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Fill Tilt Poker Scam - Avoid this SITE!
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Full tilt is a horror of a website. They have an extremely unfair deck that is designed to simply steal your money. I have been an iron man for years and I can safely say I'd never deposit a dime there after what I've seen. They are not a legitimate site, they are a SCAM. It is this kind of thing that will bring down internet poker. Pokerstars is not much better, but full tilt is especially bad.

They have also bounced several checks on payouts, check their forums. They have figured out if they bounce your check on your payout, and then comp your fee and give you an extra 25 bucks, you will be stupid enough to play it away. Don't take my word, check their own forum. They make check payouts very difficult.

About the 5 of the last times I had AA against KK on full tilt, the guy with the kings took down my aces. And that's not even close to the ridiculous runner runner beats I've seen over and over. I lost over 10 allins in a row yesterday when I was at least an 80% favorite preflop. What are the odds of this? I went from a lifetime 10% ROI player to -4 in a week, and I'm playing the best poker in my life, lol. I know what the guy has, I make the right call, and full tilt robs me because I haven't made a deposit for a month or two. I've made several deposits there, and soon as you deposit the deck becomes fair until you have a roll, then it will take EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE unless you cashout, before the slide starts. It has come to the point where I expect to loose with the best hand. No I'm not a sore looser, I'm warning people against a deck that is not random at all. You ask the question, why would they do that?

Simple, they make more money if they steal your money as opposed to pay it out. The game will allow you to have some success, but then it will systematically RAPE you until you are stupid enough to deposit. Anyone who has played there knows about the full tilt slide, you cannot get off until your in the water drowning. Plus, isn't it funny how whenever you get to a final table every hand a filled with big cards and action? If the deal was random this WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

I haven't even come close to telling you all I know about this evil website. Last year I looked up every winner of their FTSOP events and none of them had any history to speak of except for winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Funny? Look up any player in a 45 man tourney on poker rankings, and they have a long history, even the winners. But when the stakes are big, they have around 10 game history, HMMMMM. Are you fricking serious, how stupid do you think we are? Lol. Listen, full tilt will bring down internet poker, hopefully someone will make them pay for the pain they've cause hard working people who think they are getting a fair game.

Listen up, if you want a fair online casino go to an unbiased third party monitor like ecogra and they will have a list of casinos they monitor. I used to play at another site where I made $$$$$$$, but they stopped taking US players so I ended up at Full Tilt Poker, BIG MISTAKE. I'm still searching for a fair site that takes American Players, until then I'm off internet poker.

Check out what the guy who programmed their software says here- http://rounding. wordpress.com/2008/06/03/full-tilt-leans-towards-big-hands/#comment-1226

If you must play internet poker, play SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN FULL TILT, they will take every penny you deposit with ridiculous beats. You cannot succeed there, the deck will not let you even when you are the favorite.
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Full Tilt Poker is a High Caliber Scam Site - Unsactioned by the USA Government
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Full Tilt Poker is a complete scam site. Winners are predetermined and 99% chance they didn't choose you. I know a lot of people think they are really good poker players, don't we all, and feel like the 'donks' are getting rewarded for poor plays. BUT truth is, you probably have never won on Full Jilt, and neither have they. I have won a tournament on Full Tilt (about $500+) and I was excited to cash in my winnings. Good luck with that. YOU WILL NEVER CASH OUT OF FULL TILT! Get it?? Never. Multiple reasons and ways to 'cash' block you.

There is a reason these websites are illegal in the USA and are run from country's outside of political affiliations or ties. It's because they can't prove a payout. Look it up. They only collect your money, and then keep it. You may be an awesome poker player, but you will never, ever, ever beat a software program written to make someone else sickening rich. Laundring your money, or should I say theirs, through a country that you have never heard of.

The billing info on your credit card or bank statement is a front man getting his percentage and then . . . poof. Bye Bye Green Backs.

You may think I am cynical, lost a lot of money on Full Tilt (or Absolute Poker, Poker Stars, Players Only, etc... all the same), LOST hand after hand to someone with some insane ALL INS ($1 to $150 tourny's) or am just a conspircy theory freak . . . I may even be all of those . . . but trust me, you will never Win AND cash out on any of those sites.
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User Replies:
Class Advocate on 01/04/2010:
Full Tilt Poker is illegal in this country because on-line gambling is illegal, not because of a failure to pay out issue.
Slimjim on 01/04/2010:
"Unsactioned by the USA Government" Like CA said, they all are. You must live in an area that has a void of all the casinos popping up. It used to be Vegas and Atlantic city, but now they are almost everywhere with Indian casinos and such, almost all offering Poker. I've never done much with online gambling. How can you ever trust any of them to pay you, and it's not like you can do a thing if they don't.
Inat on 01/04/2010:
Thanks for the heads-up, but I think a lot of people are already aware of the 'scam'. Online games are just like slot machines - they can be 'tweaked' to allow more or less payouts - it is not solely based on random number generators and are programmed to let you win enough to keep playing, but not enough to break the bank. Sorry, but most people know what they're getting when they make the gamble to play the game.
Anonymous on 01/04/2010:
I don't know if ALL online games are illegal in the US. I've had a friend who won 200,000 dollars on an online game but trust me, he was a HIGH roller....

I would say that 90% of online casino games out there are scams. Most of them offer you a deposit bonus of like 1000%. So you deposit 20 bucks, and they give you something like 200 bucks. That doesn't sound right to me from the get-go. There is obviously a scam here. How are these casinos making any money of they offer 1000% bonuses? because they know youre never going to get your 20 bucks back to begin with. A lot of them say you have to have $5,000 worth of "play" to even get a chance to withdrawal any funds. Its ridiculous. I don't know why anyone would do this. There are a FEW oline legit casinos out there though. You have to do your homework and look them up.
Sparticus on 01/04/2010:
My friend plays poker at Doyles Room online and he has been paid out every time he requests a check. It takes a few weeks, but he gets paid.
Anonymous on 01/04/2010:
Here is the site that I use. It helps to know all of the rules in regards to payouts and such.
I use it to bet on college and pro sports. Why would you play against a machine when you can go to a local casino and bet against other people anyway?
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