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Wecare@fromyouflowers, Do not care....
Posted by on
I purchased flowers for a friend of mine from wecare@fromyouflowers. I purchased on April 2, 2011 @ 10pm, paid extra for same day delivery. The delivery was never made and I was notified at 6:10pm that flowers could not be delivered. I e-mailed wecare@fromyouflowers and told them to cancel my order, I had paid for same day delivery, the flowers where not delivered, I was not notified until after business hours and the recipient had not been notified. I received an e-mail from wecare@fromyouflowers stating their apologies and asked if they could call recipient and apologize and explain what had happen. I was also told in the email that I would not be charged for the order and that the flowers would be upgraded and sent that day which was Monday, April 4th. I was notified that recipient was notified of failure to deliver flowers and was told that delivery today would be fine. April 4th, 2011. I received another e-mail from wecare@fromyouflowers stating they could not find a flower shop to deliver that day but notified recipient and delivery would be OK for April 5th 2011. On April 5th 2011 I was then notified that the flowers I ordered where not in stock and that wecare@fromyouflowers would substitute my order for a Piece Lilly or Lilac. Then I come to find out that my credit card has been charge for my original order.

Very disappointed, spent way to much time taking care of an order that should have been very simple. All I can say, don't use this company, you will be charge and never receive your order.
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Alain on 04/12/2011:
Start by disputing the charge with your cc company.
Disatisfied on 01/28/2012:
I had the exact same thing happen to me. They must use the same excuses, reasons and apologies for every order they mess up.
janice on 02/06/2012:
Have ordered from this company several times and the first time I actually saw one of the arrangements I was appalled at the quality. It was almost half of the advertised size and did not contain the promised variety of flowers. Just lost another customer!
donny buchanan on 05/15/2012:
worst damn flower people I
odia on 05/20/2012:
My mom still "HAS'NT " received the flowers I ordered for her Birthday.. And I ordered them a week early .. Very Disappointing now having to get my bank to re credit my bank card ... DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!!
Upset on 08/09/2012:
2 Similar situations here. Don't use them!!!! ordered flowers 2 weeks ago using a different email and had the same issue as today. Today's order was under this email address. I got an email at 703pm stating the flowers had been delivered. I called the reciepant to check in and they said they hadn't gotten them , ruining the surprise. Then at 8 pm a lady from the florist called and stated she had been to the hime earlier and no one answered. Its impossible that she was telling the truth bc there were several people at the home all day. She went on to explain that she just left the house again and the flowers were on the porch. I again called thebottom line is that this is 2 times now that the surprise has been ruined bc of the delivery drivers stating no one was home when I know for a fact that people were there. Plain and simple the delivery drivers never knocked either time. To prove that point, they had pizza delivered earlier and that person got them to open the door by simply knocking.

Terri on 04/04/2013:
Had the same experience!!Ordered flowers for Mother for Easter a week ahead for delivery 2 days before Easter.. Got the same excuses Friday and Saturday with 6 different people. They are out for delivery, can't locate, will upgrade,etc...Finally Supervisor states will not make in time for Easter we will offer a 20% discount!!!WHAT!!After Easter and 20% off are you kidding me!!!!Then sent an email to my Mother on how to care for flowers that she did not know were coming and never RECEIVED!!!Finally offered $20.00 off next order since I cancelled Flowers never received.. They should have offered FREE FLOWERS FOR NEXT TIME!!!First and Last time with the company!!!
chris spinoso on 07/03/2013:
just wanted to say thank you so much for sending my father another basket the first one was not good. But your people were very professional and they apologized and sent another basket. Thanks so much my father liked it. PS it was his 90 birthday. Chris Spinoso
Michele Montague on 10/14/2013:
Flowers were not delivered as promised with us as well ... DO NOT USE THEM!
larry nickel on 12/27/2013:
LIARS ! .... they advertise next day delivery. nothing could be further from the truth.
I gave them plenty of notice and still they missed the delivery date. phone call promised another day and they were a NO SHOW that day. wondering if I'll ever get what I paid for.
W. Jonach on 02/15/2014:
Ordered flowers for 2/14 paid extra for valentine day, flowers where delivered on 2/12 I'm waiting for credit on the extra charge.
Shawn on 02/21/2014:
REALLY wish I would've read this thread before buying from these scam artists! Similar story to the above. Paid the extra for a 4 hour delivery window, because that my wife's work ends early. They never showed up the first day, never showed up the second day. Repeated emails saying they were out for delivery. Never once bothered to make it right, just lame excuses. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY! Pay the extra for a reputible service like FTD or 1800flowers.
Rhonda on 03/24/2014:
I am simply appalled at this company!!! They delivered flowers to my dil for a birth of a new daughter and it was soooo tiny!! I even went with a medium basket! A little over a week the garden dish green flowers died!!!! I want to know what can be done with these ppl and they can't keep hurting people like us that only wanted to send flowers to our loved ones! I got several apologies from this company and I asked for a new basket to be delivered they won't do it and I now told them I am reporting them and am disputing the charge on my card because they don't deserve my hard earned money much less my business
CMB on 04/05/2014:
When I read the first comment, I thought that I had written it. 3 days and no one can tell me when my sick friend will get her flowers. I am going to buy flowers locally and drive them to the care facility myself. What a joke!
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Didn't Deliver!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- The worst!! Ordered flowers for a friend that had a baby at 1:30pm. Website says same day delivery if ordered by 3pm, recipients time zone. At 4pm I received a call saying the flowers weren't going to make it that day. By this time, it was too late to get same day delivery from another florist. They offered a $10 gift card for future purchase and a note of apology. Are they joking?? I would never use them again! I got a refund of most of my money and an assurance they would be delivered the next day before 11am, when my friend was being discharged. Guess what... Just spoke with my friend, who left the hospital at noon today...NO FLOWERS!!! This is the worst company ever!! I don't know how they stay in business. If you see good ratings on their website, it is because they get you to do a survey immediately following the placing of the order... Too early to know the problems that are coming!!
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Phony Same Day Guarantee!
Posted by on
I should have continued to order from my normal florist but I foolishly thought I'd give a new company, From You Flowers, a try since they'd sent me a coupon via email. I placed my order at 8:30 am for same day delivery and even expedited the order so that the flowers could arrive in four hours (that costs $4.99). When I realized the flowers were not delivered four hours later, I called the company which apologized and said that the florist was still "working on the flowers". This was almost 1pm. Sometime after 3pm, someone called me from the company to say that the flowers would not be delivered at all. WHAT!? She asked if it was okay if the flowers got delivered the next day. No! Why would I pay extra for same day delivery ($2.99) and expedited delivery ($4.99) if sending belated birthday flowers to someone was okay?! I was completely enraged and could not believe my misfortune with this unprofessional organization that could not even offer a decent suggestion to make up for my inconvenience.

As you can see below, the company parades a "same day guarantee" but it simply means nothing. The only thing that I got over this deal was my measly refund for the overpriced $60 flowers that I attempted to purchase. I will never work with this company ever again and I would recommend that you stay away too if your loved ones special occasions are important to you.


Same Day Flower Delivery Guarantee
From You Flowers offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our flowers, gift baskets, plants and services. Most of our flowers come with same day delivery; simply order before 3:00 PM in the recipient's time zone and the flowers can be delivered that day! Because we use a network of local florists nationwide, we can usually have your flowers delivered within hours of ordering. Same day flowers and unmatched customer service - make From You Flowers your online flower delivery choice!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/31/2008:
"The only thing that I got over this deal was my measly refund for the overpriced $60 flowers that I attempted to purchase." Okay. They didn't do what they said they would do, and I understand the anger, but they gave you a refund. How is it "measly" when they returned your money to you?
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Poor Quality / Bad Service
Posted by on
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM !!! I ordered 24 multi-colored roses with a vase, box of chocolates, and gift card for my mom for Mother's Day. I live in DC and my mom lives in Ohio, so I tried this company out. The website was very nice, and the quality of product seemed to look beautiful. When I called the order in, the guy on the phone who took the order was clueless, (I should have realized it then). I purchased everything and it was to be delivered the next day. My mom called me the next day and "asked" if I sent her flowers...I said yes why, she proceeded to tell me that not only were the roses wilted, and NOT beautiful, there was no gift card, NO vase, and NO chocolates...when I called the company to complain, they would not refund my money, they would not let me speak to a supervisor, and told me that they would credit my account $10.00...ARE THEY CRAZY??? I cannot believe I spent almost $100, and they would NOT help me out at all. What if you sent your mother a gift like that??? How would you feel???

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM !!! QUALITY BAD, SERVICE BAD, they must like taking money from people!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/10/2008:
Hi Kelly73! Please scroll down and read the horror story about FTD. I have posted comments there too. The same advice applies to your problem.

When you deal with a local independent florist, you have some leverage. If there is something wrong with the arrangement received, the florist can make it right. If your local florist sent the order to another shop and there is a quality problem, tell the local florist. They can call the filling shop and try to help you. If the filling shop has a history of providing shoddy work, your local shop will stop sending orders directly to them. When you call an order gatherer or place an Internet flower order, you are not dealing with a florist. At best, you are talking to a chimp wearing a headset in a call center. At worst, it's a grimey bank of computers simply sending your order to a participating florist. Either way, you are not likely to get satisfaction when things turn out badly.
One final comment about quality. Let's say you order flowers through an Internet gatherer, like 1800FLOWERS. If there is a quality issue, the gatherer will blame the florist, refund your money, and the florist will not get paid. This may sound reasonable to the consumer. However...
The order gatherer keeps so much (up to 1/3...see my FTD comment elsewhere) of the price paid that the florist does not have enough money in the order to fill it to look like the picture on the Website. So, the florist fills the order 'to value'...and the customer is disappointed because 'to value' almost never looks like the picture on the Website. Who caused the problem? The Internet and call center order gatherers. Who pays? The consumer AND the filling florist.
I honestly tell you that professional florists share your disappointment. Their name goes on the order. When the order gatherer does not pay the florist enough to produce a quality product, the flower shop's name goes on the piece. The order gatherer has no investment in the flowers, so a refund is a simple thing. The filling florist is the party with the risk. Please stop using Internet and call centers to order flowers for your special occasions. Take a few minutes to visit with a local florist. Give them a chance to fill orders directly. After a few orders, they will understand your tastes and be able to help you over the phone, just as conveniently as the call center chimp or a click on a mouse...but with true attention to quality. Thanks for visiting!
tjranch on 02/22/2009:
I mistakenly ordered a spray for a funeral that we weren't able to make out of town, from I didn't get the details until Sunday morning. Ordered the flowers online - for guaranteed same day delivery. They were ordered by 9am - well before the 2pm cut off for same day. They verify by zip code if they can do it. I got a call at 2:30 pm that day - saying they couldn't make the delivery. Unbelievable - so now I can't make any arrangements with any florist because it is after 2pm. So now - we have nothing to offer our condolences to a long time family friend, to a funeral we cannot make.
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Employees think they are smarter than the customer
Posted by on
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I ordered flowers for my gf who had a bad day and expected them to be delivered by noon, paid for the rush delivery, etc. However I signed the 'from' portion of my gift card (to be included in the flowers) differently from my BILLING/SHIPPING address. This, for some reason unbeknownst to me, tripped their 'fraud alert', and caused my order to not only be delayed, but for me to not be notified at all.

So noon rolls around, and no happy phone calls, voicemail, text, nothing. I call to check my status and she explains this to me, offers to refund me only the $5 which I paid for guaranteed shipping before noon, and offers to have it thereby 4pm, today, which does not work at all, ruins the surprise, and leaves my flowers with her doorman until 10 or 11pm.

This especially perturbs me because my card is MY BUSINESS, NOT THEIRS. Card was verified, $60 paid already. I've worked in online retail and a $60 order very rarely triggers fraud. The lady also explained that 'someone should have called to verify' this morning, a further clarification of what a crap show this operation truly is. While I appreciate the refund for their failures on guarantees, the invasion of personal privacy as a consumer coupled with the fact that their attempt at righting a potential wrong ruined my entire surprise, leaves me feeling completely ripped off, and unsatisfied. 60$ for a surprise was a good deal, 55$ for delays, issues, idiots, and having to confirm with my girlfriend that she 'may be home' 'just in case' really screwed over this experience.

Amateurs. Avoid. Proflowers, All Day.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/11/2010:
I agree with you 100% and I will avoid them in the future. You should be able to put ANYTHING on the card without them prying into it. You may have been ordering flowers for a friend or something. The process of ordering flowers is not for the flowers, it is for the sentiment and the surprise. The flowers themselves are pretty much useless. What they did is charge you $55 for nothing at all.
Anonymous on 10/11/2010:
Yeah, no nookie for you tonight! LOL but all seriousness, they should have knocked off at least half the price, not just a measley 5 bucks.
Skye on 10/11/2010:
Third parties, nothing but trouble. You are better off dealing with a local florist directly, instead of through a third party who will be contacting a florist for you, which you can do.

Anonymous on 10/11/2010:
Nice nic.
momsey on 10/11/2010:
I can't think of a time when these online flower sites are better than using a local florist. Sorry they ruined the day!
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"Free upgrade" and letter of apology. We'll Deliver Tuesday
Posted by on
I ordered flowers for Mothers Day on May 6 to be delivered on Friday, May 8. The flowers were not delivered. I contacted the company on Saturday to inquire about the problem and was told the florist couldn't fulfill the obligation. They could do so on Tuesday with a free upgrade and letter of apology. Tuesday rolled around, and again no flowers. No flowers on Wednesday, so I requested a refund. Again, the florist was blamed. If you read other reviews of the company, the same excuse was used all over the country. Are there that many unreliable florists that From You Flowers uses? I doubt it! Very unreliable! I will never do business with them again.
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Stay away from From You Flowers
Posted by on
I ordered from From you flowers and everything seemed to go smoothly, including on-time delivery. However, about a week later I started getting harassing phone calls from the company telling me that the plant was not available and to choose something else. When I finally returned the calls (I was in meetings for most of the day and they called about 10 times), I informed them that the delivery had taken place the week before and I had no idea what they were talking about. They said they were sorry for bothering me and it was a miscommunication. I came to find out that the receipricant had received the flowers upside down and crushed and she had to throw them out since they were ruined. When she called to complain to the company they said they'd send out new ones and waited all day for this to happen, which it never did. They have now said they will refund my money, which was last week, I haven't seen it yet, but I am crossing my fingers. STAY AWAY FROM FROM YOU FLOWERS!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/06/2010:
Looking at the previous complaints as well as your's, it seems that these folks have serious quality/customer service problems.
marie on 04/18/2014:
they ripped me off good and proper and didn't care order was place the door before the date of delivery..paid expedite fee, so cautioned my friend that the flowers would arrive before 12 am...she cancelled her doc appt..she just had a baby to wait for the flowers. about 1pm I was getting concerned cause she had not called to say she had the flowers so I rang from you flowers and the said to hold on they would call the florists to see what had happened..they said they had back load and that the flowers would be delivered by 3pm and they would give me back my expedite fee..waiting until 5pm still no phonecall from my friend to say that had arrived so I rang the company and spoke to supervisor Jeanette to see if flowers had been delivered to be told hold on I'll call the florists to find they had not been delivered. I was furious and as we were talking an email was just sent to say the flowers had been delivered, but Jeanette confirmed withme that the flowers were still not delivered. God knows where the email came here we r with an undelivered flowers paid for online and my friend who cancelled her doctors apptmt to stay home and wait for the flowers for nothing..Jeanette the supervisor well all we can do is upgrade the flowers and give u 20per cent back and I said don't forget expedite fee. thanks Jeanette for NOthing!! my friend cancelled her new born babys appt to sit and wait for your damn flowers all day and that's all u have to say..all the lies bout delivery time and status from David and yes we give u back expedite fee...useless company was bot about the money was about cheering up a friend who needed encouragement!! what a damn letdown! don't blame her if she doesn't trust me again thanks to From You Flowers!!!They sux..I will never order through them again..go directly to a florist who has great reveiws on YELP
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Don't Order From This Company
Posted by on
OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I agree with everyone this company sucks! I ordered flowers for my girlfriends birthday weeks in advance & the day before they email me with a UPS tracking number.. I would of NEVER ordered flowers that came in a box and its pretty much do it yourself I was never notified that it would be delivered by UPS and not hand delivered. As soon as I received that email I called the 800 number & the two people I spoke to said yes they will cancel the order and in the morning I went back into my email account and notice it said out for delivery. I called back to the 800 number and spoke with a new person she told me it was too late to cancel the order because it was out for delivery & if the person receiving the flowers refuses the flowers I wouldn't get refunded anything anyway. I had already place a new order with a new company because I was told it would be cancelled.

I live in California and the flowers were for Florida. Next time I am going with yellow pages & local florist not one that says service the Florida area. This company really has no consideration for their customers at all! I will NEVER order from this company again.
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User Replies:
momsey on 03/18/2010:
Sorry for your bad experience. This is a great reason to use your local florist! You can go to your local florist in California and tell them what you want to do, and they will use their network of florists to get in touch with a local florist by your girlfriend.

By the way, I'm not a florist. Just a big fan of flowers. :o)
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From You Flowers -
Posted by on
Severely disappointed. Ordered funeral flowers for best friends father, a man that was like a father to me... 2 hours before the visitation, they called, could not get the flowers there...would deliver the next day to church with a free upgrade. I went to the church, no flowers. That evening at 8:30 pm they called, they could not get the flowers there. Sorry. Offered to send a plant to the house if I had an address with a free upgrade. I told them I wanted a full refund on my credit card. They told me they would send me a gift certificate, (which I will never use). Thanks for making me look cheap to the family that did more for me than my own.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/04/2010:
That's horrible customer service. But I am sure that you being there for your best friend meant a lot more than flowers
Anonymous on 01/05/2010:
Unfortunately things do happen. I agree with ya. The fact that you cared means more than flowers. And if that is all the family was looking at, then you know where you stand.
goduke on 01/05/2010:
When my Dad died, the last thing that was on my mind was to look through the flowers, and inventory who did and did not send plants. To be real honest, the couple of gifts that meant something were delivered to my home after the furor was over with a nice note. I actually kept those for years. I seriously doubt your friend perceives you as being cheap. If that's your concern, you might want to make a donation to a charity that was special to your friend's dad, or to your friend. It will do a lot more good, and probably mean more, than some mums which will fade after a few days.
Anonymous on 01/05/2010:
I never send flowers anymore. The last time I did, they were nasty, half dead, and nearly $100. I made a donation, as Duke suggested, in the deceased's name and the charity sent the family a card thanking him for it. They still have the card.
Alain on 01/05/2010:
Hope you told other people about what happened. Sounds like the flower shop really did a poor job and their compensation was inadequate.
Anonymous on 01/05/2010:
I periodically donate books to the local library in memory of my best friend Sheila, who passed in 2001. They put a nice little memorial in the front of the book in honor of the donation. I think she would have liked that since she loved to read as much as I do.
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No Flowers from You
Posted by on
From You Flowers cannot be counted on for Floral delivery. I can say the customer service reps are friendly, but unfortunately no flowers were delivered for Mothers Day after ordering them 3 days in advance. I spoke with at least 4 people on the phone and at least 6 emails. Promises were made and NOTHING has been delivered.
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User Replies:
Skye on 05/09/2010:
The day is not over yet. Hopefully they will be delivered.

I never ever use any of these types of delivery flower services. I go on line, and google florists in the area of the person I'm sending flowers to. The local florists I find, do a much better job, give you more personal service, and you keep them in business. They know they are competing now with places like this, so they will go of their way to do a great job, so you become a repeat customer. I always use local florists for flowers and gift baskets, and have always had a good experience.
HW on 05/09/2010:
Skye I agree with you but, what I have learned is the local florists know they can only make money 3 or 4 major holidays per year so they contract with these companies and when they can get more business from locals and walk ins they ignore there contract work so they can make more money. Who is right and who is wrong depends on who you speak to the online company or the florist, either way it is the customer who gets nothing in the end. So I guess if you don't mind paying 20 to 30 percent upcharge to the locals during the holidays you will get your flowers.
Anonymous on 05/09/2010:
I will pay the extra and deal directly with the florist who will be making the delivery. There will be no mistaking who would be responsible for any failures that may occur. If they are successful you know you can use them again and recommend them to others.
HW on 05/09/2010:
Proconsumer agreed but I would rather not deal with either now, the online company that cannot honor there orders and the locals that will not honor there contracts. Probably better to get them form the roadside guy working hard or walmart.
Anonymous on 05/09/2010:
Aww, I hear you HW and I'm sorry that you had such a difficult time with this company. Your review will help others decide whether or not to do business with them. Do you by any chance know the name of the local florist? If you do you might want to mention it here or even maybe writing a separate review about them may be helpful to others too.
Skye on 05/09/2010:
HW, I had posted this on another review. Now that most grocery stores have floral departments, you might even consider using them. Most deliver. Just a suggestion. And yes, I will always pay an extra 20, 30, even up to 50 percent upcharge to make sure they follow through with my order. Like pro said, then you only have to deal with the florist that took your order if things do not go well.

I'm really sorry they screwed up for you today.

HW on 05/09/2010:
ProConsumer unfortunately I do not have the info for the local florist or I would. I have been told for the 4th time that I will get a delivery tomorrow or at the latest Tuesday, but I was told that on Friday and Saturday also, so I am not holding my breath for that, either way Mothers Day is over.
Perhaps I can if anything is ever delivered.
Skye on 05/09/2010:
HW, you can just google florists in the area of where you need flowers sent. My aunt had passed away last year in the Pocono's, and I did my search that way, called them, and placed my beloved aunt wreath order.
jktshff1 on 05/09/2010:
Three things in life a man needs, good lawyer, good insurance agent, good florist. I got all three. They handle it. AND, they are all younger than me so I won't have to look for another one.
HW on 05/09/2010:
jktshff1 very well said, thanks for the advice
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