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JOSHUA, TEXAS -- I bought the Frigidaire Stove in October of 2007 for $898.00. It never worked correctly. In January the display went out, while the burners still worked the oven did not. We called Lowe's, of course they said we had to call the Manufacturer. We did and two weeks later an "Authorized" service tech showed up. He said they oven was wired incorrectly and that caused the outage. He ordered parts and had them sent directly to our home, 2 weeks later they showed up and we called him and waited another week for him to show up and do the repair. He did just that and realized he needed another part. Same story as above.

3 weeks later he had it fixed and we found out that it actually had a fan. We had never heard it before. It worked for 2 days and woke me up from a sound sleep with the fan going full blast. I had to turn it off at the Breaker to get it to stop. We called the Service guy and he showed up a week later. This time he told my wife (I was at work), that it was our electrical system that was causing it and it was out of his control.

I had a Master Electrician come out and check the circuit. He could not believe that the man told us that. He charged me $45.00 to tell me that nothing was wrong. I loaded the stove up and returned it to Lowe's. They would not return it unless I had an Return Authorization from the Manufacturer. I called Electrolux (apparently based in India where English is the third or fourth language), and they said they could not give a consumer an RA number. It had to be given to the Service Tech exclusively. It is all a system designed to stick it to the consumer.

I called another Service Company and told them the situation trying to get some help. They explained to me that the "Authorized Service" groups make their entire living on these terrible products. It is not in their best interests to tell the truth about the Manufacturer. They don't want to bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak. If they told the truth and were honest they would no longer be the "Authorized Service Company". They would be forced to do honest business and actually compete. I will update here as this process goes, In the meantime I suggest that everyone stay away from these companies. Disgusted in Joshua, TX.

Frigidare stainless counter depth lemon
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CORTLAND, OHIO -- To start with, I purchased this refrigerator from Lowes and they sent me a refrigerator with a hugh scratch on the front door. The store's delivery manager told the driver of the contracted delivery company to deliver it anyway and knock off 500 dollars. The scratch was so bad that 500 dollars wouldn't sway me from sending it back. Since this was last year model and no longer available, they didn't want to give me the sale price for this years identical replacement model, but with persistence, I ended up getting the same price on the replacement model. I was also in the middle of moving, I had rented a trailer for the day and was tired and irritated that I had to go into the store for 2 hours to resolve this. Now for the good part, 2 weeks after purchase the ice maker quits, I try all the trouble shooting steps as suggested in the manual. I called the Frigidaire 1-800 support line and guess what; I got some Indian support tech that I could hardly understand. I labored through his broken English to the point he said he would send a replacement ice maker. Never got it by the way, but I was able to fix the problem using a hand held hairdryer. It turns out all I had was a frozen water line. Two weeks later, I opened the refrigerator door and there is water all over the front door and the floor, I said to myself I am not calling tech support again, I'm calling the store. Upon calling the store, it seemed to me they had dealt with this situation before and gave me a number to a local contractor who would make a service call to fix a leaking water filter. He told me that the Front-mounted PureSource 2 filter system is a new design and is flawed. He also said this is a known issue, and can't guarantee his fix will last because of the flaw in the design. The other option is to fall back to the old design, by bypassing the front filter and installing the old rear mounted filter which is what I ended up doing. To give Frigidaire credit, I haven't had any problems with the conventional oven and dishwasher, but that doesn't make me feel warm inside due to their lousy off-shored support.

Professional Series - Inferior
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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- In mid November of 2005 I purchased a Frigadaire Professional Series stove and dishwasher. I immediately had trouble with both of them. Thank God I didn't buy their refrigerator. The dishwasher, which was supposed to be a quiet series, was noisy with a loud hooting -- like an owl. After 4 service calls they finally replaced the motor and for the past 3 weeks it has been working just fine. (They paid about $400 on repair calls for a $700 dishwasher). I was given a tip by the repairman and it is going to sound crazy but after you load your dishwasher add a little cooking oil -- YES I said cooking oil -- about 2 tablespoons, to the bottom of the dishwasher. It keep the gears lubricated and that is because the gears are all made with plastic. Do this especially if you prewash your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. Now to the stove and a more serious problem. I have a gas stove. This piece of *^&@(*&^%^%$% didn't work properly since day one. If I have my burners on simmer and I open my oven door the burners blow out on the two smaller burners. The 2 larger burners blow out but come on right away on their own without my having to restart them. This happened the first time I used it. At this point, I know the repairman so well, as he has been here multiple times, that I invited him to dinner the last time I saw him. They finally installed a new part, which looked just like the original one, and that didn't correct the problem. So now they tell me they are going to give me a replacement or same stove -- THE SAME STOVE. HELLOOOOOOO. The problem is that there is a negative pressure issue here and I know that they had this same problem with another model a few years back. It has something to do with the size of their vents with the sealed burners. So I eagerly await for my new stove. If the problem is still there I will be requesting a refund. If that does work I will go to my local TV stations here in NYC and have "ASH HOWARD" to help me. MY FINAL THOUGHTS -- STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING THIS COMPANY MAKES AND ALL SUB COMPANIES THAT THEY OWN.

Cheaply Made
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Rating: 2/51

My husband and I purchased the fridge last November to match the range we had purchased the previous year. As a child I remember that my mother had always purchased Frigidaire products and was very happy with them. We loved the range we bought and wanted a fridge to match so we were insistent on the stainless steel and not the painted one.

I am very disappointed with the fridge... the shelves are plastic and bow in the middle when heavier items are placed on them, we never had this problem with our previous fridge as it had REAL glass shelves. Also, the crisper drawers are not deep enough to even accommodate a stalk of celery so when I purchase one I have to trim it down considerably to fit it in the drawer. Not the design quality I was expecting from this company.

Please Don't buy a Frigidaire product...ever!
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After remodeling my kitchen, I purchased a Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and stove. Within the first 12 months, the dishwasher motor broke and had to be replaced. The brackets to the under the cabinet microwave stripped when we were installing it. Luckily we caught it before it came crashing to the floor. Now only 16 months after the purchase date, the refrigerator is broken. The ice maker no longer works and the freezer is as warm as the 4th of July! So 3 out of 4 appliances are "lemons". My advice is to stay away from this product. Stay far, far away!

Frigidaire does not honor dehumidifier warranties
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I just came across a review elsewhere in which the consumer has a 6-month old dehumidifier that stopped working. He contacted Frigidaire about service within his 5-year warranty and here is their reply: "I would like to offer you a 60% rebate towards a new unit." My response to that was, quoting the manual, "The unit has a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY period during which "Frigidaire will repair or replace any part in the Sealed Refrigeration System..." so why should I have to pay 40 percent?

Their reply: "We apologize we will not be able to arrange service for your dehumidifier. Regrettably, escalating service costs have rendered repairing dehumidifiers a thing of the past as these units are no longer serviced. Please let us know if you wish to accept the rebate offer so we may assist with issuing a rebate letter outlining details of the rebate as soon as possible. Please also note that not only will you receive the 60% rebate but as an added bonus when you receive the new dehumidifier, the warranty will start over again from day one."

I wrote them again requesting that they honor their written warranty. They replied "Thank you for contacting Frigidaire. We apologize that we are not able to assist." Flabbergasted, I looked elsewhere on the internet and found similar complaints. It's always a good idea to research appliances before purchase but if the warranty is virtually useless, it is even more so.

Does Anyone Stand Behind Their Work Any More?
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This refrigerator was manufactured in February of 2008 (only used since purchase on 8/1/2208) and it has already stopped working. First, the freezer would frost over (supposed to be frost free) and that would cause the refrigerator temperature to rise. Second, the compressor quit working on February 21, 2011. When I called the customer service number and was routed around several times the first thing they want to know is "did you purchase the extended warranty?" It would be nice to see a company actually stand behind its work! I guess that's what you get when products like this one were "made in Mexico".

Frigidaire Top Mount Refrigerator Freezer 21 Cu. Ft.
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Very unfortunate experience with Electrolux Canada Corp / Frigidaire US in Augusta, Georgia on a Model No. GLHT214TJK0, Serial No. 4A83804334, 21 cu ft. top freezer Manuf. Date: 09-08 produced in Mexico. On June 20, 2012 P.M. all cooling capacity fails. All freezer and refrigerator contents that could not be placed in another operating unit spoiled. Upon inspection service indicates all freon coolant has leaked from the compressor - further evidenced by the green discoloration on rear of unit.

Unit was never abused, coils frequently cleaned, residential only use with median cooling setting. Calls to Frigidaire US phone 800-374-4432 today 6/29/2012. Technical support merely confirms out of warranty (of which I am aware); transfer to Specialist Consumer Service indicates: sorry, out of warranty, can't help you. I asked what the life expectancy of their units is - answer: they do not have one. How less than 4 years product service life can be considered 'typical' for such a product is beyond reason. And they would not offer to compensate even say $100.00 for purchase of a new Frigidaire microwave, etc. So my experience says stay away.

I am thankful I did not spend extra for a three year warranty; it would also have been out of warranty from that added expense as well. And I can only question whether the quality of other Electrolux brands may also have deteriorated. Thus, I have replaced the failed sub-standard inferior product with a better quality made by a competitor - and I will continue to use other brands. From my experience, I cannot recommend Electrolux /Frigidaire.

Frigidaire French Door
By -

GEORGIA -- What a piece of **. We have had 1 Electrolux french door fridge and 2 Frigidaire french door fridges have had them repaired under warranty all more than 3 times each and am now on my fourth fridge and am going to a different manufacturer. The nice makers on these units break down faster than the delivery guys can get fridges in the front door.

How does a company so big get away with selling such crap and then not even respond to letters written to them on what faulty items they have. Wso my response to anyone that would like to read is return your unit and go get a Samsung french door unit. It may cost a bit more but you will be much happier in the long run - no break downs, better service, better warranties and way better ice!!!

Frigidaire Laundry Center Control Board
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The first service call on the Frigidaire laundry center was one month after the warranty expired. Imagine that. Six months later, I've gone through 3 motor control boards - one after the other. The last was like a virgin sacrifice ceremony. The authorized service technician installed the device without checking or changing anything. We both knew it would burn out again after the next wash. The first time, it was so burned it nearly caused a fire. After the second burn out, he blamed my electricity and refused to come out until I had the electricity checked. The electrician came out and said no way. It's the machine.

This last time, the washer stopped in the middle of wash cycle. Two hours had passed so I assumed it was done and I was too busy to hear the buzzer. I tried to pull the door open and got the door lock buzzer and flashing lights. I turned the knob to the complete. The door opened but the washer was dead, no power to the washer or dryer. I'd call the technician again but what for? He has no idea. We'd just sacrifice another motor control board while the dirty laundry piles up.

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