high pitched ringing sound
By -

The compressor of this freezer makes an annoying high pitched ringing sound.

How hard can it be to produce a quality product?
By -

My upright, self-defrosting Frigidaire freezer (model # LFFU14F5HW) failed. Hundreds of dollars of expensive food lost. It didn't even last two years. What a waste of space in the landfill and my hard earned money. I wonder if there is a Japanese company that can at least make a quality freezer...

Frigidaire Upright Freezer Noisy
By -

This freezer runs a lot and is so loud it frightens the dogs and can be heard in the bedrooms. I will contact Lowe's to see if this is normal for this model freezer. Lowe's advises that the buyer has only seven days to return an appliance. My freezer was in the washroom for the first ten days (where I couldn't hear it running) before moving it into the kitchen. Next step is to call the Service Department. Wish me luck with that.

The Side By Side Freezer Door Is A Rusty Mess
By -

MOUNT VERNON, INDIANA -- Within 2 years of owning it, rust appeared under the front of the plate for the ice and water. I called and they would not stand behind it and replace the door. The rust is now about three inches by 8 inches. My neighbor bought the same product about 2 years ago and she just had a new door put on hers today. I warned her to keep an eye out for hers and to keep it under warranty.

Beware of Frigidaire
By -

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY -- I bought a new Frigidaire Commercial freezer at Lowe's in late August 2004. It lasted about 3 weeks before it stopped cooling and ruined some meat. Lowe's brought me a new freezer and swapped them out. The second one lasted until mid-December and it did the same thing. And ruined more meat. Lowe's swapped them out again. The third one lasted until the end of May 05 and did the same thing. I had it sent off for repair rather than get a fourth new one.

The repair company says they replaced the 'dryer'. I haven't been able to find out what a dryer is, and the person I called at the repair company didn't know either. Maybe its the same thing as an evaporator? Anyway, this was without a doubt the worst purchase I have ever made and I am still not confident that I have a reliable freezer. The problem is 100% Frigidaire's fault, but Lowe's would be well advised to stop selling these things to their customers.

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