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Frigidaire Upright Freezer Noisy
By -

This freezer runs a lot and is so loud it frightens the dogs and can be heard in the bedrooms. I will contact Lowe's to see if this is normal for this model freezer. Lowe's advises that the buyer has only seven days to return an appliance. My freezer was in the washroom for the first ten days (where I couldn't hear it running) before moving it into the kitchen. Next step is to call the Service Department. Wish me luck with that.

The Side By Side Freezer Door Is A Rusty Mess
By -

MOUNT VERNON, INDIANA -- Within 2 years of owning it, rust appeared under the front of the plate for the ice and water. I called and they would not stand behind it and replace the door. The rust is now about three inches by 8 inches. My neighbor bought the same product about 2 years ago and she just had a new door put on hers today. I warned her to keep an eye out for hers and to keep it under warranty.

Is Our New Freezer Defective?
By -

MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- We bought our new freezer last Friday, it's a Frigidaire (Model # FFU21F5HW) and it doesn't seem to be freezing right. I've got the temperature set all the way down to 10, any higher and the panel says HI TEMP. But nothing is frozen solid. I've got a bag of rolls, a couple frozen snacks, a chicken carcass, frozen veggies, hot dogs, and some unsalted butter for baking. Nothing is as frozen as it should be. It's almost like it's partially frozen. The hotdogs we had in there, you could squeeze, the butter you can press down and dent, and the ice cream was soft.

Now this is a brand new 700.00 freezer. Is it because I don't have enough in the thing that it's not freezing right, or do we need to go return this thing? In two weeks I'm going up to Missouri with a buddy of mine to pick up a cow that we had slaughtered. The wife is going to make me sleep outside if this thing is broken and I tell her that it is fine.

Bad Performance, Service
By -

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- We purchased a refrigerator freezer in August of 2003. In December 2007 it stopped working and all food had to be thrown away. An authorized service man came and charged $65.00 and only noted on his bill that it was a service call. He had me make the check out to his personal name not the company name. On 2/28/08 the refrigerator stopped again and food was discarded again. This time I am told there will be another $65.00 service charge as well as any repair charges. We are 77 and 87 years old and on social security. I think this is deplorable.

Door Rust
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have never had a problem with the mechanical workings of this freezer. Too bad the door just rusted apart after three years - and oh yeah - all the warranties express: Do Not Cover Rust! Okay Frigidaire - do you really think consumers are so dumb that they would come back and buy another after it rusts out after three years? I don't think so!

So let's see - work my butt off and pay $1000 for a freezer and have it rust in three years and then just because I liked it I would actually consider buying another? I think NOT! HEY - ANYONE - have any ideas on how to stop rust from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE? Poor quality is what that is called. Make a better product that lasts longer and you would be on top!

By -

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- I purchased a Frigidaire stainless steel refrigerator in April of 2006 (model GS18HTZDSBA). In the space of six months, the same model fridge has developed similar problems on two different occasions.

The first time, the service person diagnosed an evaporator leak with the s and d valves in need of replacement. Additionally, the fan that circulates the cold air had failed. Now, the first time this happened it took 2 weeks to get a replacement--foolishly thinking that getting a replacement would be faster than waiting for parts and service during the labour day long weekend.

Four weeks later, the new replacement developed the same problem: coolant leak, and an s and d valve problem. Luckily, this time, I caught the problem early; the fridge is limping along until I get a new one.

The procedure for replacement is as follows: repairman files report (1 day), report is sent to Frigidaire by service company recommending new fridge (day 2), Frigidaire sends another report authorizing new fridge (one week!!!). Add 2-3 days for delivery and you get the picture!

Hopefully fridge #3 will last a bit longer than a few weeks...One thing for sure, it's NOT going to be a Frigidaire. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, ah, can't fool me again!"

Beware of Frigidaire
By -

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY -- I bought a new Frigidaire Commercial freezer at Lowes in late August 2004. It lasted about 3 weeks before it stopped cooling and ruined some meat. Lowe's brought me a new freezer and swapped them out.
The second one lasted until mid December and it did the same thing. And ruined more meat. Lowe's swapped them out again.
The third one lasted until the end of MAy 05 and did the same thing. I had it sent off for repair rather than get a fourth new one.
The repair company says they repaced the 'dryer'. I haven't been able to find out what a dryer is, and the person I called at the repair company didn't know either. Maybe its the same thing as an evaporator ?
Anyway, this was without a doubt the worst purchase I have ever made, and I am still not confident that I have a reliable freezer.
The problem is 100 % Frigidaire's fault, but Lowe's would be well advised to stop selling these things to their customers.

Brand new won't work
By -

PALMYRA, NEW YORK -- I bought a brand new fridge on 12/22/06. After it was delivered and set up I loaded it with food. After 3 days I noticed it was not working. In the mean time I lost over $300.00 worth of food. Now no one is willing to do anything about it. It was over the holidays. I didn't think I would need to check a brand new appliance.

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