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Frontier Communications Totally incompetant
Posted by Pknopp on 08/21/2010
We had Verizon for years. They were always polite and quick to handle any problems. We still have the land line because of a younger kid in the home.

My phone isn't working. I call Frontier that took over for Verizon a couple months ago. I have never been treated worse by a company employee. I tell the lady that my phone isn't working. She asks if there is another number they can contact me at. I give her my cell number. I tell her that I'll only be available at it for a little while longer today. She says "oh we won't be calling you today". I say "O. K., I thought maybe you could check the line and see where the problem is". She says they can't do that. I say "Verizon could". She says in a real smarmy tone (not just my imagination) "We are not Verizon". I say "I guess not".

She says "We are real busy in your area so it will be Wed before we can get to this". I say "really, Wed"? (this is Saturday). SHe says "have a good evening" and hangs up on me. I'll have it cancelled before Wed.

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Online Billing
Posted by Shelby08 on 05/01/2008
CALIFORNIA -- I signed up for Frontier's online billing. What a nightmare. They have withdrawn funds from my account so far totaling $161 although all of my bills have been paid. When I call the company they are rude and uncaring. I told them I was on a fixed income and they needed to put the money they took back. They just said there was nothing they could do and it would take at least one month to get a check. When I tried to find out why this happened the best explanation I received was that I signed up for automatic payments. So I warn people do not sign up for automatic online billing. They can take whatever they want from your checking account and there is nothing you can do. After all of this my online account still shows I owe $161. The rep says oh yea it takes a long time to update. What a joke. So now I am out $161 and am deathly afraid they will continue to take it as they took this amount after I had canceled the online service.

They are uncaring, rude and very unknowledgeable. I only wish we had a choice of service as I would be changing if we did.
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Posted by Ponie on 2008-05-02:
You have a computer, you have access to the Internet, and you have a bank account. I don't believe there's a bank anywhere that doesn't have online bill paying. Why did you allow Frontier access to your account rather than use this feature at your bank? The only entities who have access to my bank account(s) are places that are sending me $$$ via direct deposit.

'I told them I was on a fixed income...' Unless working strictly on commissions or a business owner, we ALL have fixed incomes!
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Posted by Lisa438 on 09/11/2012
MARTINSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- We pay for at least 3mg, but in reality, we only get 1. So we scheduled someone to come out to repair the connection. A gruff and angry fellow, named Jim, comes two days early, with no telephone notice, and was completely rude to me about the fact that he is coming on a completely different date and time than was put on the work order. I am in the middle of studying and he want to use my laptop to complete his work? When I hesitated to give it to him, he started outright yelling at me.

When I asked him to stop speaking to me like that, he yelled at me some more and then stormed out of my house, slamming the door behind him. From the porch I asked his name, and he said Jim. I asked his last name and he told me, "Find it out yourself." I was shaking I was so upset! I called customer service and they informed me that they are supposed to have their own laptops and that he shouldn't have been there till the scheduled time. These people are totally unprofessional, and rude and act like they just got out of prison or something. Someone like that should not be working in customer service!!! Fire Jim!!!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-01-03:
I would have called the police if I were in that situation.
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6 months after cancelling, still getting bills!!
Posted by Srelsensohn12 on 10/14/2011
WASHOUGAL, WASHINGTON -- We cancelled our bundle with Frontier in May 2011, and are still being billed for a monthly amout in October 2011. Every phone call is at least 2 hours and they can't help me, they can't stop the billing and they have every excuse out there as to why. When I finally contacted the WA state Attorney General's office and the BBB I got a call back from Frontier. I also finally got the letter in September confirming that my service had ended. However, I just got another bill for almost 600 for service in September and October. Watch your bills!! This company is making money daily from unsuspecting customers...the governing agencies will drop your case once Frontier responds...even if all they do is tell the agency they are aware of the problem. Worst nightmare I have every experienced. They also have assured me they will not turn the upaid bills to a collection agency...however that has not been the case for other customers. RUN AWAY BEFORE YOU EVER SIGN UP!!

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Posted by Skye on 2011-10-14:
It amazes me how companies can get away with causing someone so much inconvenience.

What do they tell you, when you tell them you've been without their service since May 2011, because you cancelled?

Have you tried contacting their customer retention and loyalty department? At this point, it can't hurt.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-10-15:
Did you get equipment with frontier that you did not return? If so and they didnt shut off your account til september/october, that explains why they were still charging monthly, i would complain about that. However, I know my cable company for my broadband and bundle pack has loaned me equipment (digital cable with DVR box) and if i do not return it, they will charge me 800 bucks for it. Is that why you got billed 600? Am just curious as to why they keep billing you for no reason...im probably wrong, never used frontier so i dont know if they have any equipment they rent out with their service but if so, that may explain the 600 dollar fee.
Posted by FTR Employee on 2011-10-19:
I don't know if you are interested in this but it’s worth a try. I work for a major well known utility company and I feel ethically compelled to inform someone that there are practices within my corporation that are being done without the consideration for the consumer. My employment there has extended well over 3 years now and I have been turning a blind eye to what they call customer service. I believe that I have the duty to expose some of these inner workings to the public. I work for Frontier Communications.
I do not want to be named nor am I going to divulge any names of my fellow employees. I will give detail in some of the misinformation given to customer, issues with systems that cause billing problems, and a few other known issues that upper management overlook. The biggest issue we are experiencing right now is appalling. The ‘blackout period’ and the result of it is causing chaos. Recently there were a few groups of the employees that were force fed training on the new Frontier’s systems. It was crammed in an eight day course. The majority of the time the training systems were down, a handful of subject learning material & systems were over looked-stating we’ll get how to do it on the floor. Anxiety and panic swept the call center, worried faces riddled with anger and frustration stood out everywhere. All accept the higher management. They kept saying, ‘don’t worry you guys will be ok’ or ‘we have to get this call volume down’. But the statement that never failed was, ‘don’t forget that you need to offer a wide array of services on every call. That’s your job.’ Regardless if a customer is calling in because she/he cannot afford their services as it is we are required to up sale them.
I was employed with Verizon prior to the acquisition to Frontier. It was an exciting day for us because we felt like the iron hand was being lifted. But to our dismay the same type of mentality still existed. Also the changes FTR made caused a lot of panic as well. We are trained for sales 1st rather than customer service even though the values are People, Product, and Profit. Customer may call in with an major issue even at times irritate and frustrated-we are excepted to entice them to purchase an additional product that may or may not work. I will enlighten you on that subject-our ‘network congestion’ issue with HSI has caused a tremendous volume of calls to the call centers and tech support. There were periods were the handling time for these departments exceeded 30 minutes and even at times close to an hour. Numerous customers within the 13 states acquired have experienced an issue that was coined ‘network congestion’. These issues caused a great deal of frustrated customers calling in about their HSI service dropping. Some of them experience up and down periods over a few months. I even witnessed some customers that were out for weeks at a time.
How do you sell a product that is not reliable? Netflix made the comment that Frontier has one of the worst HSI service in the nation. Some of us here feel guilty when we sell certain products because we know it may or may not work sometimes. The newest greatest selling tool we have for HSI now is we have to still sell it even though it may or may not be available in their area. Customers call in livid and frustrated because they were told they can get a service and now they are being told their area is not available for that upgrade to HSI quite yet.
Another odd situation we have going on right now is our new phone systems are voice over IP. We are the phone company right? Then why are we using that type of system? Numerous issues are going on-dropped calls, noise one the line, unable to fully understand what the customer is saying & vice versa, and the total system freezing up while on a call. There are some of us who just have been sitting around because we are unable to access anything. One rep became concerned because their training for the phone systems consisted of a learning document they were given minutes before they actually used the new phone systems. A coach was made aware of her concerned and his comment to it was more or less ‘well then you need to ask if you need help’. That reply was heard from a few different reps and they were taken back. Why can’t we get the training we need to navigate through all of the madness? Call volume. How are we going to be able to handle issues like repair and collections, write orders properly, and steer through a calling system that just doesn’t seem to be working correctly? Apparently it doesn’t matter as long as we up sale our customers.
One of the last issues I’m going to share with you is a critical issue that a new rep has brought to our attention and higher management as well. When an appointment, regardless of what the nature of it is-repair, new install, or anything else-is not fulfilled the customer is NOT called back to inform their appointment will not be made or efforts to reschedule it. Management and other departments know about this and still no efforts have been made to fix this. I have seen this on my end as well. What do you say to a customer who asks, ’why didn’t anyone call?’ There’s no real honest why to answer that properly.
I don’t know what’s going to happen with the pending lawsuit that Frontier has from the 1.50 surcharge for HSI service but I do know that a lot of us here don’t agree with the charge and how it was handled. We were given a document on what to say when the customer calls in and disputes the charges. It was like a paragraph more or less stating we are imposing this surcharge and there’s nothing we can do to waive it.
I now realize I have a made a poor choice in my career. I have great empathy for the customer and I’m fed up with how they are treated as well as the employees.

Thank you for listening,
Posted by anonymous on 2011-11-01:
I'm also a Frontier Communications employee and also former Verizon and GTE. You are correct in the customer account system and converting all account information into a completly different format going back back to the DOS days. Not only should the customers have concern the hourly, unprocted (non-union)workers also have cause for concern. Attention Unions, thank your lucky stars you're protected by a contract. Hourly workers were just blind sided with huge paycuts. Annual salaries were reduced by 5-15% and made retro. The million dollars raise that our CEO and other Executives were just recently rewarded were financed using our wages.
Posted by RedRollingRoadblock on 2011-11-26:
I feel your pain. I had doubts when these clowns came to town as I had dealings with them years ago.

This contact is a year old but might be worth a try.
Ken Gaffga
VP/GM Oregon/California
Frontier Communications

Last but not least you might try contacting:
Mike Rogoway
Business Writer
The Oregonian
He is how I got Ken Gaffga information.

There must be some regulatory agency that covers your area, you might give them a try.

I found some other information for the higher-ups on
http://www.frontier.com/customerservice/westcontacts/ which include:
Richard Klena
SVP & General Manager
1800 41st Street
Everett, WA 98203

Good Luck

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Products and Customer Service
Posted by Phazeshift78 on 02/11/2011
The cable costs are over priced. And they make it difficult to change services. I have 25/25 Mbps internet, but the the quality sucks. The speeds are not constant, and it's sporadic, sometimes disconnecting occasionally. When it was originally Verizon, the internet had no issues. Now Frontier owns my cable/internet service, quality has gone down hill and costs have gone up, almost double my original cable/internet bill for the same service. Stay away from Frontier Communication if you can. It's been an hour and half, and I'm still waiting on the phone for customer service.
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Posted by danny54 on 2011-02-11:
Good Luck. They just raised their FIOS TV prices by $30 a month. Your internet speed will, at some point, go away and you'll be forced down to 15/5.

I set up an order to change my TV service from FIOS to DirecTV. What a mistake. First, the order is wrong. I asked for 1 standard DVR and 2 standard settop boxes, then, I went to sign up for my rebate as I was told I could do, but am not "allowed" to as it hasn't been a full 2 years (it's been 23-1/2 months) so I have to wait until day of install (2/22) to sign up. Thus, I have to pay full price ($80) for the first month and then hopefully I'll get my rebate.

Sure seems that they would rather get totally new customers as opposed to having customers come back.

I have enough time before the install, I may just take all of my services to Comcast, and I know what problems they can cause. :-(
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Frontier in Oregon (Verizon)
Posted by WiseCow on 01/15/2011
NEWBERG, OREGON -- If you’re switching to Frontier from Comcast, hold on to your hat’s for what might be the worst customer service in the history of services! I stay with them only for the internet service which is the best you can get. Period.

Their departments are too disconnected from one another. For example; (after trying for 3 days), and being screened (for the 12th time) and had explained my situation (again), the billing agent needed to switch me over to the technical department (again). He explained to the tech agent the situation, so he was up to speed and had my account up. Wow! Nobody’s ever done that! The tech agent was able to identify and briefly explained the problem and told me I would have to talk to billing and just hung up, leaving me flapping in the breeze (as I have became accustomed to). I took another hour before I was able to get back to billing and go thru the cycle one more time. I expect my next bill to be a nightmare.

On the good side, they were able to compensate me for my troubles with a very generous one year monthly reduction to my bill of $40. That’s a lot for a company to do and I think it’s because they recognize there’s a problem.

When I first switched over to Verizon it took them 3 months to get my phone number right, 2 months to switch over my old number and doubled charged me for the time. It took over four months to resolve that problem and had to call them so many times that I got a direct phone number for an individual resolution manager for a one on one person to person solution. They gave me a $5 a month compensation for my troubles. That was a nightmare.

On another occasion I was brave enough to check for what new specials I could get. I was able to upgrade and save a little money for a 2 year contract, so being money is tight, I signed. Months later after Frontier took over. My account was reviewed and I was charged hundreds of dollars for back pay on what they told me was an accounting error made by Verizon! Again, days of calls and calls to resolve that.
It's hit and miss as far as getting someone who knows what their doing. If you doubt the abilities of an agent you should excuse yourself and call back. The reason I say this is because I called to see what changes could be made to save money and after I hung up my movie channels were missing. I've been waiting 4 days for that service to be turned back on.

I know the waiting music and find myself humming it. I’m retired and I really wonder how someone with a family and job could have the time?
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-16:
Good information and thanks!
Posted by Tim Quenelle on 2011-04-13:
Have they charged you a late fee related to any of this, or have they placed any unauthorized charges on your monthly statement? I would like to talk to you if they did. My email is tim.quenelle@gmail.com
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Ripped Off But Big Time
Posted by Outraged54321 on 11/04/2010
DELAND, FLORIDA -- I have been with Frontier for 15 years, since moving to this area. A couple of years ago, a woman from Frontier was plying the neighborhood (repeatedly) with an offer I couldn't refuse: around $30 for an unlimited local/LD plan with numerous features. Came with a 1-year contract. BUT when I got the first bill, it was around $50. I called to query and was told, patronizingly, that "everyone has to pay their taxes" (NB. I recently switched to Cable One, and the salesperson gave me the full price, including taxes and fees. And the amount I am being billed is actually a couple of dollars LESS than that. If Cable One can do that, why can't Frontier? Also, how come nobody mentioned that the snazzy features were free to HAVE but most incurred a fee if I USED them?)

I recorded a request to switch one of my land lines to Cable One on 8/30 this year. It took one day shy of a MONTH to release the damn line. Then I got a bill for a month of service AFTER the date of cancellation. I called and was told that I could pay up and get a rebate check or wait for another bill, which would be adjusted and correct, but then I would have to pay a LATE CHARGE. Extortion, anyone? A month later, I finally got another bill showing a credit, called, and was told that it would take OVER THREE MONTHS to send me that check. Good grief -- that may be legal but it's certainly not ethical. At this point, my feeling is that if Frontier were the last phone company on earth, I'd be using carrier pigeons and a tin can with a string.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-05:
You switched and that's the good thing about having competitors in an area.
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Absolutely horrific company
Posted by Burr_83 on 10/24/2010
In all my short 27 years of life I honestly have never met a service that is as terrible as this. The only reason I keep using it is because in this area Frontier has a monopoly and is the only carrier for land based internet service, only other choice is satellite internet service. I also used their telephone service when I first moved here. They have tried to charge me around $800 dollars one time and said it was because I was using a calling card from MCI. It was a total lie and I was furious and I was this close to getting a lawyer. I also had my bank refuse their outrageous charge. I had to spend days talking to various people that worked with Frontier and I was treated like a liar. Frontier finally apologized and the situation was cleared up. On other occasions when I have called in for tech support or customer service I have waited online for over 30 minutes. The longest I had to wait one time was about 45 minutes. The customer service is absolutely awful. The internet service itself is no better. They claim to offer "up to 3mbps".. beware of the words "up to" because this means that anything less can be expected and less is exactly what you will get. I have tested my speed many times and the best I get is around 0.25 Mbps. Not to mention that service gets interrupted almost daily and my internet disconnects all the time. I called them about this and they said they would send someone. Well some incompetent tech from the Navajo office came here and checked around outside while I was gone from my house and just left a note saying everything was ok. Well, ok and so now what? I just have to accept this mediocre service that goes off and on all day? No follow up? Nothing? Stay away from this company... stay very far away. The only reason they are still around is because they offer the only service in some areas and therefore think that they don't have to be a legitimate company because they have no competition here. Awful. I have never despised a company before in my life but this one I do. I hardly ever even complain about things so this should tell you just how awful this company is.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-25:
File an e-complaint by going to fcc.gov>'consumers'>file a complaint. It doesn't immediately fix the problem, but it does at least add to reports of Frontier's problems which hopefully might be addressed by the fcc at some point.
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Awful Customer Service, Incompetent
Posted by Tzmanics on 09/13/2010
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- We had to disconnect our service and they made us call back 3 times because their computers weren’t working. We still don’t know if it’s been shut off yet. When I called to get information on the cancellation and to get information to pay our final bill no one had answers. The agent would just say, “Yes, I’ll get that for you right away.” and then switch me to another agent who asked the same questions and sent me to yet another agent. Finally after 4 switches I asked to speak to a manager ... I’ve been on hold an hour now. This company is very, very incompetent!
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Frontier Phone Company--USELESS
Posted by Dream on 08/16/2010
HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- We have recently had to deal with Frontier and it has been (in kind words) less than satisfying. My mother moved into a new apartment on July 11th and ordered phone service—it’s now August 16th and she still doesn’t have a phone BUT she does have a $100 phone bill. I have been on the phone with Frontier at least (and this is probably a low estimate) 12 times and no one in the company seems able to help me. I have been told that they put in a trouble ticket (on July 12th) and that they would be out on July 13th to fix the problem. No one arrived on July 13th so I called back and they rescheduled for July 14th. Again, no one showed and I called and they said they had given my mother a bad phone number and that the number actually was for a business and so they gave us a new number and said it would be connected on August 1st ( I believe this was just a ploy to get me to stop calling them every day). August 1st came and passed with no phone service. I called Frontier and they said they would open a trouble ticket (sound familiar?) Again, here we are at August 16th and we have no phone service and a $100 bill. What do I do? I call Frontier and they tell me to hold on and I think that at last I’m going to get something done---the representative comes back on the line and tells me that she adjusted the bill and we now only owe $26? What What?? Seriously? I cannot even tell you how frustrated I am and I go online and find that I am only one of many many who can get no real response from Frontier. I suppose we will have to go with Comcast and have a digital phone installed since Frontier Phone Company can't manage to actually install phones!!
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