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POOR Customer Service
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CALIFORNIA -- On 11/24/06, we purchased a post-Thanksgiving special at Wal-Mart-a 32' Symphonic LCD TV and loved it. In May of '07, a black vertical line appeared in the right half. After contacting customer service, we were directed to a repair shop 2 1/2 hours away (the closest to our home). We carried the TV in (with receipt and in original box) and were finally told the LCD module was bad and that labor (parts still in warranty) would be $225! After much discussion, we decided to go ahead and have it repaired. We were told the part would take 7-10 days to come in, so after not hearing anything until a full month had passed, I contacted the repair shop and was told company had not sent part and they could not give me the part #, against their rules. I was also told I would be charged the original $28.50 I had paid for a restock fee. I contacted FUNAI customer service and reached a very helpful man, Jeff, badge #1128, who said my original information given by Candice (#1389), had been in error. My TV was a REPLACE or REFUND TV and gave me a fax # to Enrique who was handling this problem. We did so immediately and called the repair shop to cancel any repairs as the part was not on the way and would not be sent. We were then told we owed $224.50 for repairs that had already been done--none of which we authorized.

On 6/20, after speaking with Charlene (supervisor #1387), who forwarded the info on to corporate, I talked with Tasha, who agreed the repair shop was crooked, admitted they had complaints against them in the past and would help me get my TV back. She even said she would get their name off their list of repair shops and notify other companies of his ways. (he is still listed on their web site) (All I can say is even if a company recommends them, CHECK THE BBB!!) Finally, the corporate office got the TV shipped to them, supposedly repaired it and then shipped it to us. This is now July, but the TV seems to work fine. We're happy for now.

My husband gets a phone call from the repair shop. He wasn't home, so I took a message. I suppose they are wanting money, so I call the customer service dept. to see exactly what had been done to the TV when they got it in. I called the 310-787-3000 extension 274 (this was the # George, our contact for shipping the TV back to us, gave me to contact him) on 8/16 twice and left messages for Tasha, no return call. I called twice that day for George, who never returned my call. I called 8/20 and left a message. I called customer service 8/29 and spoke with Tim (1150) who assured me he would put in an escalation and someone from corporate would call me back in 7-10 days. No calls back. All I want to know is what was done to the TV when they got it in.

On 9/11, the black line is back and I am so unhappy with the whole mess. I speak with Pat-1545- who is giving info to supervisor. Someone will call back. I call back on 9/20 & speak with Carla-1038 and she lets me talk with Charlene (supervisor 1387). I re-summerize the whole story for her. She puts me on hold and supposedly talks with David at corporate, who is forwarding the info on to Enrique who will give me a call that day. I call back on 9/26 and talk with Bree-1019-who wants to know if I got my TV back. She says she will fill out another escalation form and someone should call back. I call back on 9/27 and speak to badge 1666 (J Bass I think) about the escalation form and am told it would do no good to fill another out. I insisted another be filled out as nothing had been done with the prior ones & was transferred to Ian -1088-escalation supervisor. Told him my tale of woe, put on hold while he calls corporate, Enrique is not in, but Edgar will call me back. On 10/2 I call & talk with Val-1516- who says Ian is not in and am transferred to Josh-1143. He can't access their computer as they are having problems. I am on hold while he finds a working computer and calls corporate. He says he talked with Enrique who will call that day and to re-call him (josh) if I haven't heard from Enrique by 1pm (pst). So when I call back, Josh is busy, I get Drew-1253-said Enrique should call back in a couple of days, as he probably wasn't in. I told him Josh said he had spoken with him that morning. Drew said he'd call after he hung up and get back with me, as he had to use the phone he was on.

I told him Josh had found another phone to use and I held that morning and was willing to do the same again. Now after being on hold, I'm back to Josh. He puts me on hold again, comes back and says Enrique is busy right now, but will call me that afternoon. So this morning, after speaking with Ricki-0231-I ask to speak to Josh--she puts me on hold and comes back and said he wasn't in and that he 'said he'd call me back'. HMMM So I ask to speak to his supervisor. I get JOSH! wow I told him I had heard from no one and wanted to speak to his supervisor. He said they were both busy but either Oliver or Bill will call me back as he will put a message on their desk. I asked Josh for the CEO's name and address and got the company address.

I have been very patient with this company and was truly impressed with their customer service department until they fell through with their help. I feel they are just waiting me out until the warranty is no longer any good. I truly hope this helps someone in their decision on what TV to buy--

I would like them to either replace or refund my TV as they stated.
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Anonymous on 10/03/2007:
I stay away from purchasing high-end (LCD TV) electronics at Walmart. They do not carry high-end and/or reliable products. That “Black Friday” deal does not look so hot when it broke down (less than a year) and everyone plays the blame game.
notgonnatakeit on 10/04/2007:
Actually this is not a blame game, just what is due to a consumer..what happened to the customer is always right? Why must we put up with inferior products that break not long after we buy them, regardless of where we buy them? I do not feel it unreasonable to expect my purchase of ANYTHING to last at least until the warranty is expired, and I do expect a company to honor their warranties. As for Wal-Mart, it is the only store in our area unless you want to drive 30 minutes to get to the Super Wal-Mart! Any other store, like Target, Best Buy, etc., that's about a 2 hour drive.
kaf on 10/09/2007:
Your story is the a mirror image of what I've been dealing with. I want to cry every time I have to call this company, which is every other day because no one ever calls me back. All the names were the same pretty much, that Edgar guy makes me want to reach through the phone and choke him!! I also shouldn't forget to mention the numerous times I've been hung up on. This company is beyond words to describe their incompetence, and the feeling of being powerless is overwhelming.
notgonnatakeit on 10/10/2007:
I figured someone else out there was going through what I was--sorry it is true. The company SAYS they are going to send us another TV, but that is to be seen, and yes they were to call me Monday of this week--it is now late Wednesday, and no call. One positive thing you can say--they are consistent in not calling back! Hope your problem is solved, I'm about tired of this, but committed to seeing it theu to some end--good or bad. Good luck and please file a complaint..
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Poor Quality/Poor Response
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4/25/08 – Purchased Model LC320SS8 (Limited Edition), SN J477xxx from Meijer, Huber Heights OH, hereafter referred to as “Set 1”. Did not connect set for five weeks because new room (addition) was not ready.

6/15/08 – Connected (Set 1) TV for new room. Set 1 failure - presented display problem of bottom third of picture darker than top two-thirds. All modes: Cable, Cable Box, Antenna, DVD player and VCR player. (Coax cable input and RCA jack inputs.)

6/17/08 – Meijer would not take set back because it was over 30 days. Meijer referred us to Manufacturer (Sylvania) Customer Support, which turned out to be Funai Customer Support.

6/23/08 – As per Funai instructions, took Set 1 to Funai Repair Facility,
Buckeye Electronics, Kettering OH for repair.
Time Passes.

9/17/08 – Picked up Set 1 from Buckeye Electronics. They were unable to repair. Set did not work at all and base was gouged when I got it back.

9/19/08 – Purchased shipping carton from UPS Store, packed Set 1, and waited for pickup.

10/3/08 – Set 1 picked up by shipper.

10/7/08 – Set 1 received at Funai Facility – Grove City OH, (55 miles).
Time Passes.

11/14/08 – Exchange # EX____50 assigned by Funai Customer Support.

11/24/08 - Replacement unit SN R50___042, Model LC320SS8 (Set 2) shipped.

11/25/08 – Set 2, SN R50___042, Model LC320SS8 delivered by shipper.
Order #/Bill of Lading F3038157

12/13/08 – Set 2 failure - presented original problem of bottom third of picture darker than top two-thirds.
O/A 12/18/08 – Set 2 picked up by shipper, Ticket No 60___93.

12/30/08 – Set 2 received at Funai Facility – Grove City OH, (55 miles).
Time Passes.

3/20/09 – Replacement unit SN R50___128, Model LC320SS8A (Set 3) delivered by shipper. Order #/Bill of Lading F30___66. (This is a different model, not the Limited Edition version we previously had and paid for.)

3/20/09 – Set 3 presented identical display problem as Sets 1 and 2 as soon as it was plugged in.

3/21/09 – Email instructions given by Funai Customer Support on 3/20/09 were for incorrect address.

3/23/09 – New email obtained – sent message in two parts. Supervisors of xxx informed. I am to send set back to Grove City for review and disposition.

Pickup was on 3/24/09 at 1037am. FedEx Tracking No wxyz. They promised to expedite at other end. They will be back in contact with me in 72 hours (after tech reviews the set). xxx will call me on Thursday 3/26.

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Soaring Consumer on 03/23/2009:
Wow, those are c*** televisions!

Fight for a refund at this point and buy a television from a more reputable brand.
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Extremely poor product and customer service
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ROCKLAND COUNTY, NEW YORK -- In January 2008 I bought a 32 inch Sylvania LCD HD television. 6 months later I was experiencing difficulties with the color and picture quality. It's been 2 and a half months since I began dealing with the company to try to facilitate a repair and still nothing has been done. I have consistently been either ignored, given vague and non-committal answers, or flat out lied to. So now I have a broken, boxed up TV in my den. This is an extremely dishonest company who manufactures sub par products and who takes absolutely no responsibility for it. I will never buy another product manufactured by the company and will go out of my way to check who manufactures any electronics/appliances I buy in the future.

Be careful-this company is the manufacturer behind several brand names such as Emerson and Magnavox.
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Anonymous on 09/21/2008:
Ugh, these LCD TVs have really been taking a beating here lately...
questioning on 11/11/2008:
I completely agree with that statement about Magnavox. I had purchased a Magnavox converter box from Wal-Mart with that government issued coupon for my analog TV and after 6 months, it died on me. All of a sudden it would shut itself off whenever I turned it on. This box is also manufactured by Funai. Their equipment is faulty. I couldn't understand how such a cheap and simple piece of equipment could suddenly start breaking down like that and even when it was working before, the light would flash back and forth for a little while before coming on.

After 6 months I couldn't return the thing to the store so I tried dealing with the manufacturer but I had such a headache dealing with their warranty department. I had originally purchased that converter box with that government issued coupon so I didn't pay much for it at all. Just like with that teacher's TV experience, I couldn't get a straight answer about what they would do with this faulty box. One minute their customer service rep said they would exchange the box for a new one and then the next minute they said they would look at the old one and try to fix it. And they had the nerve to complain about me calling several times and the supervisor got so offended when I want to speak to his manager. Oh well - too bad. lol

And as for how this company wanted me to exchange it, it was going to be hassle. I chose to trust my instincts. I didn't feel like I could trust these people. This company has service centers and I gladly would have taken it there but they just said "no", you can't do that. They wanted to have UPS come to my house with a pre-paid label to put on the package and then ship the package back to somewhere in the Rockies to be exchanged but I know how UPS operates. I kept telling them that I wanted them to mail or perhaps email me that prepaid label so I could ship the unit back myself on my own time from a UPS store. That would have solved it but they wouldn't budge.

Their level of customer service is poor. And being that I had paid such a ridiculously low price for this unit with the coupon, I junked the unit with my other recyclable garbage and bought a new box from Best Buy without a coupon - the Insignia brand - and it works a thousand times better.
The government issued coupon can only be used once.

Please skip the Magnavox experience.
hellen on 03/05/2009:
product and customer service worse I ever seen
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Sylvania 32" Digital LCD TV
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GROVEPORT, OHIO -- Within 3 months after purchase in April 2008 this TV began to develop a band at the bottom of the screen. It took 3 months of back and forward to have the TV picked up for repair by this company. The TV was picked up 11-11-2008. It is now 04-06-2009 and my TV still has not been returned. I have called weekly for months, holding on the phone for hours, each time speaking to a different person with a different badge number and a different lie. They have even sent me a refurbished 42" TV that is in far worse shape than the one I sent back for repair. I have a small house with this very large box sitting in my living room. This is the company from Hell.

Run from their products Syvania, Emerson, Magnavox. One would think if they are selling a substandard product the service would at least be responsive. Product and service both are at the bottom of scale.

Any advice for dealing with this company would be appreciated.
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tnchuck100 on 04/06/2009:
Compliment?? It sounds like they are trying to stall until they get you past the 1 year warranty.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
State law say that the warranty is automatically extended by the time it takes to provide repairs. Therefore the TV is still under warranty. I would not have waited so long for results.
tnchuck100 on 04/06/2009:
PB, you are correct. However, that will not stop Funai from trying to weasel out for that reason hoping the poor customer will just go away.
Frenchie on 04/06/2009:
Unfortunately you found out the hard way. DO NOT BUY ANY TV MADE BY FUNAI. They manufacture under various trade names and they are ALL of poor quality. I know this for a fact but I can't disclose too much. Some of their other products are nearly junk, but don't have the problems that the TV's have.
Send them a registered letter, return receipt requested. Send a copy to the consumer division Attorney General's office and see what happens. To get results you must be very pro-active, just posting on here does not solve your dilema.
cheated school teacher on 08/05/2009:
I had the same experience(I'm cheated school teacher, the review right before yours).I had to get the Office of Consumer Protection involved. It was very tedious (taking approximately 7 months from start to finish), but they helped me a lot.I got a full refund for the tv as well as a refund for the packaging I bought.Stay proactive and on top of them and, above all, communicate everything in writing.I finally was put in touch with a "level 3 consumer representative".Here's the address:Level 3 Customer Service, Funai Service Corp., 2626 Port Road, Colombus, Ohio 43217.Stay on top of them...their trick is to hold out on you thinking you will become so disgusted you'll give up. Threaten to go to the State District Attorney, Consumer Reports Magazine, your local newspaper. I told them (and I did) contact all of these people to spread the word about what a dishonest company Funai is. Good luck!
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Warranty Satisfaction
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I purchased your product, a 32' TV Five days prior to my warranty running out, my TV just quit working. I called 18004740045. I faxed my receipt, which was confirmed. They were to send me a box for shipping. Said would take 7-10 days to receive. Well, that was 3 x 7-10 days later and still no box. Fax sent on 3-7-08, now is 4-21-08. I no longer want my TV to be fixed. I want a full refund. If it took 2 months for a box, how long to get my TV back??? I talked to someone today again!! She said she would fill out papers today for a full refund. I also talked to another person to confirm my info. Please help me resolve this problem. I have little money and I had to work hard and long just to spend what I did. I did my part in buying your product, please do yours and satisfy your customer.

Ruby Swetnam
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candybaby on 07/16/2008:
I bought a 32" flate screen t.v. back in late April an it is now getting were you turn it on an it goes off on its own an that I smell something burning well I called the warranty place an they told me that they were going to send me a box an all I would have to pay is $60.00 for parts an labor well I'm not going to pay for that because it is there defected item an I told them that an that I didn't pay over $600 for a defected item that could end up catching on fire an hurting my kids so what I'm going to do is see if there is something I can do about this an if there is anyone else want to help just e-mail me @ an we will pull together an see what we can do about them having defected items an that could cause injury to someone or a kid.
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Terrible Customer Service
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HEAVENER, OHIO -- Last Jan we purchased a DVD recorder in late Jan, used it in the bedroom. Probably not more than 25 times. In June it would not power-up. I called and called and finally got the ball started around the 30th of June. They said a box will be sent out to send in because it is UNDER WARRANTY. The pick up box arrived 3 AUGUST. I kept calling about my unit. On Halloween I got a call from a lady saying that they are going to send me a check for a refund in 3-5 weeks. About 2 weeks later I got a snotty guy from Corp who was verifying the data. I have a complete list of emails.

It is now the 22nd of Jan 2008. No emails, no call and no check.
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Rey_AFK on 03/05/2008:
Well I don't know why you have to be so mean, over what like less than a $100 product. Come on people, their electronic, under your procession power sugres, dropped the unit, power outaged. Electronics do not last, as long, that's why you get them at a resisable price. If you want quailty, buy somewhere other than Wal-Mart, you buy clothes and grocessies there you do not want to buy ur electronic their if u're going to complaing about quailty of products. as you said you use the unit like 25 times, I would think that not true, but I wouldn't know. So, please think about next time before trying to complaining about a company do your research on the products.
jktshff1 on 03/06/2008:
Rey, wally world sells the same Sony, Panasonic etc whatever, that the other stores do, so the quality thing has no bearing here at all.
As far as the op being mean, I can't see where the poster has done anything but try to get the money back after the company agreed to send it. 6 months is way too long to wait.
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