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Boxer Shorts Bass Ackwards
By -

Someone in The El Salvador cutting must be laughing their ass off over the way they cut these boxers. The shorts are cut backwards, the back is low to the point that when you walk they slide down your butt cheeks. You spend a ton of money on the Fruity Loom, guys how about getting off your greedy asses and spend some money on people who make a quality product?

NAFTA has American Industry Screwing Americans with junk products and it seems you have joined the parade. Bring Mr. Apple here I am making applesauce. Get someone in Management who has more on his mind than his next raise or bonus. At the rate you are losing customers, you will be able to donate your products for wiping windshields and dip sticks for the Indy 500 or something. This is one person who is going to buy Hanes from now on. YOUR PRODUCTS ARE TRASHY JUNK.

Fall Apart After Washing
By -

LIZELLA, GEORGIA -- I was just wondering why the last 2 times that I've bought underwear it's unraveled in the washer. I've never had no problems before, but the last 2 have been really bad and that's the reason I'm letting you know now. I like all your products that we buy. But, I just can't figure out why this happened. I hope that it don't happen to everyone. Thank you.

By -

TAMPA -- I usually don't wear "tighty-whities" under britches but I thought I'd experiment. After running around all day with them and developing a skid mark...when I go to wash them...the skid mark still remains. It would be nice if Fruit of the Looms would put Stainguard on these before selling. I bet every man who had a damaged pair of white under britches wished the same to instead of picking them up with a stick and slinging them on the roof of their house so that the wife wouldn't see them.

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