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Frigidaire Top Mount Refrigerator Freezer 21 Cu. Ft.
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Very unfortunate experience with Electrolux Canada Corp / Frigidaire US in Augusta, Georgia on a Model No. GLHT214TJK0, Serial No. 4A83804334, 21 cu ft. top freezer Manuf. Date: 09-08 produced in Mexico. On June 20, 2012 P.M. all cooling capacity fails. All freezer and refrigerator contents that could not be placed in another operating unit spoiled. Upon inspection service indicates all freon coolant has leaked from the compressor - further evidenced by the green discoloration on rear of unit.

Unit was never abused, coils frequently cleaned, residential only use with median cooling setting. Calls to Frigidaire US phone 800-374-4432 today 6/29/2012. Technical support merely confirms out of warranty (of which I am aware); transfer to Specialist Consumer Service indicates: sorry, out of warranty, can't help you. I asked what the life expectancy of their units is - answer: they do not have one. How less than 4 years product service life can be considered 'typical' for such a product is beyond reason. And they would not offer to compensate even say $100.00 for purchase of a new Frigidaire microwave, etc. So my experience says stay away.

I am thankful I did not spend extra for a three year warranty; it would also have been out of warranty from that added expense as well. And I can only question whether the quality of other Electrolux brands may also have deteriorated. Thus, I have replaced the failed sub-standard inferior product with a better quality made by a competitor - and I will continue to use other brands. From my experience, I cannot recommend Electrolux /Frigidaire.

Frigidaire French Door
By -

GEORGIA -- What a piece of **. We have had 1 Electrolux french door fridge and 2 Frigidaire french door fridges have had them repaired under warranty all more than 3 times each and am now on my fourth fridge and am going to a different manufacturer. The nice makers on these units break down faster than the delivery guys can get fridges in the front door.

How does a company so big get away with selling such crap and then not even respond to letters written to them on what faulty items they have. Wso my response to anyone that would like to read is return your unit and go get a Samsung french door unit. It may cost a bit more but you will be much happier in the long run - no break downs, better service, better warranties and way better ice!!!

Frigidaire Laundry Center Control Board
By -

The first service call on the Frigidaire laundry center was one month after the warranty expired. Imagine that. Six months later, I've gone through 3 motor control boards - one after the other. The last was like a virgin sacrifice ceremony. The authorized service technician installed the device without checking or changing anything. We both knew it would burn out again after the next wash. The first time, it was so burned it nearly caused a fire. After the second burn out, he blamed my electricity and refused to come out until I had the electricity checked. The electrician came out and said no way. It's the machine.

This last time, the washer stopped in the middle of wash cycle. Two hours had passed so I assumed it was done and I was too busy to hear the buzzer. I tried to pull the door open and got the door lock buzzer and flashing lights. I turned the knob to the complete. The door opened but the washer was dead, no power to the washer or dryer. I'd call the technician again but what for? He has no idea. We'd just sacrifice another motor control board while the dirty laundry piles up.

Chemical Smell!
By -

MISSISSAUGA, OHIO -- I have sent many e-mails to the Frigidaire's customer service in Canada with no reply (3 weeks and still waiting). I purchased one of their fridge and after 13 months in, started getting a chemical smell from it. The first month the smell was not too strong but after a while the whole house smelled like the fridge. I called the service center because of course the 12 month manufacturer's warranty is expired. After explaining my problem to the technician, he tells me to clean it and that should fix the problem. First I was insulted but I totally cleaned the fridge, still... the smell. At this point we can't use the fridge anymore because everything in it just taste like that smell.

Called the technician and someone finally showed up telling me that the coolant is odorless so unless something spilled behind the back of the fridge then he doesn't know what it can be. After removing the back panel, he proposed changing the motor of the fan. $193.00 the smell is still there, we get a 30-day call us back for free but if they did not know what the problem was in the first place.

I have my doubt for the free visit, still I have explained the situation to Frigidaire customer service but they have not gotten back to me. I spent money, I am not claiming anything even if I had to waste all the food I had in there. The one thing I wanted was for someone to get back to me. Is it too much to ask for?

Frigidaire refuses to replace lemon fridge
By -

I bought a stainless look Frigidaire fridge in August 2008. By December it needed its first repair, and they gave me the runaround and wouldn't send a technician for more than 2 weeks. My tenants had to put their food out on the porch (we're in Boston and luckily it was cold). The technician told me it was a faulty defrost timer and that the part was bad and I should expect it to fail again.

He was right, and a month later the same part was replaced again. This time we managed to go 5 months before it broke again, and this time it was the thermostat that needed to be replaced. One month later, the fridge broke again, and this time both the defrost timer and the thermostat were replaced AGAIN. I have one month left on the warranty. Lowes (where I purchased the fridge) will not get involved. Frigidaire refuses to replace the unit. They have now spent $800 on repairs of a $500 fridge.I was about to purchase a new Frigidaire washing machine, but I doubt very much I will ever buy an appliance from this company again.

1 Year and It's Toast?
By -

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Purchased simple $450 Frigidaire fridge from Lowe's to put in our cottage. We didn't even have the door handles on it yet because we were going to move the unit when we finished the kitchen. At last visit noticed it was not cooling. Had an appliance repairman out and he confirmed that the Freon has leaked inside the fridge - the compressor is gone and fixing it would cost more than the value. No, we did not purchase an extended warranty figuring that any fridge would last at least 5-10 years. Unreal and completely frustrated that we now have to purchase another unit after one year or hardly any use.

Poor Customer Service - Long Wait Time
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- My first experience with Frigidaire is awful. I will never purchase from this company again. Very, very long hold times, average at 20 minutes. Customer service is in Philippines, very hard to understand, then they give you the information you need to contact - a repair person - which when you go their website you can't get to it because they have this stupid glitch on it, something to do with air conditioners. You have to click on AC to get a repair person for a refrigerator.

Got this side by side unit had problems with the computer components. The store sent someone out right away, worked on it 2 different times and then the pump leaked oil over the floor. The store replaced the unit with a new one and it has been fine until we had this problem with the ice maker not crushing the ice. First we had plastic shavings coming out with the ice then this big piece of plastic came out in a cup and we no longer had crushed ice.

Finally got through today to an American who understood my frustration with the whole outsourcing of American Companies and not being able to verbally understand the people over the phone. He was very helpful and walked me through the problem and has new parts for the ice maker being shipped out today. There's no place like HOME!!!

Filter Replacement
By -

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY -- Called their 800 number for finding out the part number for the filter. I gave them the model number. They said that since they have 6 (six) different units running the same model number I need to provide them the ENG number listed on the unit. After 10 minutes of looking and not being able to find it I called back. Sorry they can't help without that number.

I checked the User Manual. Absolutely no reference to such a part number. So I am stuck! Nobody to help. When asked "is there anything else..." I told them to consider the customers when manufacturing a product. I am surprised since Frigidaire and Electrolux are considered quality name brands... but no more - at least in my book.

Bad Appliances
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- On 2006 I bought three Frigidaire appliances from Lowe's. Two of the three are lemons! Lowe's couldn't care less about the bad quality products they are selling and refer me to the Frigidaire nightmare. My dishwasher model TH61839747 has had every part replaced in the last two months and it still does not run right. The repairman has charged Frigidaire four times what I originally paid and they still won't give me a new dishwasher. One day it ran for four hours and technically baked the soap into my dishes, could not turn it off finally had to cut power to the entire house before it burned down!

Now my refrigerator is not operating right (model# FR26LF7DSB). The water line froze on the ice and water dispenser. The repairman says they cut costs and took out two clips which kept the lines from freezing. Lowe's sold me the product knowing they were defective but washes their hands off the whole affair. They ordered a new door and power board. The new door arrived two days ago all dented. Calling Frigidaire is an exercise in endurance. They try to wear you out so that you will give up, the customer service is incompetent and non existing.

The customer is being cheated by Frigidaire and they won't do a thing until your house burns down! Can't wait to see what the stove does. I will never buy a Frigidaire again and strongly advice anyone out there to stay away from this brand! Lowe's sold refrigerator models that were manufactured outside the US with a history of problems and defects. A retailer should care more about their products and customers.

By -

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have a washer and dryer that I purchased from Frigidaire last year. From day one I have had issues with the dryer not completely drying my clothes. I have called, I have had someone come out and was told that nothing is wrong with the dryer.

One night after drying the same load of clothes six times, I have finally decided that no matter what they, this machine is a piece of garbage. Do you know how high my electric bill has gone up since I purchased this equipment? I would like someone to contact me and explain why I am having these issues. You cannot possibly expect me to believe that it is normal for it to take six cycles to dry an average load of clothes.

I would also like to share with you the experience that I had with their Customer Service department over the last two days. On Tuesday 8/9, I called in to the toll free # and spoke with a young lady by the name of Shaniquia. I explained my situation to her and she trasferred me to someone by the name of Christina. Christina told me to have someone to come over and give me a diagnostic of my machine. She also gave me the names and number of two service agents to contact.

I assumed that since this had been an ongoing problem that Frigidaire would pay for this. When I called the agent, I was at that time informed of how much a service call would be and that he would be expecting payment from me at the time of service. On Wednesday, I called your toll free number again and as luck would have it, Shaniquia picked up the phone. Obviously she did not remember me.

After explaining the situation to her again, she explained to me that my appliance was no longer under warranty. That your company was no longer responsible for service calls. I told her that I understood that, but I would like to speak with someone to express my displeasure in this situation. She then went on to tell me that there was no else that I could speak with.

I asked was there a Consumer Affairs department. She said no. I asked was there a corporate office. She said no. I asked was there a supervisor. She said that would be her. I asked if I could speak with her supervisor. She said that they were not available. I asked if she could put me through to the person (Christina) who I spoke with on yesterday. She said that she did not know who that was as the number that she transferred me to was not in the same office. My question to her was: if she was able to transfer me to that number, why was she telling me that there was no one else that I could speak with?

I told her that I found it extremely hard to believe that a company of this stature would not have anyone else that I could speak to other than on the Customer Service level. This is the same company that in its greeting says "welcome to Frigidaire, the world's largest supplier of home appliances". I thanked her for her time and we ended the call.

I immediately called back and spoke with Kelly who was of all things A SUPERVISOR that Shaniquia told me did not exist!! I explained to Kelly that I really did not feel like going through this entire explanation again. That I only wanted another contact number or address that I could call and speak with someone about this situation.

Before Ms. ** put herself in a position to discredit herself like Ms. ** did, I told her that if she was unable to supply this information to please tell me and I would get it off of the internet or through the Better Business Bureau. She gave me the following address: Electrolux Major Appliances, Customer Care Center, PO Box 212378, Agusta, Georgia 30917. If this is not the correct address, I will soon find out because as soon as I send this letter, I will start researching your company information.

I have had this appliance for over a year and true - my warranty has expired. However, I have had two service agents come out and tell me that there is nothing wrong with the appliance. I have contacted the technical department numerous times and have been given troubleshooting tips in order to make sure that my settings were correct. None of these things have been helpful.

I have received several extended warranty offers through the mail, and if I were satisfied with this product, maybe I would have taken advantage of those offers. But why would I purchase an extended warranty when I can't even get my appliance fixed through the original warranty? This appliance has NEVER worked properly.

I don't know if Technical Support has a record of my calls, but the two service visits are recorded. I have resorted to finally taking my clothes to the laundromat to dry. Now guess what?? The washer no longer works. I am so disappointed in this company and their customer service department. And Shaniquia should go back and be retrained on Customer Service procedures.

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