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Fridge Freezes Food
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Rating: 2/51

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- Purchased new 3 months ago and 2 technician visits later the fridge still freezes food in the main compartment. Turns out Frigidaire is now Electrolux parts which in my experience are inferior. This may be a bad model or just a lemon. Support relies on third party vendors that take weeks to get parts. It's a shame the Frigidaire brand has fallen on hard times and bad management.

Beware - Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased this fridge on March 15, 2012... took delivery a week or two later. It is a beautiful fridge which does not leave fingerprints on the front except on the handles. The counter depth is nice. However, the fridge stopped cooling properly on September 5th, not quite to the 6 months mark. The thermostat and possibly the compressor both failed. Fortunately, still under warranty. Unfortunately, Frigidaire does not contract with the larger easier to get appointments and faster repair companies. I live in a large metro area and had 4 choices. Two of which are several counties away from me.

So now 11 days after the repairman was finally able to come to diagnose, they are waiting on parts and I am now 13 days into no fridge and taking my family out for all meals. First visit they diagnosed a problem with the fan and thermostat? Took them 7 days to get those parts! They arrived to install them, then realized there is also an issue with the door closing sensor. Now waiting on parts to fix that. I also bought the matching dishwasher, hopefully not the same issues?

I would recommend you purchase an extended warranty, which I will, but through a third party sufficiently able to provide proper service in your area. Most annoyed that my Kenmore/Whirlpool fridge this replaced never once had an issue in the 11 years I used it. It was just no longer a good fit in the remodeled kitchen. Also, funniest thing... when I tried to put this same review on the Frigidaire website, it sent me a link by email to click to confirm my review for posting, only the link is invalid. Too funny! You got to wonder if I tried again and this time rated it 5 stars instead of 1, if it would magically work.

Frigidaire Refrigerator
By -

I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator in 2007. Two weeks after having the item delivered we started having problems with water leaking from under the refrigerator. We called the store where we purchased the frig, to put in a trouble call. To get a repair person to my home to fix the fridge was very difficult. They made me wait about 2 weeks. Also trying to get in touch with the repairman was even worst. Well finally one came up and attempted to fix the problem, only thing is that about a few months later the same problem happened again. The same repairman came back after a lengthy wait for service and claimed to have fixed the problem, well not so.

After a few months had passed the same problem occurred again. After another lengthy wait for service a different repairman came over to fix the same problem. This person found that the other repairman really had not addressed the problem correctly. He however finally corrected the problem with the water leaking from under my fridge. He showed me the area of concern and apparently corrected the issue. It took three service calls and two different repairmen to fix this one problem.

About two weeks ago my fridge went bad again. We put in a call for service and again had to wait. This time a different repairman handled the call. The fridge and freezer did not get cold. Well he located the problem but told us he had to order the part from the mainland and it would take about 5 days. Well, it has been more than 5 days and it seems other parts of the frig is now giving trouble. The clincher is this, the part that was ordered can be purchased here locally but the company has directed its repairmen to stop purchasing locally because of the cost, this part is about $75.

In the meantime my food has gone bad, and I have been without a refrigerator since our first service call was placed. This morning water was leaking from the ice maker and was all over my floor. Put in a call to the repairman we are dealing with and are waiting for a callback and status of the ordered part. Does the makers of Frigidaire appliances not stand behind their product? What has happened to customer service? I will never purchase another product from the Frigidaire company. Their product sucks and what's worst they don't stand behind their merchandise.

Never, Ever Buy a Frigidaire Product!
By -

If I had only known that Frigidaire does not care about their customers, I would have never bought one of their inferior products. My journey began when I bought a refrigerator from BrandSmart in August. From the moment I bought it, there was a loud humming noise that continued to get louder. A service technician came out in November and said that the compressor was bad and ordered a new one. After three weeks, he came back out to install the compressor.

Two days later, the refrigerator started defrosting my food and spoiled over $300 worth of food (Frigidaire's customer service people informed me that their contract stated that they would not replace spoiled food). The service technician came out and repaired the compressor problem the next day. Nine days later, the food was not freezing properly and the repairman was out again.

A month later, the repairman is back out to take care of clicking noise and food is defrosting again. The repairman put freon in and it again cooled. The next week, the food defrosted again. The repair company deemed it unrepairable and sent Frigidaire an invoice stating that needed to be replaced. When I called to find out where I stood, customer said that they didn't have the appropriate information from the repair company.

After numerous conversations with the repair company and after they faxed the information that was needed, I was told by the repair company to call customer service and they would rush approval through so that I could get a new refrigerator. When I called customer no-service, I was told that I would have to have a second opinion before they would consider replacing it. One repair service would not come on my side of town and the other one couldn't get here for a week!

As of today, I have been without a refrigerator for 4 days, and I have an idea that they will want to replace the compressor (again) once they finally get out here. I will never feel comfortable putting food in the refrigerator, even after the repair. Frigidaire's customer service is terrible and I, like others have noted, was given the run around constantly when trying to go above the customer service representative. I will never buy another Frigidaire. Bad customer service and cheaply made appliances are not worth the price that I paid. I hope that by posting this review that others will read it and think before purchasing these really, really bad appliances.

Frost Problems From The Beginning
By -

KATY, TEXAS -- I purchased a brand new Frigidaire side by side refrigerator for around $1000 at Lowes. When it got home it immediately started making a loud groaning sound. We ignored it to see if anything changed. Within a week our freezer started to freeze over where the ice maker connected to the door. The service man said the connection wasn't good and the flap needed to be replaced. They sent a new flap and a repair technician came out to install it. Then the problem came back, so I called the Electrolux company again to get it fixed.

The repair man came out again and said our door was the connection problem and needed to order a new one. When he came out the third time with a new door, I finally mentioned the groaning sound (since it was still happening); and the technician said it was the freon in the fridge and it was because we bought a cheap fridge that doesn't have good insulation. I'm sorry, but $1000 is not cheap.

But the frost came back and started to get even worse. The frost started to completely freeze over on the top and bottom of the ice maker, and blocked up the dispenser. No ice would come through, unless it was shredded to nearly nothing. When our door started having problems opening due to the insane amount of frost on it, I called again. The Electrolux company was rude and inconsiderate. They said their committee was still reviewing my complaint (months later) and even at the best would only be able to send me another refrigerator identical to this one; but at that time I wanted my money back and not a Frigidaire.

I went to Lowe's and explained the whole situation. They were nice and felt sorry for my situation and were instrumental in getting me any help to fix this problem. They refunded me for the full amount of the fridge and let me pick a new fridge out. My recommendation to Lowe's is to stop carrying this brand. If it wasn't for Lowe's and their understanding I would still be fighting with the Electrolux people. Long story short... stay away from this brand!!!

Noisy Refrigerator
By -

I have exactly the same problem. My Frigidaire refrigerator is so noisy that I have to turn the TV up to hear it when the fridge is running, which is often. I hear it in every room of the house and my nerves are shot. I can't relax in the kitchen where I like to sit and drink my coffee or eat meals. I called the Frigidaire dealer to have it checked it and was told it was normal and working properly. I have never had a fridge that was this noisy. It has been the same loudness since the day I got it. I've put up with at it a long time and it is driving me crazy.

I will never buy another Frigidaire product
By -

In 2003 we purchased a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator from Lowe's for $1000. In the beginning everything seemed to be fine except for the strange noises which were to be expected according to the owner's manual. When we finally got around to hooking up the water line for the ice maker, the circuit panel died 24 hours later. We were told by their authorized service place that the circuit board was defective. By the time we got the new one installed in the door, the refrigerator was now a year old. We then noticed that ice was forming around the inside of the door.

Another service call determined that it had a warp door which at first Frigidaire would not honor because it was over a year old now. We had the door replaced, but Frigidaire made us pay for the labor. The story doesn't end here. Next thing that happened was coming home to water all over the floor because now our appliance was not running. We were hoping it was this noisy compressor, but it was some 'relay' according to service. Once this part came in and was installed, the fridge did not run. It was the compressor which was covered with no cost to us other than all the frozen food we had to throw out.

Do you think that is the end of my problems? No. The fan started making noises and had to be replaced. Since the appliance is now over 5 years old, I knew this was an expected expense. Since the fan got replaced, the ice maker has stopped working and no water will come through the dispenser. The ice maker never worked very well from day one. I give up. Along the way, I've tried to keep Lowe's informed, but they did not want to hear about it.

I asked them why they didn't care whether their customers were happy with the products they sold and I was told they didn't have a department or person I could talk to. I'd also like to mention that I have a Kenmore washing machine that was in my house when we bought it in 1989. We are still using it and the only expense was replacing a knob which cost $75. Thank you, Sears!

Frigid-DARE! $400.00 = 4.5 Yrs Disposable Appliance.
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Well I'm another Lowe's-Sucker. I had thought that all low-end fridges were generic & equal (last about 10 yrs.) Well I guess I should have read these reviews first! When Lowes advertises "Free delivery & Free haul-away" they actually mean we'll do ANYTHING to move this junk out of our warehouse! The 2 guys who came with the appliance looked like they were hired off the street corner labor market or a temp agency (not a professional appliance delivery service).

The crude white appliance lasted a little over 4 years and then began to fail due to "OLD AGE". Finding the local (warranty) repair contractor was a lengthy (all-day) project (Hint: they have TONS of work orders to keep them busy) and when I finally found one, the best he could do was about 1 week from now. Then after IDing the problem, it took another week for the parts to be ordered and mailed.

Then after he had disassembled practically the entire unit in our kitchen (when the company says "return it for repairs" they're lying out their asses) to his consternation, he found that the Frigidaire Repair instructions which came with the parts were Xerox copied (not scanned!) and the illustration photos were totally unreadable!! So he then had to stop work until he could get help from the supplier (now closed for the weekend of course!) Finally the project was finished and I thought it would be the first & last breakdown.

About 1 week later, it broke down again and the repairman had to do ANOTHER complex disassembly and reconstruction of the sealed system ON-SITE in our tiny kitchen (this time complete with blow-torch in August)! Well after all his hard work, six months later EXACTLY FIVE YEARS after purchasing it, the damn thing went warm on us again. SO rather than pay the minimum $50.00 for the kind repairman's services all over again. I simply ordered a new brand fridge from elsewhere, and am resuming my finger-crossing exercises another time!

Side By Side lemon, Poor Customer Service
By -

PEWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- In February 2007 my wife and I purchased a new side by side refrigerator from Best Buy. All seemed to be well, ice maker was slow, but worked, maybe we just drink too much. We came back from vacation on July 30th 2007 to find water all over our floor from the ice melting, because the refrigerator died.
Called Frigidaire for service (Mistake one, if you buy it from Best Buy call Best Buy for service). I was given a choice of three contractors, I chose the first one and he was there the next day. He found a broken fan and said he would put the parts on rush order, take a couple days. I called them a couple days later and they had gone on vacation...wonderful. Called Frigidaire and they said to buy a dorm refrigerator to hold us over during repairs. The dorm refrigerator died in two days. Called the contractor and the parts would be installed the following Tuesdy, August 14.

August 14 comes and no repair man shows. Called the contractor, "Oh sorry I forgot to put you on our calendar. No problem I will send somebody right out." Nobody showed. Called the next morning...service tech was in an accident and the parts were not available. Now it must have been a horible accident if a plastic fan blade packed in a box did not survive. Called Frigidaire...again. "We will overnight the parts to your home and have another contracor standing by to install them".

OK the following day, the parts arrived...they sent the wrong parts! New repair person, Ron, says takes time to go to a local part warehouse and the fan was right there, plenty is stock. He returns and installs the fan, only to realize the fan shroud blocked the blade, this fan never did work from the factory. The compressor is shot and the system is contaminated. Needs a new one. He sends an invoice to Frigidaire on August 17th. On August 20 I start daily calls to Frigidaire for my replacement. On August 22rd in the afternoon the review was completed and a new refrigerator was authorized. All they need to do now is fax over the authorization to Best Buy and they will send out a new one. It is now noon on August 23rd, Frigidaire has not sent the fax yet.

How can anybody trust a company that takes more than 24 hours to send a fax?

Our old refrigerator was 20 years old and was working when we bought a new one. Little did we know. Stay away from Frigidaire...the product is poor and the service is worse.

Door Handle Is Trash
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Rating: 1/51

Frigidaire refrigerator model FFHT1826LW4. Bought this fridge new for an apartment. The lower (fresh food) door handle broke after 8 months. Replaced it with a new handle which broke in the same place after 7 months. This is an obvious design deficiency. The place where the handle breaks is thin plastic less than 3/8 thick. New handles cost almost $38.00. Frigidaire/Electrolux needs to redesign these handles and go back to metal instead of cheap plastic. The elderly lady in the apartment lost her balance when the last handle broke and could have suffered a bad fall. I intend to report this to Consumer Safety Commission.

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