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Worst Company Ever Never Delivered
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Rating: 1/51

SAYBROOK, NORTH CAROLINA -- I placed an order for a dozen roses to be sent to my girlfriends job on Wed 7/29. They were ordered with same day delivery and given instructions that the business closes at 3pm. NO DELIVERY Tuesday

I asked for them to be redelivered Thurs to work but said she was going to be leaving at 1pm. NO DELIVERY I then called at about 2pm to ask if they could be delivered to her home address later that day. They confirmed with the florist that they could be and that deliveries were done until 7pm. My girlfriend was home at 4pm waiting. I spoke to her at 7:20 and asked if they were delivered, still no delivery.

I called these clowns back and asked for a new florist to try and deliver them to work again today (Fri 7/31) but let them know she was leaving work early to go out of town for the weekend. I was told they would "upgrade the order" and include an apology note. Guess what? They still weren't delivered.

That's 3 days, 2 florists, and times they had flowers go out for delivery only to not be delivered.

They say they can't guarantee delivery time, why can every other company give some sort of estimated delivery time or especially in the case of a missed delivery make sure the order gets priority and is delivered first the following day?

I called to complain and ask for a refund and the girl I spoke to asked if her manager could call me to discuss this and offer me free flowers?

Free flowers always sound like a great idea, the problem is these idiots wouldn't deliver them anyway. No thanks. Ill pass.

I have never in my life dealt with such complete and utter incompetence.

I should have hand picked the roses myself and driven a couple hours and delivered them myself. At least I know they would have actually gotten delivered and considering the amount of time I spent on the phone with these morons, it might have actually saved me time.

If you ever have a loved one die, don't order flowers from these fools unless you want them delivered the day they rise from dead, because thats about how long its going to take to get your flowers to there destination.


3 days......2 florists......4 attempts to two different addresses......NO FLOWERS


A Complete Scam!! DO NOT USE!!
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Rating: 1/51

OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- We had originally ordered flowers on Monday for same-day delivery, which did not occur. With a credit we were open to having the flower delivered Tuesday, but that did not happen. We had to have the address changed because my brother, his wife, and newborn baby we're going home this morning. Our flowers were suppose to be delivered today to the new address. We called today to see if that had happened because we did not receive any confirmation. Our flowers have still NOT been delivered and we're told they can't be delivered today...we got our money back and will never use this company again!!!

Miserable - Waste of Money and Time
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Rating: 1/51

SPARTA, NEW JERSEY -- I'm very unhappy with my next-day gift delivery. The picture on the website of the all yellow bouquet was stunning and of course that was nothing like what the recipient received - 5-6 completely opened tulips with NO buds and a bunch of white filler. An embarrassment and a total ripoff. I will never be using this company again!

I took pictures to send a customer representative and they at first tried to explain that this was acceptable in a florist's choice bouquet (come on!) and then offered me a measly $12 towards another purchase with them - as if I'll ever be using this company again! Why would I want to spend more money on this crummy company?

I clearly explained the problem with multiple pictures and at first the customer service representative was extremely aloof and patronizing. When I emailed back that I was so unhappy with what was clearly a ripoff and their lack of customer service, that I would be filling out negative reviews, I finally got an offer of $12 off another bouquet which was an insult. I don't want to order any more flowers from this company! I'm still embarrassed by the extremely small and cheap-looking bouquet they sent.

Didn't Deliver!!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- The worst!! Ordered flowers for a friend that had a baby at 1:30 pm. Website says same-day delivery if ordered by 3 pm, recipient's time zone. At 4 pm I received a call saying the flowers weren't going to make it that day. By this time, it was too late to get same day delivery from another florist. They offered a $10 gift card for future purchase and a note of apology. Are they joking?? I would never use them again!

I got a refund of most of my money and an assurance they would be delivered the next day before 11 am, when my friend was being discharged. Guess what...just spoke with my friend, who left the hospital at noon today...NO FLOWERS!!! This is the worst company ever!! I don't know how they stay in business. If you see good ratings on their website, it is because they get you to do a survey immediately following the placing of the order... Too early to know the problems that are coming!!

Dishonest Business Concept
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Worst flower delivery ever. Don't bother about choosing a specific bouquet or arrangement on their site. You are wasting your time as they will deliver whatever they want. Also don't waste your money on same day or early morning delivery as they will deliver whenever they feel like.
We placed two orders and both were unacceptable wrong. They might blame their local supplier (Omer Flowers in Fort Lauderdale) but that is not our problem. It is their own business concept and they choose whom to deal with.
Waste of time, effort and money. There are plenty of other suppliers to choose from.

Didn't Deliver on Time (Expedited Fee)
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Rating: 2/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Ordered a bouquet on the 19th for delivery on the 20th. Paid for an expedited fee ($4.99) which guaranteed delivery by 12pm. They flowers did not get delivered until after location was closed (school office) at 5pm.

This company is basically a marketing firm that serves as a liaison between you and small private florists. Those florists have no contact with you and I doubt they are even made away of time considerations. They certainly weren't in my case.

I went with this service because it was about $30 cheaper for a similar bouquet, but I ended up regretting it. Just spend the extra money and go with a bigger and more well established company.

I talked to customer service and received a refund, but by then I was too disappointed to care.

Replies, Do Not care....
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I purchased flowers for a friend of mine from I purchased on April 2, 2011 @ 10 pm, paid extra for same day delivery. The delivery was never made and I was notified at 6:10 pm that flowers could not be delivered. I e-mailed and told them to cancel my order. I had paid for same day delivery, the flowers where not delivered, I was not notified until after business hours and the recipient had not been notified.

I received an e-mail from stating their apologies and asked if they could call recipient and apologize and explain what had happen. I was also told in the email that I would not be charged for the order and that the flowers would be upgraded and sent that day which was Monday, April 4th. I was notified that recipient was notified of failure to deliver flowers and was told that delivery today would be fine.

April 4th, 2011 I received another e-mail from stating they could not find a flower shop to deliver that day but notified recipient and delivery would be OK for April 5th 2011. On April 5th 2011 I was then notified that the flowers I ordered were not in stock and that would substitute my order for a Paece Lily or Lilac. Then I come to find out that my credit card has been charge for my original order.
Very disappointed, spent way too much time taking care of an order that should have been very simple. All I can say, don't use this company, you will be charge and never receive your order.

"Free Upgrade" and Letter of Apology. We'll Deliver Tuesday
By -

I ordered flowers for Mother's Day on May 6 to be delivered on Friday, May 8. The flowers were not delivered. I contacted the company on Saturday to inquire about the problem and was told the florist couldn't fulfill the obligation. They could do so on Tuesday with a free upgrade and letter of apology. Tuesday rolled around, and again no flowers. No flowers on Wednesday, so I requested a refund. Again, the florist was blamed. If you read other reviews of the company, the same excuse was used all over the country. Are there that many unreliable florists that FromYouFlowers uses? I doubt it! Very unreliable! I will never do business with them again.

Stay Away From FromYouFlowers
By -

I ordered from FromYouFlowers and everything seemed to go smoothly, including on-time delivery. However, about a week later I started getting harassing phone calls from the company, telling me that the plant was not available and to choose something else. When I finally returned the calls (I was in meetings for most of the day and they called about 10 times), I informed them that the delivery had taken place the week before and I had no idea what they were talking about. They said they were sorry for bothering me and it was a miscommunication.

I came to find out that the recipient had received the flowers upside down and crushed and she had to throw them out since they were ruined. When she called to complain to the company, they said they'd send out new ones and waited all day for this to happen, which it never did. They have now said they will refund my money, which was last week, I haven't seen it yet, but I am crossing my fingers. STAY AWAY FROM FROMYOUFLOWERS!!

Employees Think They Are Smarter Than the Customer
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OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- I ordered flowers for my gf who had a bad day and expected them to be delivered by noon, paid for the rush delivery, etc. However I signed the 'from' portion of my gift card (to be included in the flowers) differently from my BILLING/SHIPPING address. This, for some reason unbeknownst to me, tripped their 'fraud alert', and caused my order to not only be delayed, but for me to not be notified at all.

So noon rolls around, and no happy phone calls, voicemail, text, nothing. I call to check my status and she explains this to me, offers to refund me only the $5 which I paid for guaranteed shipping before noon, and offers to have it thereby 4 pm, today, which does not work at all, ruins the surprise, and leaves my flowers with her doorman until 10 or 11 pm.

This especially perturbs me because my card is MY BUSINESS, NOT THEIRS. Card was verified, $60 paid already. I've worked in online retail and a $60 order very rarely triggers fraud. The lady also explained that 'someone should have called to verify this morning, a further clarification of what a crap show this operation truly is.

While I appreciate the refund for their failures on guarantees, the invasion of personal privacy as a consumer coupled with the fact that their attempt at righting a potential wrong ruined my entire surprise, leaves me feeling completely ripped off, and unsatisfied. 60$ for a surprise was a good deal, 55$ for delays, issues, idiots, and having to confirm with my girlfriend that she 'may be home' 'just in case' really screwed over this experience. Amateurs. Avoid. ProFlowers, all day.

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