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"professional" series kitchen appliances
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Bought all "professional series" appliances for kitchen by Frigidaire. Can't wait for the day they die so I can dump them. Water dispenser and ice maker in the door are a joke! Water is so slow its unbelievable and ice spills all over the floor when used! I will never, never buy anything from them again.
Professional series MODEL NUMBER PLRU1778ES
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I was enticed by the adds and bought one 2 Feb 2007. There was nothing wrong with our very old fridge which never needed servicing. Just wanted the new look. We also bought a second hand for the basement 15 years ago which also never needed servicing. I have never been so frustrated with an appliance in my life. Needed repair 16-04-2007. Needed repair again 30-10-2007 again 12-11-2007. 25-03-2009 called them again. The bottom large tray cracked as well as the structure of the door itself. They would not cover the cost because it is cosmetic. Nothing we could do for the door and we bought the tray ourselves. My husband had to travel a distance to pick it up. My husband patched and glued the old part while we waited for the new. We decided to just store the part until his patchwork failed. It failed, dug out the new piece, it was too big. Company would not exchange it because they say we should have checked it even though they ordered the wrong part. Needed servicing again 21-01 2010. This time it took 2 weeks to be repaired. Thank God we at least had the small one in the basement. Would have been 2 weeks without a fridge. We never claimed the food we lost each time because it was not enough to claim but when you add up all the visits, it was costly. We have been fortunate to have been home each time or we would have lost allot more.
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