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Very Poorly Made Appliances, Bad Warranties, Poor Customer Service
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- We completely remodeled our home in 2006-2007 and purchased all matching Frigidaire kitchen and laundry appliances, all but one item came from Lowe's (our range hood was from Famous Tate's). To date, we have had repairs and breakdowns of every single product. Most seriously, our front-loading washer/dryer combo is an unbelievably poor appliance. The dryer, Model number LEQ1442ESO, catches clothing on the lint trap and ruins straps, ties, and tears clothes. It overheats regularly and leaves scorch marks on fabric or cuts off and doesn't dry at all.

The case for the control panel at the top broke right after the warranty expired and has now detached completely from the machine and dangles by the wires. Most of the dryer cycles do not work and even before the control panel detached, all the lights blink and the machine beeps insanely and repeatedly whether the machine is drying or not. The only solution is to unplug the machine. We have had to have the machine serviced on multiple occasions for excessive lint build-up. The overheating is so serious, we check and clean the machine regularly and have pulled it away from the wall to prevent a fire hazard.

The matching Frigidaire washer is also a serious problem. Water damage from an interior leak has destroyed the barcode sticker so I am no longer able to read the model and serial numbers. Lowe's was not accommodating in helping us recover the model information. The washer filter gets clogged repeatedly and the drum retains water. The Drain/Rinse cycle does not work. The gasket leaked inside the door leading to a truly impressive display of rust on the washer door. The hinges are completely rusted and the bottom of the door, plus the door does not close by itself any longer and must be forced shut.

The bottom panel beneath the door is completely rusted out. The first time I noticed the door sticking due to the rust, was when the plastic door handle snapped off in my hands under normal opening pressure. I now have to pry the door open with a screwdriver. As if this is not enough, the washer does not clean clothes properly and my whites never get white. Although I have yet to notice the mold problems mentioned by other consumers, I see the potential because the gasket does not drain properly and retains water between cycles--I always clean it out.

Frigidaire Stainless Dishwasher, Model FDB1500LFCO. Dishwasher has required multiple repairs. Spray arm becomes loose or dislodged and falls against the element, which then melts it requiring a replacement part. Filter is not effective and dirty water backs up inside the machine and leaks out the front. Dishwasher does not clean the dishes effectively even using premium products and rinse agent--glasses are regularly cloudy. (We do not have hard water).

Most importantly, dishwasher chips and breaks plates\bowls and scratches cookware even when sparsely loaded. I have never owned a dishwasher that broke plates even occasionally and I currently have a 12-piece table setting that is more than 80% chipped. I will not purchase new plates while I still own this washer for fear of more expensive damage. Stainless cover shows excessive scratching... all I use is wipes or a soft sponge.

Frigidaire Side by Side Stainless Refrigerator Model Number FRS6LC8FS2. Plastic shelves chip, scratch, and crack under light cleaning. Fan motor is unbelievably loud and ice machine whines and grumbles. Door handles wiggle and will not hold flush to door even when adjusted. In-door water/ice dispensers are clouded and scratched after only 2 years of use. Stainless door panels show excessive wear after minimal use and light cleaning. Poor finish.

Frigidaire Ceramic-top Range Model FEFL796CA. Vented heat from inside stove has permanently discolored stainless control panel at top left. Vents at top of stove door do not prevent spilled fluid from entering sealed area between double glass fronts, resulting in unsightly drip marks we are unable to remove. Drawer slides on bottom oven drawer broken and non-functional. Both stainless and paint finishes are unacceptable--2 years of wear should not be enough to chip the paint and show scratches on the stainless areas.

I will estimate we spent $1800 on our refrigerator, $600 on our range, $300 on our dishwasher, and $700 on our washer/dryer combo. This is a grand total of approximately $3400 on Frigidaire appliances, none of which work properly or look aesthetically pleasing at the three year mark. We are extremely disappointed and will NEVER purchase Frigidaire/Electrolux appliances ever again!

No satisfaction from the company, no help from Lowe's, only endless repairs and expensive parts. We estimate we've spent about an additional $500.00 on repairs and laundromat expenses so far. We are unable to replace our washer/dryer at this time and that is our most crucial complaint.

We've complained to the BBB and to various watchdog sites including this one. I will continue complaining. Appliances are not supposed to be disposable cheaply-made products. My last washer-dryer set (Maytag) lasted me 12 years and still worked and looked good enough to sell used when I was ready to upgrade. The retailer, Lowe's, should be ashamed of selling such a bad product. Electrolux should be lynched. Anyone interested in starting a class action against Electrolux? How do we get started?

Paint is chipping off. Stainless Steel Appliance and Frigidaire Doesn't Care
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Rating: 1/51

Spent a considerable amount of $ redoing our kitchen and made the mistake of choosing Frigidaire "Gallery" (as in more expensive) appliances. Stainless steel with black trim. After about two months of use, the black paint has started to chip off the front of the built in ceramic top range to reveal the white plastic underneath. Contacted the Canadian customer service no. listed in our manual and got a "customer service" person who could not speak English -- other than to repeat over and over again that there is no warranty on "cosmetic" problems with their appliances. Tried to speak to someone higher up but to no avail.

This was the first and obviously the last time I would EVER purchase anything made by Frigidaire/Electrolux. And I will do everything in my power to ensure that no one else I know makes that mistake either. So please, do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from Frigidaire/Electrolux products.

Frigidaire Electric Ranges are Dangerous
By -

RICHLAND, MICHIGAN -- My daughter was so excited a few years ago when her father and I told her we would purchase new kitchen appliances for her. She went to Lowe's and chose Frigidaire with the finish that looks like stainless steel. She started having problems with the electric range as soon as the one year warranty ran out. When the heating element in the oven caught fire and damaged the computer. She called a licensed repairman who replaced circuit board, but the oven caught on fire a few weeks later and he came back and replaced the heating element. He said he had seen problems like this before with some with Frigidaire ranges.

A couple of months later, the oven stopped working and so did the smooth cooktop. She contacted Frigidaire (Electrolux) and they gave her a runaround that was unbelievable. I contacted them as well and got the same runnaround. Finally it became clear they were going to do nothing because although they seemed to be aware of the problems with these ranges, they were not required to take any action since the warranty was expired and there was no recall on record. Since then, the oven and the cooktop has stopped working several times and then suddenly started working again.

She started keeping small appliances nearby including an electric frying pan, roaster, toaster oven, etc. just in case. When the oven caught fire again, her husband ordered a new heating element (they couldn't afford to call a repairman again) and replaced it.

Once again the oven worked for a while, stopped, started and then finally last week it caught fire again. This time I told her not to spend any more money on a stove that was clearly defective from day one and that I was scared to death it was going to burn her house down. I am posting this complaint on as many internet sites as possible to warn others to beware of purchasing a Frigidaire range. I don't know how many models had/have this problem but if you buy a lemon I hope you don't expect Frigidaire/Electrolux to stand behind their products.

Frigidaire Electric Range
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was awakened at 3:30 am with my home filled with smoke. I immediately began to try to determine the source of the smoke. Only to discover the Frigidaire range had turned on by itself in the middle of the night. The control panel started on fire! I pushed cancel on the control panel which did nothing to stop the range except to send sparks all through the kitchen. We immediately flipped the fuse for the stove. Frigidaire was contacted that morning, the representative informed me I needed to contact an authorized Frigidaire repair service. The repair technician was amazed when he opened the control panel to find it all melted.

I again contacted customer service, she indicated my range was out of warranty because I purchased it 2 yrs ago. The only compensation she could give me was 10% off the very expensive parts to repair the range. I purchased the the high end range 2 yrs ago when I retired as a "splurge ", something I always wanted but never could afford due to expenses of raising 3 children. I believe the company should stand by there product when this clearly is a safety issue. There was no negligence on the consumer's part. Thank goodness I was awakened by the could have been devastating! DO NOT PURCHASE A FRIGIDAIRE RANGE.

My New Frigidaire Range Is Disgusting!
By -

Burners and oven! I need a range that does not take an hour to come to temp in the oven. Or a 1/2 an hour to bring water or food or preserves to a boil! This demented range does! The booklet that came with the range says "start with hot water" to get it to boil! A waste of the most needed substance we have for our existence is water. I do not run a diner for the public but do need the damn thing to let me cook. Recently I had the dinner ready and all needed to complete the meal was to broil some garlic bread! Fat chance to not have to wait a long time.

Again the book (it eliminates common sense) it says heat the broiler for 5 minutes than broil item. I had to fry the bread in a cast iron skillet in order for the bread to be done and served with the meal. Frigidaire has been a reliable company to get appliances. Now I am sick to have bought this relic that seems to think all house cooks are stupid and have hours to get a simple meal on the table. I prepare biscuits (from scratch) and have to wait 1 hour to get the correct temp and then instead of the usual time of the baking it takes 10 to 15 more baking time to get them as wanted. 435 Degrees.

Bad Customer Service... They Lie.
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- OK. I made a mistake and put foil on the bottom of oven (element is hidden) and it melted... I read the manual and found where it said not to do it. So, my fault. Fine. I cleaned the oven as much as I could and by doing so, took the coating off the oven racks so now pizza sticks to them. So, I called customer care and they told me to coat them with oil and put in oven and season them. I did as they told me to and it caught fire. I called them back, and asked the same question, and was told to do the same. I then told them that is what I was told last time and my oven caught on fire.

They then denied that they told me to do it and then said they had no record of my call. They will not have a repair center come out to clean my oven because it is not broken. Even though, I bought the 2 year extended warranty. I even gave them a case number for both calls. They deny it exist. I will never, EVER buy from them again. EVER! They won't even sell me new racks. And they should have a LARGE warning about using foil in the oven. I wish we could buy and have America back. And all this happened on the 4th of July, my entire family had to leave the house and go out in the heat until the house was clear from smoke.

I called back to have get a service call, and they would not even give me the phone #s of the companies that service my area. They said my oven was not under warranty, even though I bought it in February 2010. And why would I have to call to make a service repair. Don't they do that?

Strange Venting Issue
By -

We've had the Frigidaire 4000 Series dishwasher since Aug. '08. We noticed water dripping into the basement below the kitchen. We've checked every pipe and drain and can only find water in one location - below the dishwasher. We've had two repair people out. The first was stumped. The second explained he had seen the problem with this model before. Instead of venting the steam out the front it vents it directly underneath the counter inside the cabinet. Which then runs down the cabinet sides and collects under the unit.

It smells underneath - and mold is growing on the wall under the sink next to the dishwasher. It's hard to tell how much damage has actually be done. He says there is nothing he can do about it. Has anyone else run into this and is there a way to solve the problem?

We're had 3 repairmen out. A report was issued by at least one to Frigidaire. I had the CSR (who almost speaks English) read it to me. After discussing the problem, which apparently has no cure other than replace this unit with one unit that vents properly into the room, the tech ended his report with "job complete". I TRIED to explain to the CSR that "job complete" doesn't mean it was fixed, his "job complete" at the end of the report means he had done all he could, diagnosed the problem, documented the problem, and he was done. Send me the check.

I couldn't get through at all. I asked if I could speak with someone who spoke English as a first language and was not transferred to someone in the USA. Currently the issue is still open. They claim to be contacting the repair company but this is the second day they put me though the same runaround.

I'm to the point where instead of just asking them to replace the unit I'm ready to consider a small claims case for the floor damage and the mold problems they've created in addition to the defectively designed dishwasher. This company is frustrating! Why can't they hire people who understand English? Why did they come up with this nutty product design!

Never Ever Buy FRIGIDAIRE!!!
By -

LEWISBURG, TENNESSEE -- We purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher and convection range on 08/23/2006. After only 6 mos. the dishwasher quit. The electronics system had to be replaced. That took 2 weeks to get resolved. Now for the BIGGIE.

At approximately 8:30 PM on Aug 29th 2007, we heard what sounded like a small explosion in the kitchen. It sounded like the entire kitchen had caved in. We went in to see that the outer glass door on our range had blown out, sending glass frying into the entire kitchen area. There was no reason for this to occur. It had not been used at all that day.

If anyone had been standing in the area, they could have been seriously injured. The glass on the floor was actually popping like popcorn. Glass continued to fly out until 11:00 PM. Still flying out the next morning also. I have contacted the company. After being on hold approx. 12 minutes, I explained the situation and was told they would have to call me back concerning this matter.

We have managed to clean up most of it but there is still glass hanging in the door which continues to fall out if we walk next to it. I am very concerned that this could happen to someone else having small children, and I felt it necessary to report this incident.

UPDATE: 8/30/07 -I had to call them back. Basically, I had no luck. But I did call the local repairman to get his opinion as to what could have caused this to happen. Still waiting in Tn and glass is still shooting out of the door across the kitchen. Have cleaned entire floor 4 times so far today. I refuse to do ANYTHING until the repairman see it.

Horrible Products!
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Rating: 1/51

We've had both a Frigidaire dishwasher and range. Problems with each started within the first month and continued from there. Some problems were clearly from poor design such as the dishwasher hose developing a hole due to the door mechanism hitting it, or shoddy products such as an oven element blowing apart which fried the electronic boards after only a few uses. Customer service is horrible with the representatives' only goal being to find any way possible to deny claims. Stay away from Frigidaire products!

Electric Range Model GLEF378ABE
By -

In January 2010, while baking a cake, it smelled "done" after about 10 minutes of bake time. It was more than done... it was smoking! The oven had overheated to an extremely high temperature and would not turn off. I had to cut the electric to the stove at the circuit breaker. I cannot use the stove at all because every time the electric is turned on, the oven automatically overheats. I checked on recalls and found recalls on other models for similar incidents but, unfortunately not for my model.

I contacted Frigidaire with the complaint but basically was told there was no recall for my model so "sorry **". We will NOT get this one fixed even if the company offers a fix kit. We will NOT buy another Frigidaire or any other product made by the mother company. I WILL do research on product reliability before I buy again.

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