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Frys Electronics Computer Repair
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MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a REALLY expensive laptop at Fry’s and got a service warranty thought them instead of the manufacture because if it's through the manufacture you have to send it to them, so I thought this would be way better to be able to have something local. WRONG.

My computer screen went all pixilated and so I took it to them to fix AND backup, which I had to pay $115 for the backup. They have had my computer for almost a month and the backup is still not even done.

After about a week and a half I called them for a status (which I was already pissed that it was that long and I had not heard from them) and they said they had to send it back to Sony and that it would be 8 to 12 WEEKS. I asked about the backup and they hadn't even started it. I called a few days later and they said well you just asked for the backup, and I said I ASKED AND PAID for the backup when I brought it in originally. Then, they tech called me (who could barely speak English) and said what do I backup and I said as stated in the paperwork, EVERYTHING.

So the next day they call back again and they say it's too big to back up I need to buy a hard drive. I have a hard drive so I brought it in (why I didn’t have my computer backed up you can read later on my raving bad review of vista that won't keep any of my drivers installed) so I brought that in. then they said we have to transfer the disks to this, and I said if you have it on disks why did you tell me that it's too big to back up and have me bring my hard drive in, just give me the disks and THEY WOULDN'T they kept saying it was too big and they had to put it on my hard drive. (Again, someone else who couldn't speak English.) So I gave up and figured at least it would be on my hard drive. That was over a week ago and I called on Thursday of last week and they said it would be done that Friday, it's Thursday of the next week and I called and it's still not done but he said it would be done verifying in about 10 minutes and he would call me. so I said you will call me in no more than 20 minutes (knowing how pissed I am) and he said yes. An HOUR later I called and he's on his lunch break and it's STILL not done!!!!!

They just called me back, it’s finally done. The guy said he got pulled into a meeting, a LUNCH meeting I guess.
Fry's refusal to perform service on 52'' TV
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- When we purchased our TV we also purchased a 5 year service plan to cover EVERYTHING for the TV. It also had the service and a free loaner/within 40 miles of the store and if needed a free replacement. Well it needed a new bulb after only 1 year of use. What the puck. But its OK I have the service contract, right? Wrong! After 2 weeks of calls I was told that they sent it to their service contractor who sent it right back to them saying "we don't go that far so we sent it back to fry's". After more calls to the store I was told by the service manager "Sorry but we don't go to Black Canyon City AZ. But if you want YOU can come to the store pick up the bulb we won't charge you for it and do the service my self". WHAT are you crazy I told him I am not a tech.and it would void my warranty wouldn't it well yes he said but your tv would be working .That's the best we can do. That's when I called the corporate office and told them including the fact that I live only 35.30 miles from my door to their door.I am under 40 miles . and You are in Breach of the contract and if not serviced in 48hrs I will take legal action to the full extent of the law .They are now coming to my house on5/12/07 to do the service.we will see if they show or not. It's sad that a company would take that route, but I guess that is how you do the customer after you get all the money! I will let you know what happens. Well it's saterday 5/12/07 its 1130 am and the new bulb has been installed by a certified tech in a recordm time of 8 minutes.He must have been low man on the pole he didn't seem real pleased to drive70 miles round trip for a lite if you live in Black canyon city Arizona and they told you no service here don't settel for it stand up and fight stand up for your rights.some times even the little guy can win some!
Resolution Update 10/04/2007:
tv has been serviced and contract inforced to my satisfaction!
Bate and switch sales tactics
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I attempted to purchase a laptop computer that was on sale at Fry's Electronic in Phoenix Arizona. The first thing out of the salemans mouth was "you don't want to buy that one". I told him that I had already researched the model on the internet and it was all that I needed in a laptop. He continued to explain why I didn't want to buy it, saying only negative things about the product. He even told me that if I bought then I should expect an "As is condition", even though it was brand new. He was willing to sell me a much more expensive laptop but not this one. I spent about an hour checking other laptop and desktop pc's in their store and decided on that same model. The original salesman wasn't available so I asked another salesman to get me one from stock. He immediately went to the department manager who came over and told me that he didn't have any. I told him that the previous salesman checked stock and there were some. The manager told me that I really didn't want that model and that the ones in stock probably wouldn't work. I asked him to check with the other Phoenix store, he told me that the computer showed four in their stock but they probably didn't work either. When I asked him to get one from stock he refused. When I told him that he was on the verge of Bate and Switch tactics in selling he started to argue with me, telling me that he had worked for the store for seven years and I didn't know what I was talking about. He got upset when I told him I would get someone who would get me a computer from their stock. I went to Customer Service and related all the unpleasant information to the Store Manager who walked back intot the stockroom and got me the laptop computer I wanted. He told me all of the features of it and then explained a few of it's limitations. He then told me that I could purchase it with a printer and get a full rebate on the printer, something that the department manager failed to tell me. The store manager then walked me to the check out station and had the register clerk mark the laptop down 5 % in price just for my inconvenience. Even though I finally got what I wanted I shouldn't have had to go through all the effort in doing so. Sears got into a lot of trouble years ago for Bate and Switch tactics and now I'm experiencing it at Fry's. Advertize a product, get the customer in the store and then refuse to sell it to them, instead try to persuade them to step up to a more expensive model. Don't allow Fry's or any other store to do this to you when purchasing anything that is advertized on sale; It's actually illegal.
Fry's Electronics Bait & Switch
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SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Fry's Sunnyvale, CA store yesterday (6/29) to buy a Palm TX that was advertised in yesterday's San Jose Mercury News as selling with a 2GB SD card through 7/3, specifically listing that store. Despite examining the ad posted on the wall, the manager, after lengthy delay to find the "right item" (Palm makes only one TX model), ultimately said "you get the one without the card". They had the Palms in stock, as well as the cards pictured in the ad, they just refused to honor the terms of the ad. I was a regular customer of theirs for 18 years, but will never shop there again.

They wasted my time, insulted me, and completely lost my trust.
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