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Poor Repair Service !!!!
Posted by Cmlanham47 on 10/21/2012
My phone goes out every time it rains. This time it's been out 2 days called this morning they said. It's scheduled for Tue that's 5 day's out !!! You can't make believe it takes that long. They wonder why people switch to other providers.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-21:
Good luck - it sounds like the street cable may be in trouble, and phone companies are reluctant to replace them because the future is fiber.

Of course, Frontier's current future IS land lines, as they have been buying them from the original phone companies.

5 days is pretty good - VZ is 7 days.
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Bizarre world of strange accents and where everyone is a supervisor...
Posted by Sdriveline4 on 10/16/2012
NEW MEXICO -- I inherited them, I originally had Midwest mastercards. Midwest was nice to deal with. I was on hold for three and a half hours. I had 2 requests, to dispute a charge and try and reduce my interest rate. The man I spoke with about my dispute, had no clue, he asked questions that had nothing to do with my concern. At one point I even asked if he knew what I was saying. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. He would put me on hold for up to 20 minutes, come back and ask me a question that had nothing to do with my concern. He did not fully understand English. But he transferred me twice more. Then I was "fortunate" enough to get the "top supervisor" at Frontier and was told she could not help me. Then came time for rate question. I told them I had Cancer and had set up payments before I went into hospital. Payments were never taken out and I was charged late fees. I called from the hospital and was told by another "supervisor", that they do not make arrangements for auto withdrawal. And now I was berated for that because this "supervisor" said they do make those type of arrangements! And no record of my arrangement existed. I was willing to send them proof of my illness. So many people lie, steal cards, or run cards up and end up not paying. That is why interest rates are so high. They caused me so much stress today, it was unreal. I skimmed over a lot of what was said to me. Too upsetting for me. I will do my best to pay and pay off. I am woking 1/3 of what I was. And eventually I will. It is my character that two wrongs don't make a right. They then will never get another dime of my money. They need to take into consideration, a person's good years of being a client, and putting anyone on hold for that time is uncalled for. I feel like I was abused today. It was just plain emotional abuse. They all had the same thick odd sounding accents, just creepy!
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Rotten Service Consistantly
Posted by Lisacaverson on 09/27/2012
OWOSSO, MICHIGAN -- Set appointment time for installation no show/ no call. After being on ignore for several minutes, transferred numerous times. Then was told had to call different number. When we got a hold of them, we were told we were set up for self install and a box was mailed to us. We received no box. And why would they have set a time with us for if we were doing it ourselves???

Had to argue with them to get someone out to self install. Then he came with a lousy attitude towards us. Next salesmen from Frontier came to house to sell us internet. We told them we already had it, they said they could beat the rate. We spent over an hour with them while they made calls. Now our bill is higher than it was originally. No explanation.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-09-28:
You can make an official complaints about this via http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
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Never Mails My Phone Bill Out.
Posted by Totten169 on 09/10/2012
JEDDO, MICHIGAN -- I am so fed up with this company. They have not sent me a bill in 4 months. I have to contact them every month and see how much my bill is. They have lost 2 checks I mailed out to pay the phone bill. I have been forced to issue a stop payment twice. I have contacted them dozens of times about this problem, But it is the same CRAP every month. I am now coming to the conclusion, That this is the most frustrating phone company I have ever dealt with. We have had problems with our internet blacking out also. They tell us our bill has been lowered, And I find out it is actually raised. I am going to dump this company, As soon as I find an alternative.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-09-10:
did you get switched to paperless billing?
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Worst phone service ever!!
Posted by Bjmjhef on 08/13/2012
COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We have had phone service from Frontier in Cookeville, Tn. for last 6 years and most of the time after a heavy rain the line gets loud static so it is nearly impossible to hear anyone. I put in a Magic Jack on my computer which I love (no more long distance charges and it becomes my backup line after it rains).Service techs out so many times I have lost count. Some have said part of line needs to be replaced but they don't want to do it probably because of cost issue. Most customer service reps. unhelpful at the least and sometimes just unpleasant. Now DSL goes out when it rains as well as regular line with static so now I really have a problem. They say they can't fix line unless it is acting up when service tech is here but they always send them after 1-2 days and line working when tech finally gets here. Would suggest you find out who provides phone service in area you plan to move to because I will NEVER again move into area serviced by Frontier!!!!
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Lied about Year Term Commitment
Posted by on 07/02/2012
DON'T GO WITH FRONTIER. THEY WILL CHEAT YOUR MONEY. I signed up with them for one year contract but in reality they put me in a 2 years contract with I didn't know so when I deactivate my service with them they charged me early termination fee $320. Stay away from them.
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Frontier Yahoo E-Mail Stinks
Posted by Abriggs13 on 06/07/2012
WILMINGTON, OHIO -- Customer service told me they switched the e-mail and combined with Yahoo to increase profit. He said so many people search Yahoo from the Frontier e-mail home page it only made sense to profit from that. Well not to me. I can get a Yahoo e-mail for free. My e-mail home page is full of ads now. I should pay less for Internet service if Yahoo e-mail is what I get. I hate the switch and I'm leaving Frontier.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-07:
This is interesting. I use two email accounts, on Yahoo! and one with a telecom provider. For the latter I use a third party reader, preferring not to use the telecom providers website.

I've never noticed ads on either one, though there may be a banner there somewhere. I'm always focused on the email. Maybe Frontier's arrangement with Yahoo! is more "feature rich".
Posted by buck snyder on 2012-07-06:
Frontier/yahoo is the worst e-mail that I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED, and this is from a retired Microsoft employee!!
Posted by Fedup on 2012-09-06:
We use Outlook mail but our service provider is Frontier. Since Frontier switched over to Yahoo mail (we were not given a choice), we still use Outlook, but we now get junk e-mail from Yahoo! We tried to unsubscribe but so far no luck. This is just a money grab by Frontier. Makes us wonder if we have any privacy rights after being sold out to Yahoo...
Posted by Robert A. on 2013-07-20:
I have had the same password on att-yahoo mail for years. I Often have had to provide that password, which is a necessary nuisance. Tonight my password was not accepted--several times. Finally they said would send a temporary password to my home address by US mail! Yahoo mail stinks. That word is not adequate. The operators of yahoo mail are effing #% and *#@.
Posted by Janet on 2014-03-25:
Since the conversion recently (Feb 2014) to Frontier Yahoo Mail, I have started receiving a lot of spam, plus emails from Yahoo sports, Yahoo shopping, etc. How did Yahoo get my personal Frontier email address that I NEVER use for shopping, newsletters, etc. I've had six friends have their Yahoo email accounts hacked in the past few months. Am I next? Also, if I use Firefox browser, there are no headers such as subject and date, so I can sort. Fortunately, I still download my emails into Microsoft Outlook, but that doesn't stop the spam or the danger that I can be hacked.
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Rotten Service
Posted by Lloyd481 on 05/05/2012
NEW YORK -- This has been a nightmare since the first time they called me to switch to them!! I purchased a bundle from them. After the Dish was hooked-up they lost my work order. Start all over again. New price.. MORE. Did not show up for install of phone or internet..Called customer service. New price..More I told them I wanted out of agreemen To get out of agreement it would be $420.00 early ter. of the Dish. Excalation Dept. said they would help me. New price...MORE. Would not call me back to help me. Their Personal Call Attendent Dept. refuses to return my phone calls even thought they told me to call them after I received my first bill. I made two calls with no reply. This is the worse service I have ever had in 40 yrs. of doing business. Frontier phone does what they want and they don't care if you like it or not..they have you locked into an aggrement that will cost you a fortune to get out of.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-06:
You may find these web sites helpful: http://www.dos.ny.gov/consumerprotection http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
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Thanks but no thanks
Posted by Trevorkaiser on 03/27/2012
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I will never fly with them again... My flight was supposed to leave from Sea-Tac at 6:15 am on a Saturday morning, boy was I in for a long day. First we sat on the plane at the gate for an hour. We were then told to de-plane due to a mechanical problem and that We would be back on board in no time at all. 45 minutes after exiting the plane we were then told we would have a 3 hour delay. That's when I hoped in line knowing that if I didn't do something soon that I would never make it to my final destination of NYC. The 3 hour marker was of when we were supposed to take off vastly approaching and it was obvious we weren't going anywhere anytime soon. Sure enough I was right, we were then told that our flight would be delayed 8 hours... Yes, I meant to type 8 hours. At this point I wasn't sure what to think. I had been in line for almost 4 hours along with roughly 80+ people watching one person being helped every 30-45 minutes. Did I mention that they only had one person at the desk assisting us. At this point I was making phone call number 2 to Frontier's customer service, my first attempt the representative told me next to nothing and that she couldn't really do anything for me because technically the status of my flight was in route but that clearly wasn't the case. This second call felt a little more promising... While the representative said that I would probably arrive 4-5 hours later than expected I was assured that I would make it to NYC that day or into the wee hours of Sunday. While waiting in line I called an additional 2 times to which I was given the same "We'll get you there today, just later than expected." 5:45 rolls around and I finally make it to the ticket counter right as I get up there they announce that the flight will finally be departing. They ask everyone to come to the ticket counter to confirm they have the correct boarding pass and then we'd be on our way. The employee looks at my ticket and says that indeed your flight will be departing but I cannot get on the plane, I won't be making it to NYC until the following evening. I was furious at this point but I know that the woman at the ticket counter couldn't do much and had already been yelled at by 85% of the people that she had been helping. I calmly asked her what they could do for me and that I needed to be on a plane first thing in the morning. She made it happen and they offered me a $200 voucher for another flight and I left the following morning and finally made it to NYC. I followed up with customer service and they essentially told me to take a hike and that this kind of stuff happens. In order to try and please me they offered to add an additional $50 to my $200 voucher but I highly doubt that will be used because I will never fly with them again. The entire time I was on the phone with the representative she tried to get into a lengthy conversation about company policy and the things they "comped" for me in order for me to get to and from point A and B. I wasn't buying it and to be honest, at this point, I had zero hopes of them making things right. Regardless of the cost of future flights, I will never fly Frontier ever again. This whole mess was handled so poorly, no wonder they were rated the 3rd worst airline in 2011.
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Posted by Skye on 2012-03-27:
What is it you want? They gave you a voucher, plus an offer of another $50.00.

I'm just trying to understand what it is that you want from them.
Posted by dan gordon on 2012-03-28:
you should understand that the cheapie airlines won't rebook you on another carrier like the legacy carriers. Its a risk you take. While everyone likes to save $$ when things go wrong you get what you got. For a mechanical delay I think they did all they were supposed to do but they won't rebook you on another carrier.
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Early Termination Fee for a Contract Never Agreed To
Posted by Lgoodman1 on 01/23/2012
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I canceled my phone service in November 2011 switching back to Verizon. Frontier bought out Verizon's residential phone service, so we switched back to our original home phone carrier. Frontier charged $156.05 for an early termination fee for a contract I (nor my husband) signed or agreed to. I have made 5 calls to Frontier customer service in which each time I was told they would sent the information to the account depart to have the early termination fee waived. I received another bill 2 weeks ago. At that point, I called and requested that my checking account information be removed from the account to prevent an automated deduction from my checking account. Today, $156.05 was debited by Frontier from my checking account. I was placed on hold for 25 minutes before calling back I received the same explanation of being account being reviewed. After 5 phone calls to Frontier's customer service department since December 2011, this is still not resolved. Each representative explained the process takes 3-5 days. Now, they have withdrawn the money from my account after I specifically called and asked them to remove my checking account information and not automatically withdraw the early termination fee.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2012-01-23:
We use Frontier for telephone and internet, and while the services work great, the customer service is a bit sloppy. Keep after them until they get it right.

As far as I know, we have no contract with Frontier, so I hope we aren't charged a fee if we ever cancel.

Thanks for the heads-up!
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-23:
You may want to file a complaint with the public utilities commission in your state. If they don't present you with a signed contract then they are way out of bounds.
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